Bellatrix: High Priestess of Church Potter

BY : FestiveBoi
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“Lily, it’s him! Take Harry and run!” A young man by the name of James Potter shouted in panic, to his wife that was currently upstairs with his son.  

He knew she was smart. Frightfully so. So much so that people had started calling her the ‘Smartest Witch of the Century’, a moniker which was earned in Hogwarts when she got all four ‘Outstanding's’ and one ‘Exceeds Expectations’ in their final NEWT exams. Something which hasn’t been done in a very long time.  

However, this was something in which he was hoping that luck would be on their side. They had been on edge ever since the news that Voldemort had somehow gotten the knowledge of their hiding place in Godric’s Hollow. It had been a tense, nervous time for the young couple, even more so when they knew that his target would be Harry, their only son, who was just only fifteen months old.  

Knowing that one of the most powerful and one of the most dangerous Dark Lords of all time had set his sights upon Harry was something that was terrifying to even think about.  

Yet, he was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a shout of ‘Bombarda Maxima’ from the other side of the door. Yet, to his shock and horror, he realized that Voldemort wasn’t alone!  


Shielding his eyes from any wayward splinters launched in his direction from the now absolutely pulverized front door that kept them hidden away from the world, was now breached!  

Realizing that his wand was not on his person, but rather in the other room across the way, James realized that he was effectively on a timer.  

A very short and rapidly ticking timer, but he hoped that he would be able to hold off Voldemort and his follower for long enough for Lily to find an escape route.  

“Ooh, look who it is~” James’ face lost the remaining color that it had when he realized who that voice belonged to! Possibly one of THE most dangerous Death Eaters, one who was holding onto the barest of sanity, “It’s  mistah  Potter without a wand! Poor diddums~”  

It was Bellatrix Lestrange. That was not good in the slightest.  

“Ah... what a... lovely home.” The bone chilling sinister voice of Voldemort spoke out as he took a rhetorical look around the now destroyed front portion of the home.  

Placing his bravest face that he could muster in the face of certain death, James Potter looked towards his opponents, in the possible last moments of his life.  

Firstly, the one that stood out the most like a sore thumb was Voldemort. His tall and skeletally thin frame, and creepy stature was only amplified by the fact that he had extremely pale white skin that looked like it was flaking off. His dark scarlet eyes that had slits in them were able to torment people within nightmares. His nose only consisted of snake-like slits, along with large hands – one of which was pointing his wand directly at him - with unnaturally long fingers that almost resembled spider’s legs.  

If James was a gambling man, he would bet a thousand Galleons that he had the Avada Kedavra  curse on his lipless mouth.  

All in all, he looked like a mass abomination, a creepy mix of snake and human that shouldn’t even exist.  

Yet, it was the appearance of the follower, Bellatrix Lestrange, standing a few feet behind him – almost in respect and reverence – that caught his attention as well.  

She was a tall woman, with unblemished white skin, and had long, thick and shiny dark hair that seemed to swallow any and all light. Her face had a strong jaw, thin lips that were slightly tinted with red – possibly from lipstick – and heavily-lidded black eyes that gleamed of insanity, it was also possible to see a hint of the Dark Mark tattoo on her inner left forearm.  

It was a well-known fact that Bellatrix was Voldemort’s right-hand woman, and also known to be extremely devoted to his cause.  

She was perhaps the most dangerous of his followers, along with being the most sadistic of them. Seeing her here was definitely not foreseen by either of them, even when they preparing and planning possible escape routes  

However, Voldemort soon turned his uninterested gaze towards the staircase, the very staircase that led towards the nursery, and where Lily and Harry currently were.  

He almost seemed to smirk as he heard movement upstairs, “Bellatrix.” He simply said, not even turning his gaze towards her, nor on James.  

“Yes, my Lord?” Bella instantly replied out, her voice conveying complete  reverence  to him, she was also quivering lightly from having her lord say her name.  

“Take care of James.” Voldemort stated, before his robes billowed behind him from the slight gust of chilly Autumn air from the massive hole in the wall from where the door was blown to smithereens.  

“At once!” She replied out, before she cackled with an insane gleam shining in her coal black eyes as she turned her attention towards James.  

However, to her slight surprise, James was no longer in the same spot he was. Hearing an enraged shout of ‘You bastard’ forced her attention towards the voice, where her eyes widened slightly as she saw James rushing towards Voldemort!  

In one swift motion, she had her wand out and she fired off a quick, “Expelliarmus!”  

From the tip of her wand, a bright scarlet light was fired out and landed a direct hit on James, sending him flying into the wall with so much force that it chipped off a small portion from the point of contact.  

Voldemort wasn’t even  phased  by what just happened, instead, he simply continued his way  up  the stairs, like he wasn’t just rushed at, nor had a spell land so close to him.  

“Naughty, naughty~” Bella sung out, her eyes regaining that insane gleam returning within her eyes as she licked the tip of her wand and slowly sauntered her way towards her downed opponent.  

“You... bitch!” James coughed out, wincing as he felt a large rush of pain flare within his spine. He wouldn’t be surprised if it was already forming a massive bruise.  

Bellatrix frowned lightly at the language thrown her way, and it really turned her off, “Crucio!” She shouted, pointing her wand directly at James.  

The effect was instantaneous, James started to violently shake and convulse on the splintered floor, his mouth open, but no sound was escaping from it.  

“I was going to have some fun in torturing you.” Bellatrix said, her voice no longer in its sing-song tone, but now, it was serious, “But just for that, you don’t get the pleasure in having someone such as I torturing you.” She growled out.  

Being called a bitch was not fun!  

Aiming her wand directly at his head, James was unable to do anything as the tip of the wand started to glow a blinding green, “Avada Kedavra!” She snarled out.  

It was over in a flash, the blinding green light connected onto James right between the eyes. Then, it was all over. As soon as the Killing Curse hit its mark, he had stopped moving completely, his eyes grew blank as he was given a swift, and painless death.  

“Disgusting.” Bellatrix muttered out, before spitting on the body of James Potter, almost giving him her own little send off.  

The sound of screams coming from Lily Potter entered her ears, and she almost shivered in pleasure at the sheer despair that she felt coming from that voice, gaining a very pleased expression as she heard her Lord’s sinister voice echo through the house, it was then she decided that she would be in the room, to witness the fall of the supposed ‘Chosen One’ that was relayed to them by Severus Snape.  

It didn’t take long for Bellatrix to arrive within the open doorway in the nursery, where her Lord was located. She had hoped that she would be able to witness her Lord take down the  Mudblood , however, that was sadly not the case.  


As soon as she was able to actually stand within the doorway and enter the room, Lily Potter, the wife to James Potter, and the mother of the supposed ‘Chosen One’, Harry Potter was already dead on the ground, her green eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling.  

It was rather annoying for Bella to miss out on that, however, at least she was able to witness the next best thing; her Lord killing the one that had the power to vanquish him!  

She watched with rapt attention as her Lord approached the baby in the cot, his large, bottle green eyes shining with tears as he knew something was wrong.  

Yet, she couldn’t deny; he was rather cute, for a spawn of a  Mudblood anyway. It was just a shame that she couldn’t be able to have the first go at him, make him scream out in agony as he wilted under the  Cruciatus  Curse, however, it was for the best, as they were now definitely on a time limit. There will be very little doubt that Dumbledore or his ‘followers’ would be arriving soon.  

“Hmm... a shame.” Voldemort spoke out, breaking the silence in the room as his hand came under Harry’s chin and made him look into his eyes, “To think that the prophecy was speaking about you.” He said, before snapping his hand away from the baby in the cot.  

Without warning, Voldemort brought his wand and pointed it directly at the baby, whose bottle green eyes were still filled with tears, but seemingly not looking away from his coming death.  

“Avada Kedavra .” Voldemort spoke out simply, not even blinking nor flinching away as the tip of his wand started to glow a venomous green color.  

In a bright flash, the Killing Curse shot out from the tip of the wand and rushed towards Harry, who still surprisingly didn’t look away from his oncoming demise.  

Yet, somehow, someway, the curse hit Harry, yet he didn’t fall lifeless. Instead, the curse seemed to rebound, shooting back towards Voldemort, who was unable to do anything as the Killing Curse landed a direct blow to his body.  

In a bright explosion of venomous green, Bella shielded her eyes, unwilling to stare into the bright explosion and injure her eyesight.  

Cracking open her eyes, she looked stunned, as Harry was still alive and well, only with a nasty looking scar upon his forehead, and Voldemort was nowhere to be seen, his body simply gone. All that was really left of him was the old and tattered hooded cloak that he wore just moments before.  

“What... just happened?” Bella spoke out, not believing what had just transpired.  

How... how did a baby survive a Killing Curse! It was physically impossible for that to happen!  

Yet, most of all, how did a baby somehow manage to rebound it back onto the person who fired the curse!  


One of the few remaining strands of sanity that Bella had simply snapped that moment. Placing her wand back in its holster, which was on her outer right thigh, she slowly approached the small baby in the cot, almost in a trance as she continued to stare at him in amazement.  

Surprisingly, Harry turned his head and watched as the new person approached him, tears still falling from the pain that he felt upon his forehead and with the smell of blood assaulting his senses. He watched in outright confusion as the woman seemed to stare at him like he was unearthly.  

“What... are you?” Bellatrix questioned, as she brought her manicured hand and placed it upon his cheek, her eyes still glinting with something that wasn’t sadistic insanity.  

A few moments after she touched Harry, a rush of emotions ran through her, along with a fire being lit within her body as she shivered lightly. Bringing her hand away from Harry, she set her gaze upon it, almost with reverence as she brought it closer to her bosom for a few moments.  

Unable to prevent herself, and her flaring emotions, she picked up Harry from his cot.  

Another strong burst of emotions and feelings burst through, and the small fire that lit within her seemed to burn brighter and hotter, yet it wasn’t a painful feeling. In fact, it was probably the most  pleasurable  feeling that she had ever experienced to date!  

Unable to prevent the small titter to escape her mouth, she gazed upon Harry yet again, and as soon as her eyes landed upon his body, she quivered on spot, before her gaze was brought to the mark on his forehead – the only scar that he had after downing her former Lord – she was unable to hold herself back as she gave a small, chaste kiss upon the boy, almost lovingly.  

“You’re special, aren’t you.” She murmured out, “Defeating the big bad Dark Lord as a baby, with no serious injury, but merely a scar.” She cooed, out, before she clutched him close to her bosom.  

Just like that, Bellatrix ran off in the dead of night, with Harry in her clutches, missing the arrival of Severus Snape and Hagrid by mere minutes!   

Yet, she wouldn’t harm him, not at all.  

Not when he was able to kill one of the most powerful Dark Lords of all time, and survived a direct hit from a Killing Curse.  

No. Bellatrix knew that Harry wasn’t simply a baby. She knew she was something else, and that was why he was  prophesized  to vanquish the Dark Lord – which came true!  

He was a God. A God that was disguised as a baby!  

In the following days that Bella had been on the run with God, looking for a place to hide and lay low, she was able to hear the mass celebrations, yet also the mourning of the Potter family. How they, and Harry – no, her God – had played in destroying Voldemort once and for all.  

Yet, she was cackling with glee, she had loved the celebrations the Wizarding World was throwing for her God. She encouraged it, actually! She made sure that Harry was able to hear the celebrations of his victory and success, whispering words of praise to the small  15-month-old God in baby form.  

However, as the days and nights continued to roll over, Bella’s already low amount of sanity was depleting further, and she was becoming more and more obsessed with Harry, her words of praise turned into words of complete loyalty and worship. Her hormones had gone completely haywire, and that caused her body to react accordingly.  

She had started to produce breastmilk.  

At first, she had been shocked to actually see it happen to her, yet, that shock quickly diminished away, and had instead been replaced by absolute joy!  

She believed that her body had been altered by her new Lord and God, Harry. She believed that her body had been altered by him as a gift by him for her absolute loyalty and words of worship!  

Every time when her God’s stomach growled, she stopped what she was doing and breastfed her Lord, giving him the food and nutrients that he so desperately required. Each time he suckled, there was an explosive blast of pleasure that ripped through Bellatrix, yet she didn’t act on it, only when her God was asleep, she pleasured herself then.  

Her God was more important than her pleasure, and seeing him smile contently after being breastfed by her was enough to send chills down her spine, and when her God had called her ‘Mama’ one night, she simply denied it, and said that she was ‘A mere loyal follower’.  

As her journey across England continued, she eventually found the perfect spot for them to settle down!  

A small, abandoned town called  Mardale  Green, located in the Northernmost part of the Cumbria county. Despite it being destroyed and somewhat flooded, it was perfect!  

It had all that she needed; it had a Church that will be refurnished and opened in the name of her new God, it had several homes that could house new followers, and most importantly; it was isolated from the world, meaning that she and possibly others were free to worship their new God and religion in peace!  

She just needed to find others to become enlightened like she had been, she needed more like her to bask in the glory that was her new God, and most importantly; her God needed more followers to worship him!  

What was a God that only had one single follower?  

This would be the start of a new village. A new secluded area where crime was forgotten, a place in which their God’s word was absolute!


Bellatrix – Natalie Wonder (Hairy)

Narcissa – Sally D’Angelo (Trimmed)

Molly Weasley – Eliza Allure (Hairy)

Amelia Bones – Mz. Berlin (Shaved)

Emma Granger – Rocky Emerson (Trimmed)

Ami Patil (OFC) (Patil Twins’ Mother) - Persia Monir (Very Hairy)

Brianna (Nun) - Misty Stone

Brandie (Nun) - Brandie Moore

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