Harry Potter and the Secret Spellbook

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It was just two weeks after the Gryffindor had won the Quidditch Cup without Harry’s help, two weeks since Harry had been stuck in Snape’s dungeons doing detentions, two weeks since he had kissed Ginny in front of everyone in common room.

“Time does fly” Harry thought to himself as he sat slowly falling asleep in Professor Trelawny’s classroom.

He looked over to Ron hazily and saw that his friend was already dozing, his head falling forward onto his chest. Harry turned back towards the window and let himself sink into memories of that night two weeks ago.

After he and Ginny had kissed, they had both turned around immediately and walked straight out of the common room, leaving Gryffindor house to get on with their celebrations. They had sneaked all the way down to grounds and found a spot overlooking the lake, a place Harry had spent many lunchtimes over the last 6 years.

Turning, Harry had seen Ginny looking at him with her bright eyes before, without a word she had stepped up close to him and slid an arm around his back. Then he had kissed her and while he was kissing her so softly, slid his hands up her stomach to massage her…

“Harry Potter,” a mystical voice drifted into Harry’s ears. He jerked up, his erection that had been slowly growing at the thought of Ginny becoming limp immediately.

“Yes Professor?” He asked hurriedly

“I was asking you what the dream oracle had to say about your dreams from the last week?”.

Remembering what his task had been and frantically pushing away his real dreams which tended to revolve around Ginny in a variety of different positions, he quickly made something up.

“Uhm, I was playing Quidditch. And Uhm the dream oracle told me that I would win my next match!”

Turning away, disappointed at not hearing Harry foretell his own gruesome fate, Trelawny muttered. “Very well, you may go. Lessons are over for today.”

Grabbing his bag and waking up Ron with a soft kick in the shins, Harry headed for the trapdoor, wishing he could have remained in his daydream just a second or two longer.


At dinner, Hermione caught up with them and as they sat eating sumptuous plates of food, Ginny sat down next to Harry and leaned on his shoulder. His cock immediately twitched.

Ron eyed the look of affection saying “Watch it you two, remember its only because I gave you permission”

“Permission?! Permission!” All tiredness was gone from Ginny as she sat up straight, returning Ron’s look with interest. “For the thousandth time, we do not need permission from you.” And to indicate her point, she pecked Harry on the cheek asking “How was your day?”

Harry, keeping the amusement out of his voice, answered “Trelawny never misses the chance to try and foretell my death, but at least I had a good dream to keep me entertained this time.”

“Harry, how often do I have to tell you, you’re not going to pass anything with that attitude.” Hermione chimed in.

“Drop it Hermione,” Ron said, “We don’t even need to do the class to become an auror, it’s just as a backup in case that doesn’t happen”

Hermione immediately opened her mouth to reply and instead of acting the mediator, Harry let them argue. He had felt a slender hand slowly walk its way up his leg and he wasn’t about draw any attention to himself. Keeping his eyes fixed on his plate, he felt Ginny’s hand move over his crotch then stop, obviously surprised by the erection already there waiting for her. She leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Let’s go.”

Harry turned to her, surprised by her audacity, and saw that under her shirt her nipples were just as hard as his cock. He wondered if he had been the only one having entertaining dreams recently.

“Nowww” she almost moaned.

Harry nodded, and finishing his last bite, rose to leave. Ron and Hermione stopped arguing immediately and Ron turned back looking surprised. “Where are you going?”

“Just heading to the library to finish some transfiguration homework. Coming Ginny?” Harry answered, picking up his bag to cover his throbbing dick.

“Yeah, I think might have to” said Ginny, pulling her jumper a bit tighter over her tits as she got up as well.

Ron had suspicion written across his face while Hermione looked as if she knew exactly what was going on but Harry and Ginny walked quickly away before they could say another word. Coming out of the Great Hall, they both headed towards the nearest secret passageway. They did not want to wait and they did actually have to finish some work before they went to sleep.

As they hurried along Harry kept sneaking looks at Ginny, he still couldn’t believe that she was his girlfriend, nor that she had managed to become so sexy without his knowing. He looked her up and down seeing her pale freckled skin and long luscious red hair. Her legs were long and her ass was firm and round. Harry could already almost feel how soft her skin was under her skirt and shirt.

Sneaking another look down her shirt, Harry saw Ginny boobs bouncing slightly as they paced along. Freckled, and almost the perfect size to fit in Harry’s hand, they seemed to almost pop out over her bra as they increased their speed, desperate to reach their destination. The last corridor they took at a run, Ginny’s boobs bouncing wildly and Harry’s cock uncomfortably wedged next to his leg.

They dove behind the door pretending to be a solid wall and dropped their bags immediately. They were already panting slightly from the sudden dash but as their bodies crashed together, they forgot everything else.

Harry felt Ginny melt into his embrace as he bent down to kiss her forcefully, they didn’t have much time so this would have to be quick. His hands moved with practiced ease as they grasped her waist and pulled her crotch to his. Then he moved his hands up, slowly undoing the buttons of Ginny’s shirt while continuing to kiss. Ginny seemed surprised at the need in his hands, but responded quickly, ripping Harry’s shirt apart and letting her hands roam over his abs and chest. Harry finished undoing Ginny’s buttons and quickly reached behind her back, undoing her bra with a single pinch.

Breaking off the kiss, Harry looked down as Ginny’s beautiful chest was slowly revealed. The bra dropped to the floor and Harry was left staring at two perfect tits with pale, almost glowing, skin and a light scattering of freckles. Her nipples were small and a light pink, they were still rock hard. Crushing her naked tits to his chest and feeling her nipples press against his skin, Harry kissed Ginny again.

Ginny’s hands began to move down Harry’s torso, to the tent in his trousers, fingers lightly dancing over the straining lump. Moving apart so there was some space between them, Harry raised his hands and placed them over Ginny’s tits. He started to massage them quickly and was rewarded with a quick moan from Ginny. They felt stunning, so supple yet perky as he squeezed and rubbed them. Her nipples hard in between his fingers.

 Meanwhile, Ginny reached down with one hand and in one movement, unzipped Harry’s trousers. Pulling them down until his cock flicked out, dripping with precum. It slapped against her stomach, leaving a trail, and she grinned into Harry’s mouth.

Breaking off the kiss, Ginny backed away against the wall, topless, with her tits swaying. Harry followed, cock leading him straight towards her, and grabbed her by the waist. He quickly pulled up her skirt, revealing pale legs and her panties that covered her mound of ginger hair. Pulling the, to one side Harry saw her pussy, dripping and begging to be filled. Harry quickly picked her up, squeezing her tight ass as he did so, while Ginny wrapped her long legs around him.

As she leaned back against the wall, ass in the air and the pussy open, waiting for Harry’s cock, Ginny looked at Harry. “Fuck me.” She whispered. “NOW!”

Harry plunged his cock in Ginny and they both moaned, their pubic hair melding as she took his full length. Pulling her close, her tits were again crushed into his chest, Harry kissed her forcefully. He started to pump his cock in and out. They continued to moan into each other’s mouths as their pleasure built. They had been waiting all day and now they were fucking hard and fast.

Harry’s cock sawed deep into her cunt before withdrawing then plunging deep once more. But Harry could feel his orgasm rise already. Holding Ginny with just one hand he reached down and started to rub her clit. Stimulating her more and more until with both the cock deep inside her and the finger on her button Ginny was writing in Harry’s arms.

“I’m close” she gasped into Harry’s ear.

He started to piston his cock into her, desperate to climax at the same time. Suddenly, Ginny’s whole body began to shake and she could no longer stop herself from crying out. Her pussy clenched over Harry’s dick as she released herself to the pleasure coursing through her, cumming all over his dripping cock. Harry pumped harder than ever, with Ginny’s juices now dripping out of her pussy, and began to feel the cum rise in him. He dropped his head onto Ginny’s tits and moaned into them as his pushed deep inside her and his cock exploded deep inside her, filling her with his cum.

They stood still for a couple of seconds, still in the throes of pleasure and with Harry’s cock still jammed deep into Ginny’s vagina. Taking in shuddering breaths, Harry looked up into Ginny eyes and gave her one last sensual kiss before carefully setting her back on the ground.

“I needed that,” panted Harry, “I’ve been dreaming about fucking you all day.”

Ginny looked up with a smirk on her face “We’ve had sex every day for the last two weeks, is there nothing to satiate you?”

“Haven’t found anything yet” joked Harry as he started to pull up his trousers.

Reaching into his back pocket he grabbed his wand and directed it his sloppy and increasing floppy penis.

“Scurgify!” Ginny’s juices that had coated his dick disappeared instantly.

“Ooh, you should have cum on my stomach so we could clear up more easily” commented Ginny as she straightened her skirt and started redress. “Speaking of cumming, I found something in the library’s restricted section today that we both might enjoy”

“What was it” asked Harry, his cock was not quite recovered enough for another round but he wondered if he could find a spell to sort out that issue.

“You’ll see,” said Ginny coyly. “Come meet me outside the Prefect’s bathroom tonight at midnight and I might even let you try it.”


Harry had planned to spend the next couple of hours racing through work, hoping that it would help time pass more quickly. He returned to the common to find that Ron and Hermione had recovered from their argument over dinner and were working together in armchairs closest to the fire.

“How was the library? Asked Ron, looking up to see Harry weaving his way towards them.

“Not bad, just needed a few books to make start on that potion essay, couldn’t read what the Prince wrote in my potions book.”

“Good!” cut in Hermione, “Now we’ll see how “the chosen one” will do without the Prince showing him every step of the way”

Harry ignored that particular jibe and sat down next to his two best friends. After a couple minutes silence, Hermione turned to Harry and opened her mouth.

Harry got there first. “I’m not throwing away that book Hermione, so you can stop harping on about it”

“I wasn’t going to say anything of the sort” replied Hermione, looking hurt. “I was going to say, Ginny said she found something interesting in the library today.”

Harry looked at Hermione and could see that she was watching him very carefully. “Oh really?” He answered as innocently as possible. “She didn’t mention anything to me.”

Hermione looked narrowed her eyes but seemed to accept his reply and turned back to her work.


It was almost midnight when Harry, listening hard for any sounds other than snores from his friends’ direction, rolled out of bed. Grabbing his invisibility cloak, he threw it over himself and tiptoed out his dorm room.

A quick walk later, he was outside the Prefect’s bathroom and, peering into the shadows of an alcove saw Ginny. She seemed to carrying something heavy and was looking around, trying to see if Harry would keep his promise. Deciding to play a little game on Ginny, Harry crept up still under the invisibility cloak until he was opposite Ginny. Then, with his hands still under the cloak he reached out and grabbed her tits.

“Shhh it’s me!” he whispered, as Ginny opened her mouth to scream.

“Merlin’s balls,” she cursed, pulling the cloak off Harry to reveal his grinning mouth. “Come on let’s go,” half mad, and half amused.

Entering the Prefect’s bathroom was always a stunning experience and Ginny, who had never even been in before, stopped suddenly taking the whole room in. It was a large room that was dominated by a bath the size of a swimming pool.

Running over to it immediately Ginny exclaimed “this is even nicer than I expected! Perfect for what I’ve got planned.”

“And what do you have planned” asked Harry, eyeing what he now saw was a heavy book in Ginny’s arms.

She turned to face him and again Harry looked her fully, taking in her silk pyjamas that clung to her body in all the right places and the swell of her boobs under the material. She held out the book, “Come and see” she said naughtily. Harry approached and when he got close enough Ginny passed him the book saying “Don’t open it until I’ve run the bath.”

Running around to the thousands of taps, boobs bouncing and her ass firm under her pjs, Ginny turned on as many as she could reach. Water cascaded down into the pool, filling it almost immediately with different colours, smells and even textures. As the pool filled, a foam appeared on top that seemed almost solid enough to walk on.

“Perfect” said Ginny, cautiously stepping onto the foam and, when it held her weight, jumping onto the bed of air. Harry remained rooted to the spot, unable to take his eyes off the sight of Ginny, floating on a bed of foam with her red hair splayed out. She got back up and in front of him, on her pedestal of foam, began to undress. She slowly pulled up her shirt, revealing those perky pale tits and slowly hardening nipples that Harry had grown to love. Turning around, she bent over until her ass was almost splitting the seams of her pyjama trousers. Pulling them down over her skin she revealed the perfect bubble that was her ass. Bouncy and with her pussy just visible between her legs. She turned back towards Harry, revealing her vagina in full and the tuft of ginger hair about it, and said “Your turn”.

Harry stripped off as quickly as possible and, grabbing the book, clambered onto the shelf of foam. It was almost like walking on air, he could dip his foot through the foam if he wanted but for now, he was content to sit down and open the book. Ginny sat cross legged opposite him, opening her pussy to his gaze which had started to moisten in anticipation. Harry’s cock, bared to the warm air was already beginning to rise at the sight of Ginny as he crossed his legs as well.

“Ok what is this book?” Harry asked, looking at it in interest and a small amount of suspicion. It was bound in a dark leather while its title was embossed in gold across the top in spidery writing. “Quomodo ad Iungendum Sexus et Magicae” Harry tried to pronounce, looking up at Ginny questioningly.

“It’s a secret book I found hidden in the library” explained Ginny “And there’s a particular spell I want to try. Turn to page 294 and you’ll find it.”

Harry started to rifle through the pages quickly but then slowed, finding numerous pictures of people writhing in pleasure. He paused, smiling to himself and carried on flicking through pages, taking in the images and making mental notes of spells to try later. Harry finally reached page 294 and looked up at Ginny in surprise, a dual sense of trepidation and anticipation stealing over him suddenly. “Are you sure you want to try this” he asked.

“Positive” said Ginny, grinning widely. “It’s about time we found out who really has the balls in this relationship.”

Harry reached over the side of the bath and picked up his wand. Checking the book one last time he looked at Ginny and focused on her boobs.

“Engorgia Ubera!” he whispered, circling his wand around the Ginny’s breasts and poking his wand into each of her hard nipples.

Ginny’s breath caught immediately and she almost subconsciously tried to rub her nipples against Harry’s wand as he withdrew it. Then she felt heat wash over her, her skin felt like it was burning and Harry saw her drop forward on to her hands and knees, her tits hanging beautifully down from her chest. Slowly, the heat began move. While it had started by coursing over her whole body, it now began to recede from her finger and toes, moving upwards. Her legs and ass twitched as the heat passed across her pussy and then up her stomach until it collected, almost painfully, in her tits.

Harry could see she was breathing heavily now and starting to sweat, beads of moisture appearing along her back as she remained doggystyle on the bed of foam. Her body felt almost normal apart from the writhing balls of heat that resided in her breasts. She paused; the heat started to change, almost as if it was pushing outwards, expanding under her skin. Looking down at her chest she could see her tits hanging down off her body, red and warm. Her nipples so engorged they were almost straining to reach the ground. Nothing seemed different.


Ginny looked closer, feeling Harry’s eyes following her gaze. They were beginning to grow.

Harry blinked, it was almost too slow to notice at first, but then Ginny’s tits were starting to grow at an increasingly fast rate. The heat in them straining at the confines of her skin. Ginny’s apple sized breasts were slowly filling out, gaining weight and size. They started quite small and then grew from the size of apples to grapefruits and then small melons.  Harry saw her starting to tremble, the heat combined the feeling of growth and transformation was starting to affect her. Her tits coursed with pleasure, becoming larger and more sensitive by the second.

Almost subconsciously, Harry reached for his cock and started to pump up and down. He was consumed by the image of Ginny, naked and kneeling on the foam, her tits expanding and her vagina starting to drip liquid down her legs. Unable to help it any longer, she reached up one of her hands and began to paw at her own breast. Electricity immediately coursed through her and she collapsed against the ground.

Then she felt it, the heat suddenly disappeared and in its place was a sudden weight, as if gravity had suddenly strengthened along her chest. She looked down again and saw that her tits had grown to double the size and were even more sensitive. Looking up at Harry she saw the look of desire written plainly across his face. She pushed herself up and began to crawl towards him. Her tits swinging beneath her.

Harry who had been sitting cross legged, watching Ginny’s tits grow and her body surrender to pleasure, lay back into the foam. It was soft and welcomed his body as Ginny crawled up over Harry, stopping when she was face to face with him. Before Harry could say anything, she had pressed her mouth against his and letting her newly grown body melt into his embrace. Harry’s cock twitched as he felt Ginny’s hard nipples press into him and her new boobs envelop his chest. Then her stomach met his and her vagina settled just above his cock.

Ginny began to undulate on top of Harry, rubbing her pussy along the length of his cock while stimulating her nipples along his chest. Harry grabbed at her ass pulling her closer to him and they moaned into each other’s mouths.

“I…. need…. you” panted Ginny, breaking off the kiss.

Sitting up suddenly, she pulled herself onto her knees so that her vagina was right over Harry’s rock-hard cock, dripping onto it. They looked at each other, so familiar with the situation and yet both enjoying the sensations of Ginny’s new tits. Ginny reached down and grabbed Harry’s dick, rubbing the head along her pussy. Harry felt the sensations of Ginny’s ministrations warm his whole body and he moaned.

Then, before she could stop him, he had grabbed her ass and thrust upwards. His dick crashed into her pussy, filling it immediately. She was so wet from the pleasure of growing her tits that he felt no resistance, driving as deep as he could before settling his ass down. Her pussy remained clenched around him, hugging him with warmth and wetness.

“You’re gonna cum in me for that Potter” she growled.

She leant forward, making sure Harry’s dick was still deep inside her, and placed her elbows on the foam either side of Harry. She then raised her ass began to fuck Harry hard and fast. Harry felt his dick plunge in and out, in and out, faster and faster as Ginny built up a rhythm. Almost subconsciously Ginny began to arch her back so that she could rub her boobs on Harry chest again. Harry, taking the hint, took his hands off her round ass and brought them up to her tits. He grabbed them.

Immediately, lightning bolts of pleasure coursed through both of them.

They paused looking at each other. “That’s more like it” moaned Ginny.

Harry tried again, massaging first one boob then the other. Pleasure again coursed through them both.

“It looks like that spell did more than just give you bigger boobs Gin” said Harry excitedly. “Its made them share the pleasure! I can almost feel like I have tits as well!!”

“I hope you enjoy them as much as me then” groaned Ginny as she raised her ass once more and then pushed it back down while Harry began to massage her new breasts with renewed vigour. Harry almost fainted at the sensations he felt throughout his body. His dick was in heaven, fucking the girl he loved as she moaned above him. At the same time there was the novel sensation that had started when he had grabbed Ginny’s tits. The warmth spread from her tits, along his arms until it entered his chest. He knew he couldn’t last long at this rate.

“I’m gonna cum soon” he whispered to Ginny.

Her eyes bored into his “NOT without me!”

She started to bounce her ass up and down even faster, trying to bring on her own orgasm just as she doing the same to Harry. In response, Harry removed his hands from her tits and grabbed at her round tight ass, helping plunge his dick deeper into her pussy. A sudden coldness that stole over both their chests as Harry let go of Ginny’s breasts. But then, before Ginny could say a word, Harry had reached up begun to suck forcefully on her nipples.

This sent them into throes of pleasure. Harry felt the magical sensation of Ginny’s nipples in his mouth, travel down to his own chest while Ginny closed her eyes and the feeling wracked across her body. The pleasure began to peak, as they shared the feeling of their fucking bodies.

“I’m cummingg” they both shouted, Harry into Ginny’s tits and Ginny out loud so the whole room reverberated with her voice.

Harry continued to slam his cock into Ginny as he felt her orgasm take hold of her. She collapsed onto his chest, spasming in pleasure. Pushing her tits against Harry’s face and her pussy clenching his dick so strongly that he began to orgasm as well. He jerked, feeling the tingling across his body coalesce in his balls. With Ginny’s nipple still in his mouth, he stuck his cock as deep into her as possible and came. He came like he had never cum before, spraying cum into Ginny’s body so hard she moaned harder than ever, feeling her pussy full with his seed.

A few moments passed.

They remained clasped together, Harry dick wedged deep inside Ginny, riding the waves of pleasure that still rippled through them.

Then it was finally over.

Harry unfastened his mouth from Ginny’s tits and his rapidly softening dick slipped out of her pussy as she slowly dropped into the foam by his side. He turned so he was on his side and reached over and hugged her close to him, feeling her naked body press close to him.

“What the fuck just happened?” He whispered, looking at her exhausted face in some amusement.

“I have no idea, but we are definitely going to do it again.” mumbled Ginny as she nuzzled into Harry’s neck.

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