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In Hogwarts one Harry Potter walked the castle late at night. It was the first night back after he had spent the summer with his family at Nr.4 Privat Drive. He tried to organize his thoughts. He was shaking in silent fury. How he wondered could it be that his life is such a mess. What had he done to deserve this? Being treated like a slave by his "family" and like a chess piece only to be formed into a killing machine by the people who were supposed to be on his site. His only purpose to defeat the dark lord and end this war to save the wizarding community from the tyranny that is Voldemort.

"But not anymore!" he whispered to himself trying to calm down his temper.

Harry just started his 7th and last year at Hogwarts. He just turned 17 and was now an adult by legal rights. No one could tell him what to do anymore. Not even that manipulating son of a witch Dumbledore. The name alone made Harry tremble with anger once more. Over the summer he had used all his free time (not that he had a lot of it) to think about the many things that just didn´t add up when it came to the old man. Harry frowned when he thought about how Dumbledore had managed to deceive not only him but all of the wizarding world. He hadn´t any real proof yet, but last year every time he had talked to him, he had had this bad feeling.

Sure, everything Dumbledore said sounded alright and his smile was as friendly as ever but it where his eyes that initially had Harry start wondering about his motives. There was no warmth in his eyes and for the first time Harry saw Dumbledore for the cunning calculating evil old man that he is. It was only a feeling but a feeling so bad that it ran shivers down his spine. Now he had to find proof and figure out who of the people in his life he could trust. He thought about Ron and Hermione and could not help but praying that he could depend on the pair. They were his first friends, and they were always there when he needed them in the past but with all the things going on in his life, he just had to make sure.

"I just can´t afford to make mistakes anymore. I can´t rush into things without thinking about it, I have to make sure I always know what’s going on and be prepared for everything that comes my way." He whispered and kept wondering around the empty corridors so deep in his thoughts that he didn´t notice the man that silently started following him.

Severus Snape abruptly stopped when he saw Harry Potter turn the corner into the corridor, he was currently in. He was just about to open his mouth and give Potter a piece of his mind, it was almost 3 a.m. in the morning after all when he heard Potter mumble:

"I just can´t afford to make mistakes anymore. I can´t rush into things without thinking about it, I have to make sure I always know what’s going on and be prepared for everything that comes my way."

`That is odd` Severus thought. `Since when is Potter capable of not being a complete idiot?`  

He smirked at his thoughts, but his interest spiked. He casted an unspoken invisibility charm on himself and silently started following the boy.

`Maybe he lets something else slip,` he thought strangely exited that he might get another piece to the puzzle that is Potter. `It´s strange. I am normally really good at reading people. I must be, I am a spy after all but since last year when I look at Potter, I get nothing. He used to be an open book. He was unable to conceal his emotions, so it was easy to anticipate his moves but now...`

He came out of his thoughts when he saw Potter stop walking. Forgetting he was invisible Snape pressed himself in a dark corner when Potter looked around him to see if he was alone. Then Potter looked at his watch and waited. Severus hadn´t much time to wonder for what when he heard a soft pop and a very strange looking house elf appeared. He wore to different socks, short pants no shirt a tie and a much to big jacket.

"Harry Potter sir! I is so happy to see you again!"

Severus sneered at the elf who had such a deep admiration in his eyes when he looked at Potter. Of course, bloody Potter was admired by all fucking living creatures alive. He continued listening.

"Hello Dobby, it is very nice to see you too. Thank you for your help this summer I wouldn´t be here when you didn´t bring me these potions."

He smiled at the little elf and to Snapes surprise gave him a hug of gratitude.

"It is an honour to serve Harry Potter sir! Dobby will always be here when Harry Potter needs him."

Dobby said and Harry smiled again.

"That is good to know Dobby. At least I have someone I know I can trust now I only have to figure out who else will be able to help me."

For a few seconds there was silence and Harry sat down on the cold stone floor. For a second Severus saw pain on Potter´s face and just started wondering why that would be when the elf said:

"Harry Potter is hurt again. Harry Potter must Dobby let him heal him. Harry Potter needs to be healthy!"

Snape had to suppress his laugh. What a curios elf he thought. Making demands to the one they serve.

"That’s ok Dobby," Potter said "It´s not that bad this time. I think just a couple broken rips."

He said casually. Snape looked shocked. Why would Potter have his rips broken. The way he said it unnerved Snape greatly. As if it was normal for him. Dobby glared at the boy and pocked Potter´s chest with one of his long fingers.

"Harry Potter will let Dobby heal him" he said vehemently. The young men let out a sigh.

"Alright, alright do it then." With a flick of his fingers Dobby vanished Potter´s shirt.

"Dobby can´t heal Harry Potter when Harry Potter wears his glamour."

Snape raised his eyebrows. And watched Potter raise his wand to remove the spell. Snape eyes almost popped out of his head. Potter´s entire torso was covered in bruises, healing wounds and scars. He also noticed that Potter was almost painfully thin. Even in the dark he could see every rip. He looked awful. He couldn´t believe his eyes. Dumbfounded he watched Dobby tending to Potters wounds and then he disappeared only to reaper a few seconds later with potion vails that he one after the other handed to Potter who drank them down and sighed when he felt the pain reliever do his work.

"Thank you Dobby, that’s much better" he said while he casted the glamour again to hide his scars away. "Dobby I will need much help this year. First, I have to find a way to go to Gringotts without anyone noticing me leaving the castle. Can you help with that?" The elf only nodded.

"Good I also need a place where I can stay. Not all the time but I need a place where I can train, brew and read up on everything I need to know. Maybe the chamber would be good. I could explore, maybe I even find Salazar Slytherins office. I bet there are a lot of books that would be most useful." He looked at the elf in deep thought.

"Dobby I also need you to be my eyes and ears. I have to know who I can trust. I need you to hear around and report back to me. I trust your judgement Dobby anyone you find to be loyal to me, not Dumbledore, but I is an invaluable ally and I need everyone I can get." Snape again was confused. Potter is cautious of Dumbledore?

"When will Harry Potter sir needing Dobby for Gringotts?" the elf asked.

"I must go in three days I have an appointment already," Potter said. "Best we meet at 5 a.m. on Friday." The elf nodded again.

"Alright Dobby I need to go to sleep. I’m exhausted." And with a grin he turned around and left. Snape stepped out of the corner lifted the invisibility spell and left as well. Deep in thought about what he just had heard.

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