Fantastic beasts and where to fuck them

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My name is Arthur Cornelius Magnus, and I am a magizooologist, I have spent my life learning as much as I can about the different magical species that make up this wonderful world. I have recently begun investigating a very niche category of my discipline that is viewed in many circles as taboo. The subject I speak of is the various sexual interactions between magical creatures and Wizards and in some rare cases muggles. I have recently found a young witch who has on various occasions been the subject of which I speak, in fact, I do not believe I have met a witch that has copulated with more magical creatures than she has.

The witch I speak of is none other than Hogwarts alumni Hermione Granger. Yes, the same Hermione you are thinking of a close friend of the chosen one Harry Potter. Well through several interviews and I'm ashamed to admit a butterbeer laced with vertiserum, I was able to get her to provide several of her memories for me to observe these encounters safely. This is most beneficial since otherwise, my presence could jeopardize the integrity, as well as the safety of the encounter. After all, I would not want to see the reaction a dragon has when interrupted mid-coitus, though I have yet to find a witch that has been with a dragon, their size making the coupling a dangerous challenge to attempt.

Miss Granger was nice enough to provide me with five memories, each one with a separate creature. Though she didn't label the vials or inform me of the creatures she encountered so this will quite the adventure of learning, after all not many witches are willing to share such unique experiences for study. Pouring the first vial into the pensive I let the memory take hold.

As the world swam around me and reformed I found myself in a dark damp corridor following behind Hermione Granger and Pamona sprout. Hermione was wearing a Hogwarts uniform and looked quite a bit younger than when I first met her.

"I am glad that you are willing to help me with this miss Granger. This new breed of devil's Snare I have been cultivating is really something special." Said Professor sprout as she leads Hermione to a door. "I have managed to breed out the aggressive qualities of Devil's snare so that it will hold and restrain but not cause any harm to those it catches."

Sprout opened the door and leading Hermione inside, following after them I entered the room. It was a bare stone room, half of the room was covered in a mass of Roots and Vines all coiled around each other in a nest.

"Okay, now I need to test the Devil's snares reaction to catching a human." Said professor sprout. "Now all I need is for you to allow the Devil's snare to catch you, and I need you to struggle while it has you."

Hermione gave her a hesitant look at the last part.

"Don't worry Hermione I will be right here should the Devil's snare get too aggressive. But there is nothing to learn if the devil's snare is not agitated."

"Yes, professor." Said Hermione as she gave a gulp and looked over at the Snare. Taking a step towards it she was stopped by Sprout.

"Your wand." Said the professor as she held out her hand. "We don't want the vines accidentally breaking it while restraining you. Don't worry I'll be here in case anything goes wrong." Said Sprout as Hermione hesitantly handed over her wand. Walking toward the devil's snare Hermione paused as the vines rose up to meet her. Taking a deep breath to ready herself Hermione took one last step forward bringing herself into the reach of the devil's Snare. 

The vines rose up to reach her coiling around Hermione's arms and legs and bringing her down into the plant. Hermione tried to kick her legs as she struggled but the vines of the devil’s snare quickly coiled around her legs and bound them, pulling her legs apart as she struggled. Hermione’s skirt rode up revealing her white cotton panties as she was pulled down and spread eagle. More vines continued to wrap around her thighs and over her stomach as she was bound down, Hermione continued to struggle against the Devil’s snare’s vines crept over her body. 

One of the vines slowly crept up Hermione's legs, before slipping under her panties as it rubbed against her pussy.

“Fuck!” Yelled Hermione as the vine rubbed along her clit.

“Language miss Granger.” Said Professor Sprout as she continued to watch, The professor had a quill and parchment in hand and was currently taking notes presumably about what the vines were doing to Hermione. I made a mental note to ask Pomona sprout about gaining access to the notes, before turning my attention back to the bound Hermione.

The vine had begun to saw back and forth against her clit as two more vines began to work their way under her shirt wrapped around her young full breasts.

“Professor Sprout, I think that's enough.” Gasped Hermione.

“Why the plant doesn’t seem to be doing anything to harm you.” Said, Sprout. “I would very much like to see this continue, and from what the other teachers have told me you will probably enjoy this.” The last statement intrigued Arther.

“Why is it always fucking me.” Groaned Hermione as the Devil’s snare’s vines continued to grope her. The Vine rubbing against Hermione’s pussy pulled back until its tip was left rubbing against her wet opening.

“No, not there please.” Begged Hermione as the vine pushed into her, Hermione froze as the devil’s snare began to enter her, as a result, the plant's vines stopped their advance.

“Miss Granger I need you to continue to struggle otherwise the devil’s snare will not continue.” Said Professor Sprout as she looked up from what she had been writing on her piece of parchment.

“It’s trying to rape me” Yelled Hermione.

“Yes, and I want to see just what it will do.” Said Professor Sprout as she took out her wand and pointed it at Hermione. “Honestly from what Hagrid has said you’ve fucked more magical creatures than he has taught about in his classes. TARANTALLEGRA!” 

The spell hit Hermione causing her legs to spasm out as she tried to dance. As Hermione’s legs strained against the Devil’s snare the plant snapped back to life. The Vine poised at Hermione's pussy lunging forward and plunging deep into the young witch.

“FUCK!” Screamed Hermione as the vine began to pump in and out of her pussy, while not very thick the vine reached far deeper than any cock as it wiggled its way inside of her. One Vine reached up and wrapped around Hermione’s forehead pulling her head back and causing her to let out a startled gasp. As she was fully restrained not over being able to move her head, 

Hermione’s eyes darted over to look pleadingly at Professor Sprout as a vine worked its way up towards her mouth. Professor sprout ignored Hermione’s plea as she watched the Vine reach Hermione’s mouth and begin to push in causing her to gag and choke.

Professor sprout frowned as she watched Hermione choking on the Devil’s snare, Tears streamed down Hermione's now red face, Professor sprout took out her wand and was about to cast a spell on the devil’s snare when the vine in Hermione’s mouth pulled out and the young witch sucked in a gasping breath, no sooner had Hermione inhaled than the Devil’s snare once again rammed back down her throat. Professor sprout puts her wand away and returns to taking notes as the vines begin to work in and out of Hermione’s mouth and pussy. Hermione writhed on top of the Devil’s snare as she was fucked, a bulge forming in her stomach as the vine reached deep inside her and pushed into her womb. The vines on Hermione's breasts squeezed them together as they continued to coil around them squeezing and massaging them.

Hermione screamed around the vine in her throat as juices began to spray from her pussy as she began to cum.

Professor sprout made another note on her piece of parchment as the Devil’s snare reacted to Hermione’s juices squirting onto it the vines surging forward with renewed vigor as they continued to thrust into her. Hermione continued to thrash and strain against the vines as she was fucked. Two more vines approached Hermione’s lower region one coiling around the vine currently fucking her pussy twisting around it as it worked its way towards Hermione's pussy. The second vine worked its way under Hermione’s panties pushing them even further to the side as it began to push into her young tight asshole. The young witch's eyes flew open as she screamed around the cock in her throat, as the vines stretched out her asshole and the vine coiling around the one in her pussy finally reached it’s destination, pushing inside next to the vine fucking her stretching her.

Tears streamed down Hermione's eyes as the spell finally dissipated and her legs stopped spasming allowing the girl to fall limp. Sadly for Hermione though, the Devil’s snare didn’t appear to care about her movement any more as the vines continued to pump in and out of her limp body. Holding her up like a rag doll the Devil’s snare continued to fuck Hermione once again bringing her to orgasm causing her to squirt all over the plant again. As Hermione's juices covered the plant more vines surged up another one pushing into her ass while even more coiled around her, a small vine joining the one in her mouth pushing down her throat as she gargled around the two vines.

“It appears that the juice released during orgasm triggers this plant to continue regardless of the victim's state of movement.” Said Professor Sprout as she made another note.

Hermione spasmed as a very small thin vine came up and began to push into her urethra. Hermione had seven vines pumping in and out of her holes as she was ruthlessly fucked by the devil’s snare, her body in sensory overload as she began to cum over and over again each time she came. The vines increased the pace over and over again. 

“Lumos!” Said Sproat as a bright light erupted from her wand causing the vines to withdraw and drop Hermione onto the ground as they pulled back to the corner of the room. “Sorry to ruin your fun, Hermione but I was worried about how aggressive the Devil’s snare was getting.”

Hermione’s reply was a moan as she laid drooling on the floor, With a flick of her wand Professor sprout caused Hermione to float up into the air and float behind her as she left the room.

The memory faded and I was pulled out of it as once again the world swirled around me and I found myself once again to find myself in my office. Removing the memory from the pensive I placed it into a vial before I wrote Hermione/Devil’s snare on it. Placing the vial on a shelf I looked at the remaining four vials wondering what else they had in store for me. 


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