The Methods of a Malfoy

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I braced myself against the cool tiled wall, burying my face against my arm as I felt Draco's hands slide slowly down my soapy back. He murmured softly.


I mumbled my assent, letting Draco work more of his caressing touch upon my aching flesh, our slick, warm bodies caged together in the confines of the shower stall. His hands glanced, firm and measured, working back up along the pebbled line of my spine, his thumbs digging in, deeper and firmer into every inch of flesh he stroked before spreading out into soft circles over my shoulders, willing, urging my taught and aching muscles to uncoil. Our hips were pressed flush, my back to his chest and as his hands drifted down once more, digging into the curves of my waistline, I felt him lean back a little, gaining some leverage, allowing his hardening cock to rub right between the cheeks of my arse.

A shuddering, helpless whimper rose from my throat. Water streamed and dripped from my long, sodden hair, catching in my eyelashes as I looked back at my lover, Draco meeting my gaze before leaning forward and over the rise of my shoulder to kiss me softly.

" make me so fucking hard, beautiful. Looking like this."

A soft smirk curled at the edge of his mouth and I couldn't help but let out a soft huff of breath as I leaned my forehead forward, resting on the cool tiles of the wall. It wasn't exactly a large space and the two of us sharing it made it even smaller. Not that I was complaining all that much. After all, Draco was kissing and nibbling along my shoulder and collarbone and reverently running his expert hands along my ribs, teasing me, torturing me as they slowly began to travel lower and lower down my rapidly surrendering body. I let out another soft groan, my body trembling with an involuntary shudder as his hands settled on the curves of my hips. My centre pulsed and despite the water of the shower, I felt the unmistakable sticky wetness seeping between my thighs.

"Mmmm, that feel good, gorgeous?" Draco purred, nipping at my ear lobe, sucking it slowly between his warm lips, his fingers slipping forward to rest just above my mound, "do you need a little help there?"

"Maybe...maybe just a little..." I murmured, at last finding my breath, fractured as it was. Thank goodness for the Heads showers and their never-ending supply of hot water. I wanted this to last as long as humanly possible. And I knew for certain that Draco wanted the same thing too.

"Your wish is my command," he purred, pressing another soft kiss to my damp cheek, the tip of his tongue lingering for a split second before he pulled away and leaned out of the stall to retrieve the shower oil that was lying on the nearby vanity unit. I couldn't help but smirk, as I slowly and bonelessly sank to the floor. When he stepped back in, he turned and then smirked as he found me with my fingers now delving between the throbbing, slick folds of my cunt.

He was smiling but I also saw him swallow slowly as his gaze locked to mine and I knew that meant he was becoming rapidly, dangerously aroused. He loved watching me pleasuring myself. He always did. It was a fail-safe way to get him absolutely and utterly horny and rock hard in a near-instant. I remembered the last time it had happened.

I had returned to my empty dorm early one afternoon following a cancelled Charms class (something about Professor Flitwick accidentally setting his beard on fire) and had decided, following several weeks of stress-filled classes and late-night study sessions, to indulge in a bit of belated self-pleasure. As I had been working myself into a near frenzy, a familiar voice had rose up around me and my eyes had snapped open to see Draco, having disregarded his afternoon Transfiguration lesson, standing beside my bed, his penetrating gaze locked to me, his robes open, his trousers tenting in shameless, barely concealed arousal.

"Don't you dare stop..." he had rumbled as he has taken himself in hand right in front of me.

I hadn't. I wouldn't have dared. A mere moment later I had found my arms pinned roughly above my head, my knickers quite literally torn from me as Draco had plunged his head down between my spread thighs, burying his tongue into my molten heat with an almost feral growl. The preceding couple of hours that had followed had been without a doubt the most intense, athletic, all-consuming, and blissfully exhausting sex I had ever experienced. Draco was near uncontrollable in his desire and passion and by the time we had finally emerged and made our way meekly into the common room, we realised we had missed the beginning of dinner...not that we really cared all that much.

"And what do you think you're doing down there, madam?" Draco rumbled, bringing me back to myself, the shower, and him. I saw his cock twitching against his thigh as he continued to watch me tease myself.

I smiled up at him and thumbed over the pulsing bead of my exposed clit with a shiver, sinking my teeth into my lower lip.

"Playing. Wanna join in?"

He made a sound that could almost have been described as a snarl, an intense, almost primitive sound that sent every nerve ending in me quivering with pent up and bubbling desire, before he dropped to his knees and shuffled up behind my back and the wall, arranging himself so that my back was pressed to his front, his strong legs bracketing my hips, his arms sliding around to embrace me, his hands, still clutching the flask of oil coming to rest on the rise of my belly.

"Ahhh...forget the oil," I gasped, taking the vial from his fingers and dropping it into the corner behind us as I stretched my slippery body to rub back against him. "I'm wet enough already. Just do something with your hands. Now."

"Mmmm... that I can manage," Draco growled, sliding his hands up so that they slipped up and over my torso, over the slick, soapy rises of my breasts, his thumbs rolling over my

turgid nipples as he went, letting them harden even more under his unrelenting touch. I knew he loved the little noises, the soft whimpers, the almost mewing whines I made when he played with my tits, along with the way my head sank back to rest on his shoulder, our cheeks rubbing together, locks of his wet hair grazing my electrified skin. A single digit stroked along the furrow of my collarbone, catching an errant drop, stroking a stray strand out of the way.

"May I?"

I weakly grunted my acquiesce as Draco ducked his head to nip at my throat, mouthing down until he could set his lips and sharp teeth into the fleshy rise of my breast, marking it, marking me with firm, sucking kisses. My hand flew up to cup the back of his head, holding him there and I heard Draco groan once more when my fingers gripped into his short, soaked hair and pulled. Hard.


That was all he managed before his hands were at my pussy, his skilled fingers gliding easily through the sticky wetness, finding my pulsing bead with expert accuracy, his fingers rubbing and circling with pace and precision. I arched, pushing up into Draco's caress, his mouth sliding up, panting against my ear as he sped up his movements, teasing and torturing me in the way he knew I both loathed and adored.

"Draco...Dray.. fuck..." My voice cracked as I tried to speak and then I let out a sudden yelp as Draco's other hand unexpectedly came into play. His fingers were digging into my pale thigh as he gripped it hard and forced my legs even further apart. The water was pelting down on us both and Draco ducked his head slightly to keep it out of his eyes, snuggling in closer to the side of my face as his voice became even lower and even more feral if it was humanely possible.

"Fuck... I love it when you say my name. Say it again. Do it."

The last comment was almost a hiss and I groaned and ground desperately into his touch, trying to gain as much of the blissful contact as possible.


His chuckle of satisfaction was pure filth and I very nearly came on the spot, right then and there.

"That's a good girl. Now...what do you want?" he asked, his thumb pressing into the juncture of my hip, dipping low until he just barely brushed the puckered spot of my arse. All I could see was stars as I groaned again.

"What was that, my angel? You'll have to speak up..."

His digit grazed my hole once more and I groaned again, even louder this time, my fingers tightening, gripping desperately at the back of his hair. His teeth sank into the side of my neck, his voice as low and dark as I had ever heard it.

"Tell me..."

I gasped. Desperately.

"Get me off... I need to come so fucking idea..."

I was dizzy, my head swimming with it all, my legs starting to shake and blessedly, Draco took mercy on me quite quickly, speeding up his motions and sliding his other hand down to tease at my rosy hole, again and again, brushing and tickling against it, dipping and sliding a gentle inch or two in as his fingers continued their relentless pursue on my now aching, twinging clit. The familiar coil of heat was rising rapidly in the pit of my belly and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. A mere moment or so at the very most.

When I came, I came hard and I came loud, my wail echoing around the shower and Draco chuckled a little as I shook through my orgasm, groaning and moaning and gasping again and again as the waves of pleasure continued to flood and flow through me. The intensity took me completely by surprise and I felt Draco smirk against my shoulder, proud and ever so slightly smug that he had been the cause of it. He continued to stroke me lightly through the receding waves of pleasure, looking down over my shoulder as I continued to tremble and twitch and gasp sporadically through the pulsing aftershocks.

"Mmmm... now that was a good one, hey?" Draco purred, kissing his way up my throat once more as he ran his hands back up my chest, resting just below my breasts as he held us together.

I was panting, my head thrown back and my eyes still closed and I could tell such a position was tempting Draco to suck another blushing, branding mark into my skin but he managed to restrain himself. He had been sufficiently rewarded watching all of the tensions and the aches and pains melt out of my body and I knew he knew that that was reward itself seeing as how he'd been so concerned when I had been in such a bad mood earlier.

"That...was fucking... perfect," I murmured, sinking all my weight back against Draco's damp, toned chest, "if I had an ounce of energy left, I'd tell you to do that again. And again. And again."

"Mmmm, you're such a good girl, aren't you?" Draco replied, pressing a soft sucking kiss to my cheek before pushing out gently from behind me, rising to his feet and offering me both his hands so that he could help me, shakily up, from the slippery shower floor.

"Come on angel....let's get you into my nice warm bed."

As soon as he had me out of the shower cubicle and had the water shut off, Draco found himself, much to his pleasant surprise, pressed up against the back of the wooden bathroom door.

"Oh...and what's this then?" he asked, looking into my face which was only mere inches from his own. I just smiled and reached down, freeing his towel from his hips with a single finger and letting it drop carelessly to the ground.

"You didn't think I'd leave you hanging, did you?".

A second later, I reached my lips up, teasing, brushing his with the very tips of my own as my hands began going to work to repay his earlier favour to me, my words a mere whisper between us as Draco pulled my head forward to meet my lips with his own.

"No good deed goes unrewarded, my lover..."

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