Cho Chang's Raceplay Life With the Potters

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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James Potter opened the door to his adopted teenage daughter’s room in his house in Godric’s Hollow. She was talking on the telephone to her best friend Marietta, laying on her bed with a bunch of parchment spread around her. James never bothered much with the telephone, but his wife Lilly insisted on getting one for the house, having grown up with one in her muggleborn parent’s home. 

“What a freak. Can you believe him having the nerve to ask me out like that on the train, in front of everyone? Merlin, I wouldn’t go out with a Hufflepuff. I thought he was about to cry.”

James clucked his tongue and interrupted, “Who is that?”

Cho Chang inhaled in surprise at being caught, then quickly mumbled into the phone before hanging up, “Marietta, I’ll call you back.”

“Who, Cho?” Cho’s adopted father asked, “Who wouldn’t you go out with, because he is a Hufflepuff?”

She quickly smoothed her Asian-black hair before mumbling an answer.

“Just some guy, daddy. He’s a jerk.”

“And you said no?”

“No - I mean yes, daddy. I said no.”

“Not very politely, I expect.”

“Daddy -”

“Weren’t you supposed to be working on your summer homework?”

“I am, daddy, but - “

“You’re supposed to be grounded. That included the floo network and no telephones for this weekend. I think I made it very, very clear.”

Panic started to creep into Cho’s voice and she started to move the parchments around on her bed, trying to organize them with frantic quickness. 

“I was just talking to Marietta, Daddy! I needed to get Snape's - “

She didn’t finish, James had cut her off, a firmness in his voice that started Cho quivering in fear.

“I heard what you were ‘just’ talking about. You need more punishment, Cho.”


Cho’s oriental beige skin lightens as she pales in fear.

“Daddy, no! Please - “

“Who is the boy?”

Cho was silent for a long moment, but before her adopted father could ask again she answered. 

“Cedric. Cedric Diggory.”

“Amos’ son, Cedric Diggory? The loser Hufflepuff. Did you sneer at him? Did you laugh at him when he asked? Because he’s a stupid Hufflepuff, and you’re miss perfect Cho Chang? Is that right, Cho?”

“Daddy - “

“Send an owl to him.”

“No, daddy!”

“Cedric Diggory would love seeing you put in your place, wouldn’t he? Don’t you think so, Cho?”

Cho was hyperventilating. She had thought this was where her father was going, but she had prayed she was wrong. She wasn’t.

“Daddy, please don’t make me.”

“Send an owl to him telling him you’d love to go on a date with him tomorrow.”

“Daddy, listen! Please, I’m sorry I’ll - “

She didn’t get to finish trying to beg James. He crossed his arms over his sleek, muscular chest and glared down at the trembling teen on her bed.

“What are you, Cho?”

Cho Chang inhaled again and bit her plush lip between her perfectly white teeth. 

“Say it, Cho. What are you?”

Out of reflex, Cho Chang lowered her dark brown eyes to the carpeted floor of her room before answering her father the question he had spent a lifetime reinforcing on her. She had answered it countless times before, but her voice was still barely above a whisper.

“I’m a chink bitch and a chink slave.”

“I can’t hear you, Cho.”

This time she was louder, but fearful. 

“I’m a chink bitch and a chink slave.”

“Write to Cedric, now.”

She didn’t move. She sat on the bed, staring blankly at the potions work sprawled around her on her bed, unable to will herself to move.

“Now, Cho. The longer you take, the worse it will be for you. The longer you take, the happier Cedric will be when he picks you up for your date.”

Cho Chang was completely sobbing now, tears raining down her almond-shaped eyes and over her apple cheeks.

“Daddy, don’t. Merlin. Don’t, daddy. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m your good good slave. I’ll do anything, but please don’t make me do this again, with Cedric now.”

“Write Cedric, Cho.”


When Cedric Diggory apparated to Godric's Hollow the next day for his date with Cho, he was met by a smiling James who opened the door.

“Cedric? I’ve heard quite a lout about you from your father. I know him from the Ministry, I've had to bother him a few times. I’m very pleased to meet you. Come on in!”

The pair headed through the Potter house to the living room, where James motioned the handsome teen to sit on a comfy chair. 

“I’m afraid Cho’s not ready yet, you know how women are, don’t you? Would you like some firewhisky?”

“Ah, no thank you, sir.”

Cedric was nervous, more nervous that he got even when got when he sat the O.W.L. tests for Professor Snape. He could still hardly believe that Cho bloody Chang had owled him and told him she changed her mind and would love to go on a date with him. Especially after the bitch, vicious way she had snubbed him on the Hogwarts Express when he had asked her for a summer date on the platform before they all went their separate ways at the end of last year.

Sure, he never really expected her to agree, but he definitely didn’t expect for her to crush his soul like she did. Cho was one of the prettiest girls at Hogwarts. She was one of the few non-white students, so she always stood out. Her black silky waist-length hair and her cute exotic face, working with her ample tits and curvaceous hips, had all the other British men ogling her since she started to fill out. 

Cedric was distracted thinking about Cho, so he nearly missed the joke about the weather James Potter had said, but he caught the tail end of it in time and gave a polite chuckle. That was when he heard the moaning coming from upstairs. It sounded like begging, really. Cedric kept glancing at the stairs, trying to make out some of the indecipherable words, but James kept talking and talking. 

Then there was a scream. A loud, female scream that sent fear through Cedric’s body. 

“I think Cho’s ready now, my boy.”

Sure enough, Cho was coming down the stairs. Cedric started to get up, but he fell back in shock onto the chair a heartbeat later. His eyes were wide saucers and his mouth was gaping open.

Cho Chang wasn’t walking down the stairs, she was crawling.

Crawling slowly, crawling painfully, crawling awkwardly, crawling on her hands and knees down the stairs. Most importantly though, she was crawling naked.  Her large breasts wobbled and swayed beneath her as she made her painful and slow way down the wooden stairs. Her ass, oh god her beautiful plump ass, was sticking up in the air for Cedric to stare in awe at. Cho was the star of her Ravenclaw Qudditch team and had the muscles to prove it. Long days on the pitch gave her legs the luscious shape of muscles well-earned, straining and contracting as she crawled.

Cedric amended his shocked thoughts after staring at the descending girl. She wasn’t entirely naked, she wore a dog collar attached to a leash. He didn’t blame himself for not really noticing the other end of the leash was being held by a man Cedric recognized as Harry Potter. Harry was naked too, which caused Cedric to dart his gaze back to Cho. Before he glanced away from Harry, he had the unfortunate sight of Harry’s own massive cock standing with stiff erection as he lead his crawling, naked, tear-streaked Asian sister down the stairs.

“Harry, really? You should have put your robes on for our guest. Sorry, Cedric, Harry just gets so eager when I give him the chance to discipline his sister. You might have heard a bit of this enthusiasm now, but by Merlin’s beard I’m glad to see he hasn’t gone too wild yet.”

“Sorry, Cedric."

Harry gave a sheepish grin at Cedric, who returned it with an awkward smile before looking back to Cho. Cedric couldn’t answer in words, he was still stunned with confusion, as if he had been hit with a cunfundus charm - but he hadn’t, he was only staring at the sight of Cho Chang’s perfect body, crawling, and on a leash. Once Harry and Cho reached the bottom of the stairs, he led her, crawling still, to the center of the living room, where she knelt there on her hands and knees, taking big gasping breathes of air. She wasn’t looking at Cedric, or Harry, or James. Her dark brown eyes never left the floor.

Little pathetic whimpering were coming from her pretty mouth and throat, seemingly without her control 

“My wife and I adopted Cho when her parents died fighting You-Know-Who when she was Harry’s age, you know, Cedric. It’s why she doesn’t have a Chinese mother to properly instill in her the correct Oriental submissiveness. I’ve had to do my best to set her straight, but she does have a tendency towards arrogance and cruelty, which you noticed. I thought that with her being exceptionally cruel to you in turning down your date proposal, it’s your right as a man - and a white man at that - to get that date and witness...well, her correction for her attitude.”

Cho’s almond eyes didn’t lift from the floor, but she tried to beg anyway.

“Daddy - “

James drew and pointed his wand at Cho’s throat with a speed that impressed Cedrick to his core. Cho’s mouth moved and formed words, but no sound came out. 

“Shut up, Cho.”

Then the hand holding his wand, and the spell silencing her, lifted away.

“On second thought, do not shut up. Tell your classmate Cedric what you are.”

Cho Chang began to tremble and shake on the floor of the Potter’s living room, and didn’t speak.

“Say it, Cho. Now."

Cho’s voice was a whisper again, little more than a mumble. She didn’t lift her face, and spoke to the floor.

“I’m a chick bitch and a chink slave.”

James’s mouth quirked disapprovingly, then he looked to the other two men in the room. Cedric was still staring dumbstruck at Cho’s naked body, and Harry seemed to have a big grin on his face. A moment later he pushes his bushy, disheveled hair off of his flawless forehead, before speaking. 

“I didn’t hear her, dad.”

“Now Cho, we could barely hear that. I want you to look at Cedric Diggory in the face and tell him exactly what you are.”

Cho Chang lifts her beautiful Chinese face, causing her silky hair to tumble in waves over her ample breasts before locking her almond-shaped brown eyes on to Cedric’s bright ones. They were glazy and emotionless. Her enunciation was crisp and clear, but flat and resigned to expressionless. 

“I’m a worthless chink bitch and a chink sex slave.”

James reaches his hand to stroke her hair like a dog, then says, "Good chink. You’re a slow learner, but you get there. Now...the rest of your punishment before you go on your date."

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