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This story starts from Harry's 1st year.

Chapter 1

Harry didn’t know why this particular professor seemed to hate him so much when he hadn't even met him before. He felt his face burned with shame after repeatedly saying “I don’t know” to all the questions he was asked.

“Five points from Gryffindor,” Snape smirked, turned around, and walked back up to the blackboard, his long black cloak sweeping behind him.

Ron gave Harry a sympathetic pat on the arm.

“Why don’t you give him a birthday present? He may be more… civil with you afterwards,” Hermione suggested after listening to Harry ranting about Snape for giving him detention again. They were all sitting comfortably by the fire in the common room, which was pretty empty since everyone was busy studying for the midterms.

“A birthday present? You’re mental!” Ron exclaimed. Hermione shot him an irritated look.

“He probably has never received any for years! You could use this chance to show him that you care for him,”

“But I don’t!” Harry protested.

“Well I don’t know what else you can do then!” She snapped and began flipping through her book angrily.

“Sorry Mione,” Harry said after a few seconds of silence. “Okay, you’re right. Birthday present it is. But I don’t know what he likes. He doesn’t look like the type to like toffees,”

Hermione sighed and closed her book, leaning forward. Harry and Ron leaned forward too as she whispered, “I’ve heard him talking about lilies with Professor Dumbledore,”

Harry couldn’t believe his ears. Snape liking lilies? Apparently Ron couldn’t either, as he burst out laughing, much to Hermione’s annoyance. “Fine, don’t believe me, then!” She gathered her things and went up to the girl’s dormitories. Harry punched Ron lightly, but he still couldn’t stop laughing. Harry had to drag him up to the boys’ dormitories before he finally settled down.

That night, alone in the privacy of his four-poster bed and listening to the soft sounds of his roommates, Harry kept thinking about a certain Potions professor, who had turned his most anticipated subject into his most hated one. Harry was confident that he could brew potions well if not for the constant berating and mocking from the snarky man. His behaviour towards Harry reminded him of his uncle Vernon and the pain he was sure to receive the following summer. Harry shook his head hard to get rid of the thoughts. He was determined to enjoy his time at Hogwarts without worrying about what the future has in store for him. After much tossing and turning, he finally fell into a restless sleep at 3 in the morning.

Harry stood by the window, watching the snow fall. He had chosen to stay at Hogwarts for the Christmas holidays and had never felt happier. Ron and his brothers were staying too, something which Harry was grateful about, as he felt a bit hollow watching the Gryffindor common room and the halls be empty for the first time.

He hadn’t thought about it yesterday when he was busy opening presents with Ron, but now that the excitement had died down, he found his thoughts wandering to a certain Professor Snape. He can’t imagine his brooding professor opening presents by a Christmas tree. Did he even receive any? What a sad Christmas it would be if everyone received presents but him. Harry knew the feeling. He had lived through it for 10 years.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let’s go have a snowball fight!” Ron ran up to him, smiling, his face red from the cold.

“Okay!” Harry replied and ran after him to the open space outside the castle. The cold wind pricked his skin and made his breath visible. Harry couldn’t help but feel giddy.

After a few hours getting pummelled by Ron and his amazingly fast snowball making skill, they decided to return to Gryffindor tower for a quick shower before dinner. Harry took off his glasses, which had fogged up, to wipe them and ran straight into someone as they turned the corner. He stumbled back and fell, losing his grip on his glasses in the process. He began feeling around the stone floor for it, and felt a chill ran down his spine as he heard the familiar snarky voice above him, “Look where you’re going, Mister Potter,”


Before Harry could reply, he heard the unmistakable crunch of his glasses being stepped on. His face paled. That was his only pair!

“Ah! Harry, I’m so sorry!” Ron said, panicked, as he picked up the glasses he had accidentally stepped on and handed it to Harry. The frame was thin and dark, and he couldn’t see where it had fallen on the dark stone floors.

Harry ran a shaky finger, feeling the sharp pieces of broken glass and bent frame on his palm. What was that spell Hermione had performed back in the train? He couldn’t seem to remember.

Reparo,” he heard Snape say, and his glasses became intact again. Harry immediately put it on and stared at his professor in disbelief. Did he really just help him?

“That’s ten points from Gryffindor for your carelessness, Mister Potter, Mister Weasley. Now if you’ll excuse me,” He said, impatience lacing his voice. Harry immediately got up and watched as the man walked past them, his black robes billowing after him like a bat.

“Greasy git,” Ron muttered under his breath before they turned and hurried up to Gryffindor tower.

Throughout dinner, Harry kept glancing over to the head table, particularly to Snape. He still couldn’t believe that Snape had helped him, although he had also taken points afterwards. Harry decided then that he would give him a birthday lily no matter what. Even if lilies don’t bloom until spring.



Hi all! This is my first Snarry fic, I'm so excited! :D What do you guys think so far?

PS. If any of the wordings feel odd, feel free to point it out. I'm not a native english speaker and sometimes I mix up British and American english.


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