Weasley Love Lives: Charlie

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Charlie Weasley was 11 years and was very excited about going to Hogwarts. His older brother Bill was going to be in his 3rd year and had been telling stories all summer long. When September first rolled around, Charlie was worried his mother would make them late for the train, because she kept hugging them. Molly had wanted to go with them and Arthur, but she had to stay home and watch the five younger siblings. 
    Once they got there, Arthur only stayed a little bit to help them onto the train, then he had to go to work. Then even Bill ran off to find his friends leaving Charlie alone. Charlie knew Bill was already popular at school, he got letters all the time from his friends, and even some girls asking him out. So Charlie wandered the train a little, either hoping to find Bill and he'd be nice and introduce him to his friends, or find other first years.
    Towards the back of the train he found a compartment with only one person in it, she was already in her uniform but there was no house attached to it. This girl had strawberry blonde hair that was up in two pony tails at the top of her head and had black cat framed glasses. Charlie could not see her eyes as she was looking down reading a book, he could also see she had almost as many freckles as he had.
    Charlie had yet to find girls attractive, even when Bill would drag him to see the muggle girls in town, or when he talked about the girls at school. But Charlie did have an urge to speak to this girl and he could not figure out why. Then he heard a tiny little meow by the girl's feet and saw a Tortoiseshell kitten, the girl put her book to the side and picked up her kitten. In this moment Charlie noticed her eyes were Hazel and she had been reading a book on Dragons of all things, he loved dragons.
"Winter," The girl called the cat. "How did you get out of your case?" Then she looked up and saw Charlie looking at her. "Hello?"
"Hi," Charlie said, founding himself blushing. "I was looking for other first years to sit with."
"It's my first year," The girl said. "If you want, you can sit in here with me and Winter." Then she cuddled the kitten.
"Okay," Charlie said, walking in. "I'm Charlie. Charlie Weasley."
"Friday," The girl said, and Charlie looked at her confused. "My name is Friday Moon. I know it's kind of weird."
"Not too weird," Charlie said, sitting opposite her.
"My parents were big Addams Family fans," Friday said. "But they did not want to directly name me Wednesday."
"What's the Addams Family?" Charlie asked.
"An American comic strip about a strange and gothic family," Friday said. "The mother's name is Morticia, the brother's name is Pugsley." She explained a little more.
"Muggle-born?" Charlie asked.
"That is what Professor Vector said when she came to explain things," Friday said. "I'm still getting used to all this."
"You do know that by wizard strandards your name is more normal than not," Charlie said. "I've just never known of the name Friday before."
"My nanny calls me Frida," Friday said. "She says it's much more normal and she doesn't like calling me a day of the week."
"Nanny?" Charlie asked. "Like your grandmother?"
"No, nanny," Friday said. "Like a maid and babysitter in one. My parents pay her to raise me so they don't have to."
"Muggles don't raise their own children?" Charlie asked in shock.
"Most do," Friday said. "I had friends at the muggle school I went to before, and their parents were always around." She finally put Winter back in her carrier. "Now stay. I dont want you getting lost before we get to school." Then she picked up her book.
"You like Dragons?" Charlie asked.
"Yes," Friday said. "They have always been my second favourite animal. I was so excited to learn they are real."
"Second?" Charlie asked. "What could possible top a Dragon?"
"Cats," Friday said. "They are my favourite. But part of that may be more because I always knew they were real."
"I've been reading up on Dragons since I first learned how to read," Charlie said.
    Charlie and Friday then proceeded to spend the next hour or so talking about dragons. No one in his family listened like she did, they got bored way too fast with his fascination on dragons. He also liked hearing how muggles thought of dragons, they were more prominent then he had expected.
"Watch it clutz!" Some kid screamed from outside just as Charlie and Friday saw a girl about their age fall over outside their compartment.
    This girl had pink hair and when she stood up she was also in a non house claimed uniform. She tried to turn and walk off and ended up walking at an angle and hit their door. Friday then stood and went over to the girl.
"Are you alright?" Friday asked.
"Yea," This girl said. "Happens all the time."
"Maybe you should sit down then," Friday said.
"I was looking for a place," The girl said. "But they are all full and no one wants to sit with a clutz."
"You can sit with us," Friday said. "Right Charlie?"
"Yes," Charlie said, he was kind of surprised at how nice Friday was. "I'm Charlie Weasley."
"Nymphadora Tonks," She said, sitting by Friday. "But I prefered to be called Tonks." 
"Friday Moon," Friday said to her. Just then an older ginger boy in a Gryffindor unifrom was at their door.
"There you are Charlie," Bill said.
"Hey Bill," Charlie said. "This is my older brother." 
"I lost track of time when I found my friends," Bill said. "Then I realized I hadn't seen you in almost two hours. Mum would have killed me if I lost you."
"I've been here the whole time," Charlie said. "Talking with Friday about dragons. Then we met Tonks." The girls waved at Bill.
"Not boring her, are you?" Bill asked. "Charlie never shuts up over dragons."
"Dragons are cool," Friday said. Bill just laughed.
"Well, don't get too distracted and forget to change," Bill said. "I'll see you at school then." He then left.
"I probably should change," Charlie said. "I will be right back."
    Charlie went to change and when he came back the candy trolley was out and about and he had to wait to get past her. He did not have any money for anything, so he just waited, and when he got back to the compartment the girls were talking and had some candy. Tonks had gotten three chocolate frogs and Friday had one frog, one box of Bertie Botts, and several licorice wands.
"Did you not see the candy trolley?" Friday asked, as Charlie sat down.
"I did," Charlie said. "But mum packed me lunch." Charlie pulled out several corned beef sandwiches.
"Is that corned beef?" Tonks asked. "Ewww."
"Your mum made you food?" Friday asked, like this was a foreign concept to her. Tonks and Charlie looked at her funny.
"Your mum doesn't make you food?" Tonks asked.
"Technically I've never met my parents," Friday said. "Even when we eat together we never talk. And she just makes the maids make the food. Or she orders in."
    Charlie and Tonks just looked at Friday again, neither had ever heard of such things. Friday just shrugged and read the back of the Bertie Bott box. Tonks then bit the head off one of her chocolate frogs, and Charlie started eating a sandwich.
"Dry and mum always makes too many," Charlie said.
"Booger flavored what the what?" Friday asked, looking at the list of flavors. 
"They mean every flavor," Tonks said, laughing at her.
"Charlie," Friday said, and he just looked up at her. "You want to trade the Bertie Botts for one of your sandwiches?"
"What?" Charlie asked. "Why would you want a boring sandwich?"
"If I eat too much sugar I get a headache," Friday said. 
"Alright," Charlie said. "But that box is probably worth like three sandwiches." He handed her a sandwich. "So just give me a handful."
"Okay," Friday said, taking the sandwhich and dumping some beans in his hand. Then she ate the sandwich.
"So your brother is a Gryffindor," Tonks said after a bit. "Does that mean you will be as well?"
"Probably," Charlie said. "Both my parents were Gryffindors as well. What house do you two think you will be in?" Friday just shrugged.
"My dad was a Hufflepuff," Tonks said. "But my mother was a Slytherin."
"How did that happen?" Charlie asked.
"It's weirder than that," Tonks said. "My father is muggle-born and my mother is from the Black family." Charlie dropped half his sandwich.
"So?" Friday asked confused. "Winter!" Her cat had escaped again and was now eating the other half of Charlie's sandwich.
"It's okay," Charlie said, laughing at the cat. "I still have one more."
    Then Tonks and Charlie started to explain about some families and how they treat things. Tonks even shared something else and showed her metamorphmagus powers. Charlie just said "So cool" Friday was just in shock, and they had to expain other things to Friday.
"Well, at least my name will not be the weirdest thing at school for once," Friday said.
"Weird?" Tonks said. "You do remember my name is Nymphadora." Then she laughed at herself.
    The three of them continued to talk for the rest of the train ride, though Tonks did fake sleeping at times if they talked about dragons too much. Bill even came to check on Charlie two more times. Before they realized it, the train was stoping and a giant man was calling for first years to follow him to some boats. 
    Charlie, Friday and Tonks got in a boat together, and shortly after a boy who said his name was Ambroise joined them. Once all the boats were loaded up they headed to the school, the first years kept talking about how excited they were. After they reached the other shore they climbed many steps. Charlie noticed that Friday fell behind with all the steps so he waited for her, making them the last two to reach the school.
    After some waiting they were finally able to go get sorted. There were forty-five students in this first year class so Charlie barely paid any attention to the names. The first half of the names did not seem to produce many Gryffindors though, the first one was a boy named Lincoln Cuocco, and then not many for a while after that. The boy who joined them on the boat was named Ambroise Pond and was made a Ravenclaw. 
    After a bit Charlie heard them call for "Moon, Friday" and he watch his friend go up to get sorted. The hat took around seven minutes to finally place her in Gryffindor. A few more names and then Tonks was sorted into Hufflepuff. Then the second to last was Charlie's turn, he was amost immediately sorted into Gryffindor. He sat right next to Friday and his brother Bill gave him a high five, then the last boy Elias York was also made a Gryffindor and the feast began.
    Everyone started talking and getting food, some were discussing their bloodlines, others were discussing their excitment over classes. Charlie was talking to some upperclassmen over Quidditch when he realized Friday was not really talking to people. Friday was being very attentive to her food, she had a large amount mashed potatoes with a ring of broccoli around it.
"What are you," Charlie began to ask before he realized. "Mashed potato volcano?"
"Yes," Friday said. She was actually very artisic about this and when she was done even Charlie thought it was too pretty to eat. "My nanny makes some wrapped in bacon and the lava is actually melted cheese and sour cream."
"Sounds fun and tasty," Charlie said.
"It is!" Friday said. "Nanny said she will teach it to me when I get older." Then she grabbed some chicken and yorkshire pudding, before she ate.
    After the feast they followed their prefects up a lot of stairs, and Friday was excited over the moving stair cases. Friday also thought the moving portriats were fascinating. Then they got to a portrait of a fat lady in a pink dress, and they were taught the password, then had to crawl through a whole in the wall.
    When Charlie got to the first year boys dorms he realized there were eight of them. There was that Elias York, but there was also a Finnian Rogers, Cosmo Mynett, Seth Linquist, Richard Knight, Lincoln Cuocco, and a Soren Prichard. Bill once told Charlie there was only five boys in his year so it was a round room, this room was a square. The right and left side of the room each had three beds, and the far wall had only two.
    Cosmo Mynett took one the two beds on the far wall, claiming that a pureblood that went back eight generations back he deserved it. Then he decided he should be the dorm room leader, meaning he got to pick where everyone slept. Cosmo found out that Richard, Lincoln, and Finnian were muggle-borns and made then take the three beds on the wall farthest from his. Charlie just kept wondering why this boy was not a Slytherin.
"So York and Prichard you are half bloods it seems," Cosmo said. "And Linquist is mostly pure. What are you ginger boy?"
"Huh?" Charlie said finally paying attention.
"I know!" Seth said. "They said his name was Weasley."
"Weasley?" Cosmo said. "Like weasel? Must be muggle-born."
"No!" Seth said. "My aunt gave me this book on the sacred twenty-eight. His family is in there. The book says the Weasley line goes back to King Arthur, and maybe even farther." Charlie looked confused.
"I know we are in there," Charlie said. "My dads name is Arthur, he once said it was a family name. But never said anything about King Arthur."
"I guess then you can take the other bed by me," Cosmo said. 
    Charlie just shrugged, then made sure everyone was okay with this before taking the bed. Then the eight of them went to bed, well seven did, Cosmo wanted to stay up and make dorm rules. Luckily everyone was too tired for this and so Cosmo was over ruled.

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