The Search Is Over, A Kreacher/Regulus Black fic

BY : blaisegellert
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(In the year 1977)


Regulus hadn't wanted to have the stupid new years eve party, but his Mum insisted that he come out of himself and be social for once. He was plenty social. It was just that there were only a few people who inspired and uplifted him to a mood of sociability. There were four or so school friends who were intelligent and interesting enough, and of course there was Kreacher. The elf was his best friend and the only person he was always in the mood for. Kreacher had a sharp mind and understood things most others did not. The fact that Kreacher was a servant was often a thorn in Regulus's side, though, because stupid chores removed him all too frequently from Regulus's company.

He insisted that Kreacher be allowed to remain at this new years party on which his mother had insisted, and with a shrug, she'd agreed. Of course Mrs. Black insisted that he only invite his pure blood classmates, but he'd stupidly allowed a plus one option. Barnabas Carrow had brought a Muggle born girl to the party and during truth or dare, a game Barnabas insisted on everyone playing, the girl had dared Regulus to kiss her.

For one thing, he wasn't at all the sort to kiss the date of a friend. It wasn't at all sporting. For another, he certainly wasn't about to snog a Muggle born. Ug. The very idea made him shudder. So he'd kissed her on the cheek, because she hadn't said where he should kiss her. Then he'd gone to the restroom to wash his lips. After that he'd returned to the party where he was greeted by a look of sympathy from Kreacher who always understood. As people dared one another and asked for uncomfortable truths to be told, the Muggle born girl, Janet Henderson, continuously shot him dirty looks that Regulus did his best to ignore.

When it was her turn again, she smiled happily.
"Regulus...Truth or dare."
Not stupid enough to go for another dare, in case she told him where to kiss her, he opted for truth.
"Who do you care for most," Janet asked.
That was easy.
"Kreacher. He's my best friend. He's the smartest elf I know, the smartest person really."
Janet smiled and nodded.
"Thank you."
Leaning over she whispered something into Barnabas Carrow's ear and he choked, then nodded.

Eventually it was Barnabas's turn and he pointed at Regulus.
"Come on, Man, say dare."
Regulus shrugged, laughing. Barnabas wouldn't want him to snog him, after all, so a dare should be safe. He took another swig of spiked butter beer before passing the bottle back to Kreacher, as they were sharing.
"Very well, Carrow. Dare."
Barnabas grinned.

"Okay...Janny wanted this one so you can't hex me, but I dare you to kiss Kreacher!"
He guffaw, doubling over and pounding his own knees. Regulus shot Janet a dark withering look and she smirked.
"You said you liked him best," she reminded in a breathy over sweet voice that made Regulus want to hit her with a tongue tie hex.

Instead he turned to Kreacher. He aimed for the elf's cheek, but Kreacher had been glaring at Janet, and when he moved his head to look at Regulus the kiss fell on the corner of his mouth. Regulus felt his blood sing in a way he'd never experienced before. What the hell was that? Kreacher's eyes were wide with shock and his breath was coming faster, but he hadn't pulled away. When Regulus kissed him again, rather than drawing back, the elf leaned into him. It was just to shock Janet, Regulus told himself. To show her to reconsider what she asked for from now on.

Kreacher's arm slid around his back and Regulus returned the embrace. Kreacher's free hand came up to tangle in Regulus's shoulder length black hair as if to draw his head even closer to his own if such were possible. A single kiss had turned into three or four. Of course both were a bit drunk, but not drunk enough to claim that they didn't know what they were doing. Regulus knew this wasn't wise to say the least, but his body screamed for more so he kissed Kreacher again.
"Alright, alright! You've proven your point," Janet nearly shouted.
"You're the most disgusting. You've won. I'll leave off."
Regulus drew back reluctantly. She'd given him an out and a plausible reason for what he'd done. Only because she believed it, of course, but it would prevent him from sinking into the quicksand of social shame and ostracism.

He shrugged and smirked at her before tossing a casual grin Kreacher's way.
"Thanks, Friend."
Kreacher smiled back.
"Kreacher is pleased to put filthy mudbloods in their place with Master Regulus."
As usual, he played along without needing to be told to do so. From a glance down at the obvious tenting of the elf sack he wore, Regulus could see that Kreacher was just as...physically effected by their kiss as was he.

For the remainder of the party, Regulus just wanted it to be over so that he and Kreacher could retire upstairs to his room and explore...whatever the hell that had been. After everyone finally tired of truth or dare, Regulus put on some music and they all began to dance. All but Regulus that was. He was never really one for dancing, and he wanted to talk to Kreacher besides.
"After this stupid party is over, meet me upstairs right away," he whispered.
Kreacher nodded.

The night crawled by. The dancing was tedious. The snacks were good because Kreacher had made them, but Regulus wasn't in the mood for food. When they at last rang in the new year, he thanked everyone for coming and claimed he was too tired to party any later into the night.
"That's good," Barnabas Carrow complimented, clapping Regulus on the shoulder.
"When we begin serving the dark lord, he likely won't tolerate too much partying, so you're on the right track."
He winked and Regulus smiled back. He considered telling Carrow that he may want to get rid of that Muggle born trash if he hoped to serve the dark lord any time soon, but though he'd mean it as a helpful bit of advice, he doubted Carrow would appreciate it. For that reason he kept his silence, merely wishing everyone a happy new year as they left.

"Let's go," he told Kreacher as the door shut behind the last guest. Kreacher hesitated, biting at his lower lip. The gesture caused Regulus to remember kissing it earlier in the night and his body sang to insistent life.
"Kreacher can't yet," the elf protested.
"He has to clean up after the party."
Regulus sighed. Once more stupid chores were disrupting their friendship. He opened his mouth to offer to help, but shut it again. Kreacher always laughed at his attempts to help and ended up redoing most of whatever Regulus did in the way of cleaning. Regulus thought his cleaning spells were just fine but Kreacher said they lacked shine.

"It won't take Kreacher long," the elf promised, reaching out to lightly touch the back of Regulus's hand.
"Alright," Regulus said with a resigned sigh.
After glancing around to make sure they were alone in the front hall, he bent to kiss Kreacher again. With no one looking on, the kiss quickly deepened, their tongues tangling as their arms wound around one another. Never had Regulus truly understood hunger until that very moment.

Of course he'd never expected this thing with Kreacher. It had come about through entirely unforeseen circumstances, but it felt right. He and Kreacher were best friends. They had the same goals, both adored the dark lord and his plans for a better wizarding society. They enjoyed reading the same types of books and studying the same branches of dark magic. Kreacher was the only person who could give Regulus a good game of chess.

For years Kreacher was the only person from whom Regulus ever got truly long term stimulating conversation. The elf made him laugh and made him think in ways no one else ever could. Considering this, their next step perhaps wasn't so truly surprising. Regulus hadn't fancied any of the girls at Hogwarts, but none of the boy's either. He had been above such things...until now.

Eventually, Regulus forced himself to draw away.
"I'll be waiting," he managed, then rushed upstairs.
The quicker he left Kreacher to his stupid clean up the faster the elf would be free to be with him. Kreacher was extremely good at his job and in less than five minutes he tapped at Regulus's door before slipping inside. Regulus sat on the bed, and opened his arms to him as soon as Kreacher had the door locked behind him. Neither knew what they were doing, this being just as new for Kreacher as it was for Regulus. Between heated kisses and ardent touches, both reached completion, then lay tangled in one another's arms.

Regulus was drifting into sleep when Kreacher disrupted the process by slowly rising from the bed.
"Wait! Aren't you going to stay with me," Regulus protested.
Kreacher gave him an incredulous look that quickly turned into a frown of worry.
"If Kreacher does the master and mistress will have his head if they discover us."
"They won't discover us. The door is locked."
Kreacher's worried expression didn't waver.
"Can Master Regulus be certain?"
Regulus sighed.
"I should think so."

"How can he be sure they won't open the door while we sleep," Kreacher asked.
"If they notice Kreacher isn't in his room and search for him," the elf persisted.
His hands began to twist at the elf sack he wore in agitation as he spoke.
"Fine," Regulus said, feeling himself pouting and unable to help it.
"Don't sleep with me if you don't wish to do so."

"Of course Kreacher wishes to do so. He simply does not wish to be killed for it. However if Master Regulus wishes Kreacher to die for him..."
"Oh stop it," Regulus said peevishly.
"Stop saying things like that when you know it isn't true."
"Kreacher was only speaking of the reality of the situation as Master Regulus does not seem to comprehend it for some inexplicable reason."
"And stop calling me Master Regulus! If we're going to be...more than friends, I hardly think that's appropriate."

"Kreacher doubts the Mistress would agree," Kreacher snarked back.
"I thought you wanted this," Regulus said.
"I thought we were..."
"Of course Kreacher does, but Master Regulus needs to remember everything else that he knows," Kreacher said.
"No one else will approve and bad things will befall Kreacher and perhaps even Master Regulus."

Regulus frowned.
"I'll find a way to sort it," he vowed.
"We're going to be together and we have the bloody right."
Kreacher looked doubtful, but nodded and forced a smile.
"For now, though, Kreacher should go."

The next day Kreacher and Regulus sat playing chess in the library before lunch.
"What if I just free you now," Regulus asked.
He'd planned to do so after graduation next year in case his mum complained when he wanted to take Kreacher with him on his worldly travels. With Kreacher a free elf, he could do as he liked.
To Regulus's shock, the elf's large round blue eyes filled with tears.
"Master Regulus wishes to dismiss Kreacher?"
"Of course not! But if you're free no one can tell us not to..."
But Kreacher was banging his head on the cold stone of the floor.
"What the hell," Regulus growled, rising and snatching Kreacher into his arms.
"Don't ever do that again for any reason," he snapped.
"That's a bloody order. Not into the floor or the wall, never hurt yourself!"

He'd just offered to free Kreacher, then proceeded to give him orders. Regulus hadn't missed the irony of that. He sighed. It was just that Kreacher didn't do that. He'd seen the Malfoy's elf punish himself, but Kreacher had never had cause.
"Kreacher doesn't want to be free from Master Regulus," the elf sobbed, expression twisted with misery that tore at Regulus's heart.
"You won't be free of me! It's so we can be together, don't you understand?"
Kreacher shook his head.
"No," he wailed through his tears.
"Kreacher does not!"

As Kreacher was one of the smartest people he knew, this strange and illogical reaction had Regulus entirely baffled.
"Fine. We'll think of something else. Just stop being upset, please. I'm sorry."
Kreacher wiped his eyes with the hem of his sack and drew in a ragged breath.
"Do you forgive me," Regulus asked and the elf nodded.

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