Saving the Wizarding World...Again...Kinda?

BY : Queenie2023
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Janurary 30th, 2007 was a big day for many people in Magical Britan.

Ginny Potter had just finished setting the table and calling down her to boys for breakfast, when she heard a faint pop and felt a trickle of a liquid sliding down her inner thigh. With a slight gasp, her left hand flew to her belly.

"Mummy?" Ginny head shot up, and she caught sight of her 4 year old son. James Sirius Potter was standing in the doorway to the dining room, looking a bit confused. "Did you pee your pants?"

Ginny smiled weakly at her son, before grabbing her wand and casting a quick cleaning spell on herself. "No, my love, I didnt. Can you do ma a favor, and go wake your brother? I need to go call Daddy and Granny." After little James nodded and left, Ginny cast a patrounus and sent it to her husband, telling him she was ready. Afterward, she grabbed her 2 children by the hands and Flooed to St Mungo's.

Harry Potter rubbed his head, he could feel a headache comming on. "I wont ask again, kid. Just tell me, where you got them." Harry would never had guessed, that muggle drugs would boom in the wizarding comunity. He, Harry Potter, had been sent to find a young man- who hadn't even a hair on his chin- who was supply the narcatoics to older Hogwarts students.

"I told you, man, I don't have anything!" The young man, who was wearing muggle jeans and a Heidelberg Harriers shirt. "You got the wrong guy." With a slight smirk, the man twirled his wand. 

Ron scowled, "let's just take him in, Harry. If he wont talk here-"

"No." With a sigh, Harry put his hands up. "If he says, its not him..and we've already searche the-" He paused, when silvery stallion galloped in. Harry, the baby's on it's way! I'm going with the boys to St Mungo's, so don't worry about us. Please just try to get here, oh! And can you tell me mother? Thank's love! Ginn'y slightly exiceted yet nervouse voice dissapatrarted as the stallion left. Harry turned, ashen faced, towards Ron, and with a single nod Appirated away.


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