Keeping up with a Veela

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Harry looked around curiously at all the blue-robed girls that literally danced into the Great Hall and made some weird sighing noises as they passed each table. It took a good deal of willpower to not burst out laughing at the absurdity of that entrance, but nobody has ever said that Harry Potter was weak-willed.


However, Hermione was looking at Harry rather disapprovingly at finding the French students funny. At least Ron didn’t join in with Hermione this time, which he had been doing quite a lot recently. Harry assumed that with Ron’s gaze lingering on Hermione’s backside, the redhead had started to fancy her. Though right now, Ron was too busy gaping at the Ravenclaw table, probably at one of the girls that pranced in.


Even though their entrance was ridiculous, Harry had to admit that Beauxbatons had some of the best-looking girls he had ever seen. It was like they only let supermodels into the school. Harry idly wondered if all the ugly people in France would have their own school. That would be a truly miserable experience.


“Excuse me, are you wanting ze bouillabaisse?”


Harry was brought out of his thoughts by the sultry voice that spoke behind him. He noticed that Ron, and pretty much all the boys at the Gryffindor table, were now looking at the person that just spoke with drool coming out of their mouths. Well, now this Harry had to see, just how could a girl be so good looking to… oh.


She looked like an angel, almost ethereal with her silvery-blonde hair and stormy blue eyes. The blue Beauxbatons robes certainly didn’t help to hide her body since it was so form-fitting. But as mentioned before, Harry was no weak-willed wizard to fall under the spell of a beautiful girl, even if the girl happened to be a literal angel.


Harry looked at the dish the blonde was asking for and grimaced, blurting out, “This is what you want?”


When Harry saw the blonde angel narrow her eyes at him, he shut his mouth and passed the dish to her wordlessly. She let out a sniff and walked back to her seat. Harry didn’t mean to say that out loud, he generally didn’t like to question people’s likes, but that thing looked disgusting. A mishmash of seafood in one plate… yuck.


Harry stared after the blonde’s swaying hips, comforted with knowing that she wasn’t as perfect as she looked. After all, looks aren’t everything. Some points had to be taken from the angel for eating that disgusting thing.


“Mate… I wish she had asked me. How amazing would it be if I dated a bird like that?”


Harry rolled his eyes at Ron’s delusion, as if just talking to a girl equals a date. Plus, Ron wasn’t doing himself any favors with Hermione since she was currently trying to kill him with her glare.



Brilliant is not the word Harry would use to describe his situation right now. He had somehow gotten himself entered into a deadly tournament, and as if that wasn’t enough of a bad time, his whole house had branded him as a cheater. The worst part of it all, Fleur Delacour, the blonde who looked like an angel, called Harry a little boy!


So here he was, isolated at the Gryffindor table, angry at the bullshit the world had thrown his way. Even the fantasies that Harry had in his head about Fleur were burned to ashes with her words. It was an all-around shit place to be in. Sighing in his head, Harry went back to eating his food while discreetly looking for Fleur. Even if she had cruelly and indirectly put him down, Harry could still stare at her when she wasn’t looking. Harry defended his peeking by telling himself that he was a young adult, with young adult needs. Fleur just happened to fit his needs, even if Harry had no chance with her.


The only problem was that Harry couldn’t find Fleur anywhere.


“May I sit ‘ere?”


Harry snapped his scanning eyes up to see Fleur standing next to him with a knowing glint in her eyes.


Harry managed to stammer, “S-sure, go for it.” He winced internally, who in Merlin says that to a girl like Fleur.


Fleur daintily sat down next to Harry with a smile and said, “I wanted to apologize for what I said earlier. It was not meant to be an insult.”


Harry was a little too distracted by her thick French accent, but luckily, he understood what Fleur said, “Oh yeah, no worries.” Unfortunately for Harry, it looked like he could only speak the shortest possible words in English right now.


“Zat is good! I was worried you would take it ze wrong way. I even ’ad an apology planned.” Fleur said with a giggle.


An apology planned? Like Fleur would do something to say sorry? Harry blurted out, “I would take that apology!”


Fleur tilted her head cutely in confusion and finally said, “We need to go to my room for it. Shall we go now?”


Harry jumped up from his seat, maybe a little too quickly, and said, “Let’s go then! I have nothing else to do.”


Harry was keenly aware of the many people staring at the two leaving the Great Hall. For once, Harry felt like he should stick his chest out in pride instead of trying to shrink away.



Fleur looked at the boy walking next to her from the corner of her eyes. It was still a shock to believe that she had found someone with such magical power so quickly. Fleur’s mother had told her of the years of disappointment that she should expect before finding the one that would light up all her senses. Fleur had been prepared for that, but this dreary country actually had someone like Harry Potter. Fleur knew all the stories about him, of course. They had all seemed like nonsense, but maybe there was a kernel of truth since his magic was so potent.


From what her mother had told Fleur, a person like Harry was supposed to try and ignore her to show off how strong he was by not being affected by the allure. But, instead, Harry had apparently made it his goal to constantly peek at Fleur whenever they were in the same vicinity. That was actually a big reason that Fleur didn’t approach him earlier. 


She had actually thought that her senses were defective when they led her to someone as infatuated as Harry. Eventually, Fleur found his attraction strangely endearing. Still, it was only because Harry had the magical power to back it up. If Harry was just a normal wizard… Anyway, Fleur hoped that his infatuation lasted when she was done with him today. After all, even some powerful wizards couldn’t keep up with a Veela in bed. 


They reached the door of Fleur’s room. She opened it to reveal a large bed, a desk, and little else in the way of decoration. This was only a temporary room, after all.


Fleur grabbed Harry’s hand, shivering at the magic she felt roiling below, and pulled him inside. Fleur could already see the arousal that Harry had in his eyes. Just what Fleur wanted, after all, she was a Veela, and Veela do need sustenance once they come of age. Sustenance that only a powerful wizard could provide. Something that Fleur hoped Harry could help her with.


“I was zinking, ‘Arry. Zere is only one way for me to apologize. I would like to give you… how you say…” Fleur opened her pouty lips into an o-shape and stroked an imaginary cock in front of her open mouth.


Fleur knew what a blowjob was called, of course, but the action would get a much bigger reaction from Harry than just saying a word, and Fleur was proved right. Harry stared into her open mouth and squeaked out, “Blowjob?”


Fleur clapped her hands as if Harry had figured out world hunger and said, “Zat is it! Yes, I would like to give you a blowjob, ‘Arry.”


Harry just stared at the incredibly lovely Fleur before saying, “This is a joke, right?”


“Why would zis be a joke?” Fleur said innocently.


Harry was wondering if he was dreaming. He was sure that girls didn’t just come up to a guy and offer up a blowjob for apologies, especially when the girl in question looked like Fleur. But, on the other hand, maybe this was normal in Beauxbatons, and if so, Harry would be transferring schools immediately.


Harry cleared his throat and said with a crack in his voice, “I’ll accept a blowjob.”


Fleur’s lips twitched in amusement at Harry’s tone. She patted her hand on the bed and said, “Magnifique! Come ‘ere and sit next to me, ‘Arry.”


Harry stiffly sat himself down and felt something from Fleur that was drawing his attention. Harry had felt it before, but he had always thought it was just because of how attractive Fleur was. But this was somewhat stronger, like a subtle tugging against his mind.


Fleur was pushing her allure to the limit, trying to see if Harry could pass this test too. She did notice that Harry looked a little confused at what was happening. Still, he showed no signs of being seriously affected. For Fleur, this meant that Harry only had to keep up with her in bed to be the perfect man for her.


Harry tensed up in anticipation when Fleur put her hand on his thighs and slowly drew circles into his skin, trailing up ever so slightly towards his crotch. Then, finally, Fleur said, “Have you ever done zis before, ‘Arry?”


After Harry shook his head, Fleur continued, “Hmm, zat might be bad for you. ‘Aving a woman like me giving you the first blowjob will ruin everyone else zat comes after me.”


That honestly sounded fantastic to Harry, and he rambled, “I’ll still take that risk, Fleur. Just so you can give me that apology, of course. I mean, I wouldn’t want to make you feel bad for not giving me one. An apology. Not a blowjob. Though, right now, the blowjob is the apology.”


Fleur couldn’t stop the smile from showing on her full lips at Harry’s nervousness. Then, with a dick-hardening giggle, Fleur traced Harry’s shaft through his slacks and gasped, “Zis is so big, ‘Arry! Let’s get zis off so I can see what you ‘ave for me.”


In what might be the best moment so far in Harry’s life, he watched the unbelievably gorgeous Fleur Delicious unzip his pants and pull them off his legs. They shifted positions so that Harry was sitting fully on the bed with his legs outstretched, while Fleur was bent over with both her hands and face right next to the tent in Harry’s boxers.


Harry wasn’t sure where his eyes should be looking, not to be a gentleman or some nonsense like that, but Harry just didn’t know which part of Fleur’s body he should focus on. And he had a plethora of choices to choose from. Fleur bending over didn’t just help her get close to Harry’s cock, it also raised her arse high in the air, making Harry’s hands twitch. He really wanted to see if they felt just as good as they looked, but since Fleur was on top of his outstretched legs, Harry simply couldn’t reach that far without dislodging Fleur from her place. Something that Harry would never do, mainly because he could feel Fleur’s soft tits pressed against his thighs as she moved closer to his cock.


“Let’s see what you are ‘iding, ‘Arry,” Fleur said softly before reaching a slender hand into Harry’s boxers and holding his cock. Harry moaned as Fleur jerked him off without removing his boxers. There was something hot about Fleur stroking his dick without Harry being able to actually see it. In the end, the only thing that really mattered was that Harry could clearly feel Fleur Delacour stroking his cock. 


“You are not little at all, ‘Arry Potter. I ‘ave never felt a dick so big before,” Fleur said while watching the wet spot on Harry’s boxers grow larger as he let out more precum. Fleur saw Harry wincing from how tight the boxers had become, and she finally stopped toying with him and ripped the boxers away.


While that did show the surprising strength hidden in her lithe body, this also had the effect of Harry’s cock acting like a released spring. Fleur was smacked in the face with a long stiff rod, but she didn’t flinch away. Instead, Fleur reached up and held the hard cock against her face, the cockhead releasing precum onto her silky cheek. Then, she turned and laid a soft kiss on the shaft, making Harry’s cock twitch again on her face before saying, “I ‘ope you’re ready, ‘Arry Potter. I don’t want you to waste your chance by finishing too quickly.”


Harry watched in anticipation as Fleur moved back to point the purpling head of his cock at her soft lips. Fleur gave it a little kiss, smearing the precum onto her lips before looking back up at Harry’s face with a wicked smirk.


Fleur caressed Harry’s cock one last time before giving his balls a squeeze. Harry stared into her blue eyes as she took his drooling cock into her mouth, moaning when he felt Fleur suck lightly on the tip. She stayed there, just enjoying the taste of Harry’s precum before finally making a move.


In complete contrast to her previously gentle actions, Fleur slammed her head down, swallowing half of Harry’s cock in one go. He could only gasp in pleasure when Fleur repeated her motion, this time gobbling up the entirety of Harry’s thick cock without a hint of struggle. Harry’s hips twitched when Fleur rubbed her nose into his pubes while swallowing around the cock in her throat.


Just when Harry thought it couldn’t get better, Fleur removed her face all the way to the tip of his cock and looked up at Harry’s face before giving a wink. That was all the warning Harry got before Fleur fucked her own face onto his cock and gave his shaft a world-class throat massage. It was all too much for Harry, and he let Fleur know by cumming without warning down her throat.


Fleur knew that Harry wouldn’t be able to last for too long under her ministrations. So when she felt a hot load of cum rising from Harry’s balls into her mouth, Fleur didn’t show any disappointment and drank down the delicious seed. She kept Harry’s cock buried in her throat until he was done and slowly pulled away while savoring the leftover juices.


Harry’s cock fell out of Fleur’s mouth with a loud pop and onto his thigh with a splat from the amount of spit layering the shaft. Harry was breathing deeply as he watched the most beautiful girl he had seen lick her mouth. Fleur’s pink tongue was gathering the excess fluids from her full lips. Harry surprisingly felt his cock start to rise at the sight.


Fleur saw this and cheered, “Zat is perfect, ‘Arry! I was afraid zat you ‘ad nothing left for me, but now we can keep going!”


Harry was confused by how fast he recovered, but Fleur’s words took precedence over the confusion, “Keep going? Like another blowjob?”


Fleur nodded happily, “Of course! Maybe more if you can last even longer.”


Before Harry could react to the new information, Fleur already slid his semi-flaccid cock back into her mouth and used her throat to get his cock hard again. This time Harry used his previously idle hands to give Fleur some unneeded help.


Harry use his new grip on Fleur’s slivery-blonde hair to slam her face down and brutally face-fuck her. Fleur was quite happy about Harry’s actions since it let her know that he was an active participant in the fucking. Her allure hadn’t turned him into a living dildo… yet. There’s still a long way to go before Fleur can give Harry a pass.


But in the meantime, Fleur let Harry have his fun with her throat. Harry swept her hair back into a ponytail so he could see Fleur’s face as he fucked her mouth. The sight of his thick cock disappearing into her stretched lips made Harry pick up the pace. The cum-filled balls slapping onto Fleur’s chin twitched, letting both of them know that Harry was close to being done. With loud grunts and moans coming from Harry’s mouth, Fleur’s throat was hosed with the second deposit of cum in the last thirty minutes.


Just like before, Fleur happily drank down what Harry released in her mouth, moaning slightly as she felt herself getting more energized from the cum. When Fleur finally let go of Harry’s sensitive cock, she immediately started to give him a fast handjob, trying to get his cock hard again.


Harry twitched, trying to get away from Fleur’s stroking hand since his dick was too sensitive right now and needed a little break to recover. But Harry was too weak from the recent orgasm to get away and watched in amazement as his cock slowly got hard again.


When Harry’s shaft towered over her face, Fleur said, “It’s ‘ard again! Zis time, you can ‘ave my pussy, ‘Arry.”


And just like that, all other thoughts left Harry’s mind. Everything disappeared except for Fleur, who had just vanished all of her clothes. Harry drooled as he stared at her large, perky breasts that sat high on Fleur’s chest, the unblemished skin of her toned stomach, and the wide hips that led down to her hairless pussy.


Fleur laid on the bed and spread her legs wide, practically inviting Harry to have her. And Harry, being a straight male, used every ounce of energy left in his body to move and point his cock at the entrance of Fleur’s pussy.


Fleur only gave Harry a smile that said, “Come fuck me,” and that exactly what he did. Harry plunged his cock in Fleur’s pussy all at once, wasting no time to rut into her and fuck Fleur as hard as he could. Unfortunately, the feeling of Fleur’s pussy surrounding his cock was too much for Harry, making him cum within just a few minutes of getting inside.


Fleur just let out a dirty moan when she felt more cum shot into her body as she yelled, “Keep fucking me, ‘Arry! Show me that you are a real man!”


Harry had no idea what the hell Fleur meant, but he once again felt a strange feeling that helped him keep fucking Fleur. Without stopping his rapid thrusts once while Fleur was creampied, Harry’s dick stayed hard as he fucked Fleur into her first orgasm of the night.


Harry was almost a mindless fuck machine that had had the sole purpose of pounding Fleur’s pussy. Her juices shot out of her cock-filled pussy as Harry kept fucking Fleur into more orgasms. After a while, Harry’s balls finally tensed up again, getting closer and closer to creampieing Fleur’s pussy every time Harry’s balls smacked down onto Fleur’s soft arse.


Fleur felt Harry lay on top of her body, mashing her full tits against his chest as he groaned loudly, filling her pussy with the biggest load yet. Fleur felt Harry’s cum overfill her womb and leak out around the cock plugging her pussy. Fleur just smiled and stroked Harry’s hair throughout all this as he kept pumping cum into her.


When Harry’s orgasm finally ended, Fleur let him rest on top of her for a few minutes before saying, “Magnifique, ‘Arry! You have given me your best fuck yet. Just a few more rounds, and I’ll be your girlfriend!”


Harry was already fucked out, but he used that willpower in his body to get moving again. Restarting the pleasurable torture of fucking the beautiful Fleur Delacour.


Fleur smiled up at Harry as he struggled to fuck her. She had already decided that he had already passed her test. Fleur had found the perfect man that her mother had told her about. That would be something that Harry would be equally grateful for and horrified with.



Harry sat at the Gryffindor table the next day, once again shunned by all of his housemates. But this time, Harry had the beautiful Fleur Delacour pressed to his side.


Ron, for the first time since Harry’s name came out of the goblet, walked up to Harry and yelled, “Not only did you get into the tournament, you also got the hottest bird in the school. Screw you, Potter!”


Harry didn’t say a word as he watched Ron rush off. Fleur said in her sultry voice, “Don’t worry about ‘im, ‘Arry. But ‘e does have a good point, ‘ow about we go back to my room so I can… screw you.”


Harry shuddered in equal parts of excitement and dread. Fleur had literally sucked him dry yesterday and informed him that, as a Veela, she needed his cum every day to function properly. 


Harry had many questions for Fleur, like how she survived without his cum so far, and how the hell did he get hard so many times? Harry had a feeling it had something to do with her bodily fluids. Fleur’s spit and pussy juice had some kind of effect on Harry.


But did that really matter? Harry certainly didn’t think so as he was dragged out of the great hall by a horny Fleur. He still got to fuck the silvery-blonde angel, so that’s all that really mattered.


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