Strange Training

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Death Eaters

Just the luck of the Golden Trio to run into a group of them in the middle of the woods.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had been on the run in the wilderness for months, looking for horcruxes, and avoiding Voldemort’s minions. They had at least been mostly successful in the latter category, always been able to stay one step ahead of danger.

That was until today. 

A group of them, 6 in total, coming up the hill that the trio was currently camping on. They had the high ground, and the advantage of the trees blocking the Death Eaters’ direct line of sight, but they didn’t have much time. They couldn’t risk apparating - Ron was just recovering from his splinching, and that would mean abandoning all their gear.

Thinking fast, Hermione disillusioned all their supplies, and levitated them 4 meters into the air, well clearing the height of the Death Eaters. Harry motioned for her and Ron to get over to him quickly, and he threw the invisibility cloak over them. They weren’t kids anymore, so it was hard to fit all three of them under it comfortably, but given the alternative, they made it work. The sat stock still as the Death Eaters came into their encampment. They didn’t seem to be looking for anything in particular, just sweeping the area. 

“Hold on.” One of the Death Eaters suddenly called out. The three Gryffindors held their breath, thinking they did something to give themselves away. They all gripped their wand tightly, ready to at least give them a fight if they had to.

“I need to piss.”

The other Death Eaters stopped as this one walked over to a tree, precariously close to the trio, undid his fly, and began to piss. Hermione scrunched her nose in disgust.

As the one Death Eater relieved himself, the others stood about, taking a brief break from their horrible little duties.

“What are we even looking for out here?” A Death Eater with a scar on the cleft of his chin asked.

“We’re looking for the Potter boy, and his little friends.” Another answered. He had scraggly blonde hair, almost as if he was a reject Malfoy. The scarred Death Eater just scoffed.

“Right, what are the chance we’ll find them in the middle of fucking nowhere?” He asked. He didn’t know how misguided he was. 

“It is not our job to question the Dark Lord. He wanted us out here looking for Potter, so we’re out here.” The blonde Death Eater bit back.

“Well, you can look for Potter all you want.” Interjected the Death Eater currently marking the tree. “I want to find his little mudblood.”

Hermione’s eyes went wide under the Invisibility Cloak. 

“The things I’d do to her.” He continued, an ugly, yellow, toothy smile. “She wouldn’t be able to stand. She’d be begging for it to stop.”

“You’d soil yourself with a mudblood.” The blonde asked, sneering meanly.

“Oh come off it. I saw what you did to that muggle girl back 3 towns over.” The scarred Death Eater chimed in. “Plus, this is different anyway. This is POTTER’S mudblood. Fucking her bloody would get us rewarded by the dark lord.” 

The other Death Eaters nodded in agreement, making lewd comments about Hermione’s body, and all the horrible ways they’d use it. She felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest, and she started to shake a bit. Harry placed a comforting hand on her shoulder to try and calm her down. Ron began to raise his wand, disgusted and enraged by the Death Eaters, wanting to shut them up, but Hermione grabbed his wrist and shook her head ‘no’.

“Merlin, are you still at it? Have you been cursed or something?”

“Oh pipe down! I had alot of firewhiskey.”

The Death Eater finished his business, and shoved himself back into his trousers. He rejoined his fellow Death Eaters, and they continued on their way, none the wiser that they were standing right next to their prize.

The Three didn’t move until they were absolutely sure it was clear, and when they did, they put as much distance between themselves and that spot as they could. They walked for hours, hoping to not run into anyone, and luckily they didn’t. Once they lost the daylight they decided to set up camp, making sure they cast a disillusionment spell in tandem to get the most powerful effect. They managed to catch some fish to eat for the night. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. They were all a bit shaken up by their near run in with the Death Eaters - things could’ve gone so wrong if they had even made a peep. Hermione however...well she was in a bad way. She wasn’t hungry, she honestly didn’t think she could keep anything down if she tried. She sat by the fire, away from Harry and Ron eating in the tent.

‘She wouldn’t be able to stand.’

‘She’d be begging for it to stop.’

Hermione felt a hand on her shoulder, and nearly jumped out of her skin.

It was just Ron. He looked worried. Worried about her.

“Hermione, are you ok? Me and Harry have been calling your name for a minute now.” 

She thought about lying. She thought about telling him that everything was fine. But if even Ron could see the state of her, then she knew it would be a moot point.

“No Ron.” She said, voice shaking more than she wanted it to. “I’m not okay.”

Ron’s eyebrows shot up with concern, and Harry moved to join them.

“Why didn’t you say anything? What’s wrong?” Harry asked, kneeling down next to her. Hermione looked at the ground.

“Those Death Eaters….” She began.

“Blimey Mione, I feel the same way.” Ron interrupted. “I felt like my heart was about to beat out of my chest.”

Hermione flashed the redhead angry, wild look.

“No Ron, you don’t feel the same way. You CANT.” She said. Ron gave her a confused look. She stood quickly and began to pace nervously, chewing on her fingernails. The boys had never seen her this manic before.

“Hermione, just breathe.” Harry tried. “Just talk to us.”

“They want to...oh god they want to rape me.” She said, voice sounding scared.

“Mione, calm down.” Ron said, standing to walk to her. He tried to envelope her in a hug, but she pushed him hard against his chest.

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” She yelled. “You heard them. You heard all the horrible things they said they’d do to me!”

“They’re Death Eaters. They’re the scum of the earth.” Harry tried. “They’d do horrible thing to all of us if they got the chance.”

Hermione shook her head. They didn’t get it.

“No Harry. They’d just kill you and Ron. Torture maybe. But me, they’d use my body for their own sick needs.” 

She felt sick just talking about it. She squeezed her eyes closed. She was shaking slightly.

“Ah Merlin Hermione” Ron said, feeling a bit guilty for his ignorance. “What do you want me and Harry to do to make you feel better? We’ll do anything.”

Harry nodded his head feverishly in agreement. “You’re our best friend Hermione. We’ll never let them near you.”

“You can’t always be there.” Hermione said solemnly, hugging her body with her arms. “You won’t always be there to protect me.” 

“Says who?” Asked Ron, folding his arms over his chest.

“Says this whole damned war!” Hermione exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. “Bill and Fluer’s wedding, the café, the Ministry! Nothing we do goes exactly as we want or plan. Something could go wrong in an instant; we could get separated, or one of us could get hurt or- I’m ever caught alone, just me and them...”

Hermione was manic. Her eyes were wide, she was breathing heavily, trembling on the spot. Her words and anxieties all poured out of her. Ron and Harry could just watch, a bit helpless. They never considered that in this whole fucked up scenario, Hermione’s own burden; she was a muggle-born woman. Death Eaters would express their cruelty uniquely for her. Harry suddenly moved forward, and enveloped her in a big hug. Ron followed suit, wrapping his large arms around the both of them. Hermione stilled, and then tried to push them off, before eventually relaxing into the hug, burying her face into Harry’s jumper.

“Hermione we…” Started Ron.

“We didn’t know this was weighing on you like this.” Harry finished for his friend. Hermione let out a shuddering breath.

“We’re always here for you Hermione. Always.” Ron said earnestly. 

“And we’d do anything for you. Anything.” Harry promised.”

They held each other for a while to allow Hermione to gradually calm down, before they decided it’d be best that they all tried and get some sleep. Ron was always the first to fall asleep, followed by Harry.

Hermione however, didn’t sleep one wink. Her mind was still racing, considering horrible scenarios she could find herself in. She needed to be able to defend herself, protect herself. She needed to train.

And with that, an idea formed in her head. 

A horrible, terrible idea. But one that was necessary.

When the boys awoke the next morning, Hermione was already outside the tent, pacing back and forth.

“Hermione…” Harry said groggily.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” Hermione said. “Come here. We need to discuss something.”

Harry and Ron didn’t really like the sound of that, but went to her regardless. Hermione stood in front of them, fidgeting, seeming to try and find the right words. Finally, after a moment, she said, “I need to train.”

“What?” Ron asked at her sudden declaration.

“I said I need to train, to protect myself.” 

“Hermione, If this is about yesterday-” Harry began.

“Of course it’s about yesterday!” She snapped. Harry held up his hands in surrender, and Hermione let out a sigh. “I’m sorry Harry, I don’t mean to snap at you, but this is eating away at me.”

“You’re already a competent dueler.” Ron jumped in. Hermione just scoffed.

“I’m adequate at best. Not as good as either of you, and I’ve never had to defend myself without you two.” She explained. “After what those Death Eaters said...I need to be able to take care of myself. I need to train.”

“Know what, this can only do us good.” Harry said, trying to see the positive. “It can be like fifth year, the DA. We all could use the practice.”

“Thanks Harry...but that’s not what I mean.”

Harry and Ron gave her a confused look, and she pressed on.

“Dueling is one thing...but if someone, or a group, tried to…. tried to force themselves on me, I need to be able to fight them. To protect myself.” Hermione said, looking at the ground.

“Mione...what are you getting at?” Ron finally asked, baffled by her words. Hermione took a deep breath, and steeled herself for her next words.

“Harry. Ron. I need you to try and rape me.”

The boys just stared at her. Stared at her like she just cast an unforgivable. Hermione fidgeted a bit under their eyes.

“What?” Ron finally asked after several minutes.”

“I need you to try and rape me.” Hermione repeated.

“Hermione, you’re in shock. Maybe you need to sit down.” Harry tried.

“I am not!” Hermione countered, stomping her foot.

“You’re talking crazy!” Ron appealed. “You want us to-to rape you?!”

“Of course I don’t WANT you to! I want to be able to fight you two off. But I won’t know unless we do this.” 

“Hermione, please. Just-just have a seat. I’ll get you some food and so you can think clearly.” Harry rambled, face distraught.

“Dammit Harry, I’m thinking perfectly clear, okay!” She said, exasperated. “Do you think I want to ask this of you? Think this is something I ever thought I’d ask of ANYONE?” She yelled, loud enough to disturb some bird in the trees above them. Hermione squeezed her eyes closed and tried to calm herself. Harry and Ron just looked at her with a mix of worry, discomfort and confusion.

“Harry, Ron. You’re my best friends. This...this isn’t something I ask lightly. I….can’t let them do what they want to me. To take my…” Hermione trailed off, letting the words hang in the air. “I need to know that I’m able to protect myself, and If I'm not, I need to get there.”

Harry wanted to argue, but in truth, her words made sense. Training is the only way to get better at anything.

“When you say try…” Ron began to question.

“I mean try. Full on. We don’t stop until I fight you off or….the alternative.” Hermione explained quietly.
“There has to be another way.” Harry said, shaking his head.

“Do you think I’d be standing here if there was? This needs to happen, and you can’t go easy on me. The Death Eaters sure won’t. If I can’t fight the two of you off, my best friends, what chance do I stand against them? You both said you’d do anything for me. I NEED this from you two. Please.” Hermione begged desperately. She hated this, hated having to ask them of this. But it was necessary. It was life or death.

They all fell silent for a while, just standing there, looking at each other uncomfortably.

“If...If we do this...we need a signal to show that it’s enough, that it’s too far.” Ron said after a while. Hermione thought for a second, and then said.


Ron gulped, and then nodded, and then looked at Harry, who fidgeted with his glasses, then nodded back. They both then looked at Hermione, who nodded as well. All three of them took out their wands. Hermione moved back, giving the two boys some space.

“Hermione...we really don’t want to do this…” Ron stressed. Hermione gave him a sad smile.

“I know. Now come at me.” 

Harry was the first to move, sending an Expelliarmus at Hermione - his go to. Hermione blocked it; Ron sent one of his own, which Hermione ducked under, just barely. They traded offensive and defensive spells for a few minutes, with the boys trying to disarm her and move forward, and Hermione blocking and dodging them, and sending spells to make them keep their distance.

But something was off. 

Hermione had seen Harry and Ron duel at the Ministry of Magic 5th year. She had seen them duel in the café against Rowle and Dolohov. She knew what they were capable of.

They were going easy on her. 

“Snitch.” Hermione said, voice tight. The boys immediately lowered their wands, thinking that she had come to her senses and realized how crazy her request was. Hermione frowned deeply, and suddenly sent a Stinging Hex at Ron and Harry. It wasn’t something that was effective in a fight, but they hurt.

“Oh! Hermione, what-” Harry began. Hermione shot another hex at them

“Quit it!” Ron yelled, trying to cover himself from the stinging sensation.

“You’re going easy on me! You’re fucking going easy on me.” Hermione accused, continuing to throw rapid stinging hexes at them.

“Mione, we’re not-” Ron tried, earning him another round of stings

“Don’t lie to me!” She yelled. “Do you think this is a game? We’re not play fighting here! Death Eaters won’t hold back, Voldemort won’t fucking hold back!”

Fine, fine! Hermione.” Harry said, blocking her last stinging hex. “We’ll do it again. We’ll do it….right.”

Hermione sent a last stinging hex in their direction for good measure, before nodding, and resetting her position.

This time it was Ron who sent the first spell, Expulspo. He aimed it at Hermione’s legs. Hermione was able to jump back to avoid direct impact, but the force of the spell made her stumble backwards. Harry took the opening to send his own spell, another Expelliarmus, but with much more force behind it. Hermione managed to block it, but it nearly broke her wrist. Harry and Ron began to hurl spell after spell at her with much more intensity than before. She was being overwhelmed, and pushed back, fast. Her eyes went wide, realizing she couldn’t very well keep this up, so she did the next best thing.

She turned and ran.

The boys gave chase, continuing to send a litany of curses at the brunette. She did her best to dodge them, and send her own spells their way as they chased her away from camp. Ron shot a trip jinx at Hermione’s legs, which connected with her right calf. She toppled forward, and in that moment she broke the most cardinal rule of wizard fights - she dropped her wand. It flew out several feet in front of her, landing in a pile of leaves. Hermione looked back, and saw Ron and Harry gaining on her. She crawled forward desperately, reaching out to try and grab her wand, but Ron was upon her before she could get to it. He reached out and grabbed her by her ankle, and began dragging her back away from her wand. Hermione screamed, and tried to roll to her back, and began to kick at Ron, throw sticks, rocks, whatever she could at him. Harry caught up to the struggle, and cast Incarcerous at her wrists, effectively binding them with magically conjured ropes.

“No! NO! Get off of me! Get the fuck off of me!” Hermione yelled as she continued to struggle. Harry and Ron dropped to the ground, Harry going to her head and pinning her bound wrists above it, and Ron settling between her legs. His hands went to the waist of her pants, and he roughly undid the button, and unzipped them. He dragged them down her squirming legs. He managed to get them off, dragging her shoes off with them. He went to his own waist band, and pushed his pants down just over his hips. That’s when she saw it. His dick. She shouldn’t be surprised at his size, given how big the redhead was. He was already half hard, not at all helped by her constant squirming and rubbing up against him. She began to struggle with renewed fever, trying to hold her legs closed while trying to free herself from their grasp . Harry continued to hold her arms above her head, watching as Ron grabbed her knees, and slowly pried Hermione’s legs open. He wondered why she didn’t just say Snitch. They had her. But Hermione couldn’t just give up, not like this. If she did, she knew she wouldn’t survive the war. She had to keep fighting. 

Ron opened Hermione’s legs enough to fit his body between them, his cock resting on her underwear

“No…oh Merlin no!” Hermione cried out. 

Her cries of distress were getting to Ron, making him tremble, so he just pushed forward. He moved her panties to the side, adjusted himself, and slammed himself into her. Her eyes went to the size of dinner plates, and her mouth gaped open, before she shrieked louder than either of them ever heard her before. Her body went rigid in their arms, and then still, stock till. She squeezed her eyes closed and whimpered uglily, Harry looked as if he was going to vomit, and Ron just looked away, face pale. He didn’t dare move.

“I-I didn’t say Snitch.” Hermione eventually croaked out. 

“Merlin Hermione, WHY?” Harry asked, absolutely bewildered. Hermione suddenly reached for his wand, grabbing it away from him. She caught him off guard, and she tried to swing her arms to point it at Ron, but the red head smacked it away. Harry grabbed her wrists again, repining them above her head, and this time, Ron began to thrust his hips. Hermione thrashed wildly, cursing and screaming, helplessly saying spells without her wand. Ron pushed down on Hermione’s knees, spreading them open wider, and giving himself leverage as he fucked into her. He tried to do it gently at first, not going in as deep as he could, but after a few minutes he was ramming into her with full strokes, balls deep, hard enough to make her body rock. She struggled, trying to break free from their grasps. The air was pushed from her lungs every time Ron snapped his hips forward and filled her. It burned between her legs, involuntary tears ran down her face. 

Eventually, her kicks and squirms died down, and she just laid there limply, her head to the side looking away, as Ron held her down and fucked her.

Harry and Ron looked at each other in horror. Hermione had given up. Hermione never gave up. She couldn’t just give up now. Not like this. Harry thought quickly, leaned down to bring his face close to hers.

“You like that, don’t you mudblood.” He growled into her ear. Hermione’s eyes widened once more, and her eyes snapped up to look at Harry.” Yeah, you do. Glad you mudbloods are good for something.”

Ron looked at Harry like he was crazy until he felt Hermione’s renewing her struggle under him.
“S-screw you!” Hermione said, trying to pull her hands away from Harry. Ron picked up what he was doing, and that it was bringing life back to their friend. He began to drive into her even harder, getting into the character that Harry began.

“Your cunt is tight, for a girl who let all of Gryffindor fuck her.” Ron growled as he continued to fuck her harder and harder. Hermione began to fight even harder. Harder than before even. She bared her teeth at the redhead like a wild animal, nostrils flaring.

“By Merlin, I’ll kill you! I’ll make you regret ever running into me!” Hermione threatened, struggling so hard that Harry and Ron actually thought she might break away from them. They didn’t stop, continuing to call her mudblood, whore, cunt. Harry held her wrists with one hand and his knees, and took to slapping Hermione in the face periodically. Ron had snaked his hand under her jumper, and was fondling her breasts over her bra, as he continued to pump into her. This rougher treatment was working, as Hermione was fighting like her life depended on it. Ultimately however, it wasn’t enough, and to her shame, her body betrayed her; a fierce orgasm ripping through her body. Her first.

“Nooooooo….” Hermione moaned out as her cunt spasmed around Ron. The sensation was more than enough to send Ron over the edge. He bottomed out in Hermione, unloading into her. He pumped his hips shallowly, emptying his balls. Hermione groaned at the sensation, and squirmed. Eventually, Ron rolled off her, and Harry instinctually let go of her wrists and stood. He thought they were done. That this fucked up ordeal was done. That was until he saw Hermione weakly roll to her stomach, and inch her way towards her wand. 

“Harry...there’s two of us.” Ron said strangely. Harry looked at Hermione, who was still trying to crawl toward her wand, body shuddering, sobs and hiccups escaping her body.

She hadn’t said Snitch yet.

Harry gulped, and moved over Hermione. He sat down on the back of her thighs to keep her in place. He undid his trousers, pulling his dick out. He was ashamed to admit it, but he was hard watching Ron take her. He loomed over her, pressing his back onto her, his weight keeping her from moving too much. Hermione whipped her head back, connecting the back of her head to his chin. It hurt, and disoriented him a bit, but wasn’t enough to knock him off of her. He grabbed her wrists, and wrenched her arms behind her back, holding them in black with one hand. Hermione threw her head back again, trying to headbutt him once more, but he caught her this time, grabbing her hair at the root of her scalp, and tugging her head upward. 

“You’ll pay for that mudblood.” He growled into her ear, before driving forward into her. Hermione groaned out, as Harry began to fuck her from behind, hips slapping against her ass with each brutal thrust. He kept whispering terrible things into her ear, and she kept fighting, trying to free her hands. Harry set a hard brutal pace - he was able to slide in and out of her with ease, her hole being lubricated by Ron’s seed. Hermione clenched her jaw, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of forcing moans or whimpers out of her. Her eyes crossed, as another orgasm was forced from her body, even more intense than the first. She heard Harry gasp, and his hips picked up speed. With a final thrust, he rammed himself fully into her, and she felt his cock pulse, and more warm wetness filled her.

“S-snitch!” She gasped out. Harry pulled out of her as quickly as he could, but he was still mid orgasm. When he pulled out, he shot a rope of cum all over her ass and thighs. He fell to his but, breathing heavily. Hermione laid in the dirt, shuddering, trying to catch her breath, occasionally sniffling. She used her sleeve to wipe the tears from her face. She crawled to her wand, and cast a quick scourgify on her lower body.

“Ron.” She said, voice hoarse.


“Give me my pants back.”

Ron didn’t say anything, just grabbing her jeans and shakily handing to her. She slowly rolled onto her back, and slid them back up her legs. Harry couldn’t look at her, eyes cast downwards. Finally, Ron decided to speak again.

“Hermione…” he said, voice barely above a whisper. “I...we-”

“Don’t you dare apologize.” She cut him. Hermione sat up, groaning in pain as she did. “You did exactly what I asked.”

“We raped you.” Harry said, still not looking at her.

“Which is what I asked. You two fit the role perfectly.”

Harry frowned and looked up at his friends. Her face was dirty, streaked with dirt, tears, sweat and snot, but she looked….calm almost. Calmer than Harry and Ron at least.

“Are….are you ok?” Ron asked.

“No Ron. I’m not okay. You two were able to pin me down and have your way with me. My two best friends. And I wasn’t able to do a thing about it. As it is, I don’t stand a chance against someone who actually wants to do me harm.” She explained, bringing her knees to her chest. She looked up, face contemplative as it was so many times before. “I need to get stronger. I need to be better. I need to train more.”

Harry gulped, not liking how this was sounding.

“Hermione...what are you trying to say?” He asked, dreadful feeling in his stomach that he already knew the answer.
“I’m saying, if at first you don’t succeed…... try, try again.”

Ron looked confused, not getting the muggle saying.

“We’re gonna do this again, and again, until I can fight you both off.” She declared, standing. Ron and Harry just stared at her, as she turned, and hobbled back to camp.

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