Daphne's Slave Jasmine Potter

BY : AbbyChan
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One month has passed since my initial one-night stand with Jasmine potter. I still remember how it happened. I hadn't been planning on making Jasmine my slave this year but her being included in the Triwizard tournament was a blessing in disguise. With all that extra stress I was hoping to catch her in a moment of weakness and the night of the ball was my lucky night.

It started with her friend the ginger menace, that is the youngest Weasley leave it to him to not think anything though that wasn't related to chess. Jasmine had gone to the ball with Fleur due to her not being able to find a partner that could act like a decent human being. And Ron couldn't help himself screaming and shouting at Jasmine about how she is betraying Hogwarts and how disgusting it is that she went with another female so much for a light family.

This all culminated in Jasmine leaving in what I was sure was tears. I had informed my date that I needed to leave. It was near the end of the ball so he wasn't that bothered and I started to chase after Jasmine. I called my house elf Mippy to go fetch my kit for Jasmine, nothing too bad just some potions to help her loosen up and a special lust potion. It will make her horny but unable to satisfy herself unless I tell her it was hard to get this potion but Jasmine is worth it.

I had managed to catch up with Jasmine and my potions in my bag for when or if I needed them. "Jasmine, are you okay?" "I saw what happened with Ron. Do you want to talk about it?" I asked with genuine worry in my voice I really did like Jasmine and hated seeing her upset. "I'm fine Daph it's just Ron being a prat like always" she replied in a very unconvincing cheery tone.

"I am going to a secret Slytherin bathroom to relax after the ball. Do you want to join me?" "Nothing like a warm hot bath to relax and forget your worries," I said with a happy tone. I really did love baths. I could swear that she mumbled "I wouldn't know" it seemed like she was going to turn it down. So I walked up to her and picked her up "Sorry I won't take no for an answer you look like you need to relax." and I pull her off to the bathroom.

"I need you to promise not to tell anyone else I wouldn't want anyone to walk in while I am using the bath" "Of course you're welcome to use it when you want," I say hoping that she follows through on the offer how fun it would be to catch using the bath.

"The password is anguis." "It's Latin for snake and it never changes," I tell her while pulling her inside and shutting the door.

The bathroom is very large and the same size as the prefect's bathroom with large stained glass windows. The bath itself is a large rectangle with a smaller squire connected. It has six snakes pouring water into it down the sides with the large bath being so deep I was sure even a giant wouldn't be able to touch the bottom.

The look of amazement on Jasmine's face is a memory I will have to save to view later because she looks so adorable. I shake her arm "come on let's get undressed and get in" I said. "Daph I'm not sure we have time." "If I don't go back to the dorm soon Hermione will panic," she said with a nervous lip bite. There is no way I am letting her get away tonight she is mine. "Mippy" I called and my house elf popped in front of us "Here write not for her telling her you are working on the clue for the second task."

"Mippy after Jasmine has written her note. I want you to take it to her dorm and give it to Hermione and then bring her golden egg here" I tell Mippy she really is an amazing member of the family.

I turn back to Jasmine "write her a note just say you have had inspiration for the clue and you will be working on that tonight and you're not sure when you will get back." I say happily. "But I'm not sure about the egg or even what it means. How will I explain it in the morning," she says panicky. I can tell the clue has been a worry for her since the first task. "Don't worry, I know what the clue is and how to solve it." "And no it's not cheating unless you plan on telling me how you all knew about the dragons" I cut her off with a smirk on my face.

Now that I had helped Jasmine strip naked I got a good look at my new prize. She was quite short even for a Potter. The top of her head came up to my breasts. She had ink-black hair that fell to the mid-back that I couldn't wait to play with but I could see that it looked like her hair wasn't well cared for which was strange but I will get her some potions to fix that. Her breasts were much larger than I thought when looking at her in her Hogwarts robes with very perky nipples. They looked like they would fit very nicely in my hands and were perfect to tie up.

I also noticed that her lingerie, if you could call it that, was very ratty looking and not sexy in any way shape or form which I will have to rectify. It seemed strange the dress she was wearing must have cost 50 or 60 Galleons so why she had such an old bra and pants was strange but something to follow up later.

I pushed Jasmine into the shallow pool that came up to just below her breasts and walked to get some drinks. I poured the special lust potion into Jasmine.

I don't plan on using it long term just to give her a nudge in the right direction. "Here you go," I said, handing her a drink. "Right, the second task requires you to go in the lake and recover something that they have placed in the bottom and you have an hour to do it." I saw the panic cross her face "The lake but I don't know how to swim this bath is fine but a massive deep lake with creatures in it I have no chance" she said in a panicked and broken rush.

"Calm down, I can teach you how to swim. We have six weeks before the task starts," I told her, trying to calm her down. "As for breathing underwater I know of a charm that I'm sure Hermione can help you with or there is a plant that makes you breathe underwater I'm sure Neville will know what it's called," I said in a calming tone.

I moved over to her glad to see that she had finished her drink "go grab your egg and we can listen to it underwater it can only be heard underwater due to merpeople singing." I suggested I needed time for the potion to make her more relaxed and open to tonight's plans.

As Jasmine comes back with the egg I can see a tinge of red on her face showing that the potion is beginning to work. "Take a deep breath so we can hear it in one go" I reminded her and we both dived under the water.


Come seek us where our voices sound,


We cannot sing above the ground,


And while you're searching ponder this;


We've taken what you'll sorely miss,


An hour-long you'll have to look,


And to recover what who we took,


But past an hour, the prospect's black,


Too late, it's gone, it won't come back.

As we come back to the surface "see like I said you have to rescue someone within an hour and ignore the too late part that made up they can't let someone die they just want you to think that." I informed her.

"Really the dragon in the first task could have killed us if we were not aware of it beforehand" Jasmine shouted in a panic. I reached over and grabbed her and pulled her close my arms wrapping below her breasts " That's because the people competing can be killed, but people not in the contract can't be killed or the whole thing is called off" I whispered in her ear seeing her shiver from it made me very happy and the fact she isn't pulling away is a good sign as well.

"Right now that you know the clue and that the bubblehead charm can let your breath underwater or you can ask Nevile about the plant you are all set." "So come and let me wash your hair. '' I whispered in her ear while laying my head on her shoulder. I took the golden egg and walked over to the edge and placed it on a towel and grabbed both the shampoo and conditioner and motioned for her to come over here.

"Come on, it feels nice trust me Astoria loves when I wash her hair" I encouraged. I sorta feel like a little devil on her shoulder tempting her into sin not too far off what I'm doing.

Due to how short Jasmine is I had to sit on the ledge surrounding the bath but based on how red her face is and how she keeps rubbing her legs together I won't be out here for very long. As she knelt in front of me I gathered all her hair together while making sure to stroke her neck and shoulders. Part of me wants to see if I can make her beg for it but there will be plenty of time for that later on.

I slowly start to rub the shampoo into her hair making sure to rub just above her butt with my feet to tease her. Taking my time to make sure the potion has as long as possible to work. I can see her rubbing her legs together far more than she was five minutes ago, I smirk. I can't see her lasting more than ten more minutes before she tries pleasuring herself keeping an eye on her hands. I can feel myself getting wet with anticipation.

I lean forward and rest my hand on Jasmine's shoulders and let my thumbs rub her shoulders. "I need to pour water over you to wash the shampoo okay" I breathe into her ear watching as her whole body shudders and see her hand twitch forward. "O-Okay" she mumbled back. I pick up a wooden bath basket and fill it up with water. "Close your eyes" I warn her and pour the water over her head washing out the shampoo.

I start to gather up all Jasmine's hair again making sure to rub her neck and shoulders and watch as she I presume thinks sneakily put her hand between her legs. I grab the condition and apply some to her head and start to slowly rub it in after all I'm in no rush.

Two minutes later and I'm done adding conditioner to her hair and massaging it through her hair and I can hear Jasmine making a small gasp every few seconds while not so discreetly rubbing her pussy now is what I have been waiting for.

Part of me wants to just straight grope her tits and finger her to orgasm but I think that would shock her out of her zone. So I slide in the bath behind her and start to rub her shoulders. I lean in and kiss the back of her neck causing her to freeze up.

I continue to kiss Jasmine's neck thinking that I need to get her some Jasmine body wash. I notice that she hasn't continued to play with herself so I lick up the side of her nice making her shiver and push back into me. I start to layer small little kisses on her neck and shoulder seeing her eventually continue playing with herself. I will let her get used to this before I start playing, with what looks like the most inviting breasts I have seen in a long time, in the meantime I'm trying to work out what body wash she uses as its smells and tastes amazing.

A few minutes of kissing and licking her neck and shoulder and nibbling her ear has clearly hit the spot for her. I am sure if it wasn't due to the potion I gave her she would have cummed by now she looks quite frustrated by it shame she can only cum when I allow. I plan on making her earn every single orgasm but I guess I can give her the 1st one for free.

I wrap my arms around Jasmine's body and grab her breasts causing Jasmine to moan out loud. Her breasts are as nice as I thought they would be and just big enough that they are not too small to grope but not so big that they don't fit into my hands. Her nipples were rock hard and she seems to love having them, being pulled on given how she moans every time I give them a tug note for more nipple play in the future.

"Please keep playing with my boobs I'm so close" Jasmine panted out to me while I played with her boobs. I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face. Try all you want Jasmine you won't cum unless I let you. Gone were her attempts at modesty sitting in my lap with her legs spread as far as she could get them and I could see her fingers being driven in and out of her pussy it was one of the most erotic sights I have seen.

I continued to pull and squeeze her breasts and kiss her neck while giving her ear a nibble "Jasmine didn't you say you were close?" I breathed into her ear causing her to whimper "I can't get the right spot" she whined to me. Perfect I slid my hand down for her breast to her clit causing her to freeze up. "Daph wh-what are you doing?" she asked with a tone of panic in her voice. "You wanted to cum didn't you?" "Don't worry I will make you cum relax and play with your boobs" I whispered like a devil on her shoulder.

I started to rub her clit and listened to her moan and squirm on my lap "Right there ya right there" she moaned to me. I kissed her on her neck and continued to rub her clit and slid my finger inside her god she felt so tight and yet soft. I rubbed the inside of her pussy making her moan like a whore. "Would you like to cum Jasmine?" I asked in a haughty tone she made fabric nodding "Jasmine I asked you a question?" "Would you like to cum?" with a more authoritative tone.

"YES PLEASE LET ME CUM PLEASE" She begged me. "Are you sure Jasmine?" I asked in an innocent tone "YES GOD PLEASE LET ME CUM PLEASE I WILL DO ANYTHING PLEASE" she screamed.

I slid my other hand down to her pussy "Play with your boobs while I make you cum my little flower" I told her I'm not sure she could move her hands any faster than she did and she was being much rougher with her boobs than I was I'm going to enjoy breaking her.

I slid two fingers into her pussy feeling her pussy twitching with need and used my other hand to rub her clit. "Yes yes right there fuck" "harder please" "faster please" she moaned out while feeling her trying to impale herself on my fingers "Okay my little flower CUM!" I ordered her and watched her wither and wraith as she was finally pushed over the edge. I could feel her pussy trying to milk my fingers. Every single twitch of her orgasm could be felt as she finally stopped squirming about and was left panting. She let out a soft moan as I pulled my fingers out of her. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she softly licked them clean. I pulled her close. "That's my good little flower," I whispered into her ear as she came down from her orgasm.

I stood up and picked up Jasmine and started to walk out of the pool as Jasmine blushed heavily "How about we continue this on the bed my little flower" I told her.

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