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This fanfiction takes place a few weeks after the fall of Lord Voldemort.

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1 The total reading time is about seven hours (420 minutes). Just so you know what you're getting yourself into here ;)

2 If I say explicit, I'm talking mainly sex scenes. If you have any reservations about that, please don't read the chapters or scenes mentioned. Seriously. (You'll know when they start).

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First Chapter: A Tragic Loss


Reading time: ~25 minutes


After the victory over the Dark Lord, calm slowly returned to Harry’s troubled life. Hunting the Horcruxes had exhausted him. Ron and Hermione, who stood by his side a lot with this task, decided to help rebuild the castle, which was currently destroyed, and Harry immediately joined them. After all, he played a major part in the current deplorable state of the fortress. Lord Voldemort and his entourage had collapsed the walls in order to get hold of Harry and Harry saw it as his duty to repair the damage he had indirectly caused as a result. The repairs were necessary to breathe life back into the walls and bring them back to their former glory. Classes were unthinkable in the current form.

In fact, the search for the soul containers had taken a whole year and they had been outside the castle during the entire time. Harry was looking forward to seeing his school again, even if Hogwarts was badly damaged after the battle. He liked it there very much and the memories of the past school years were positive as well. Of course, his lightning scar, which he owed to Lord Voldemort, had him struggle more often than expected. Still, he did not want to miss the time he would spend between classes with Hagrid, his friends, or with his friends at Hagrid’s. He also wanted to visit Hogsmeade regularly again.

Harry, Ron and Hermione agreed that they would spend the time at the Burrow during the summer vacation. And there they were now. Bill and Charlie Weasley, the eldest of the Weasley-siblings, came home only now and then. Because of their job, they were very busy and could not just come by with flea powder. Even George and his killed brother Fred, who could build the joke shop Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and a small home with Harry’s obolus from the Triwizard Tournament, only visited their parents sporadically.

Percy Weasley, who had got a job at the Ministry of Magic because of his ambition, was no longer showing up at home. After Lord Voldemort’s return three years ago, he had fallen out so violently with his father Arthur Weasley that the relationship was severely disrupted and could not be restored. While Arthur and his wife Molly were getting along quite well with it, Percy was far too resentful to admit his wrongdoing. In the Weasley family, therefore, it was often spoken of the prodigal son behind closed doors. The fight against Lord Voldemort and his disgusting entourage, better known as his Death Eaters, had affected them all very badly, and the aftermath was still gnawing at them.

Overall, however, the Weasleys’ financial position had improved. George’s shop was so successful that he always brought a few cash injections with him, when he came home. Occasionally, also an owl with a low five-figure check fluttered in, which the family immediately traded into Galleons, Sickles and Knuts. They did not know what to do with Muggle money. Hermione had put in a good word with her parents, and they had lulled the Muggle Medical Association that Ron’s family had been badly battered by the events and needed medical assistance. In truth, of course, all Weasleys were jolly and by no means sick. Mr. Weasley was always thrilled when the support came, and Mrs. Weasley had no words either. She never expected Muggles to be so generous. Everyone was very grateful to Hermione for her help.

One afternoon during the summer vacation, Harry came back to the Burrow alone. For once he was out on his own to do a few things. A little exhausted, he trotted towards the stairs. He had really enjoyed the last few weeks because he was with his friends and the surroundings and people in the house were always open-minded. He slowly climbed the stairs. Something tore him out of his thoughts and he suddenly frowned. He could already hear from downstairs that Ron and Hermione were arguing. Judging by the angry screams and curses they were throwing at one another, they were evidently about to attack each other in Hermione’s room. When he finally got to the creaky landing on the second floor where the three of them were quartered, he paused for a moment and listened intently. Usually it cracked so violently here that everyone in the vicinity heard it and the conversations fell silent questioningly. But nothing happened today.

He knocked on Hermione’s door, in front of which he could already hear the voices as loud as if he were in the same room with them. Nobody answered and Harry tried a little louder. When still no one invited him in – in this situation that would have been extremely presumptuous anyway – he let himself in.

“Oh yeah?“ Hermione was just yelling, “I’m sorry I didn’t notice how selfish you’ve become!“

“Me and selfish?” Ron snapped back, “you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Take a look at yourself! What do you think you are? Does everyone have to listen to you lately?” Hermione started to say something, but closed her mouth again without saying anything. Harry took advantage of the brief silence and tried to intervene reconcilingly.

He cleared his throat audibly. “Um, guys, would someone please explain what’s going on here? Can’t you talk to each other like civilized people?”

Ron and Hermione, only now realizing that he was standing in the middle of the room, whirled around to him, cursing. “Not now!“ They hissed back. The anger had made them loose their minds. Harry still did not know, what made them this angry, but he was not worried to find out soon enough, however.

“What’s gotten inside of you?“ He asked aloud, not expecting an answer. “You are not like that at other times. Calm yourselves down! Your screaming does not help anyone and just stresses unnecessarily. It does not even improve my mood either. If Ron’s parents were here, they would have already called you down.“

“Shut up!“ Ron grumbled at him, furious. “I absolutely do not give a shit whether my parents are here or not! It is not your business to judge that. Keep your breath to cool your porridge! That is a matter between me and this… person.“ Hermione put her hand over her mouth, horrified, and her eyes filled with tears of anger, but her face kept both the crimson red color and the unspeakably heated expression.

“Wow, wow, wow,” Harry raised his arms soothingly, “that was not what I meant. But if you’re rotten to Hermione like that, I have a say in this matter as well. We got along so well over the years, mastered crises brilliantly, and experienced a lot together. We were, no we are friends.

But today I come home and suddenly everything’s getting out of control here. What’s wrong with you! One could almost think that you just staged the perfect world between you for me. You should know by now that I hate this like the plague. If your relationship is in crisis and you want to blame each other for it, I can only give you one piece of advice: Get hold of yourself, will you! The way you deal with each other, you belie everything we’ve been through together. Your love, too.“ Hermione and Ron glared at him. Harry looked from one to the other. He did not feel like playing their games and did not want to mess with his friends in this state, either. “I think I’d better go,“ he said unequivocally.

“Yes,“ Ron growled and raised threatening his wand, “Better that. For your own good.“ Harry perked his eyebrows up meaningfully, even wanted to retort something, but he changed his mind quickly for the better. Instead, he turned to go. Ron had never dared say something like that. Harry went out and quickly closed the door behind him. Actually, he thought, that is really a matter between them. Just do not get caught between the fronts. What the hell is wrong with them? He arrived at his room, leaving the door slightly opened. Then he laid down on the bed, put his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling thoughtfully. What had happened to make his best friends so unceremonious with each other? I hope it has nothing to do with me, he thought annoyed.

Next door he could still hear Ron and Hermione raging. They both cursed each other so hard that Harry was starting to worry about what would happen if either of them lost control completely. After ages, Ron finally bellowed an unmistakable “You’re such a stupid, narcissistic bitch!“ before furiously trampling outside the room, slamming the door heavily. Downstairs, Harry heard the front door snap shut rumblingly and then a huge crash close by. He got up immediately and ran out of the room, worried. Everything seemed fine, except for the fact that Hermione’s room no longer had a door.

It was lying unhinged in the middle of the hall.

Hermione sat on her bed weeping and sobbing heavily and buried her face in a flowered handkerchief. Without asking, Harry sat down next to her and hugged her lovingly. He pulled her head to his shoulder and held it there with gentle force. He had to do it. In this situation it seemed like the only right thing to do. Hermione clung to him for help and clawed her soft fingers into his buttoned shirt, while her whole body longed for him to be near. Her touch did not hurt that much, her hand was too delicate for that, but Harry clearly felt her discomfort at having to feast on his warmth. Almost as if she was ashamed to let him comfort her. He would have expected anything from Ron, except what had happened a few minutes ago. Hermione looked as lonely and alone as he had been many years ago and was trembling badly all over.

“Are you okay?“ He asked. His voice was infinitely gentle. She nodded slowly. “I think we both agree that Ron should not have done that. I didn’t catch everything, but I understood most of what you were saying. What did really happen between you guys?” Harry asked, but Hermione just shook her head. Even though Harry knew exactly what had happened and felt guilty about their argument, he wanted to hear Hermione’s version of it. It was difficult to understand her through her unrestrained sobs, but Harry thought he could hear a “later“. Her tender body nestled against him desperately, her resistance had now completely dissolved.

“Hermione,“ Harry whispered urgently, causing her to turn her head in his direction questioningly. “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you alone today. No matter what happens. Ron stretched things way too far and I’m not going to let him get away with it.” Her wet, shiny, beautiful brown eyes looked at him with gratitude. It could not be overlooked that she was afraid of being on her own in this situation. After all, she was a young woman who would always get the short straw against a man if it came to the worst. Shakily she wrapped her arms around his neck while she planted a little kiss on his cheek with relief. At the point of her touch, her warmth and affection spread within Harry, making it seem as if she had refined her kiss with magic.

They sat side by side for a long time, until Harry finally got up slowly.

“Come,“ he said, taking her hand sympathetically, “come with me.“ It did not sound like an order and Harry had been careful not to say it that way, but Hermione immediately stood up on shaky legs and Harry carried her out of the room slowly. Then he cast a spell on the door to reinstall it again. It looked a bit deformed, however, and the hinges creaked with a groan when he tried to close it; the impact seemed to have destroyed the wood. Hermione cannot stay in her room, Harry thought agitated. If Ron comes back in his blind rage and continues to riot like that, what would he do to her? I can’t be bothered to clean up the mess once they have completely ripped themselves to pieces. I’ll have to come up with some ideas, and if that doesn’t suit Ron, he can stay well away from me.

Harry went into the bathroom with Hermione and helped her freshen up. Trembling on her whole body, she washed her face with cold water and sobbed quietly while taking breaths shakily, the cooling water flowing around her red face. Harry determinedly guarded the door meanwhile. Then he went to Hermione and put his arm around her shoulder protectively. He leaned forward and tilted his face to one side.

“Listen.“ Harry spoke softly and soothingly so that she would not get scared again, “You cannot sleep in your room tonight. If Ron comes back, he’ll do god-knows-what to you.” She looked at him with red, tear-dimmed eyes and nodded hesitantly. “You’re going to sleep in my bed and I’ll make sure everything stays quiet, okay? I do not want anything to happen to you. We’ll take it from there tomorrow.” Again she nodded and tried a smile. It looked like a grimace, but Harry understood her and gave her a reassuring pat on the back.

Ron did not come back during the day or night. Nobody knew where he was and Harry did not care either. At dinner, Hermione was okay again and told the Weasleys what had happened. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley listened sympathetically and offered to send an owl to Hermione’s parents and tell them about the incident. The answer came promptly that same evening and Harry and Hermione packed up their things. They would move.

When they were back in Harry’s room, he kept watch as promised and after a while Hermione finally fell asleep. Harry cared for her compassionately as she woke up from her sleep, whimpering, and clung to him fearfully. She had had a nightmare and was staring up at him with her eyes wide in shock. When Harry was finally able to convince her that everything was fine, she turned on her other side and hesitantly nodded off again.

He still could not believe what had happened. Ron had beaten Hermione – apparently in an abysmal bad mood – and apparently did not show a hint of remorse. Then he broke off their relationship and snortingly ran away.

Ron had, as unreal as it seemed, indecently assaulted Harry’s best female friend and he could not forgive him that best will.



The next morning it turned out that Hermione’s bruises from the argument with Ron, which Harry had briefly covered the day before, were slowly healing. Although he knew a little about healing magic, unfortunately he could not do anything about pain from bad dreams.

As agreed, Harry and Hermione were up early and saying goodbye to the Weasleys. Saying goodbye to Mrs. Weasley was very tearful. “Here,” she said in a fragile voice, “I made some sandwiches for you. For travel. Take good care of you!“

“We will,“ said Harry, hugging her.

“You’re coming back, aren’t you?“ She asked hopefully.

“As soon as the time has come,“ said Hermione, hugging Mrs. Weasley too. Mr. Weasley shook hands with them, but Hermione ignored it and instead put her arms around his body. “Thank you for having me for the summer vacation,“ she said quietly.

“You’re always welcome, Hermione,“ he replied so that Harry could hear too. “You too,“ he said to Harry then. Harry confirmed it with a smile and nodded briefly. “You’ve done too much for us to say goodbye now,” said Mr. Weasley, then added to Hermione, “Don’t worry about Ron, Hermione. We’ll take him to task. He cannot be serious about that.”

Harry turned to Ginny, “Ginny, I...“ His voice failed.

“I know,“ she replied with a smile. “Take care of Hermione, okay? And write me now and then.” He nodded weakly. Then he hugged her tightly. “Maybe someday we can...“ he began.

“Whenever you want. And don’t worry if not. I’m not angry with you. Thanks for the nice time, Harry.

Now off you go!”

“I’m sorry,“ he muttered, then they turned and walked out the front door and into the cool morning air. The next moment they were gone.



They arrived at the Grangers’ house and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Granger opened the door and immediately hugged her daughter protectively. She was an attractive woman in her mid-forties and had a sunny disposition as well. Her oval face had the same dark brown eyes as her daughter, which radiated a pleasant warmth like Hermione’s and looked at the two attentively. Unlike her daughter’s hair, however, hers was artificially blonde. Harry could not be fooled, though, because he knew that Mrs. Granger was a doctor and that the stereotypes associated with women about her hair color did not apply to her.

“Is Ron with you too? She asked in a slightly scared voice.

“Ron? No, Ron is not here. He eloped in a hurry.” Harry answered simply.

The fear left her face a little. “Come on in then,“ she said and stood back from the door. Harry and Hermione followed her into the house and the kitchen. “I’ve made you something warm to drink, it’s really unpleasant outside. Sit down, sit down!” They sat down, but Mrs. Granger immediately went on talking. “I know Harry, you are a wizard, you may not like this, but you should try it. As children we always enjoyed drinking it. I made it with a lot of love.” She put two large cups of warm cocoa on the table and they both began to sip greedily.

“You know, Mrs. Granger, my uncle and aunt always treated me like scum. I never had the opportunity to get to know the virtues of being a teenager. This cocoa is like my birthday, at least like one in the years before I came to Hogwarts. It tastes really good,” Harry grinned and Mrs. Granger sat down next to them at the table.

“I think my mother makes the best cocoa ever. I’ve been drinking it since I was little,“ said Hermione. “Every time I came back from Hogwarts during the summer vacation, mom made me one. It makes me forget all my worries.”

Mrs. Granger had to laugh. „Maybe I’m also a witch after all. But I’m very happy that you like it. Just drink, there’s still enough left,” she said mischievously. “Hermione, your father is still at work, but he will be back in a moment. Until then we can have a little talk,“ she beamed.

Hermione’s face became pained. “Do we have to?“ She asked agitated.

“Of course only if you want to. I would like to know what happened.”

“Well. But I’ll only tell the bare minimum.” Hermione spoke softly, as if she was still in shock. “Ron and I had an argument. More violent than ever.

Perhaps you still remember when I told you about the Dark Magician...”

“Call him by his name,“ Harry interrupted quietly, staring with sad eyes at the cup he was holding in his hands.

“I can’t do it anymore,“ she whispered sadly.

“At least try. Lord Voldemort is dead. He can no longer cause harm – to anyone.”

“Well, that Dark Magician, Lord… Voldemort…” she still felt respect to call him that, but she did it for Harry’s sake, “had his soul divided onto objects and he could only be defeated after all these things were destroyed. Anyway, we found one of these items. It was attached to a chain, and because it made the wearer aggressive, we split up with wearing. One evening, because of everything that had happened, I was talking to Harry about how to proceed and did not pay much attention to Ron. He had that... thing... around his neck.

Well, he was a little upset when I finally spoke to him and wanted to hear his opinion.” She glanced at Harry and he raised an eyebrow in surprise. “No, you’re right, ‘upset’ is an understatement. Angry might be better. It was the first and so far only time I’ve seen Ron like this. Only yesterday it was worse. He started an argument – I’m still not sure why – and got into it so much that his temper got the better of him. As far as I understand it was about you, Harry.” Harry was not surprised. Probably Ron could still not bear Hermione getting along better with Harry than with Ron, though Harry and Hermione were just friends, but Ron was in a committed relationship with her.

Hermione glanced around at him for help. Then it gushed out of her, “Well, I got mad because he was so hard on Harry. That was neither necessary nor appropriate! Harry struggled with Lord Voldemort almost every year during his time at Hogwarts, and the only thing Ron thought about it was alleged unfavorable circumstances that would have led to it. It made me so angry.” Harry gave her an appreciative look. “You can’t talk about Harry like that, I thought to myself! After all, he’s our friend and has been with us for many years. The poor boy is an orphan and is attacked that way by his own friend. So I defended Harry, but Ron did not want that. He said such ugly things about you,“ she said with tears in her eyes and glanced at Harry, “I could not leave it at that. He was too selfish, and I told him so, but at that point everything got out of control.” She started to sob. Her mother immediately got up, took her in her arms and comforted her. “I blame myself so much for being at fault,” she cried.

“My child,“ Mrs. Granger replied calmly, “you are not to blame.“

“But I said such bad things to him.“

“If he’s accusing his long-time friend, it’s probably him having the issues.“

Hermione sobbed, “Harry was coming home soon, heard us arguing and wanted to mediate. But Ron threatened him and Harry then left us to ourselves. Our fits of rage were probably heard all over the house, weren’t they?” Harry nodded silently. Big tears rolled from Hermione’s beautiful brown eyes and she sighed deeply. “At some point it was so bad that he got violent. He hit me and then slapped me so hard that it hurt for hours later, calling me a slut,” her mother slapped her hand over her mouth indignantly, “and finally left home, dragging a wave of destruction after him. Suddenly Harry was there and hugged me. That felt really good. If only he could hug me more often…” She shot Harry a loving look. “We haven’t seen Ron since then and I was so scared of him that I sent the owl to you and we left the Burrow. And now we are here,” she finished.

Mrs. Granger let go of her daughter and turned to Harry. “Is… is it true what my daughter says? From the point on that you got home?” She asked angrily. Harry nodded grimly and took a sip of cocoa. “I suppose, my dear,“ said Hermione’s mother then a little more calmly, “your relationship... didn’t survive it?“

“And how! Ron broke up, but if he hadn’t done it, believe me, it would have been me,” Hermione yelled. “Our relationship failed. Is broken. Even with orchestral accompaniment.” Although the current situation was still looming over them, this loosened the mood a bit and brought them to smile.

„Mother?“ Hermione asked finally. „I do not want Harry to go back to the Burrow. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley have always treated us well, but if we have to fear Ron when he goes crazy, there will be massive problems. Our friendship should not be strained any more. Maybe we can get along again someday. After all these years it would be a real shame to split up in an argument like that.

Can Harry stay with us for the time being? He could sleep in the guest room, right? Then he would have his own room and could set himself up.”

Harry looked up in surprise. “I should live in the guest room...? No, absolutely not! I do not want to cause any inconvenience. I’ll just settle down on the floor, that’s alright.”

Hermione’s voice took on an angry undertone. “That’s totally out of the question, Harry! We’ll prepare a room for you, or do you want to sleep in my bed with me?”

“I...“ Harry muttered sheepishly, “but I did not get those liberties with the Dursleys only until they realized I was a wizard.“

Mrs. Granger bypassed Hermione’s obvious allusion and replied, “He can stay with us as long as he wants. Yes, the guest room is an excellent idea. Would you like to escort him there?”

Hermione beamed. “Of course! Thank you mother.“

Soon they had finished their cocoa and put the cups in the dishwasher to wash them. Mrs. Granger dismissed them with a “Go, I’ll take care of the rest,“ and Harry and Hermione walked upstairs with their luggage. Harry picked up a suitcase each and let Hermione go ahead with the hand luggage.

Mrs. Granger smiled after them until they disappeared around the corner at the top of the stairs and then began doing the rest of the dishes.

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