The Bilquis Ritual: Mother and Devourer

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The Bilquis Ritual:

Mother and Devourer

Disclaimer: I do not own JK Rowling’s Magical World (The Harry Potter Series (books 1-7/Films 1-8), Quidditch throughout the Ages (book), The Tales of Beedle the Bard (book), the Cursed Child (script), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (film) series). It belongs to its creator and various publishers. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This fictional story is the product of my imagination and shared for entertainment purposes, but not-for-profit purpose. Please note, this is a work of fiction and depicts the characters and not the actors in anyway.

Main Pairing: Tom M. Riddle Jr. ǀ Lord Voldemort/James Potter/Sirius Black/Bill Weasley/Rabastan Lestrange/Regulus Black/Orpheus Malfoy (OMC)/Dylan Urquhart (OMC)/Harrison Potter/Aquila Selwyn-Black (OMC)/Evan Rosier/Aurelius Travers (Protagonist – Original Hermaphrodite Character)

Side Pairings: Draco Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy, Abraxas Malfoy/Lucius Malfoy/Orion Black, Markus Flint/Cedric Diggory/Severus Snape/Odysseus Malfoy (OMC)/Renato Lestrange (OMC)/Roger Davies/Theodore Nott, Fenrir Greyback/Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley/George Weasley, Viktor Krum/Oliver Wood/Ronald Weasley, Seamus Finnegan/Blaise Zabini/Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood/Erlking/Giant Squid, Sentient Plant/Hermione Granger/Basilisk

October 10th, 1996 – 5:24 pm.

Itzalen Jauregia

Near Getxo, Spain

For all that James and the young man were pretending to be cousins, it was pretty clear to Voldemort that Aurelius Nicodemus Peregrinus Renatus Vesperus Travers is the child of one of his most dangerous Death Eaters, James Potter, and James’s late cousin, Jayson Travers. Voldemort curls one elongated finger at the bronze-haired youth. At the beckoning of the snakelike man, Aurelius seats himself on the red-velvet loveseat next to his Lord. James Potter sits on the couch opposite with languid grace. “James tells me, you’re an intelligent young man and quite the young academic.” Voldemort comments, handing Aurelius a book on rituals, the book open to specific page. Aurelius reads over the information with careful meticulousness.  

The Bilquis Ritual – Part One: the fertile carrier selected for the ritual, using a ritualistic ceremony, absorbs volunteering sexual partners into their wombs via their vagina. They must bring their partner to orgasm before applying pressure to their partner’s shoulders at which point, the volunteering sexual partner will slip into the fertile carrier’s vaginal opening and in their womb. The carrier’s belly will protrude largely as the body dissolves and before regaining its unaltered shape. The volunteer’s body, magical core, and family-inherited magics of every volunteer are absorbed into a single egg. This makes the future fetus more and more powerful, with diverse skills and family-inclined talents, with every absorbed Volunteer. See full Ritual on page 431.

The Bilquis Ritual – Part Two: The Sire and/or his allies, then impregnates the carrier with his/their seed, becoming the father(s) of the fetus created from the egg developed by the Bilquis Ritual – Part One. Once the carrier is impregnated, the Sire then sacrifices his body for his soul to enter into the fetus. Eleven months later, the carrier gives birth to the sire's new body. The sire then ingests aging potions to reach an appropriate age. The Sire can be blood adopted so they will not be genetically related to the carrier. See full Ritual on page 433.

“The Bilquis Ritual,” Aurelius says cautiously, “I’ve heard of it.” He shuts the book. He then pauses in thought. “If I may be so bold, my Lord?” Voldemort nods, “You wish to create a new body for yourself? One that was not botched by Wormtail’s incompetence?” The young man asks, cautiously.   

“Yes, and I wish you to perform both rituals as the carrier, since you’re a fertile and powerful hermaphrodite. After being reborn, I will use potions to age me. I will grant whatever wish you desire.” He informs Aurelius. Aurelius taps his plump lips in thought before he boldly stands up and slips onto Voldemort’s lap. Either of his thighs framing Voldemort’s hips. “Is your request to become my consort?” Voldemort asks carefully, hesitantly.

“No,” Aurelius says, “I could care less who you take as your consort. No milord, I wish to carry your heirs and heirs of other interested parties, to whom I agree to conceive with.” Aurelius says boldly. “Milord, what I want is for your seed to fill my belly and produce your many children.” Voldemort’s hand seizes Aurelius by his hair and pressed his thin lips to Aurelius’s plump ones devouring the fifteen-year-old’s mouth passionately.

Voldemort pulls back reluctantly, while enjoying the debauched look Aurelius sports. “Your wish will be granted after you carry me to term.” Voldemort says stroking Aurelius’s flat stomach. Aurelius’s hips give an inadvertent jerk in arousal, grinding down on Voldemort’s massive cock. Voldemort moans lowly. “Mimsy,” the Dark Lord summons a house elf, “Escort Aurelius to a private room in the family wing. I will fetch the healer to begin preparations.”

Aurelius inclines his head and follows Mimsy from the room. James clears his throat catching Voldemort’s attention, “Milord, I would be a party interested in producing heirs with Aurelius.”

Voldemort smiles thinly, “I imagined you might be. A component of the ritual demands a steady source of semen to be absorbed into Aurelius during his eleven-month long pregnancy for his womb to sustain the ritualistic pregnancy. Will you agree to this role? I believe I will ask Sirius to be the other guard and contributor if you agree to it.”

“I would be delighted too.” James agrees, “As for my legal heir, Harrison Potter?” James asks carefully. Lily Evans, his former wife, had produced a child with his cousin, Magnus Potter, and due to a misplaced apostrophe, Harrison became his legal heir, as opposed to James’s own blood and flesh (conceived accidentally amidst an incestuous fling), his son, Aurelius Travers. Aurelius took on his carrier’s, Jayson Traver’s, surname. In the end, and due entirely to their developing illicit relationship, it was to the benefit of James and Aurelius that they were only known as third cousins. Harrison had never met Aurelius as his anything but a distant cousin that his father had taken in when Aurelius’s Guardian, his grandfather, Elloit Travers, passed on.

“I imagine you will find this interesting. Since Lily is a skilled blood-mage, I believe Harrison has the potential to be one as well. I wish to use either his flesh or seed in the Bilquis ritual, to be absorbed into Aurelius.” Voldemort says, James’s cock stiffens at the image Voldemort’s words paint. James can see it. His son, Aurelius, pushing his cousin, Harrison, into himself through his pretty little cunt. James lets out a breathy moan, causing Voldemort to laugh. “However, if we might persuade him to ally himself with our forces, then perhaps he’d make an ideal assistant.”

October 16th, 1996 – 7:34 pm.

Malfoy Chateau

Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales

Their marriage was filled with silent hostility and disgust. Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy married because of an ironclad betrothal contract drawn up between Lucius’s homophobic mother, Celeste, and Walburga Black, who exploited her nieces’ marriage prospects to her own advantage. Initially Narcissa had hoped for an amicable relationship with her future spouse. However, Celeste Malfoy’s abuse of her son due to his sexual preference for his own gender, had turned Lucius into a misogynist. He both hated and feared women in equal measure and had no interest in any kind of relationship with a woman. Lucius had drug himself with aphrodisiacs and drunk himself into a stupor on the night of their marriage. While she had doctored herself with fertility potions and charms, hoping to conceive that night. It had taken three encounters for Narcissa to conceive Draco. Narcissa had always wanted a large family and her active libido would’ve garnered quiet the brood, had not she’d been forced into celibacy by Lucius. Lucius on the other hand had a taboo relationship with several older men, including his own father.

Her sixteen-year-old-son, Draconis Lucien Malfoy, rutted into her with his ten-inch cock, driving any thought of Lucius and their marriage from her mind. “Harder!” She demanded, “Draco, harder!” she says tossing her head back in pleasure as he hammered into her. Draco is hung like a horse and his plump balls are heavy and full. His manhood has the circumference of can of muggle fizzy drink which Severus’s friend, Lily Evans, introduced her to all those years ago.

“You’re mine,” Draco growls possessively, “You will think of no one else, while I fuck you,” he demands, “I will cum, filling your body with my seed, impregnating you. You will give me children, so many children. You’ll be forever rounded with my children, and you will love it.” She moans wantonly at the thought. Yes, she will be filled and filled and filled with her darling’s children, so much and so often, she will struggle to move under the weight of her full womb.

“Yes!” Narcissa moans, desperately, “Give you me your seed. Make your mother swell with your children!” She demands.

With a howl of pleasure, Draco hammers into her violently, causing her to orgasm. She whites out. Her seizing and slick vaginal muscles clamp down on his large cock. His massive and plump balls tighten. Sensing his own inevitable release, Draco pushes his fat and long cock past her cervix and releases. His seed erupts into her like a geyser, Yellow Stone’s Old Faithful has nothing on his ejaculation. Draco slides forward but catches himself before he crushes his beloved mother, panting.

After catching his breath, Draco’s softened cock remains seated in her womb, plugging in his bucketloads of hot cum, he’s been filling her with the last couple of hours. Her belly is slightly rounded, filled to the point of expansion with his cum. He softly strokes her belly, letting his magic intermingle with her womb. He will have her heavy with his children! The teen is determined to do just that. His cock twitches at the thought and slowly hardens once more.

October 31st, 1996 – 6:14 am. 

Itzalen Jauregia  (Ritual Room)

Near Getxo, Spain

Naked as the day he was born, Aurelius caresses the permanent runes etched onto the snowy-white flesh of his pelvis and stomach. The initial ritual prepared him to become both mother and devourer. He’d been guzzling down fertility potions at an increasing rate the last few days. His belly was cramping and sensitive as his four ovaries produced eggs. In a matter of minutes, the Bilquis ritual would begin, and he would devour twenty-three wizards and witches, all willing participants, into his womb through his throbbing cunt. This was going to be pleasurable. In order to absorb them, he’d have to cause each of them to either orgasm or ejaculate. The women’s anatomy would be changed into penises.

Aurelius runs long and slender fingers through his silken bronze-brown curls, before falling down over his eyes, to his prominent cheekbones and delicate nose, full and plush lips, and slender jaw. His fingers descend downwards over his long and swanlike neck, over his clavicles, and between his slightly rounded breasts, to his flat belly.  

“This way, Aurelius.” Voldemort came up behind Aurelius, causing him to startle slightly, and guided him into the ritual room. The room is massive, built of black marble and illuminated with blue foxfire. To one-side is an empty winged-back chair, a throne, in black-leather. Voldemort hands Aurelius over to his father. James guides his son, up the steps and onto the cushioned semicircular platform before the winged-back chair as Sirius strips the sternly handsome older man, Cygnus Black, of his nightshift. This reveals Cygnus’s stiffening cock and trim figure. Sirius escorts the other man onto the platform and helps him incline on the cushions as Aurelius settles above him, legs on either side of his hips and his cunt hovering over Cygnus’s steadily swelling cock. As James and Sirius step away, standing on either side of their Lord, Aurelius leans down and seizes Cygnus’s big hands placing them on his flat belly. He whispers in the man’s ear, “Are you ready darling, to become part of me? To watch my belly swell. Watch on as you sink inside of me inch by inch.” Cygnus lets out a moan. Cygnus appears surprised by his lustful reaction to Aurelius’s words. 

“You have a mouth on you, dear one,” Cygnus says. Aurelius nods at Voldemort, indicating that they’re ready. Voldemort lifts his wand and incants the ritual. The room flares gold as Aurelius descends on Cygnus’s fully erect cock, impaling himself. Aurelus had already aroused his soft folds with his fingers, his slick lubricates Cygnus’s cock. The teenager begins riding the older man. His hands are not idle, playing with the man’s nipples, mouth claiming Cygnus’s lips as the man leans upwards. Nothing bizarre is happening yet as Aurelius rocks on Cygnus and Cygnus instinctively thrusts in deeper and deeper, chasing his pleasure. Then as Cygnus’s hairy balls begin to tighten there’s an odd sensation of pressure in the room. Both men look down, and for the first time realize that Cygnus is inside Aurelius to midthigh. Aurelius moans, hands caressing his own belly.

Cygnus has never felt such pleasure and he comes. He feels the steady pressure as Aurelius rests his hands on his broad shoulders and slowly pushes Cygnus inside himself. Aurelius’s sopping cunt spasms, sucking Cygnus in steadily. While Cygnus is entranced, his blood is singing with his pleasure, moans and gasps spilling from his lips, Aurelius has pulled the man into him to the waist. Aurelius is feeling aroused painfully so, by the heat and the fullness of his belly. He wonders if this is what pregnancy will be like. Cygnus curiously traces the spasming lips of Aurelius’s cunt. Then with wild abandonment, almost childlike glee, he thrusts both hands inside Aurelius. The progress speeds up slightly as Aurelius’s cunts closes around Cygnus’s upper chest, then shoulders and then his throat. Aurelius digs his fingers into the man’s thick inky-black hair and heaves. Cygnus lets out a deep moan as the lips of Aurelius’s cunt finally slides wetly over his face and then he slips into welcoming darkness and heat. Aurelius lets out his own moan of pleasure as the last of Cygnus slips inside. His cunt returns to its former small form, but his belly is still protruding largely. He looks four months along.

Aurelius caresses his belly, smiling happily, contently, before activating the two runes, with a swipe of his hand upwards. His belly steadily flattens. Aurelius glances up at his witnesses and flushes. Voldemort is caressing his notable bulge in his pants. Voldemort nods at Sirius and James. Sirius goes to help Fleur from her nightshift, while James brings a cup of water to Aurelius.

Aurelius drinks deeply as James watches him in part-wonder and part-arousal. Fleur enters the circle and lies back, pseudo-cock fully erect and spilling a little precum. Her body is flushed with arousal. She is toying with her own nipples. Voldemort nods, James, and Sirius return to their positions. The room flares golden, and Aurelius impales himself on Fleur’s cock. The young woman wails in arousal and delight, reaching for Aurelius. As Aurelius steadily fucks himself on her cock, Fleur draws circles with her fingers on Aurelius’s belly and thighs. Their thrusts suddenly reach a crescendo and Fleur shudders her release. This time, Fleur is in Aurelius to the waist. It feels slightly odd, but also oddly arousing, as the barely conscious Fleur’s pert breasts slip into him past the lips of his gaping pussy. It’s soft and pliant. Then Aurelius applies pressure on Fleur’s slender shoulders, and she slips in, to the throat. She sighs breathily, almost as if relieved, as Aurelius’s lips cover her face, and she slips inside completely. Again, Aurelius’s cunt returns to its tiny opening and his stomach protrudes largely. He looks six months along this time. Leaning back slightly, Aurelius caresses his swollen belly possessively and obsessively. He meets Voldemort’s eyes still caressing his belly. Voldemort’s massive length has been freed from the confines of his pants and the Dark Lord meets Aurelius’s eyes as he strokes himself.

Aurelius activates the runes again and his belly flattens. Following Fleur is Astoria Greengrass, then Adrien Pucey. Following Adrien is Aurelius’s fourth cousin, Oliver Travers, and then Thaddeus Nott. The following individuals – Basil Selwyn, Ginny Weasley, Selene Yaxley, Aleric Avery, Aston Carrow, Barty Crouch, Xerxes Lestrange, Lisandra Burke, Dustin Fawley, Marrianne Flint, Leander Malfoy, Alexia Rosier, Rochelle Rowle, Olivia Krum, Elias Ravenswood, Jenna Hawthorne, and Seirra Prince – are all consumed at the height of their pleasure. All of the volunteers experience unbelievable extasy as they climax and are devoured. Aurelius caresses his protruding belly lovingly.

Many hours later, Aurelius had been thoroughly fucked by prominent male Death Eaters of notable lineages, including his father and godfather. Voldemort clears the room of everyone, save Aurelius, and sheds his robe. He is naked, having already discarded his pants. Aurelius’s Lord is inhumanly tall, with broad shoulders, slender limbs with corded muscles. However, what Aurelius was most appreciative of was his Lord’s massive tri-headed cock. Leaning back, Aurelius spreads his legs invitingly. A line of semen oozes from Aurelius’s pretty little cunt. He is filled full of the seed of many men. Voldemort gathers the seed on his long spidery fingers and pushes it back inside Aurelius, meeting the brunette’s cobalt-blue eyes as Voldemort does so. Aurelius mewls softly at the sensation, closing his blue eyes in euphoric bliss. Aurelius’s eyes fly open as Voldemort positions the head of his cock at the teenager’s vaginal opening. Voldemort squeezes the base of his massive cock, as his manhandles one head of his cock and then another, and the other, until all three heads are inside. Aurelius lets out a guttural moan of pleasure from deep inside.

It feels like Voldemort’s cock is in his belly. The brunette drops his hand to his slightly inflated lower belly, filled with semen, and is surprised to find a noticeable bulge. His Lord is not even fully inside him! Aurelius’s vaginal muscles tighten in excitement, causing Voldemort to struggle to not come prematurely. “Relax, Aurelius,” his Lord demands and Aurelius strains to comply. Slowly, excruciatingly slow, Voldemort pushes his twelve-inch cock with its four-inch circumference inside Aurelius slick and hot orifice. Aurelius is torn between moaning and cursing as Voldemort’s massive cock pushes into his womb, past his cervix. It is painful and painfully arousing. Voldemort stills, his cock drooling precum inside Aurelius’s fertile womb. Then he pulls out, until is cock is almost entirely out. He thrusts in, and in, and in. He sets a punishing pace.

Aurelius’s moan and mewls of pleasure fill the room. Voldemort lets out deep guttural moans, gasps, and curses of pleasure at the heat and tightness. He can’t believe how tight, Aurelius still is. As Voldemort feels his orgasm approaching and Aurelius’s own orgasm is inevitable, he begins chanting under his breath. The clock chimes midnight and Voldemort ejaculates, thrusting his seed and soul deep inside of Aurelius. Voldemort’s brain-dead body begins to slip inside Aurelius’s cunt as Aurelius completes the ritualistic sacrifice. Aurelius places both hands on Voldemort’s shoulders and heaves! The body slips inside, further, and further. Until Aurelius is forced to standing, bending over to apply pressure on the body which hangs limply, upside down, from his drooling cunt. Then the body is in him to the neck and placing his hands on the crown of the body’s head, Aurelius pushes Voldemort’s body entirely into awaiting darkness. The lips of his pussy close around Voldemort’s upper face and his cunt closes entirely around the crown of its head.

Aurelius sags back onto the pillows, his belly protruding hugely as if he’s nine months along with triplets. He caresses his inflated belly for one long moment. Pressing a kiss to his fingers, Aurelius swipes two fingers upwards and his protruding belly shrinks to being flat, if soft. His abdominal muscles are softening in preparedness for his pregnancy.

“James?!” Aurelius calls out and his father enters. The man raises his wand, casting the diagnostic charm.

A white light illuminates Aurelius’s belly, forming a sonograph of a miniscule fetus. “Congratulations, Love,” James says, “You’re pregnant!” he says triumphantly as tears spill down Aurelius’s face. Aurelius’s cheeks hurt from grinning. He caresses the flat planes of his belly lovingly.

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