Harry’s Undoing

BY : BrokenHolly
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Chapter One

Harry’s undoing was the result of some careless Christmas packing. The day after almost all of the Gryffindors had gone home for the holidays, most wanting to get away from the Heir of Slytherin, he found something behind a chair. His eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw what that flash of white was, and Harry looked around nervously.


No one else was in the common room with him. He bent down and picked up the pair of lacy white panties nervously, quickly stuffing them into his pocket. He’d worn a few of Aunt Petunia’s panties before, back at Privet Drive, but these were much sexier. And with almost no one at Hogwarts...


Late that night, after Ron was soundly asleep, Harry crept out of bed. He’d gotten changed out of his pyjamas underneath the sheets, and now wore only his pair of stolen panties and his invisibility cloak. He blushed almost as red as his hair - so like his mother’s - and he felt his small, two inch cock straining at his panties. 


He ducked out of the portrait hole, grateful that it was an unseasonably warm night, and began to wander the corridors. He felt a thrill go through him at every prefect he passed, but far more intense than when he’d wandered out here with nothing under his invisibility cloak. 


Now all he needed to do was find somewhere he could finish and - a hand clamped down on his shoulder! His heart nearly jumped out of his chest, and he turned around with a mixture of shame and dread as his cloak was pulled from him.


Snape was standing there, and for a moment he was silent at the sight of Harry naked save a pair of lacy panties - and that he was clearly aroused in them. Then he smiled, which sent a shiver of dread down Harry’s spine... and a pulse of excitement through him.


“Put your cloak back on and follow me for your detention, Potter. If you don’t, I will see your perverted ways have you expelled by sun up,” Snape said, and turned. Harry quickly covered himself with his invisibility cloak and followed the potions master - he had no choice, really. But, Harry thought to himself, there was a hint of something else informing his decision. 


The journey to the cold dungeons was long, but soon enough Harry was standing in Snape’s office dressed in only a pair of lacy white panties. His small, even for his age, cock was outlined against the white lace, still hard. His face blushed almost as red as his hair. Snape sat down and smirked cruelly.


Snape roughly grabbed him and, with one strong pull, had Harry bent over his knees. Harry was acutely aware of how his panty clad cock was rubbing against Snape’s knee. 


“Perverted little boys like you must be... punished. Although I’m not sure boy is the appropriate term for you, Potter,” Snape said, and then the first spank landed. Harry felt pain sting at his ass, but the force of the blow rubbed him against Snape’s knee. Pain and pleasure mixed. Harry let out a high, girlish moan quite without meaning to.


Snape spanked him again, and Harry started to cry from both the pain and the humiliation. Each spank sent him rubbing against Snape’s knee, and a jolt of pleasure accompanied the pain and humiliation each spank brought with it. Harry’s piteous moans of shame and squeaks of pain soon turned to higher gasps of pleasure.  


“Enjoying yourself, Potter?” Snape said, smirking, as he yanked Harry’ panties aside and tapped his asshole with his wand. There was a strange slimy sensation, and then one of Snape’s long fingers was suddenly inside Harry. A few violent thrusts, and that sensation of fullness, was all it took to send Harry over the edge.


His tiny cock sprayed watery cum into his stolen panties, and Harry went limp as Snape pulled them off.


“A sissy like you cleans up after themselves, Potter,” Snape said, and out of instinct Harry obeyed. He licked the panties Snape held up free of his own cum, and with a shiver of secret delight found that he liked the salty taste.


“Now, as to the matter of your... climaxing without permission,” Snape said, and with a wave of his wand Harry found a tight metal cage constraining his soft penis. “That should prevent you from obtaining relief on your own. If you want that, you’ll have to come back... in a girl’s uniform,” Snape said with an evil grin.


Harry paled a little, but at least Ginny was staying in Gryffindor tower and was basically his size. Getting one of her uniforms shouldn’t be too hard...

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