The Room of Hidden Desires

BY : MusicalGhost
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Harry Potter wasn’t your average 16 year old boy, he wasn’t even the average 16 year old wizard. He was quite famous for many reasons and almost every single one of those reasons frustrated him.


Harry attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was in his 6th year of attendance alongside his best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. During his years of education, there had been many plots to kill him by the evil Lord Voldemort. Voldemort had tried to kill Harry and his family before, but failed and was shunned from the wizard world. He would stop at nothing to exact his revenge and re-establish his horrifying credibility as a Dark Lord.


It was during this year that Harry was under the most stress.


Harry often took refuge with Hermione in the back of the library. They talked as the books would literally fly on and off the shelf with the assistance of magic.


“Harry I know that this must be hard for you,” said Hermione


“Really ‘Mione? When was the last time someone tried to kill you? When was the last time their was a bounty on your head?” Harry snapped. He hadn’t meant to be rude, but being a giant target for a quarter of your peer’s parents does tend to activate extreme amounts of worry.


“I know, but please let me help you,” she pleaded with those big brown eyes, “We can find something that’ll help”


“Okay... okay. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to sleep with potions, positivity charms, even crossword puzzles, but I can’t find what I need.” He said.


A flash of lightning flew across Hermione’s eyes. Being the Brightest Witch in her age was something of a miracle to these difficult problems. She grabbed Harry by the hand and pulled him out of his seat next to a stack of books that nearly fell over.


“I know what to do!” She exclaimed 


“Hold on! You’re going to rip my arm off!!” Harry bellowed.


They claimed two flights of stairs with Hermione still leading and arrived at a long corridor with a small amount of wall completely empty. Normally the walls at Hogwarts were littered with moving paintings of famous witches and wizards, but it seemed this particular spot was intentionally left empty.


Harry’s jaw dropped, “ Hermione, you really are a genius!”


She walked by the same bare spot three times and a heavy, hand carved oak door appeared in front of them. Harry turned the knob and opened the door to reveal a beautiful, large room. A large four poster bed was in centered in the middle of the room, complete with silk sheets, magnificent pillows, an extremely soft mattress, and thick comfy blankets. Off the side, was an excellent roaring fireplace. A love seat couch and a mini fridge filled with butter beers, pumpkin pasties, and treacle tarts, inhabited the corner of the room. Flowers and picture frames of battles and quidditch matches hung from the walls. Grand carpets matched with drapes and trunks found their way to tie the room together. To top it off the room smelled of sweet vanilla. If anything, the Room of Requirement knew how to please it’s users.


“I thought of all the things you might need to help you feel comfortable.” Hermione spoke, “ I hope it’s not too bad.”


“It’s... well.... magical” Harry said in amazement and at a loss for words.






“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you earlier. It’s just, everything I’m worried about is to protect myself, Mum and Dad, from him.” Harry said, choking out the last bit


Hermione walked towards the edge of the bed and sat down and sighed, “ Harry.... I brought you here to help you, but I also need help..”


Harry looked at her with intrigue.


“You see, you have a lot of things you can’t control. I thought if you could have something to control, then you’d be able to be a little bit more sane.”


“Hermione, what are you talking about?”


“Do you remember that one week in the summer, that you spent with me at my parents house?”


Harry did indeed remember. Most of the time Mr and Mrs Granger wouldn’t let Hermione and him be alone in the same room, except for one night. He had heard the sound of moaning coming from Mrs. Granger, the slapping of flesh, painful cries, and the sound of something metal. The next morning he noticed handcuffs on the bed, and long lengths of rope just sitting on the floor. All while he and Hermione were watching television.


“Yes, I remember.” He said


Hermione bit her lip and played with her hair. “Harry I think I’m into bondage.” She blurted out. “I found out that my parents were into it. I’ve been curious ever since and I need to know if it feels better to be fucked while being restrained and being dominated.”


A small twinge of electricity shot from Harry’s ears, to his heart, and to his dick. He wasn’t so innocent. He had wanked to several girls before during the late hours of the night in his own bed. Hermione had come across his mind once or twice, but he quickly put it out his mind and focused on Cho Chang or Ginny or Katie Bell. 


Realizing it had been a full minute since Hermione gifted him with an awesome revelation, he spoke, “Okay, so how can I help you?”


“Hear me out Harry,” she continued, “both of us are under some amount of stress. It’s not good to be that way. In order to release that stress, I figured we could practice some light bondage and well.... explore each other.”


Harry again could not believe what he was hearing. Hermione, his best friend, was suggesting that they should have kinky sex. Ron was definitely missing out on this.

Hermione pulled out a pair of handcuffs, a gag, and a blindfold from her bag. Had she planned this? Or was this just another sick dream Harry would wake up from?


“Hermione, I’d be glad to help you. What should we do?” Harry asked


“Just stand still.” Hermione said as she took out her wand and gave it a wave. Both of their clothes had vanished leaving them naked in front of each other. Harry couldn’t believe his eyes. Hermione hid her curves with her robes. She had 36 D breasts and wide hips. Her ass was slightly bubbly. Her skin was light and her nipples were already hard. 


Harry’s cock was instantly growing, he had never really thought of himself as “big” but his 7 inch dick could get the job done.


Hermione stood up and slowly made her way to Harry. She kept eye contact as she knelt in front of him, her mouth just inches away from the tip of his penis. 


“Harry take the handcuffs and put them on me”


He obeyed and grabbed the wonderful metallic sex restraints. He put them on Hermione’ wrist and brought the other so that her hand s were behind her back. He walked back so he was again in front of her, his cock already rock hard.


Hermione licked her lips and flicked the tip of Harry’s dick with her tongue. She slowly started to kiss his head and shaft and lightly sucked on his balls. Harry moaned and swore while trying to find his breathe. Every wave of ecstasy was making his knees weak and they were just getting started. 


Hermione started to take Harry’s manhood in her mouth inch my inch. She had heard from Ginny how to give a blowjob and was trying her best to remember every detail, but Harry seemed to be swimming in pleasure to care if she was doing it correctly. As she figured out how to breathe with so much meat in her mouth she started to bob her head up and down faster. Harry moaned even more as he grabbed a handful of Hermione’s hair and helped her bob up and down with more force. Eventually she was deepthroaing him.


Harry could not believe it. His best friend was sucking his dick and she was his to control. Forget Ginny or Cho. All he could think about was Hermione. The pressure started to build up in his shaft and he felt his balls churn. 


“Hermione! I’m.... I’m gonna... cum soon!”


The Brightest Witch took that as a challenge and started sucking faster, using her tongue to stroke under his shaft. Harry trembled for a second and Hermione forced his dick all the way to the back of her throat. Hot streams of cum erupted from Harry and shot down Hermione’s throat as if it were putting out a great fire. She swallowed all of it and licked his dick clean.


It took a moment for Harry to catch his breathe, “Hermione, that was fucking amazing.”


“We’re just getting started.”

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