The Bar

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer! Obviously I do not own or make money off of Harry Potter, just having a bit of fun :)

Disclaimer! Obviously I do not own or make money off of Harry Potter, just having a bit of fun :)

I'm new to this! I've read a few stories on here and wanted to make my own. This chapter is a set up as if I wanted to create a story and is quite long in case it was only a one shot. It's the first sort of fan fiction I've ever written and I'm lowkey embarrassed by the quality. I ended up writting a few more chapters and I think they're a bit better, but it took a little bit to settle into writing so please give this a chance! 

Anyway I hope you enjoy if you do read it! (Again it is quite long, and the smut is a bit intense for chapter 1 LOL)

Chapter 1


Harry was circling the rim of his glass with his index finger. Deep in thought. This had been his fourth drink and he was debating on getting another.

It had been another long week of work at the Ministry, and his attempt at relaxation was drowning himself in alcohol. 

Shit. He thought. 

He caught Rita Skeeter eyeing him from across the bar, green feathered quill whisking away, an evil glint in her eyes as she clutched her crocodile-skin bag. 

Deciding to ignore her, he drank the remaining contents of his glass and walked up to the bartender to get a fifth glass, hoping to strike up some sort of conversation in order to distract himself. 

"What’ll it be?" The dark bartender asked. His brown eyes gleaming. 

"Firewhiskey this time." Harry replied, gazing around the rest of the bar. 

"Ogden’s?" He asked.

Harry nodded curtly in confirmation. Still looking around the room as if anticipating something would catch his eye. 

The bartender placed the drink down in front of Harry and he in turn placed down 4 sickles.

He then met those dark brown eyes, "How do you reckon five drinks’ll do me in?"

The broad man chuckled. "That depends how you handle your alcohol, mate."

Harry huffed in response. "If only I had a stomach of steel.

This warranted another chuckle from the bartender who leaned down on his elbows, now eye-level with Harry.

"What’s got the Chosen One so down?" He asked, with an almost coquettish tone.

It was Harry’s turn to chuckle. "I guess you could say, ‘being the Chosen One’." Harry said nonchalantly waving the hand in which he was holding his glass. 

The bartender raised an eyebrow.

Harry took a sip of his Firewhiskey. "The war has been over for three bloody years now, and people have yet failed to see me as anything more than just that." He took another sip, green eyes boring cheekily into the man across the counter. "Lots of stares, lots of pressure..never a dull moment."

The bartender nodded in understanding, straightening his arms against the counter, now standing tall again. "Ah, I see. It’s a wonder you continue to show your face in public, then." He smirked. 

Harry scoffed sarcastically. "Har-Har."

The bartender laughed. "At least you’ve got a sense of humour" he said smiling. 

"Yes, yes it’s all I have left." Harry said, laughing. 

This warranted a slight smirk from the tall man. And Harry smiled coyly. 

"I’m sorry for my somber mood this evening, Rita Skeeter’s over in the corner trying to dig something up on me." He said, cocking his head in the direction the crude woman was sitting. 

"Don’t let that damsel get you in distress." He winked, turning his head back to meet Harry’s eyes after seeing the reporter. "There will alway be something she will try and report about you, dear Harry Potter." He said sighing, sympathetically. 

"Oh yes, it seems I will never leave the media’s eye." He said dreamily, sipping his drink. 

The man smiled. Harry drank a large gulp of his drink, eyeing the man carefully. His thoughts, clouded with a bit of alcohol, were starting to get...less than innocent so to speak, and he was worried his eyes were betraying him as the man’s smile turned into more of a smirk.

The man then looked away and brought his hand to scratch the back of his neck, an obvious attempt at trying to show off his sinewy biceps, pretending to look around the room, in the direction opposite Harry. 

Harry, still holding his glass at his mouth, licked his lips and then finished its contents. Placing it down, a little harder than needed, still looking at the man, said "I’ll have another."

The man turned back and raised his eyebrows, a lustuous glint hiding behind his brown irises. He took Harry’s glass and went to fill it. Then returned saying "This is the last drink I am going to serve you tonight, Harry." In a quite finite tone, staring sternly into Harry’s vibrant green eyes.

Harry furrowed his brow. "Why’s that?" He said skeptically. 

"Because six drinks is enough for a night out." He smiled slightly. "This one’s on the house considering you had a bad week..think of it as a way to mend it a bit." He smiled.

I could think of a different way you could mend it. Harry thought, still keeping eye contact with the dark man.

"Thank you" Harry said kindly, but placed five sickles on the counter and slid them towards the man. "Your tip." Harry smiled defiantly. 

The man hesitated, obviously not wanting to take the money, but also not wanting to appear rude, and said firmly "Thank you, but I don’t take bribes."

Harry raised a hand, "‘tis is not a bribe, but a token of my appreciation, as you always keep me company when I’m drinking in solitude." 

"It is a bartender’s job to cheer up his customers, not the other way around." He tilted his head as he said the last bit, as if he was tipping his hat to a friend in passing. 

Harry nodded, "Well you took away my Firewhiskey, so I can’t say I’m as cheerful as I hoped." He said jokingly. 

The bartender rolled his eyes at the very dramatic dark haired man sitting in front of him. 

"Please. Take it." Harry insisted, challenging the man with his eyes. 

"Thank you Harry." The bartender said warmly, eyes flickering as he kept eye contact with Harry. 

They stared at each other, longer than they should have. Harry shivered slightly as he thought about jumping over the counter and pulling the man into a kiss. The man seemed to have read his mind, as his expression turned to a lustful longing, his dark lips parting slightly.

Harry took this as an opportunity to tease the man. He raised an eyebrow and licked his lips, seductively taking a small sip of his whiskey, not breaking the stare. 

"Like what you see?" Harry smirked kindly. 

The bartender glared, but faltered a bit. Then bent down, his elbows on the counter again. He leaned towards Harry and whispered against his ear. "Don’t temp me Harry." His voice was deep and husky. 

The feeling of the bartender’s soft breath went straight through his skin, sending a vitalizing jolt to Harry’s manhood. His throat dropped and he swallowed audibly. The bartender pulled away, with a satisfied smirk plastered across his face. 

"Have a good night Harry, I hope to see you again soon." He said with a wink and flirtatious smile as he walked a ways down the counter to help other customers, not waiting for Harry’s response.

Harry grumbled under his breath, taking a swig of the whiskey. He silently cursed at the fact he let himself get so hot and bothered at the smallest of interactions. 

Although could he really blame himself. The bartender had dark piercing eyes and equally dark, gleaming skin. And he flirted with Harry. That was the absolute most Harry was getting these day. He’d settle for a one night stand at this rate. 

Harry put it out of his mind as he continued sipping at his drink, feeling the affects of its contents more seriously now, slipping between heavily tipsy, to slightly inebriated. He didn’t think of Rita Skeeter anymore, but he did notice that she had left. He was a bit more focused on the erection in his jeans. His mind kept travelling to the dark man, imagining him taking Harry into the back and having his way with him. Harry groaned internally as he thought of the man’s lips on his neck and his hands feeling his way down to his painful erection. 

Stop it. He thought to himself and shook his head of his dirty thoughts. He soon was just about done with his drink.

Taking one last gulp, he left his glass on the counter and stood up to leave. Adjusting himself the best he could, he heaved on his cloak and headed for the door. 

The bartender caught his eye again and gave him a look that told him he noticed Harry’s hard on. Harry flushed, turning the other way and continuing towards the exit. 

After walking out he barely took one step before colliding with someone entering the bar. 

He grabbed his forehead in pain and bent over, before noticing the counterpart was grabbing his own forehead. 

Malfoy. Harry thought, a bit shocked as he hadn’t seen the man in quite some time. Malfoy looked back at him. Eyes widened in surprise. 

"Potter." He said firmly. 

Harry held his hand out. 

"Sorry about that, Malfoy. I need to look where I’m going more often," he said smiling "How have you been?"

The blonde raised an eyebrow at Harry’s outstretched hand and shook it skeptically. 

"Fine. You?" He asked shortly. 

Harry just shook his head. "Not bad, just busy running into people." He smiled.

"Mmhm," Malfoy nodded, still with one eyebrow raised, confused. 

Harry kept eye contact with the blond, before taking in how much he had changed. It had been quite some time since he’d seen him, over a year at the very least. He looked quite good, a bit taller than Harry, lean, and his jaw more defined than when he was younger, if that were possible. His strong arms crossed at the front of his chest, his sharp grey eyes staring back at Harry. 

Of course Harry himself looked good. He was muscular and toned, being an auror trainer had its perks. He kept up his physique and knew he was hot. His hair though was still a mess, as untameable as it was, and he sported some scruff on his now hard jawline. 

Malfoy continued looking at him and scoffed. He opened his mouth to say something, but Harry cut him off. 

"Well I best be going. Have a good night, Malfoy." He said tipping his head and grabbing an invisible hat on his head. Harry thought it was best to be polite, and didn’t want to break into their old banter.

Harry walked off. The blond however did not move, standing a bit confused, still by the door. 


Harry’s left hand was pressing on the shower wall. Head bent down the water running over his hair and going in his eyes. 

He didn’t care much as he was currently a bit busy doing something with his right hand. 

"Ohh." Harry moaned, as he stroked his cock, hard and slowly. 

Images of the bartender flashed behind his eyes as he touched himself, imagining he were kneeling in front of Harry. Harry threw his head back. "Agh." He cried. 

Harry started pumping faster as he imagined the feeling of the water down his cock was the bartender’s tongue. 

Harry was moaning just at what he could do to himself. He smiled to himself, as he felt the heat rising in his naval. He steadied himself more, and went harder and faster, images of the dark man flashing in his mind. 

So close. He was so close. He threw his head back again, eyes screwed shut, until a different image popped into his head.


His eyes snapped open, he wavered a bit. 

He was too close, he couldn’t stop now. He jerked his throbbing cock a few more times before moaning out loud, spilling his hot load over the shower wall, riding out his orgasm. 

He looked down, huffing out of breath, the hot water still pouring over him. He rinsed himself off and finished his shower, grabbing a towel and rubbing his hair through it.

He felt manly. He was well endowed, and had strong, hard muscles coursing through his body. He toweled off and tied it on his waist right beneath his hip bones, just barely covering his now, half-soft erection, and showing the deep V he sported. He walked into his room and sat on the bed, before grabbing his glasses from his nightstand. 

Malfoy popped into his head again. 

Why had he saw him? He thought to himself. 

Sure Malfoy had grown quite a bit, and he couldn’t deny the man was attractive, but to think of him during a wank? 

He shook his head, trying to release the thoughts from his mind. He really needed to get shagged. 

Currently, he was into blokes more than women. He had been with both, since the end of the war, but was going through a dry spell and noticed he was far more attracted to men when he was horny than women. 

Maybe he’d go out again tomorrow night, and bring someone home.

"Yeah, I’ll do that." Harry said out loud, not entirely sure why. 

He got ready for bed, flicked on the TV, and eventually dozed off to sleep. 

The next evening Harry had returned to the same bar. Harry sat in the corner again, perusing the crowd, trying to see if there was anyone who would catch his eye.

So far tonight he had only one drink. A beer, which he was currently still nursing as he looked around the bar. His ohsofavourite bartender wasn’t there tonight, at least not yet, and no one satisfactory had taken his place. 

Harry was bummed out by that. He was hoping to see him. But nevertheless there was still a fair share of eye catchers that night. 

There was a beautiful girl with dark brown hair, lighter than Harry’s, but not by much. She had thick thighs and a nice chest, sporting bright blue eyes. She had peaked Harry’s interest and he had been watching her a while. She was sitting with a cute red head, and though she was pretty he would not be striking up conversation with the young woman. He had sworn off redheads after Ginny. They of course were still great friends, the Weasley’s being like his own family and all, but he noticed redheads seem to have a fire in their eyes, as bright as their hair, and there was no putting it out when it flared up. 

Harry turned his gaze to another person who had caught his eye. A thin, brown haired man was sitting with two girls, although it was quite apparent that neither were his date. He was lanky, and a bit nerdy. Harry seemed to sense he played for the same team as the only people who caught his gaze, were men. 

Harry kept sipping his beer, keeping to himself for now. He ended up getting called in earlier to help with some issues in the auror department. He didn’t fully mind, but he was tired from the now even longer week, so to speak. Not to mention he woke up feeling groggy from the night before. 

Harry had just gotten another beer before noticing someone else in the back corner. Sitting with two guys and a girl, a tall, blond man sat. The same blond man that had hit him square in the face the night before. 

Malfoy had not seen Harry, at least he thought. His attention seemed to be on those he was surrounded by. Harry wondered why the man had peaked his interest so much. Why now, his former school-boy enemy, seemed to be able to creep into his mind and stay there. He was unsure of what to chalk it up to, but nevertheless it was there. He was caught in his mind like a fly in a spider’s web.

Harry forced himself to look away. He wouldn’t be caught dead staring at Draco Malfoy. He found the pair of brown eyes that belonged to the thin brunet. The man made eye contact with Harry, then blushed and looked away. 

Shy guy. Harry thought to himself. Good to know. He looked away slightly to see if the man would look at him again, and sure enough Harry had felt his stare on his skin. He had a sixth sense for this type of shit. It was something he had picked up, always on the run in his prior years. 

Harry decided to wait before making eye contact with the man again, and turned his attention to the girl with her dark hair cascading down her back. She had her back to him, but her ginger friend could get a clear view of Harry checking out that fine arse she had. The girl have a quick eyebrow raise to her friend and nodded in Harry’s direction. 

She met his green eyes with her bright, light blue ones and gave a smirk. She turned back to her friend flipping her hair in the process and sticking her arse out just a bit more than before, accentuating her thick curves and thin waist.

Harry’s cock gave a small twitch. Nothing serious, but he did love a good tease. Although he’d wait till he had another drink or two in him before going up to her, or maybe even the brown eyed boy. 

Harry kept to himself for the next half hour or so, reading through the book he brought and looking around the room. Malfoy caught his eyes a few more times, all ending in Harry forcing himself to look away. 

When he was on his third or fourth beer he felt someone sit down across from him. He looked up from his book.

It was the blue-eyed girl. 

"Hi there." She said brightly. 

Harry smiled. "Hey there." She had a face shaped like a heart, with a defined jawbone, and piercing eyes.

"Why are you sitting all alone on this fine Saturday evening?"

Harry chuckled. "If I told you I wouldn’t be the mysterious man sitting alone now would I?"

"No," she laughed "I suppose you wouldn’t."

"I’m Harry." Harry held out his hand. 

"Dalia." She took his. 

Instead of shaking her hand he brought her hand up to his mouth and placed a kiss. 

"Nice to meet you Dalia." She blushed. 

"Who knew you’d be such a gentleman?" She joked airily. 

"Ah what can I say?" He looked up dramatically as he said the words. 

She laughed. She had a sense of humour. 

"Well I thought I’d introduce you to the front of me, since you seem to have gotten to know my back half pretty well." She smirked. 

"And you didn’t dare disappoint." His eyes flashing with an evil glint in his eyes. 

She stood up from her chair and moved towards the dark haired man. She brought her hand up to cup his chin and brought her face to his. 

She whispered in his ear. "Find me before you leave tonight." Then she walked away, swaying her hips, and looked back and winked. 

Well at least she’s forward. Harry thought to himself. His eyes traveled to Malfoy. He had looked away quickly as Harry looked at him. 

Had he been looking at him? No. He wouldn’t be. Why would Malfoy be looking at him?

Harry turned his gaze to the bar. Still not here. Maybe he wasn’t working tonight. Harry sighed internally. Realizing he only returned to this bar for one person. He shook his head and then walked up to get a glass of Odgen’s. 

He hadn’t realized someone was at the bar ordering the same thing, directly to his left. 


He turned to Harry.

"Fancy seeing you two nights in a row." He said, his eyes bottomless. 

Harry’s stomach lurched. "Yes, I suppose." 

"I’ve never seen you at this bar." Malfoy said raising an eyebrow, a snotty tone rising in his voice that reminded Harry an awful lot of fifth year. 

"Well I frequent this bar quite often, so we must be missing each other." Harry said somewhat shortly, wondering why they still seemed stuck in a taunt-less banter. 

Malfoy narrowed his eyes. "Mm, sure."

"What?" Harry asked confused. 

"It’s just strange is’s been a while since I’ve seen you." He said dismissively.

"Oh am I not allowed to go to the bar or something?" It was now Harry’s turn to narrow his eyes. 

Malfoy scoffed. "Of course not Potter, it’s just strange is all." Then he sipped his drink, facing forward. 

"Right then." Harry said. 

A few minutes passed, yet neither person moved. They had been sipping their Firewhiskey. Harry for some reason was slightly annoyed. 

"Why do you seem so angry?" Harry blurted out before he could stop himself. 

Malfoy snorted. "Ha. Me? Angry? What on earth would I have to be angry about?" He said exasperated. 

"I detect a bit of sarcasm in that, Malfoy." Harry said glaring at the blond. 

Malfoy raised his arms, spilling a bit of his drink on his hand. "Hey look at know what sarcasm is." 

Harry was livid. "What on earth is your problem?" 

Malfoy laughed. It had lunacy lacing through it. 

"What?" Harry demanded. 

"Nothing, nothing. I just never thought I’d be seeing you again. That’s all.” Malfoy said, sipping his drink and facing forward. 

"So you’re angry you had to see me then? Well I’m terribly sorry for exisiting.” Harry replied, a bit harshly. 

"No you git." Malfoy said flatly, but did not clarify. 

"Well what then?" Harry asked, incredulous. 

"I just don’t think you’re being entirely truthful." Malfoy said, not looking at Harry. "I come here every weekend and never see you." 

Harry narrowed his eyes once again. "Well I have no reason to lie to you." 

Malfoy raised his eyebrows and chuckled. 

"Are you drunk?” Harry raised his eyebrows back.

Malfoy turned to him, glaring. "What’s it to you how many drinks I’ve had?" 

Harry threw his hands up. "It was just a need to get all bent out of shape about it..” Harry conceded. 

Malfoy huffed. 

“Honestly Malfoy, you’re acting like a child. “ Harry chided. 

"Oh real mature, Potter." He spat 

Harry scoffed, his temper rising to dangerous heights. "Yes I am mature, actually. In fact it seems you’re the one who can’t get past this ‘school-boy’ bickering. It’s been over three bloody years Malfoy. Get over it."

Malfoy stood abruptly. He looked furious, eyes blaring into Harry. He stepped towards the man, into Harry’s personal space, and looked down at him.

Harry gulped, quietly enough that Malfoy may have missed it. 

Malfoy looked over him, and after a few seconds, Harry regained any courage he had lost. 

Standing up, now pressed against the slightly taller blond man, Harry spat "If you’ve got something to say to me just say it.”

Before Harry realized what was happening, Malfoy grabbed Harry’s arms. 


Harry was no longer in the bar. His heart sank. How could he have been so stupid? He walked into a trap, Malfoy had apparated them somewhere. His heart was thundering in his chest and before he could do anything Malfoy’s lips were crashed onto Harry’s.

Harry gasped, taken aback. His first instinct was to push Malfoy away, but as he brought his hands up to Malfoy’s chest, he grabbed Harry’s wrists and pushed Harry onto a bed that Harry hadn’t seen behind him. Malfoy pinned Harry’s arms above his head and started to kiss down his neck. 

Harry let out a small gasp. His blood went south as he felt his cock stirring slightly. Malfoy was nipping at Harry’s neck and licking it in small strokes. Before Harry could even get over the shock of what just unfolded, he let out a small, but desperate moan. 

Malfoy groaned in response and brought his lips back to Harry’s. This time Harry kissed back and Malfoy moaned, warranting a needy whine from Harry. Malfoy started to grind against Harry and he felt Malfoy's prominent erection pressing on his hip, near his growing erection. 

Harry tried to fight against Malfoy’s restraint on his wrists, wanting to touch Malfoy, to grab his hair, but Malfoy just pressed Harry’s wrists further into the bed. 

Harry moaned and started bucking his hips against the blond, who growled in response. Moving Harry’s wrists to one hand, Malfoy grabbed his wand and silently vanished their shirts. Harry gasped at the skin on skin contact and Malfoy took this as an opportunity to stick his tongue down Harry’s throat. Harry moaned and bucked harder against the blond. 

Malfoy took his free hand and pressed it down on Harry’s hips, stopping him from rutting against him. Harry groaned in frustration. 

Malfoy looked down at Harry, an evil glint in his eye. 

"Looks like Potter really does play for the same team." He said and crashed his lips back onto Harry’s. Harry moaned again, cursing himself in his head for actually enjoying this. This was Draco Malfoy. They just had a row over nothing and now were furiously snogging. The idea was incredulous. 

Malfoy started kissing down his neck again, making Harry shudder. He trailed his kisses over Harry’s chest until he found a hard, perky nipple and he sucked hard. Harry bucked his hips against Malfoy’s restraining hand and groaned. He looked down at Malfoy who was looking up at him a with pure lust on his face. 

Not breaking eye contact with Harry he trailed further down his chest before placing kisses around his belly button and down his happy trail. 

Harry threw his head back. "Fuck!" He said out loud, not meaning to. He immediately brought his hands up to cover his face. Malfoy moved over him quickly. He felt Malfoy’s face hovering above his and refused to move his hands. 

Malfoy brought his lips to Harry’s neck. Slowly kissing him. Teasing him. He kissed his ear, avoiding Harry’s arms blocking his face, and nibbled on his earlobe. Harry gasped. He felt Malfoy smirk against him. 

"You know, Harry, there’s no shame in enjoying a good time." He whispered in his ear, still smirking. Harry gasped at the sound of his name on Malfoy’s lips. Malfoy was straddling him now, looking down at him. He gently took Harry’s wrists and removed his hands from his face, before bending down and kissing Harry. Harry returned the kiss with fervour lifting his head up to better meet the blond’s lips, forgetting his emabrassment.

This warranted a moan from Malfoy and he kissed Harry harder. Harry brought his hands up to Malfoy’s face and cupped his chin, deepening the kiss. Malfoy moaned again, and Harry felt his ego rising. He took this as an opportunity to flip them over so Harry was on top. 

He was straddling the blond and could feel his dangerously hard erection beneath him. He rubbed against it. Malfoy threw his head back making a loud groan, sounding somewhat like a small scream. 

Harry moaned and kissed the blond, passionately, using his tongue to explore Malfoy’s. Then Harry started kissing Malfoy’s strong, defined jawline and Malfoy started writhing beneath him. Harry was rock hard at this point and grinded against Malfoy’s equally hard cock, warranting a moan from both of them. Harry kissed down Malfoy’s neck, licking and nipping at the pale, ivory skin. The blond moaned and started bucking his hips. 

"Mmmm, Harry." He whined. 

Harry kissed Malfoy’s neck up to his ear and whispered "Yes?"

Malfoy moaned and said desperately "More. I want more, please." 

Harry moaned kissing his neck again and humming in response. He had Draco Malfoy begging for him. The feeling was euphoric. He wanted to tease him, he wanted to really hear him beg for Harry. 

Harry kissed down his neck to his chest before finding his pebbled nipples and taking one between his thumb and index finger and wrapping his lips around the other. 

Malfoy mewled, bucking his hips against Harry, making Harry moan. Harry’s head was cloudy with lust. He wanted to see all of Malfoy. He started fumbling with his belt buckle and zipper on his jeans. Malfoy threw his head back, moaning in anticipation. He started bucking his hips, making the task of removing his pants significantly harder. 

"Do you want me to take off your trousers, or don’t you?" Harry smirked up at the man. 

He moaned, and reluctantly stopped bucking his hips against Harry’s hands. "I-I want you to." He managed to say. 

Harry growled and threw his head back before going to work again. He successfully removed his jeans and pulled them down off his ankles. Using this as an opportunity to tease him, he kissed up Malfoy’s leg, focusing on his thighs and gently brushing his fingers on his hip bones. Malfoy cried out "Fuck! Please Harry, please touch me."

Harry looked up from Malfoy’s thigh. "Oh, but I am touching you." Harry smiled evilly. Draco threw his head back again. "My cock. I want you to touch my cock. Please." He begged. 

"I don’t think I’m done teasing you yet." Harry said simply. Malfoy whimpered. 

"Harry please." Malfoy pleaded. Harry liked hearing his first name coming from the blond’s lips. Harry met those dark grey eyes with his emerald green ones. 

"I’ll think about it." He winked and Malfoy groaned, and then Harry started to remove Malfoy’s briefs, making the blond moan. Harry stopped before pulling his underwear off completely, transfixed by Malfoy’s long throbbing cock, wet with just a bit of precum and red with need. Harry let out a small sound between a gasp and a moan. Malfoy threw his head back with the feeling of Harry’s breath on his cock. Harry gulped, but then pulled the last remaining clothing off of his legs.

Harry edged his way up again, kissing along his thighs and then in the crevice that joined his hips with his pelvic bone. Malfoy groaned and put his hand in Harry’s hair, silently urging him to put his mouth on his dick. Harry wasn’t going to suck it just yet. He placed kisses everywhere on Malfoy except where he wanted, finding a few hotspots along the way, making Malfoy moan with need. Then finally Harry started fondling Malfoy’s bollocks kissing the place between them and his arse. Malfoy bucked his hips, practically screaming. 

"FUCK." Malfoy cried, writhing beneath Harry’s touch. Harry gasped and felt Malfoy shudder. Then he licked from his perineum to his bollocks and swirled his tongue in circles. Malfoy legs were going wild. He grabbed Harry’s hair with one hand and his own dick with the other and started jerking furiously. Harry was not having that. Harry grabbed both of Malfoy’s wrists and pinned them to his side, leaving him mewling and kicking, itching with need. Harry’s eyes were dark with lust as he eyed the blond. 

"Patience Malfoy, you’ll get it soon enough." Harry said teasingly. 

Malfoy moaned. "Draco." He whimpered. "Call me Draco." He said his breath heaving with need. 

"Alright.." Harry said raising Malfoy’s..rather, Draco’s hands, pinning them above his head and kissing his neck up to his ear, gently sucking on the lobe. "Patience, Draco." He whispered against Draco’s ear, letting his mouth linger there. 

Draco whined and bucked his hips. Harry’s own erection was started to cause him pain now. Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes he leaned down onto Draco kissing him. Draco responded immediately, shoving his tongue into Harry’s mouth, moaning. 

"Undo my belt." Harry demanded against the blond’s lips. Draco nodded and brought his hands to Harry’s waist, cupping Harry’s erection before starting to remove Harry’s pants. Harry moaned, kissing Draco harder. Draco moaned. 

Draco uncovered Harry’s erection just pulling his pants down slightly, and started jerking it, slowly. Harry gasped against Draco’s lips and moaned as Draco picked up pace. Harry went to kiss Draco’s neck again and kissed all the way down from Draco’s neck to his throbbing member, now leaking with precum. 

Harry kicked off his trousers and briefs before turning his attention to Draco’s rock hard erection. Harry decided he could no longer wait. He licked a stripe up the blond’s member warranting a shudder from the man. He swirled Draco’s precum around the head with his tongue, focusing on his tip. Draco moaned. "Harry!" He cried out. "Please." He whimpered. 

Harry was happy to oblige and wrapped his lips around the hard member, still furiously working his tongue before bobbing his head up and down. Draco moaned so loud. He grabbed Harry’s hair and pushed his face down onto his cock, rocking his hips against Harry’s mouth. Harry moaned with Draco’s cock in his mouth and sucked hard, warranting a loud gasp from Draco. "Harry!" He cried. "So good..fuck don’t stop." Harry growled and continued to suck hard, before taking the blond’s member deep into his throat and swallowed. 

"FUCK! Harry please don’t stop, I’m so close, please." Draco begged. 

Harry decided to be evil once more. He pulled away from the blond’s throbbing erection. "Don’t what? Stop? I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you." Harry said smirking. 

Draco growled and bucked his hips at Harry. "Ugh, Harry fuck! Stop teasing me." He threw his head back in frustration raising his right hand to grip his erection. Harry stopped him in his tracks. 

"If you touch yourself, I’m not letting you come tonight." Harry said, boring straight into those lustful grey eyes. Draco swallowed, his eyes were nervous and he nodded slowly. Harry groaned and kissed him on the lips quickly before rubbing his own throbbing cock against Draco’s. "Fuck." Harry grumbled. Draco moaned loudly. 

Harry rutted against Draco a few more times before Draco cried out "Harry, fuck I’m so close!" Harry moaned. He wanted to taste all of Draco. He moved back down over his cock. He didn’t waste any time crashing his mouth over the long, hard member and sucking fast. Draco screamed, thrashing around. "HARRY! Fuck baby, don’t stop!"

Baby? Harry wavered a bit, but brushed it out of his mind as he hummed along Draco’s cock, warranting more moans from the blond. Harry sucked and deep throated Draco’s cock. 

Then he swallowed. 

"FUCK!" Draco screamed. "Harry." He cried as he spilled his hot, bittersweet load down Harry’s throat, bucking his hips and fucking Harry’s face. Harry sucked and licked at Draco’s cock, swallowing every last drop of the blond’s seed, moaning through it all. He almost came just from the sight of Draco thrashing underneath him. Draco moaned and his body fell limp against the bed before grabbing Harry by the jaw and bringing the dark haired man up to kiss him, tasting himself. 

He then brought his other hand to Harry’s rock hard cock and jerked slowly. Harry moaned, not expecting Draco to be able to continue after being so rawly spent. Draco didn’t seem to mind although as he flipped them over so he was straddling Harry. Harry moaned at the contact. 

"Now should I tease you like you teased me or punish you?" Draco asked causing Harry to writher beneath him. 

"Do whatever you want to me..Draco" Harry said seductively and saw Draco’s cock twitch. How that was even possible amazed Harry, but he didn’t care as Draco brought one hand to Harry’s cock and the other to his throat. 

"I think you deserve to be punished, Potter" Draco spat, with a smirk on his face. Harry found himself angry at the use of his last name.

Harry grabbed Draco’s wrist. "Call me Potter again and I’ll fuck the living daylights out of your arse." Harry said, eyes glaring up at Draco. 

Draco leaned down against Harry’s ear, hand still clamped around Harry’s throat. "Don’t tempt me, Pot...I mean Harry." Draco said purposely and dragged out his name. 

Harry groaned and bucked his hips into Draco’s hand. He needed contact and he needed it now. 

Draco chuckled against his ear. "Who’s the impatient one now?" And Harry growled in response. Draco moaned into Harry’s ear. "This is going to be fun I promise you." 

Harry whimpered. He couldn’t say anything, he just wanted Draco to touch him, to move the hand he had gripping his dick up and down. He needed something, anything. So he blurted out "Kiss me! Kiss me Draco, please!"

Draco kissed him, but not on his lips. He kissed him along his neck and jawline, but very obviously skipped over his mouth. "My lips. Kiss my lips." Harry cried out, but just felt Draco chuckle against his neck in response. Harry groaned. Not fair. He thought, though to be truthful this was indeed quite fair. Harry moved his hands up to play with and tug at Malfoy’s hair, subtly pushing his head further down his neck in an attempt for him to go down on his cock. 

Malfoy didn’t listen to Harry’s subtle clues and instead grabbed his wand and wordlessly cast a spell, binding Harry’s wrists together above his head. "Ugh, fuck!" Harry cried. He noted he was still able to move his arms, but his wrists being restricted was a major turn on. 

Malfoy laughed before kissing down Harry’s chest and sucking on one of the perky nipples. Harry moaned and bucked his hips. "Draco!" Harry said, out of breath. 

Draco smiled against Harry’s chest. "Yes?" He said dragging out the word. 

"Mmm.. more Draco. I want you." Harry said whimpering. Draco chuckled again. 

"Ah ah ah, patience Harry." Draco said before returning to the nipple he was nursing. Harry moaned.

Harry’s mind was swirling with lust. Draco’s hand was still gripping Harry’s dick and Harry couldn’t help rutting against his hand, needing friction. He was beyond close, but he wasn’t going to say anything just yet, in case Draco would tease him further. 

Harry moaned loudly. Draco had started pumping his hand against Harry’s rock hard cock. Harry felt dizzy, he moaned again. Draco groaned against his chest, which he had been kissing and nipping at. Draco then stopped touching Harry, and moved up to kiss Harry’s neck. Harry felt Draco’s semi-hard cock brush against his hip bone. How on Earth was this man still hard? Draco moaned against Harry’s neck, and Harry growled at the contact and the feel of Draco’s teeth on his neck.

Draco moved from Harry’s neck to his lips and kissed him hard. Harry kissed him back, moaning. He tried not to buck his hips, but he wanted Draco so bad. "Draco.." Harry breathed against the blond’s lips. Draco chuckled into Harry’s mouth. 

Harry growled. "What’s so funny?" He couldn’t control his temper rising, he was getting teased and laughed at. 

Draco laughed fully now, and then kissed Harry’s jaw to his throat.

Harry brought his hands, still bound together, down and grabbed Draco’s hair and tugged hard.

"Oi!" Draco gasped in pain.

Harry sat up, eyes shining with lust and frustration, staring directly at the blond, who was rubbing his head annoyed, until his expression softened. Draco smirked and leaned in to kiss Harry, taking his erection in his hand and jerking it slowly. Harry moaned against Draco’s lips. "I forgot you had a temper." Draco said softly, before picking up the pace on Harry’s cock and kissing down his neck, making Harry moan desperately. Harry felt bad, but Draco’s lips were taking away any thoughts for an apology. Draco kissed down Harry’s chest to his throbbing cock, hand still grasped around it. 

Draco flitted his tongue onto the tip and Harry threw his head back as Draco proceeded to wrap his lips around Harry’s thick member. Harry’s hands descended into Draco’s hair again, gently this time, urging the blond to bob up and down faster. Draco obliged and took Harry deep into his throat. Harry moaned and shuddered. He was still sitting up and Draco didn’t seem to like that. 

"Get on your stomach." Draco demanded.

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Now." Draco threatened.

Harry scoffed, but did as he was told. To be truthful he was a bit apprehensive. Was Draco going to try and fuck me? Harry thought to himself, worried, not knowing if he wanted to go that far. Harry’s thoughts were interrupted with a smack to his arse. Draco muttered something Harry couldn’t hear as he cupped his arse cheeks and brought his mouth to Harry’s pink pucker, licking and kissing it.

"Ah! Fuck..Draco." Harry moaned. He was not expecting this. Draco’s tongue felt so good. He felt his tongue enter Harry and he moaned again, pushing his arse towards the blond’s face. Draco was fucking Harry with his tongue. He moved one of his hands around hips to Harry’s painful erection and started jerking. Harry whimpered. Draco’s tongue skimmed ever so close to his sweet spot, but was too short to reach. Harry groaned. "Draco! Fuck!" 

Draco hummed against his hole and Harry writhed under his touch. Draco pulled back, gasping. "Harry!" Draco moaned. He grabbed his wand and removed Harry’s bindings before flipping Harry back onto his back. Draco rushed towards Harry pressing his lips against his. Harry was going crazy. Their lips smashed and their tongues fought trying to kiss harder and harder. Harry wanted Draco so bad, he couldn’t get enough of the blond. 

"Can I finger you?" Draco asked Harry, lips brushing together.

Harry’s eyes widened and his breath hitched. He did want him too, but was scared about going too far in one night.

Draco moved back, looking at him. "I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.." Draco was about to move off of Harry before Harry reached out to stop him, grabbing his chin.

Harry nodded slowly, leaning in to kiss the nervous blond. Draco kissed back and pushed Harry back onto the bed, and trailed down to Harry’s dick kissing and sucking it. Harry moaned.

Draco muttered something, which Harry figured was a lubrication spell, noting he probably used a cleansing spell earlier. Draco looked up at Harry, eyes dark with lust. He had lubed up his fingers. "Can I?"

Harry nodded and closed his eyes, before feeling Draco’s index finger pushing inside him. Harry gasped. He hadn’t been fingered, or fucked for that matter, in quite some time. He moaned, he forgot how good this felt. 

Draco smirked, but Harry hardly noticed. He was too busy moaning from the sawing motion Draco had started doing. Draco slipped in another finger and Harry arched his back, begging for more. "Mm, fuck Draco, yes, that feels-" Draco had touched his sweet spot, "AH, FUCK!" Harry screamed. Draco continued at that angle, sawing his index and middle finger in and out of Harry, repeatedly hitting his prostate. He then took Harry’s erection into his mouth and sucked hard.

"DRACO!" Harry screamed out. "I’m gonna come, fuck Draco." Harry threw his head back.

Draco swallowed around Harry’s cock and pressed into Harry’s sweet spot one last time, sending Harry over the edge, coming as he bucked his hips against Draco’s mouth and fingers. Draco sucked and sucked Harry’s cock, letting him ride out his orgasm, swallowing his seed, until Harry was shaking from his touch.

Draco removed his fingers and muttered a cleansing spell for the two of them, moving up beside Harry. Harry turned towards the blond and nuzzled his head into his neck. Draco rubbed his hands through Harry’s hair.

"That was.." Harry trailed off, still out of breath.

Draco hummed into Harry’s hair. "Mhm."
The two men, eventually drifted off to sleep without another word.


Well that’s chapter 1! I don’t really know where I’m going with this. I hope the smut wasn’t too intense, I kind of got lost in writing it. Hope whoever reads this enjoyed!


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