A Mothering Monster

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Pre-Story Notes

- Canon has changed massively from this. No two Harry's will be the same when it comes to this little 'series', which helps to diversify the ideas that you can come up with to help with this series throgh reviews. Of course, this had led to some 'Butterfly Effects' taking place because of this.

- This Harry is very different than canon Harry. The emotional abuse and neglect that he had at the Dursley's has changed him. He isn't outgoing, nor does he socialise that well, but once someone gets to know him, the real him, then he will be very loyal to them.

- Hogwarts starts at age of 13 for unawkward pre-teen romance.

- Harry was sorted into Hufflepuff.

Harry sighed to himself as he walked down one of the empty corridors of Hogwarts, it was moments like these that made him reflect on things.

He had been so excited to go to Hogwarts once he was finally able to read his letter that was addressed to him. It had taken many, many attempts to hide one of those letters that seemed to bombard the Dursley's home, and the only way that he could was by keeping the letter down the waistline of his pants. Somehow, uncle Vernon suddenly seemed to have much better eyesight than what he usually did, and Dudley's nose that only smelt the fragrence of food - or the farts that he and his little 'gang' did - somehow managed to wire itself to somehow smell when a Hogwarts letter was nearby.

Aunt Petunia just seemed to totally ignore the flying letters that was sending both Dudley and Vernon mad. It was almost like she simply ignored them, thinking that if she ignored its existence, then surely it wouldn't be real, and it was just a figment of her... less than ideal imagination.

The Dursley's... just thinking of them made him frown in annoyance.

In his honest opinion, even though they were his only family left alive, he considered them to be the most terrible people in all of Britain. He didn't have doubts that even the homeless or even going as far to say that the many drug addicts lurking in the alleys for their next fix would be better parents or parental figures than the Dursley's.

Not only did they ignore his existence most of the time, or they would sometimes 'forget' to feed him a healthy dose of food, they also made his room the most tiniest place in all of the house. The cupboard under the stairs. Despite its small size, Harry had been living in that room long enough that he got used to it.

The worst memory that he could remember from the Dursley's, past all of the neglect and starvation that he recieved, he could vividly remember the one time that he had called Aunt Petunia 'Mom'. It was probably the worst memory that he could think of when it came to the Dursley's, as afterwards as punishment, Petunia had dipped his fingers in a pot of boiling water that had just come off the stove top.

The tips of his fingers still tingled in pain every so often, mainly when he was writing with his quill in class.

At least there wasn't any long-term damage to them, as somehow, they had miraculously healed from the terrible burns that they had within three days of the punishment happening.


Hearing his name being called out, he snapped himself out his childhood memories and turned to face the person that spoke to him.

"Daphne." He greeted out politely, unable to hold back the smile at seeing his only friend in all of Hogwarts, who he had meant on the Hogwart's Express.

Daphne Greengrass was a very pretty girl and stood a few inches taller than him in height - mostly due to his less than stellar upbringing - and although she was the age of thirteen - although her birthday was in a few days - she was probably the most gorgeous and prettiest of the girls that he has seen during his small tenure at Hogwarts.

She had very silky and luscious light blonde locks that fell just past her shoulder blades, with two smaller bangs that came down just past her eyes to frame her face. Another very prominent feature of hers was in fact her icy-blue eyes that seemed to bore into the person she was looking at. She had a rather cute button nose, along with slightly chubby cheeks - although, they might be gone within a year or two - and she was wearing her Hogwart's robes that were trimmed with dark green with the Slytherin crest proudly on display just above her left breast part of the fabric.

All in all, she had a very aristocratic aura about her, along with her having the grace and sophisticated movements of someone who was brought up in a very high place.

Yes, despite all of the negative connotation that surrounded the Slytherin house of Hogwarts, along with the seemingly endless clashes of personality that she was sure to bring, she was still very friendly and respectful towards Harry, and he was very friendly and respectful towards her in return.

However, it wasn't just the looks or personality that allowed Harry to bond with her. It was for the logical thinking and maturity that she brought to the table. He had also learnt that she was one of the few Slytherin's who didn't care for blood status.

Yet, he couldn't help but remember the very first time that he met her on the Hogwarts Express.


Harry nervously made his way down the rather small corridor of the train, a nice, new suitcase silently following him as he wheeled it around. He wasn't used to being in such crowded areas, and he was starting to feel a little claustrophobic as he continued his little treck to find a compartment to sit in for the journey.

Although, he wasn't having that much luck when it came to finding a compartment that wasn't in full capacity. Even with the doors being closed, he could still see the shadows being casted by the persons inside, and he could even hear them idly chatting away with their friends they were sitting with.

He had swiftly made his way past a rather frizzy-haired bruenette and a rather chubby and nervous looking black-haired male that might've been an inch or two taller than him, aparently they were looking for a... toad? How one lost track of a toad, he wouldn't have the slightest of clues.

Ducking his head down as he continued his journey, he gave a quick check to the compartment on his right, and frowned once again when he noticed the idle chatter coming from within, and from what he could tell, from the five people that seemed to be sitting within the compartment. Two of the voices seemed to be pretty loud, and he could idly see a large, furry appendage make itself known.

As he turned his attention away, he was idly able to hear that the thing that poked out of the shadow was not a piece of magic, but rather it was a pet tarantula that was owned by someone named 'Lee'.

Placing his ear against the doors compartment on the opposite side where the person with the pet tarantula was, he could hear a small tuneless hum greet his ears, and seeing if he had any luck, he tried spotting any telltale signs of multiple people being in the compartment.

Seeing no-one there, Harry politely knocked on the door after placing his trunk down so it wouldn't move.



Waiting a few moments, he eventually heard a quiet, "Enter" come from the other side.

Hearing his permission to enter, he gently slid the door open, and he gazed inside the compartment, which wasn't all that much, just two leather lounges facing opposite of each other, along with a little shelf above each seat that could fit a trunk in the space, and the large pain of glass allowed one to gaze at the moving landscape, with two smaller windows being open to allow a cool draft in the compartment.

Yet his attention was drawn to the girl that was sitting on the far-side of the compartment, her gaze looking at him through the window's reflection. She didn't seem like the one to strike up a conversation either unless it was really necessary.

"Hello." Harry greeted awkwardly to the girl sitting on the far side of the compartment, unused to talking to people, "Uh... may I sit in here?" He questioned, hoping that he would recieve permission to do so.

The girl stopped looking at him through the reflection the glass and faced him, where those icy blue eyes scanned his body up and down, "I guess that is alright." She said, gesturing to the seat opposite her.

"Thank you. It means a lot." Harry replied with a small grin, before he picked up his trunk and entered the compartment, closing the door as he brought his trunk fully inside the compartment.

"So... what's your name?" He asked, trying to make some small conversation to make things less awkward between them as he picked up his trunk and placed it within the alotted area above his head.

Even though he couldn't see it, he could certainly feel her gaze making its way to the back of his head, "Isn't it polite to introduce yourself first?"

"Oh." He murmured out, an embarrassed flush on his cheeks as he turned around to face the girl, "I'm Harry, Harry Potter." He said, trying to replicate what he had heard when it came to the other kids introducing themselves when he went past the open compartments.

The girl seemed to be a little surprised when she had heard his name, and he had expected her to go off on a tangent or act completely differently once she had heard his name - like many others did when they took notice of who he was - but to his relief, she seemed to school her surprised expression and held out her hand with her palm facing downwards, "Daphne, Daphne Greengrass. It's nice to meet you." She introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you too." He said, although he looked at the outstretched hand with a little confusion, before he turned his gaze towards her icy blue eyes.

Without responding verbally, she extended her arm out just a little further, and seemingly spoke with her gaze alone, sending the back of her hand a glance before looking into his eyes.

Harry's eyes widened slightly when he noticed that her lips seemed to pucker up ever so slightly, like she was going to kiss something that wasn't there, "Oh..." He ever so eloquently spoke out, before he grabbed the outstretched hand and placed a rather chaste kiss - at least, he hoped that it was up to standard.

Daphne took her outstretched hand away from Harry, and sent him a rather amused glance - at least, he was hoping that was what it was - and it seemed like something dawned upon her, "You don't know Wizarding Customs, do you?" She questioned.

He blinked a bit at the question, "Uh... no?" He replied, not entirely sure in how he was supposed to respond to that.

The girl seemed to nod to herself in confirmation, "Thought so." She spoke out, "I guess I will teach you the basics, will that be alright?" She said, before quickly adding on just to make it clear that she wasn't doing this to make fun of him, "Trust me, it would come in handy later on."

Sitting down opposite her, he quickly glanced out of the window, watching as the hills zoomed by and the various animal livestock that were grazing away in the lush, green fields quickly passed by as well, "Sure?"

"Alright, let's start off with the basics, what do you know about the Wizarding World?" She asked him, eyeing him and gave him another once-over.

Harry suddenly felt like he was going to have a cracking headache when this was finished. Yet, he couldn't help but smile, this was the first person his age that he had managed to sucsessfully talk to in the Wizarding World.


"You're daydreaming again."

Lightly slapping his cheeks to try and get rid of his silly mind-ramblings, "Sorry." He murmured, flashing a small smile in her direction.

Raising a delicate brow at how he was acting, Daphne gave a quick once over of Harry, seeing as how his Hogwart's robes - that had the Hufflepuff crest of a badger on it - was ruffled, and his skin seemed to have a sheen on sweat on it, she sent him a dry look, "You got lost again, didn't you?" She asked, a small amount of amusement clear in her voice.

"Maybe...?" He answered awkwardly, an embarrassed flush on his cheeks as he rubbed the nape of his neck.

"Honestly." Daphne muttered out with a quick roll of her eyes, unable to believe that he still got lost, even after nearly a month of being in Hogwarts. Who was she to talk, she managed to not get lost on the third day of classes, others were a little more slower than her, but still, he had got to be one of the only ones who still got lost, "Have you thought of asking for help?" She asked, placing a hand upon her hip as she cocked it to her right, with an expectant look on her visage.

"I try... they don't listen to me..." He muttered out rather bitterly, "The only ones who help me are Tonks or the Fat Friar... yet even then I can't find them most of the time." He added on with a small frown on his face.

That was the problem that he had faced, apart from being picked on by Malfoy and his little gang of braindead baboons who followed him around everywhere, he had also been on the recieving end of the infamous Weasley Twin pranks. Sure, they were harmless enough, although annoying, he had still forgiven them for it. Apart from that, it seemed as though people just... forgot about him ever since he entered Hufflepuff.

He still remembered when his name was first called out by Professor McGonagall, he had remembered how the many hushed whispers broke out, along with the seemingly reverent looks on some. Apparently, everyone had expected him to go into Gryffindor, as he was the supposed 'Vanquisher of the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'.

Much to everyone's surprise, he had been sorted into the last house of Hogwarts that people would expect; Hufflepuff.

He was certain that more people believed that he could have been sorted into Slytherin over Hufflepuff. In fact, he was certain that the order that most people came up with was; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and then Hufflepuff.

Yet, when he had the Sorting Hat placed over his head, the Sorting Hat had admitted that he had the main traits of each of the houses. He had courage, but not enough to make him headstrong and reckless, he had wit and a sharp mind, he had cunning and a drive to prove himself, and he had a strong sense of loyalty and justice.

Even with all of that, the Sorting Hat had given him one last remark; 'Hufflepuff would be best, where you can create bonds that will last a lifetime.' eventually sorted him sorted him with a loud shout of; 'HUFFLEPUFF!'

At first, people still pointed at him and gave some hushed whispers during the first few days, yet as the week went on, he noticed that he almost seemed to... disappear off of everyone's radar. Rarely anyone made contact with him, he didn't stand out in class much - although, he was stronger in Defence Against the Dark Arts, and even Charms coming in a close second.

It was almost like he was... just another normal person, being lost to the throngs of students within Hogwarts' walls and classrooms.

Sure, he wasn't the best at socialising, and he tried his hardest to try and create friendships or try and politely enter a conversation between his housemates and even some from the other classes, yet he just couldn't. He ended up making a fool of himself when he got tongue-tied.

He just couldn't connect with anyone in Hogwarts, apart from Daphne and Hagrid - who was a very misunderstood man due to his sheer size and eccentric personality.

Daphne frowned once again when she noticed that Harry had started staring off into nothing. It was almost like she could see what was running through his mind. Quickly checking to the left and right to see if the coast was clear from any onlookers, she had closed the distance between them, and she had placed a hand upon his shoulder, ignoring the rather skittish jump that greeted her from it, "Meet me outside the Great Hall after breakfast tomorrow morning. I will guide you around the quickest pathways to and from your classes, so you don't get lost and possibly lose more House Points for Hufflepuff." She teased gently at the end with a small nudge to his shoulder.

Yes, she had known that Harry had lost 10 House Points for Hufflepuff due to him being late, with the worst offendor being Professor Snape taking away five points from him when he showed up five minutes late, and an extra two points for him rebuting the fact that he was lost.

It was safe to say that Snape didn't like him, nor did his classmates for the rest of day once he lost that many points on the first day of classes.

"Thanks." Harry replied, flashing her a small smile and nod.

"No problem." Daphne said, puffing her chest out in pride at making him smile once again, before she frowned slightly when she looked down at her timetable and noticed that she now had Flying Classes with the Gryffindor's, "I must get going now." She said, before turning on her heel, but looking over her shoulder, "I'll talk to you later." She said, before she left down the corridor, leaving Harry alone.

"See you." He spoke out softly, keeping his eye on Daphne until she was out of sight. Sighing to himself, he leaned against the stone wall, almost contemplating on what to do to pass time. He didn't have a lesson for another hour or so, so he was stuck doing nothing.

"Don't... sad..."

"Huh?!" He yelped out, nearly falling flat on his ass as he slipped away from the walls.

Glancing around him to see what could have made that noise, however, he frowned lightly when he noticed that none of the moving portraits were speaking or in conversation with each other, and there was no one in sight in the corridor, "I'm going crazy." He murmured to himself.

He was fairly certain that hearing a voice within your head was a sign of insanity or delusions. He didn't want that!


"There it is again." He murmured out, before he closed his eyes and concentrated really hard.


Snapping his eyes open when he heard something from somewhere, he eventually took a risk and placed his ear against the cold stone wall.


"What the...?" He trailed off, fairly certain that he heard something in the pipes behind the stone walls, yet he wasn't even sure what it was. Standing still for a moment, Harry strained his ears to try and hear the sounds once again, but after a solid minute of standing completely still, he had heard nothing.

Releasing a breath that he didn't know he was holding, he backed away from the wall, "It must be my imagination." He murmured to himself, almost relieved to know that he was hearing things, and that he wasn't going crazy.

It was just his mind playing tricks on him.

"Might as well head to the dormitory to have a shower." He spoke to no-one, giving a slight sniff to his underarm and recoiling slightly when the scent of sweat reached his nose. It definitely wasn't a pleasant smell.

It had been a few days since Harry first heard those noises and the rather chilling voice from within the walls of Hogwarts, yet he had simply played it off as a figment of his imagination and it was simply his mind playing tricks on him for being tired.

Yet, something was telling him that it wasn't a mere figment of his imagination, or something that his tired mind made up on a whim.

However, with it being Daphne's birthday today, he had placed it out of his head, and spent all of yesterday afternoon looking for a gift for her in Diagon Alley.

At first, it had been a small struggle when he asked his Head of House, Professor Sprout for him to go there. Of course, with him being a first year student, she had said that him visiting the alley, as he already has the required equipment and so on.

Yet, as soon as he mentioned that he was looking for a gift for Daphne for her birthday, she had finally relented, however, she seemed rather giddy at the fact that some 'young love' was blossoming with one of her precious students.

Although, the way that Professor Sprout put it did place a rather healthy flush on his cheeks - he wouldn't deny, he did develop a crush on Daphne during the time he has known her, mainly because she treated him with respect, acknowledged him and even helped him with his Potions homework, as Professor Snape seemed to always pick on him or deduct points from him for no apparent reason.

If he sneezed in the class, Snape would take a point away for 'Disturbing the class', he should know, that had already happened to him during the second week of classes.

So, Professor Sprout had given him permission to visit the Alley to find and purchase a gift for his friend, however, he would need to be supervised, so she had to take him during the afternoon when she was free from her classes.

Finding a gift was rather challenging for Harry, as he wasn't exactly sure to get her, but after confiding his trouble to his Head of House, she had simply said; 'A gift doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it comes from the heart, then it will be fine.'

So, with that, he had some renewed confidence when it came to searching for a gift for his only friend in Hogwarts. Once he passed by a rather small jewellery shop that was surrounded by a book store and another robe shop, he had found what he wanted to give her; a bracelet that was adorned with tiny blue gems that sparkeled under the light.

So, once he had purchased the item, along with having a small decorative box to place it in, Harry had decided to ask for it to be covered in wrapping paper.

That only took another few moments, and he and Professor Sprout were out of the shop - with him being 50 Galleons poorer, not that he minded in the least - they had made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron, where Harry experienced something he wasn't fond of for the second time; Floo travel.

Shaking his head from those thoughts, Harry checked himself over in the large mirrror in the Hufflepuff dormitory.

Quickly adjusting his school robes to look a little more presentable, and fixing his glasses that were a little crooked, he nodded to himself before heading down to the Great Hall, a small, excited smile on his face as he hoped to catch Daphne's reaction to the gift that she sent, she might be a little confused as to who sent her the gift, but hopefully the small note that he wrote along with it that had his initials on it would be enough.

Of course, he wouldn't be using his owl; Hedwig to deliver the gift. He had found out quiet quickly that she was the only snowy owl that resided in Hogwarts, so he had to use one of the school owls that were used for those that didn't have an owl for a pet.

Finding himself in a rather empty Great Hall, Harry switfly made his way towards the side that was closest to the Gryffindor table, as then he would be able to look over towards the Slytherin table without having to twist and turn his body.

Placing himself down at the table, a plate of food suddenly appeared in front of him, which had a few pieces of egg, alongside some rashers of bacon and two pieces of crispy, golden toast on the side.

No matter how many times he saw it, he was always surprised to see the food magically appear in front of someone when they sat down, it was certainly cool.

As he glanced towards the Slytherin table, he could see a small handful of first years that were bundled together, idly chatting to themselves quietly so their conversation wasn't overheard by anyone else. Yet, a few seats away from them, he saw Daphne, sitting on the far-side of the table with a small plate of breakfast in front of her, which she was eating in a proper way and lightly dabbing her lips with a napkin to get rid of the leftover crumbs.

Looking her eyes with his, she gave a small nod of acknowledgement, which he returned with a small smile of his own and mouthed; 'Happy Birthday'. He was sure that she knew what he mouthed, as she flashed the smallest of smiles afterwards before she took another bite from her toast.


Feeling his heart rate speed up a little, Harry's attention was drawn towards the roof of the Great Hall, where a rather plain and common brown owl came through the open windows and started to make its way down towards Daphne, a rather small box-like package that was wrapped in teal wrapping paper nestled safely in its talons.

He watched with rapt attention as the owl made its way down to Daphne's area, where it placed down the package, before quickly nibbled up a small piece of bacon which Daphne had torn off, before it seemed to nod at her before taking flight once more, before leaving the Great Hall after giving one more circle of the air.

Tearing his attention away from where the owl left, he watched as Daphne picked up the box-like package and eyed it curiously.

With no wasted movement, Daphne started to carefully tear through the wrapping paper - making sure that she didn't draw any attention to her whilst doing so - and had eventually tore the wrapping paper away so the box was visible, yet despite that, a small piece of paper fell out in front of her.

She looked down at the piece of paper, her eyes locked onto the writing that was visible before her face showed a hint of surprise as she read what it said, and not moments later, her eyes were once again locked with his.

Harry saw that she had a smile on her face, and she had a small dusting of pink on her cheeks before she ducked her head down and opened the rather exquisite box.

Her eyes widened momentarily as she carefully took out the item within, and once the small blue gems entered the sunlight, they glittered with a supernatural beauty. With their eyes locking once again, Harry flashed her a rather large, and proud smile as he took in her facial expression, which was probably the most surprised that he had ever seen it.

'Thank you!' She mouthed out to him, before she carefully placed the bracelet around her wrist - adjusting it slightly to be a bit more tight around her wrist as she did so.

Harry nodded his head, before he started to eat the breakfast in front of him with gusto.

He was happy that she liked the gift that he brought her. It filled him with happiness to know that he quiet possibly made her morning, and hopefully, it would be her favorite gift that she recieves today.

"That was sweet of you, Harry." Daphne said as she gave a small, chaste kiss to his cheek, a light flush on her cheek as she did so.

Rubbing the back of his head with a small blush on his cheeks for what he just experienced, he chuckled out, "It was nothing... I had to get you a gift for your birthday."

Daphne looked down at her right wrist, in which the bracelet was securely locked on, "It's beautiful, and I love it." She said softly, maneuvering her arm so she could gaze at it from all angles, "What made you get it? The color I mean?" She questioned him.

"Well..." He trailed off, his voice petering out as he tried his best to explain why he chose that color.

"Pardon?" Daphne said, her eyes narrowed in confusion as she couldn't make out what he had said, it was just too soft and quiet.

"I said-" Harry said, taking a deep breath to help him explain why, "-I chose it because of your eyes." He explained, the flush on his cheeks getting just a little darker as he tore his gaze away from her, and looked up towards the ceiling instead.

"My... eyes?" She questioned, before looking down to the bracelet again, where the small blue gems were twinkling under the small rays of sun that shone through the window.

"Yeah... the dark blue gems make your eyes stand out more." He explained awkwardly, gesturing to her, "Light blue-" Harry then gestured towards the gems on her bracelet, "-dark blue gems."

Daphne seemed to be a little flustered at that, judging by the slight tinge of pink on her cheeks, before she turned her gaze towards Harry, "Thank you..." She murmured out, unable to figure out what else to say.

Harry merely flashed another smile at her, before they continued walking in a comfortable silence.


Pausing midstep, Harry's attention zipped around towards the walls once again, his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Harry?" Daphne questioned, unsure as to why Harry stopped randomly and was looking around with a scrutinising gaze.


Once again, that voice in which he heard a few days ago was back, and it seemed to be coming from the walls once again! Quickly making his way over towards the wall of the corridor, he placed his ear against it, uncaring of the of cold stone that gave him small chills.


"Come... to... me..."

Stepping away from the wall in slight fear, he suddenly came to a halt when he felt Daphne's hands hold his shoulders to make him stop moving, "Harry, what is wrong?" She questioned.

It took a few moments to answer her, but he gazed towards her, with a near pleading expression on his face, "Please tell me you can hear that." He spoke out.

Tilting her head in confusion, Daphne closed her eyes and listened, however, she frowned when she couldn't hear anything, barring the sound of Harry's rather frantic breathing, "Hear what?" She questioned.

Harry made an odd choking noise once he heard her answer, "The walls! Something is speaking and moving about in the walls!" He explained, roughly pointing in the general area in which he heard the noises.

Unable to contain the curiosity peaking within her, she made her way over towards the area in which he was pointing to, before placing her ear near the wall - not wanting to touch the possibly dirty stone - however, she sent a concerned look to Harry after a few moments of silence, "Harry. Nothing is making noise." She said, "Are you sure that you are hearing noises in the walls, and not possibly from outside?"

"No... use... hear..."

"Wha... huh?!" Harry squawked out in surprise, "That voice just spoke again!" He said, "It said 'No, use, hear'!"

Frowning in concern, Daphne stepped away from the wall, and gently grabbed onto Harry, "Perhaps we need some time outside, some fresh air might do." She said, before leading him towards one of the many exits of Hogwarts to get to the courtyard, 'Maybe I need to take him to Pomfrey... hearing voices is not a good thing.' She thought to herself.


Alright, I do hope that you enjoyed this chapter, and the start to the Mothering Basilisk story. Hopefully this one could be better than the Hungarian Horntail one, but only time will tell.

As you can see, I have added a pairing to this story, which is Daphne Greengrass. Canon has also been changed, and Butterfly effects have taken place.

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