Harry Potter and the Year of Growth

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Harry Potter stared out at the scenic picture presented by the green hills and the land untouched by the muggle’s fascination with cold concrete cities. At any other time, Harry would enjoy something this beautiful. But with all the stories his mother and father told him to expect of his second year at Hogwarts, sitting alone in his compartment wasn’t one.


Second-year was the time that witches and wizards first experienced puberty. There wasn’t an exact time, but it always happened after the witch or wizard was eighteen. Before that age, magicals always looked like children. Harry grew from a scrawny midget standing below five feet at his tallest to a reasonably tall man just above six feet. All within a single day just before the school year started.


That was great and all, but one consequence of growing first is being separated from the rest of his year mates.


So here he was, poor Harry Potter sitting without any of his friends, bored out of his mind.


Harry scowled at his reflection in the window and decided to get up and stop being a broody bastard. Maybe he could find the Weasley twins. They would always be up to something interesting.


Harry opened the door to his compartment and wandered out onto the train corridor. After a few minutes of walking with no success, Harry once again started to get angry. However, this time, it was because nobody would even bother to open the door when he knocked.


Once or twice he could accept, but EVERY single one? Now it just felt like Harry was purposely being excluded by the older students.


Grumbling angrily, Harry turned to storm back to his compartment.


Or that was the plan, if not for the soft body that he collided into.


“Watch where you’re going, you four-eyed wankstain!”


Harry started to stammer out an apology before recognizing the girl he knocked down, “Tonks?”


Wide purple eyes shot up to his face, “Harry?!”


Tonks shot up to her feet and slugged his arm, “Look at you! You already went through the growth spurt!”


“Yeah, but now I’m not even allowed to talk with my mates,” he scowled and glanced at the locked compartments, “And all the arseholes here won’t even open the door when I knock.”


Tonks started snickering at the clueless boy, “Don’t worry about that, Little Potter.” 


Her smile widening at the glare she got at the nickname, “Tonksie will keep you company for the rest of the trip. Nobody here can handle me anyway.”


Harry’s eyebrows furrowed at the last statement, wondering what that meant as he led Tonks to his compartment.


Sitting across from one another, there was what felt like a deafening silence for Harry as he squirmed in his seat, trying to figure out what to say as Tonks just smirked at his discomfort.


Seemingly having had enough of his awkwardness, Tonks jumped to the bench Harry was sitting on and put her arm around his shoulders.


“So Harry, you want to know why nobody was answering your knocking?”


With an eyebrow raised at her strange behavior, Harry slowly said, “I guess so?”


“They were fucking,” Tonks deadpanned.


Once again, shocked back into silence, Harry just stared at the older girl.


“You know, bumping uglies? Shagging?”


“Alright! I get it, Tonks!”


Giggling at his red face, Tonks just said, “Had to make sure Harry, you being a newbie and all.”


This, however, brought up a question in Harry’s mind, “Then why are you not doing that too? You’re beautiful and nice, so I’m sure people really like you.”


A warm smile showed on Tonk’s face as she gave Harry a kiss on his cheek, “That’s sweet, Little Potter, but I’m not the problem here. It’s the feckless morons in this school who have no skills!”




“You know, fucking skills. Shagging skills. Scre—“


“I got it the first time, Tonks!” Harry interrupted with a red face.


Tonks burst into laughter at how easily Harry was getting embarrassed. She had to enjoy it now before the chance disappears. It always did when witches and wizards dove right into the hormonal cesspool that is Hogwarts.


Looking at Harry, Tonks admitted to herself that he grew to be extremely attractive. Not that it was in doubt with parents like Lily and James Potter. Tonks didn’t think those two could have an ugly kid.


But still, the messy just-had-sex hair, the glowing green eyes, and the toned body made for an attractive package. Some of that was the magic that kept all witches and wizards fairly attractive, but genetics still played a huge role.


Tonks started tapping her chin with her finger. She just had a brilliant idea.


“Say, Harry, how would you like to fuck me?”


Harry, who had just calmed down, started sputtering in shock.


Tonks just stared, waiting for an answer.


“You’re joking, right?” He finally asked.


“Nope, completely a real offer. I just realized that I don’t want you to be a disappointing moron like the rest of these boys at school, so I’m going to give you a head start!”


Completely ignoring the dumbfounded look on his face, she continued, “Besides, who better to teach you how to fuck than someone who knew you since you were in diapers!”


Still in shock, Harry slowly said, “I’m pretty sure nobody has ever said something so wrong, Tonks.”


“Pretty sure I just said it, Little Potter. So how about it? You want me to teach you how to fuck the right way?”


With red creeping back onto his face, Harry looked Tonks up and down for the first time since they sat down. The pink hair, purple eyes, and aristocratic features of the Black family made for a sexy combination. But what Harry noticed the most was that Tonks was increasing the size of her tits and her arse as he stared at them.


“What do you think, Harry,” her tits growing big enough to completely fill his hand, “You want Tonksie to drain your balls?” her waist, which started shrinking, had ballooned out to a massive arse to match those tits, “Or do you want to end up like an idiot like all the other boys.”


Seeing Harry still be unresponsive, Tonks rolled her eyes and grabbed his hands to place them on her massive tits. With eyes practically bulging out of his head, Harry did what any straight guy would with an enormous pair of tits under their palms. Squeeze and never let go.


Tonks laughed as she felt Harry get rougher with her tits, “That’s the spirit, Harry! Now let’s start the training. You can play with those later.”


Harry looked extremely reluctant to let go of her tit flesh but was somewhat reassured that he could get his hands back on them.


Giggling at his expression, Tonks took out her wand to expand the compartment to the size of a small bedroom and resize the bench to easily fit both of them at once.


“Now you need to stand up for this Harry,” Tonks said while positioning herself on the bed, “I thought to do this the old fashioned way, a blowjob on my knees, but I think getting rid of your first load as fast as possible is for the best.”


She looked up at him lying on her back, with her head hanging off the edge against the side of the bench. “Now, all you need to do is stick that cock in my mouth and thrust away till you blow. Got it?”


Harry, who already had a massive erection, became as hard as steel from her words. Just looking at her was almost enough for him to blow. With her enormous perky breasts pointing to the ceiling, long pink hair grazing the floor, purple eyes looking straight at his dick.


Tonks, thinking Harry was worried for her, said, “Come on, Little Potter, you know I’m a Metamorphmagus. Nothing you can do will hurt me. Let’s get rid of the first one so we can have some fun.” Tonks opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, waiting for Harry’s cock.


Well, she got some cock alright.




A massive cock speared into her throat, and Tonks heard Harry moan in pleasure. This was not the size of cock she expected.


Harry pulled back slowly till her lips kissed his cocktip and brutally shoved himself balls deep into Tonk’s throat. Right now, all that was in Harry’s mind was the feeling of a throat that felt like it was massaging his whole cock. Her throat fought to keep Harry’s cock from leaving when he pulled back. 


Nymphadora’s massive tits were bouncing with every thrust of his hips. There was a delicious sound that his balls made when they slapped down on her nose at the end of every thrust. There was only one thing that a hormonal Harry could do with all these sensations surrounding him. Fuck Tonks’s face, and fuck it hard.


That’s exactly what Harry did.




“Fuck yea Tonks, I thought feeling up your tits was great. But railing your throat is better in every way!”


Harry got tired of seeing her tits bounce wildly, so he decided to change up how he fucked Tonk’s throat. Instead of rutting like an animal, Harry decided to pull out slowly and thrust back in as fast as possible. The main benefit being that the massive tits he was watching would start bouncing at the end of every brutal thrust. He would then take a small break watching the show while resting his balls on Tonk’s face and feeling her throat continuously massage him.


Feeling himself getting close to cumming after over ten minutes of watching her tits bounce, Harry grabbed Tonk’s shirt and ripped it open to reveal her bra-clad tits.


Crouching down and vanishing the bra to reveal her breasts in all its glory, Harry latched on to a nipple and started thrusting into Tonk’s throat at a furious pace again.




“Ooohhhh fuuuck, here it comes, you big-titted slut. Drink it”








With one last furious thrust, Harry squeezed down on her tits and blew the biggest load of his life so far.


Tonks felt his balls pulsing on her face and knew it finally came to an end. She felt a rush of warm cum flow from his balls and right to her stomach. As if she didn’t have enough surprises so far, Harry had a few more thrusts left in him. Each one sending more of his cum down her gullet. 


Pulling his cock out of her throat, Harry held the back of her head with his hand and held the tip of his cock just inside her mouth. Tonks looked up at him with wonder in her purple eyes as he stroked the last bit of leftover cum into her mouth.


Finally pulling out completely, Harry collapsed on the expanded bench next to Tonks in exhaustion. His mind was still racing through what he just did.


After a couple of minutes, he felt Tonks lay her head on his shoulder. “So I’m a big-titted slut, huh?”


Harry’s face pinked a little, and he mumbled, “I saw it in a muggle video just before school.”


He relaxed when Tonks let out a giggle, “Well, I guess it’s somewhat true. All witches and wizards are sluts till they find someone that fits them.”


Reaching down and grabbing his spent cock at the base, Tonks started to slowly stroke it back to life.


“I guess I can’t call you Little Potter anymore,” They both chuckled at that while they watched Tonks stroke his cock back to life.


Tonks slowly started to slide down his body while leaving light kisses wherever her lips were.


Harry just closed his eyes and laid back, enjoying the feeling of being worshipped by the older girl.


“But if I can’t call you Little Potter anymore, then” Harry felt a subtle change in the grip Tonks had on his cock.


“I’ll just have to call you Heir Potter.”


Harry’s eyes snapped open as he raised his head to look at Tonks.


But in Tonk’s place was a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, absolute bombshell of a woman called Narcissa Malfoy.


When Harry saw the wicked smile on Narcissa’s lips, a little bit of precum spurted from his cock to cover her red lips. A tongue snaked out of her mouth to get a little taste. 


Harry whimpered, in fear or pleasure he didn’t know.


“Oh fuck”


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