Unparallel Gnawing

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"Delphini, I need your help," said Draco, as he entered the Slytherin common room. His voice tense as he had practically ran toward the couch where Delphini sat doing homework. "I'm trying to fulfill my . . . er - assignment, but Potter keeps interfering."

Delphini stared up from her Potions and Charms homework and raised an eyebrow. She scowled at him and spoke. "Well, what the bloody hell do you think talking about it in public is going to do?"

"For you to do something!" snapped Draco, waving his hand. Several Slytherins in the common room turned to where Draco had shouted. "Just take care of it!"

Delphini let out an aggravated sigh. "Look, I have homework to -"

Draco took out his wand and banished her homework into non-existence. Delphini rose from her seat and glared at her cousin. "What the bloody -!"

"Do something, or I'll tell . . ." said Draco, letting the veiled threat hang in the air.

Delphini scowled at her cousin. What a bloody moron! Flaunting threats like that in school?! Is he just looking to get arrested?! Fucking fuck, I can't stand his stupidity anymore! I'll get dragged along with his bullshit!

"And who cares about your homework? You never get good marks on tests, it's always Dreadfuls at best with you." said Draco, turning his nose upward and sniffing the air with a dramatic pause. "Just do your duty for me and the House. Hopefully Father will have someone suitable picked out as a reward for you assisting me despite what  a disappointment you've been to our family."

Delphini's cheeks turned puce as she glared at her cousin. Slowly, her visage shifted to a calmer exterior and her lips set on a thin line. Her eyes burned with malice. "Very well, Lord Malfoy."

Draco smiled at the show of fealty, nodded, and left with a smile lingering on his visage as he made his way to the boy's dormitory. Delphini watched him go and her visage slowly changed to a snarl. Onlookers soon began turning away as Delphini tried to meet their gazes.

I will make you suffer for this humiliation, you bloody idiot. thought Delphini, So what if I do the worst in our year and barely pass? That's no reason to destroy my homework. I'll make you regret this. You, your Father, my Father . . . all of you will suffer!

Her mind raced as a plot of revenge began forming within her. Well, if the mission is to distract Potter, then I may as well have as much fun as possible before I embrace my destiny. So first, a trip to the Owlery.

The Next Day

At breakfast, Harry ruminated over his failed attempts to convince his best friends that Draco was up to something suspicious involving Death Eaters. Just because Hermione got embarrassed in Diagon Alley when I requested her help is no reason to ignore everything I say! Bloody hell, I can't believe they're not taking this more seriously with Voldemort having made himself public at the end of last semester.

Harry flinched as Hedwig flew to him and startled him out of his thoughts. He hadn't noticed the owls arrive until Hedwig had been very close due to being transfixed on his thoughts of exposing Draco's suspicious behavior. Harry furrowed his brows as Hedwig hooted at him with an outstretched leg. A small piece of parchment attached to her leg via a thin string. Harry took the parchment off of her; he gave her an owl treat as she and the other owls flew off. Harry gazed at the parchment with a critical eye after he unfurled it.


Meet me in the Room of Requirement in the evening after classes, I know that you want dirt on Draco. Be sure to come alone and tell no one of this or you get nothing. The choice is yours.

D. L.

Harry read and re-read the parchment as he wracked his brain thinking over his options. This looks like an obvious trap, then again this is my only lead so far. What would Voldemort's daughter want with me anyway? Maybe she's desperate to sabotage Draco to get Voldemort's favor for herself? Malfoy always picked being popular in Slytherin over defending her from bullying.

Harry briefly gazed at Ron and Hermione before he sighed softly to himself and stuffed the message in his pocket quickly.

"Dumbledore." lied Harry, as Hermione had looked over to him with curiosity. Ron had been preoccupied with stuffing his face and hadn't noticed Hedwig or the note. Hermione merely nodded and went back to looking over her timetable.

I hate lying to them, but they haven't been listening and I know that I should be more guarded regardless of if she barely passes any classes and can't seem to use magic effectively, but this might be my only opportunity.

Harry resolved himself for the upcoming meeting with the notorious Reject of Slytherin.  

Delphini held back an aggravated growl as the greaseball paired each of the students up for Defense Against the Dark Arts class in order for the students to attempt practical exercises in silent casting. Some of the Gryffindors and Slytherins were forced to pair-up due to the student ratio, but that wasn't Delphini's problem. Although doting on Draco, Snape's attitude towards her had been stark indifference over the many years that she lived with the Malfoys and the Dark Lord's rise had only poisoned an already weak student-instructor relationship due to her family piling the blame on her whenever Draco did terribly on his own merits. Snape had kept out of such affairs and seemed to view Delphini as a convenient tool to throw accusations and blame upon for his own interests.  Unlike the stern but caring uncle figure that he convincingly portrayed himself to Draco, the family confidante to  her Uncle Lucius and Aunt Narcissa, and brilliant Potions Master and spy to her own parents; Snape had only ever treated Delphini as a nuisance that he had to reluctantly respect due to her family lineage.

He plays the role of Godfather to Draco and his many other roles well, thought Delphini as she scowled at who she had been paired with. He must want to torture me by picking her of all people.

Daphne Greengrass was known as the Ice Queen of Slytherin House and the Greengrass family were known as the most prominent neutral families that could hold a measure of autonomy before the war would really begin within the year. However, due to the incompetence of the Ministry of Magic for the past several years and the looming threat of her father attacking any perceived opposition before his expected takeover of the Magical British government, the Greengrass family had opted to secretly bargain with the Malfoys for a political marriage to protect their lives and business interests. The prospect of Astoria marrying Draco would bring a lucrative future for both families too.

Stupefy cast Delphini silently, she didn't know whether to grit her teeth or sigh when she saw her flimsy spell barely even cause any impact upon the shield that Daphne summoned. Daphne snorted.

"Well, at least you were able to silently cast," said Daphne, her voice laced with the same patronizing tone as usual. "Looks like you're not completely hopeless."

Delphini's lips curled to a grimace as she tried to calm herself. She's been making these snippy comments for years. I should be use to it by now . . . I shouldn't let it piss me off after six years of this shit, right?

Daphne's mask of indifference didn't hide the tone of her snide remarks. Her lips briefly twitched upward before she cast her spell. "Reducto!"

Protego! thought Delphini as a weak shield shimmered into existence just before the Reducto spell slammed into her and threw her body into the wall behind her almost like a rag doll. Delphini fell to the floor in a heap before gingerly getting herself up off the floor.

"Idiot!" snapped Snape, uncharacteristically angry at one of his Slytherins. Daphne flinched as she saw Snape glare at her before her visage returned to the same calm appearance. "I believe my instructions were silent casting. See that you follow my instructions carefully next time instead of behaving like a dunderhead, Greengrass."

Greengrass's cheeks were tinged slightly from obvious embarrassment as the rest of the class had turned to their group. "Yes, Professor Snape, my apologies."

Snape turned back to another group of students as Delphini got up from the floor and moved the slight bit of blood from her lips. Fuck! This better not negatively impact my plans later today. Well, if nothing else, I can try a more sympathetic angle since he's here and saw it.

Delphini had been careful not to meet Potter's gaze when he had turned to look at her and Daphne when the other students had. A part of her felt a thrilling tingle up her spine to know that his eyes were on her, but she knew it was strictly in the platonic sense for a classmate so she tried to stifle the feeling until she was more prepared. What she had planned had to be a strict secret, especially from the prying eyes of Snape who would undoubtedly report it to the meddlesome old fool or to her father.

Delphini readied herself to shield any oncoming spells, but Daphne failed to cast any spells silently for the duration of the class exercise. Delphini kept the snarky comments that she had to herself. When she had first began Hogwarts, she had been boastful like Draco and had taken to goading other people like Daphne and her best mate Tracey Davis to make herself feel important. Yet, that all fell away within the First Year and any aspiration that she had for friendships fell apart as she only just managed to get by in classes despite her intensive studies. Delphini had been embarrassed repeatedly in First Year by Daphne's prowess when she had challenged Daphne to duels; since then, Daphne and other girls had taken to making snide comments and insults flung her way. It had been a painful lesson in humility for her, but Daphne and Tracey hadn't stopped there. They had taken to bullying her for a few years over the Pureblood attitude that she'd been taught by her Aunt and Uncle and they had felt righteous satisfaction for it. It had only gradually dwindled and eventually stopped once Daphne's parents began secret arrangements with her Aunt and Uncle. Delphini's written exams were comparable to Hermione Granger, but her practical skills were completely worthless. She had just as much tenacity to succeed and she had dreams that she wanted achieved, but over the course of the years, everyone from the brief friendships she had made in first year, to her Professors, and to her family had all given-up on her. It was even more embarrassing after Second Year when people had learned of her Parselmouth abilities and slowly realized she was the daughter of Voldemort and not the Lestange family, but couldn't perform any great magical feats. Her own father considered her a political embarrassment and had told her as much although he continued to let her have Nagini as a pet at Nagini's own prompting.

The bell rang and the class had ended with Daphne having failed to cast a single silent spell. Delphini rapidly collected her belongings and promptly left. She made sure not to pay any heed to her cousin, Daphne, Snape, or Harry Potter as she put her focus upon her upcoming plans in the evening. She practically ran back to Slytherin House in her eagerness to prepare herself.

That Evening

Wand . . . check, secret wand on leg holster . . . check, thought Harry Potter as he slowly prepared himself for his upcoming meeting. It'll probably be something melodramatic like some petty vengeance on Malfoy, but I've ran into so many threats in these halls with few of them being related to Voldemort that it's best I err on the safe side. I'll use the disillusionment charm instead of my invisibility cloak and there's no reason to use the Marauder's Map.

Harry silently cast the disillusionment charm and gazed into the body mirror that he had transfigured; he kept re-applying the spell until he was satisfied before transfiguring the mirror back into the object that it was previously. Harry took a moment to ponder his decision and its many possibilities. He took out the note from his pocket and examined it once more before burning it into nothing with a silent Flipendo and banishing the ashes into non-existence. He cast the silencing spell on his feet before exiting his bed and descending the Gryffindor dorm staircase. He noticed Ron playing exploding snap with Seamus and Dean in order to make an excuse to procrastinate on his homework while Hermione seemed close to finishing her extra credit assignment in the corner away from them. He patiently waited until the portrait hole opened with the last of the Gryffindors returning from dinner and carefully went through the portrait hole while avoiding any bodily altercation with those going the opposite direction. Harry quickly made his way to the 7th floor corridor with the Room of Requirement.

Harry frowned as he noticed that there was nothing but a wall where there should have been a door. He released the disillusionment charms on his person and saw a door faintly shimmer into existence until it gradually became physical. Harry opened the door, walked through the threshold, and silently shut it behind him. Harry proceeded to remove the silencing spells on his feet before he appraised the room. The Room of Requirement was dimly lit with only a Queen-sized bed of plain white sheets and comforters taking the majority of the lighting in the entire room. No other place was as visible and atop the bed sat . . .

Harry felt his breath catch to his throat as he witnessed Delphini Riddle sitting comfortably on the side of the bed facing him, her creamy and bare legs exposed for his viewing pleasure, and a strapless red dress hugging all of her luscious curves around her body down to her knees. Harry felt his prick twitch as he noticed the top-half of her breasts exposed for his eyes only. He couldn't help but feel a blush creeping into his cheeks.

"Good evening," said Delphini, her eyes meeting his own with a beautiful smile that made Harry's heart skip a beat. "Thank you for coming alone. I suppose that we should get to business then?"

Harry blinked. He blurted the first thought that occurred to him as he tried to make his roaming eyes and stupefied visage seem less obvious, even if he understood that he had probably already failed. He was aware that she had probably known or expected this reaction from him already.

"Am I taking your time away from meeting someone else soon?" asked Harry, he felt uneasy being alone in a dark room with her when she smiled at him in that revealing dress while she sat comfortably on a bed.

Delphini folded her legs one atop the other, she placed her left arm horizontally to hold her right arm, her right hand held her smiling face comfortably as she kneeled a bit foreword to reveal more of her bust to Harry, and seemed to examine him as if he were a small animal that she had caught in her grip.

"Of course not," said Delphini, Harry felt his blush creep further as she simply stared at him. He forced himself to look at her so as not to be rude, but he got an eyeful of her bust as a result. "The only person that I expected to meet me here was you. Nobody else. I asked you to come alone for that reason because I don't want anyone interrupting us."

Harry felt the heat in his body as his face became beet red from Delphini's suggestive words. He cleared his throat and tried to focus. "You . . ." Harry tried to force his brain to think of something intelligent to say. "wanted to give me secrets about what your cousin is up to while dressed for a special occasion?"

Delphini held back a snort. Her lips widened as she stifled a chuckle at his words. Harry felt his sense of unease worsen as she simply examined him as if she was gauging his worth. Despite her background as a total failure to her family and Slytherin House, Harry felt a different kind of vulnerability when in her presence as she seemed content to silently watch him. Harry felt his irritation build, yet before he could voice his desire to leave, she spoke up as if knowing what he would say.

"There's nothing of value to discuss about my cousin Draco," said Delphini, dismissing the entire subject matter of her cousin. Harry's eyes furrowed. "but there is value in discussing why you seem so oddly fixated on him. Have you thought of that?"

"What?!" blurted Harry, his attention snapping back to what he had wanted to ask, but his curiosity getting the better of him. "What are you talking about? I don't understand."

"Well . . . I think that you're just obsessing over him because you have always been in danger of some threat every year. Usually something involving the annual Defense Against the Dark Arts professor," said Delphini, Harry blinked as he tried to think of a flaw in her argument. Even Third Year consisted of fleeing from a Werewolf Lupin at one point, even if the Dementors had been the most threatening issue that year. "However, for the first time ever, we have a capable and safe Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and the return of a well-loved Potions Professor. There is no threat against you; you have a full year of a normal school life to enjoy for the first time in your life, but because your school life has always been fret with danger; you're not fully able to appreciate it or adjust well."

"That's bollocks!" snapped Harry, This is an obvious trick to deceive me. Pathetic. "Lord Voldemort-" Harry paused in astonishment since Delphini hadn't flinched at all like she did when in the presence of her fellow Slytherins. Harry forced himself to continue. "he's preparing for a war and civil war will undoubtedly come soon."

"Yes, by the end of the year perhaps," said Delphini, she hadn't bat an eye at his comments. Harry scowled at her. "That does not mean that Draco is somehow involved nor would creepily stalking him with your house elves create any big dent in my father's plans. My father is plotting a war in some secluded location that I don't even have knowledge of. Becoming obsessive and impulsive about a particular Slytherin student in Hogwarts that you've always disliked isn't going to be helpful in fighting against him."

Harry internally cringed as Delphini casually pointed out that she knew of the house elves that he had sent to keep tabs on Draco Malfoy. Despite his anger at her words, he thought over what she had said and couldn't find any real faults in her arguments.

"My father sees Draco as a child in school," said Delphini in a matter-of-fact tone. Harry knew from the times that he both spoke with and accidentally saw into Voldemort's mind that she wasn't lying about that. "Why would he entrust him with some secret and dangerous mission in a school? He's not Barty Crouch Jr. or Wormtail, he's not some trained killer, and you've firsthand experience with Draco's arrogance and stupidity. You should know better than this."

"Did you call for this private meeting just to lecture me and imply that I'm stupid?" questioned Harry, his lips curling to a grimace as he continued to scowl at her. "Because if that's all, then we're done here. I get your point already."

"Far from it, I assure you." said Delphini, her smile never wavering. "I just wanted to make it clear that this is a grace period and I think that you should enjoy it by taking advantage instead of worrying about empty threats. You may never have this level of peace and stability for the remainder of your life."

Harry's stomach plummeted at her words. Yet, try as he might, he couldn't think of how she was wrong. Why hasn't Dumbledore trained me to fight and survive? I never know what he's planning or how I can be of any help in the war effort even knowing it has to be me that kills Voldemort or vice versa.

"Has Dumbledore really helped you in making preparations for the upcoming war?" asked Delphini, her facial features shooting him a knowing look. Harry's lips formed a thin line in response to her question. "Or is he simply keeping his secrets close to himself as always while giving you a bunch of riddles and breadcrumbs without any meaningful help? Do you just tell yourself that it'll all work out in the end somehow to calm your nerves on what the future will hold?"

Harry felt a stabbing sensation in his chest as his hands balled into fists and he glared at her.

"Get to the point," spat Harry, his eyes holding a livid expression. Her words felt like hot knives stabbing him deeper than the horrifying sensation of the Cruciatus curse. "You're not telling me anything that I haven't already considered. It should be obvious to the both of us that neither your father's whims or Dumbledore's meddling is anything that we can control or stop."

"You are going to die. You may last a few years at most, but your luck won't keep you safe forever and you know that my father will make it a spectacle." said Delphini, Harry felt his heart lurch as the stabbing sensation worsened in his chest. "After these precious few months are over, your life may end sooner than you think. Any among your precious Light families that you get romantically involved with, like that Weasley girl that you've shown attraction to, will be hunted down and killed. Considering the circumstances, there's no real possibility for you to live a normal life in the foreseeable future; so I thought I'd offer a proposition to you in private."

"And the proposition is what exactly?"

"You may not ever be able to live a normal life, but you shouldn't have to die a virgin. My offer is simple; every Friday night, Saturday night, or whenever we're both free in our schedules . . . you can call me here in private and you can perform whatever sexual fantasies that you want with my body. It doesn't matter how lewd or degrading that you may think it is, the only conditions to this rule are the following: First, you can't tell anyone else about this. Everything that is done here between you and I must never be known to anybody in the outside world. Second, and obviously, only you get to do what you want to my body and nobody else. No sharing or any of that gangbanging stuff, I'm not into that. It is just you and me in here. Third, no visible marks on my face or anywhere where people would become suspicious and seek to probe deeper. If you want to be kinky with bite marks or hit me, it can't be where people will easily spot it. Using magic in those areas to hide marks would be easily detectable. Finally, and this is just as much of a necessary requirement and you either take it with the other conditions or we part ways here, no contraceptives or any form of birth control. If we do this, then I want to feel that cum of yours inside me and if I get pregnant then I take full responsibility and you won't ever have to worry about it. So . . . all that being established, will you come over here and fuck me?"

Harry's eyes bugged out and his mouth became slack as he processed what she had just proposed to him. Her confident and beautiful smile felt more ominous in light of her proposal to him. Harry seemed to shake himself out of his stupor and resumed glaring at her.

"You cannot be serious," said Harry, he folded his arms. "The daughter of Voldemort and the Boy-who-Lived secretly going on romantic getaways in a room at Hogwarts? Your father would kill you, so whatever plan you have of controlling me by using a child wouldn't work."

"Romantic getaways?" said Delphini, repeating his words. Her tone laced with mirth. "Not at all. Must I truly spell it out for you when I've already made it obvious? It seems your mind is more innocent than I thought. I'm offering to become your personal, secret whore. My father wouldn't kill me and I wouldn't use any child of mine as a chess piece, especially not against you."

"Wh-what?!" sputtered Harry, his arms falling to his sides. His face beet red at her sensuous suggestion. "My . . . I don't . . . why would you . . .? You'd be killed for sure and do you really think I'm the sort of person who would take advantage of-?"

"What we'd be doing is completely consensual," replied Delphini, hoping to nip that idea in the bud. "As for why . . . you're well aware that my father is a vicious idiot. You surely know some of the families that he's completely wiped from history in the last war. I know that there's some prophecy between you both, but I would like for the Potter line to live on. He considers me a disappointment, but he wouldn't kill me or any child I have no matter who fathered it."

"Still, why not another family line? Why the interest in me?" said Harry, he gave her a look of suspicion. "Besides which,  what if - despite how unlikely it is - I end-up surviving, our side wins the war, and your father dies. What would you do then?"

"Ah, the line of Potter is one of the oldest families and married into the Peverell line from your paternal grandfather's side. The line of Slytherin similarly descended from another of the Peverell brothers. I want to keep our pureblood lineages safe and intact." said Delphini, Harry blinked as he began to understand the depth of Delphini's commitment to the proposal that she had offered him just now. "As for what we'd do should you somehow win the war, I could just get an abortion. Magical means of aborting children, while a grey area for some measures that I could undertake, assures that neither of us will have to face any consequences and I should be able to keep the entire issue a secret from my family. As I said, you will not have to deal with any responsibility for this decision."

Harry couldn't believe it himself, but he hesitated. I should just leave. The smart course of action would be to just forget about this and pretend it never happened. She's bound to have ulterior motives . . . but . . . a lot of what she said is so true. I can't believe I'm even considering this! I should be ashamed of myself!

"By the way, if you're worried what your friends will think, don't be. I can make-up some bollocks excuse like using a love potion to clear your name. Nobody has to know about your willingness in this." said Delphini, Harry frowned and his shoulders sagged. To Harry, it seemed as if Delphini could tell that he was conflicted. "Oh, and I'm not wearing any article of clothing under this red dress, so just say the word and I'm all yours."

Delphini stifled a giggle as Harry's teeth clenched and his face turned an even deeper shade of red. She licked her lips. "I believe we've dawdled enough, Harry. It's entirely up to you. Make your choice."

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