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Hermione was sitting at her desk working on a pile of paperwork that had been handed to her that day and of course, had to be finished by the end of the day. She loved her job most of the time but things like this stressed her out.


‘It’s going to be another late night.’ She thought to herself, annoyed.


She pulled out a purple memo pad and started writing. She needed to let Ron know that she would be working late tonight and to make dinner plans for himself.


She wrote a quick note and sealed it shut. The paper folded up into an airplane and took off out of her office. She had been sending him interdepartmental memos that said basically the same thing far too often lately.


She felt bad about all the extra workload, but she offered to help out the department when one of their best employees left for maternity leave. Her boss thought she was up to the task and she didn’t want to let him down.


Things would lighten up soon and until then she would just have to suck it up and deal with an angry husband. Honestly, she didn’t really care as much as she should but their marriage was anything but perfect.


On the outside, everything probably looked great and everyone thought they had an amazing relationship but on the inside, their marriage was falling apart.


Ron had been distant and started pulling away a few months ago and now that she was having so many late nights at work, she could feel him pulling even further away.


She knew that she should care a lot more, but they hadn’t been truly happy in their marriage since the first year. They married too young, and they were so naïve. They thought that because of everything they had been through that it proved something. Like it was fate for them to be together but apparently, it wasn’t.


Hermione got up and grabbed the finished half of work and walked out of her office with it. She went over to the delivery system but of course, it was still broken. She wasn’t surprised. That thing had been broken for about two weeks now and there was no sign of it getting fixed any time soon.


She sighed.


‘Well, at least I can get out of that stuffy office for a few minutes.’


She started walking and got in the elevator to take her to her boss’s office. It usually only took about three minutes to make it from her office to his… not that she timed it.


She grinned a little to herself. She secretly didn’t mind that the delivery system was broken because she didn’t mind that she had to see her boss. She would never admit it but it was becoming her favorite part of her work routine.


She would never act on any of the things she felt but she loved to look at him and talk to him. He was intelligent and could carry a conversation a million times better than Ron could dream of. He also had a way of making everything feel sexy, even in their dreary office setting.


She finally exited the elevator and walked a few steps forward before turning and entering his office. He was sitting in his chair and he was focused on writing whatever it was in front of him.


He ran his hand through his blonde hair and some loose hair fell back into his face. He was clearly stressed about something, and he obviously didn’t notice her enter the office.


Hermione gently cleared her throat to get his attention. He immediately looked up and smirked at her.


“Did you miss me, Granger? This is the third time this week.” He chuckled lightly at her.


She smiled back and walked forward to set the stack of files at the end of his desk.


“Of course, I did Malfoy..” She joked. “and also, the delivery thing is still broken.” She laughed lightly.

He raised his eyebrow at her.


“That thing is still broken?” He rolled his eyes.


Then, he squinted at her and looked her up and down.


“You didn’t curse it just so you would have a reason to come see me… did you?” He asked jokingly.


She laughed at him.


“Maybe.” She simply replied as she continued to laugh.


He sighed and sat back in his chair.


“That thing will never get fixed. I’m sorry you have to keep coming up here. I’m also sorry that you got stuck with extra work again.”


He motioned to the files she had set down on his desk.


She waved him off and smiled at him.


“It’s fine. It has to get done and I don’t mind helping out where I can.”


It was the truth and she felt less aggravated about it now that she was having the best part of her day. Draco Malfoy had been promoted to her boss a couple of years ago and they worked really hard to get on good terms with each other.


If she was honest, she was proud of him as a person now. He had come a long way from who he was in school. Even Harry and Ron came around eventually, not that they had much choice. They all worked together, and he was Hermione’s boss.


They even had evenings where they would all get together and do different things. Either to a bar or sometimes over to Malfoy’s house for drinks and games.


She went to turn around and leave when he stopped her.


“Wait, Granger. Would you mind helping me out with a special project? I know you have a lot on your plate right now but…”


“I’ll do it.” She said, cutting him off before he could finish.


“You don’t even know what it is.” He laughed.


‘He’s so pretty when he smiles.’ She thought to herself.


She had to shake the thought and hoped he didn’t see the slight blush that covered her cheeks.


“It’s fine. Whatever it is. I like to help out and I know you wouldn’t ask unless it was important.”


She smiled back and he seemed to sigh in relief to her saying yes.


“Great. Thank you. I will send you the details later when I get a chance.”


She nodded her head to him.


“Sounds good. I’ve got to get back to work if I plan on finishing the last of those reports.”


She slowly turned and started walking towards the door.


“Wait.” He stood up from his chair and walked over to her.


They were both standing, facing each other in the doorway.


“Are you sure that you’re okay to be staying late and doing all this extra work? I’m sure I could figure something else out. I mean, you do have a life and a husband to get back to.”


Hermione mentally groaned. ‘What life?’ She thought sarcastically.


“It’s completely fine. I really don’t mind and I honestly don’t have much of a life outside of work anyway. As for my husband, I doubt he even notices that I’m gone.”


It fell from her lips before she could stop herself.


Her body stiffened slightly at the surprise of her accidental honesty. She cleared her throat and avoided eye contact.


“I’ve got a lot of work to get back to. Goodnight, Malfoy.” She flashed him a quick smile as she walked out of the office and back to the elevator.


‘Oh no, did I really just say that?’ She stepped into the elevator, and she closed her eyes and let her head fall back. She was tired and now embarrassed.


She groaned. ‘I could kick myself. I can’t believe I told him that.’


They were friends in a way and they liked to flirt in a fun and obvious way that they never took seriously but to put her marriage problems out in the open like that was humiliating.


She looked down at her shoes and felt a tear escape and fall to the floor. She was thankful that she was alone. It was late enough that most people in their department had already left.


She wiped her eyes and sucked in a deep breath to calm her nerves. Then, when the elevator stopped, she stepped out and rushed into her office.


‘I’m so stupid.’ She thought angrily at herself. She was completely humiliated.


She plopped down into her chair and pulled out the next folder to work on.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

About 4 hours later…


She had just finished the rest of the assignments. She rushed through the last quarter of the stack to save on time. She was really hoping that they would still be acceptable.


She usually tried to be a perfectionist about everything but she was exhausted from all the extra hours and stress at home so she figured that maybe one time, not being perfect, would be alright.


When she walked into Malfoy’s office, she was surprised to see him still sitting at his desk. She had fully expected him to be long gone and she almost screamed out when she saw him.


She almost dropped the big stack of papers in her arms and gasped out loud.


“Oh godric! You scared me. I thought everyone had gone by now.” She said as she tried to regain her footing.


He chuckled softly and shook his head. Clearly, he found it amusing.


“Sorry, just finishing up on a few things.” He got up from his chair and walked over to her.


He grabbed the large stack from her arms and walked over to his desk where he dropped them in a pile where she had placed the stack from earlier which was now gone. He sighed and dropped back into his chair.


“I hope the documents are acceptable. I wanted to get them all finished tonight so a couple of them may have been a bit rushed.” She said.


He smiled at her.


“I do not doubt that they are all perfect. Thank you again for all the extra time and work you’ve been putting in lately.”


She smiled back.


“I hope so and of course. As I said, I don’t mind helping out.”


She tried to suppress a small yawn, but he noticed and laughed softly at her.


“You are exhausted. Go home and get some rest.” He said simply.


She nodded to him. “Okay. Good night. I’m sure I will see you tomorrow.”


Then, she turned away and waved behind her as she walked out the door. She didn’t realize how tired she was until he mentioned bed. She quickly grabbed her things from her office and gradually made her way to the entrance of the Ministry where she was able to floo home.


She walked into her living room and set her things down on a corner table. She was so tired that she didn’t notice the woman’s blouse thrown on the back of the couch.


She slowly walked down the hall to their bedroom but she stopped when she thought she heard strange noises coming from inside. She quietly moved closer and leaned toward the door to hear better.


She heard a man and woman in bed, moaning and gasping with each other. She stood straight up and her mouth fell open in shock. She didn’t know what to think or what to do.


She felt her eyes burn as tears started to flow down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away and took a deep breath as she opened the door and walked inside the room.

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