The Interview

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The Interview

Brilliant, Hermione, she thought to herself. Why did you think this was a good idea?

She shifted in the seat, which was uncomfortable and stiff, and her leg was shaking from the anticipation of those big wooden doors opening and the fate that awaited her on the other side.

Why in Merlin had she agreed to this interview?

Outside of the doors was a desk and there sat a personal assistant—a young man, though probably only a few years younger than herself. Probably fresh out of Hogwarts, she thought. He was busily writing something down with a quill and parchment when there was a small ringing sound and he looked up.

‘They’re ready to see you, Miss Granger.’


She nodded, calmer than she felt, and stood up. She opened one of the double doors and let herself into what was a very high-class office. There were two men sitting on one side of a large desk and she was ushered into the chair across from them.

She sat down and put the folder that she was gripping in her fingers onto the desk in front of her. She looked up at the men and smiled a polite and professional smile. Looking into the faces of the two men that she had just shagged a week ago while trying to keep her face neutral and courteous was one of the hardest things that she had ever done.

She realised at looking upon them that she hadn’t actually seen them like this before, sitting next to each other and both looking at her like they had just found their new favourite plaything. When they were so close to each other, she could really appreciate how beautiful they both were. They were completely different, contrasting in almost every way, but they were also both absolutely gorgeous.

While Blaise Zabini was dark and handsome, rugged and mischievous, he was also actually quite charming and had a generally pleasing demeanor—in the situations that she had seen him in at least. Whereas Draco Malfoy, pale and blond and deceptively angelic was quite the opposite—he was wicked and commanding and sexy as fuck.

‘Thank you for coming today, Miss Granger,’ Blaise said with a smile that she knew was genuine.

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak yet. ‘You’re interviewing for a Potions Research position,’ Malfoy said, looking over the paper in front of him. ‘Is there anything that you’d like to tell us that…we don’t already know?’

She gave a wry smile at the tone of his voice when he said the last comment. ‘I have mentioned already that I was on secondment in Romania for nine months to research uses of Dragon’s blood, and while I did find two new uses unfortunately I cannot share these with you as I am under a non-disclosure agreement with the Ministry.’

They both nodded.

‘I have also found some uses for other ingredients and I’d like to research them further, but have not yet had the time or funding to do so. The ministry doesn’t care about profitability and therefore refuse to fund one of the projects that I’d really like to research more.’

‘Which is?’ Malfoy asked curiously.

‘Contraceptive potions,’ Hermione said. ‘I’ve found that switching one ingredient may prolong the effects of the potion, which means that instead of having to take it every day, it could become weekly or even monthly—but of course, I would need the time to conduct my studies on this.’

Malfoy and Zabini looked at each other with raised eyebrows, and Blaise said, ‘That does sound very profitable, Miss Granger. Everyone would buy our version if it were longer lasting.’

‘Exactly,’ she said.

‘I’m assuming you wouldn’t be willing to tell us which ingredient it is just now?’ Blaise asked.

She smiled. ‘Absolutely not.’

They both chuckled and then looked at each other again and nodded. ‘Well, Granger,’ Malfoy said. ‘Honestly, we already know that we want you to work with us.’ He pushed a contract across the desk to her. ‘This is our offer.’

Hermione seized the parchment and her brown eyes followed the perfectly formed letters and numbers. Her eyebrows raised. ‘This is more than four times what I’m making at the ministry,’ she said. They were silent so she kept reading on. It was mostly the normal items about sick leave, holidays and so on. Then there was another bit that caught her attention. ‘A bonus?’ she asked, looking back up at them.

‘A percentage of profits from items that you have specifically designed for us. Call it an incentive.’

‘The salary is incentive enough,’ she sighed, ‘Not that I would say no to the bonus.’

When she finished looking it over, she looked up at them again. ‘So, do you agree, Granger?’ Malfoy said.

Her heart was suddenly pounding in her chest. ‘I just need to know one thing,’ she said, braver than she felt.

‘Which is?’ Blaise asked sweetly, almost saccharine.

She breathed deeply. ‘I want your word that if I’m working here, with you, that there will be no…untoward advances.’

Malfoy smirked. ‘Untoward?’ he asked. ‘What do you mean by that, Miss Granger?’

She looked at him seriously. ‘I want to make sure that you’re not going to try to shag me in front of my colleagues,’ she said bluntly.

Blaise smiled and Malfoy’s smirk grew as he said, ‘Granger, I cannot promise that I won’t try to shag you. Honestly, the thought of you in a lab cloak is turning me on more than I care to admit.’ He purposefully glanced down under the desk and Hermione felt suddenly warm.

‘Malfoy,’ she said in warning.

‘But,’ he continued. ‘I do promise that if it were to happen, it would be discreet and would not undermine your professionality when it comes to coworkers and colleagues.’

She sighed and looked back down at the contract and the number of galleons that they were willing to pay her to work for them. She also had to consider the freedom of being able to research what she wanted rather than what the Ministry forced her to do, and if that meant that she would maybe sometimes be pushed into a dark cupboard during work hours to be thoroughly ravished by Draco Malfoy well…fuck, the idea was actually turning her on.

While she had been looking over the contract again, they had both stood up from the desk to come over to the side that she was on. ‘So, do you agree to our terms, Granger?’ Blaise asked, coming around to her left side.

‘Or do you require a bit more persuasion?’ Malfoy finished, approaching her on her right side.

That fucking voice, she thought. Why did he have to talk like that and make her instantly want him again. It had only been a week. A week since Flourish & Blotts and then his bedroom, and then the bath, and…oh, it was not a good idea to start thinking about everything else that had happened after that.

‘This was supposed to be professional,’ she said, a bit breathlessly.

‘The professional bit is over,’ Blaise said nonchalantly, pulling her up from the chair. ‘Are you coming to work for us or not?’

Her breath caught as she looked into his dark brown eyes and she nodded, already knowing her answer. He pushed his hand into her hair and pulled her against him, his lips crashing against hers and opening them with his tongue. She hadn’t actually experienced the full-on intensity of Blaise Zabini yet and she was now discovering that he was completely consuming and overwhelming.

She squeaked for a second and pulled away from him. He looked confused. ‘But what about Pansy and—’ he cut her off with another kiss.

‘They’ve already given their consent for me to shag you at my leisure,’ he said then bent closer to whisper in her ear, ‘As long as you come back to the Manor later and they can have another go as well.’ His lips curled into a very Slytherin smirk at this last statement and Hermione moaned loudly, thinking of what else she could do with the two witches.

Blaise began kissing her deeply again and now Malfoy was behind her, running his hands up and down her sides and dipping her head to the side to begin licking and nipping her neck. He bit her earlobe as Blaise’s hand found her bum and pulled her even closer against himself. She could feel that both of them were hard against her.

Gods, ever since she had gotten their owl on Tuesday saying that she had an interview on Friday, she had been fantasising about what would happen when she got here. She had a feeling that Malfoy would try something, had actually been looking forward to it as she had been starting to feel that need again as Charlie Weasley had still not yet been to visit her since her return to London. However, she hadn’t been sure if Blaise would have wanted to be part of the action as he already had two witches to take care of—though she knew that they were also very capable of taking care of each other.

Blaise’s hand moved down from her bum to her thigh and then under her skirt to take her bottom back into his strong hand through only her knickers, squeezing it gently as he continued to plunder her mouth. Malfoy had brought one of his hands up to one of her tits, kneading it roughly. His other hand was trying to insinuate itself between hers and Blaise’s bodies, but he was holding her so close that Malfoy was having a difficult time of it.

He finally got annoyed enough to grab her hair and pull her back from Blaise’s mouth. He said hotly into her ear, ‘How do you want us, Granger?’ while pressing his hard cock against her bum.

She was panting and moaning softly, looking up into Blaise’s dark lusty eyes. They were almost black and she got a whole new rush of tingles looking at them. He wanted to fuck her. He hadn’t really been able to do it properly last time, to be fair. And Malfoy, well she knew that he would make sure to take what he wanted.

Malfoy pulled her hair again sharply and she cried out. ‘Well?’ he asked and she realised she was taking too long to answer him.

‘I want Blaise to fuck me,’ she said finally, softly. She felt Malfoy release her hair and pull her back from Blaise. His hands were on her hips and he shoved her forward against the desk so that she had to put her hands down on it to hold herself up.

‘You heard her, Zabini,’ Malfoy said in a low voice.

There were no more niceties after that. Blaise made a low growling sound in his throat as he moved up behind her, flipping her skirt up and pushing her knickers down. He pushed a finger into her quickly and her wetness made it slide right in. ‘You’re so wet,’ he said gruffly.

Hermione moaned again. ‘Please fuck me, Blaise,’ she said, leaning further onto the desk onto her forearms and pushing her hips back against him.

‘Merlin, Granger,’ he said darkly. ‘We are going to love having you around here.’ He had finally freed his cock from his trousers and he held it with one hand against her. His other hand grabbed the other side of the desk by her head, gripping it as he thrust himself forcefully into her.

Hermione let out a hoarse yell as he slammed her hips against the desk. ‘Oh Merlin!’ she nearly screamed, her hands grabbing for the edge of the desk so that she could hold on to push herself back against him harder. He was using the entire length of his large cock to fuck her, pulling almost all the way out before shoving back into her and she was whimpering at the sensations.

He was completely surrounding her—his hands were next to hers on the edge of the desk, his lips and teeth at the side of her neck, his strong body pushing into hers, again and again, and her first orgasm hit her hard with almost no build. She was still trembling from it when there was a loud knock on the door.

Blaise pushed himself deep into her but then stayed still and looked up at Malfoy, who was standing in front of them with his hand stopped midway through unbuttoning his own trousers. He looked up at the door and then at the clock on the wall. ‘Humphrey,’ he said shortly. ‘You two keep quiet. He won’t be able to see you.’

He made an adjustment to his trousers before leaving their line of sight. They heard the door open and Malfoy speaking softly to the young man.

‘Yes, it is a bit late now, isn’t it?’ and ‘We are just taking her through a few more scenarios. You run on home, we can see her out.’

‘Scenarios?’ Blaise said hotly in her ear, slowly starting a long and languid thrusting motion into Hermione again, pressing his cock hard right against her cervix and she let out a soft moan. ‘Shhh,’ he said. ‘Don’t want Humphrey to know you’re fucking us, do you?’

Hermione bit her lip as he pushed into her again and put his lips back to her ear. ‘Now I could think of a few scenarios, what about you?’ he whispered hotly. ‘I think we will definitely need at least a weekly performance review.’ Hermione gripped the edge of the desk harder as he continued his long thrusts against her. He bit her earlobe and she almost let out another moan, her teeth sinking into the flesh of her lip to stop herself from crying out. ‘As you’re so clever, I’m sure you’ll get top marks,’ he grinned. ‘And all the rewards that come with it.’

He had pulled one of his hands back from the edge of the desk and was pushing it up her shirt, moving her bra quickly out of the way to squeeze and twist one of her nipples, while still pushing into her from behind.

‘Yes, Humphrey, it would be very exciting if we could get Granger to work for us, so can I please get back to the interview?’ Malfoy was clearly getting annoyed at his PA now.

‘Fuck, I know Draco wants to pin you to every surface in this place,’ Blaise continued in her ear. ‘He’s been talking about it all week.’

Hermione felt her cunt spasm around him and could feel blood seeping from her torn lip. What was this man doing to her? He was quietly turning her into a puddle of goo and she was loving every second of it. She was so close to coming again. He kept hitting that spot deep inside her that felt so good and his words were making her tummy do backflips.

‘I’m almost there, Granger,’ he said. ‘Once I’m done, Draco’s going to have his way with you.’ He thrust hard again as they could finally hear the door close. ‘And then we’re going to go back to the Manor,’ he continued, now pushing into her a bit harder, his voice raising. ‘And we’re both going to fuck you again.’ She let out a squeak, feeling the coil in her belly tighten further and herself getting closer to the edge. ‘And then I’m going to let the girls have their fun,’ he said darkly, slamming hard into her and twisting her nipple. She groaned loudly and pushed back against him as she felt her body come apart again, her fluttering inner muscles milking the orgasm from Blaise’s body.

He held himself there for a few moments, trying to get his breath back when she heard Malfoy say, ‘Are you just about done then? I think it’s my fucking turn now.’

She felt Blaise’s chuckle against her back as he pulled off of her and away and she let out a whimper at the loss of his body covering her. She looked back at Malfoy, who was looking over her bruised and bleeding lips and mussed hair and then down to her skirt which was completely askew and her knickers around her ankles. ‘Fuck you’re gorgeous, Granger,’ he said in admiration. She flushed, letting a breath out. ‘My plan had been to fuck your mouth while Blaise rode you, but since he’s done now, I think you’ll be more comfortable on your knees.’

He grabbed her hair again and pulled her off the desk, pushing her down onto the floor. His hand came up, his fingers brushing over her face and her bloodied lips. ‘You look thoroughly shagged, Granger. Blaise did a fucking good job, didn’t he?’ Hermione nodded softly, feeling herself flush again. Blaise was now sitting back on the other side of the desk, looking calm and composed, as if he didn’t have a care in the world and was flipping through the folder that she had brought with her.

Malfoy brought her gaze back to his by grabbing her chin. ‘You’re going to suck my cock now,’ he said and she nodded, her eyes flashing with desire again. He raised an eyebrow and looked down at his trousers. She shuffled forward a little and put her hands on the buttons, undoing them slowly and pushing them down. His cock was hard under his boxers and she looked back up into his eyes, which were bright with excitement. She pushed the boxers down and released his cock to the air. She let out a soft moan looking at it. It really was a perfect cock.

She grasped the shaft and pumped it a couple times, watching his precum start to wet the head and she licked her lips, causing Malfoy to let out a groan. ‘Suck it,’ he said in a low and gruff voice, which caused a shiver to run through her. She leaned forward and slowly took the head into her mouth, licking the precum from his slit and then pushing further down. One of his hands grasped the side of the desk for support and the other sunk into her hair—just resting there for now but she knew that it would become more directive later. She had one of her hands on his hip, lightly running over those fucking sexy hip bones and the other still on the base of his cock, squeezing gently as she pushed him slowly to the back of her throat.

His hand on her hair gripped tighter as he let out some deep breaths. ‘Come on, Granger, I know you can do better than that.’ He let out a groan again as she took a deep breath and pushed him all the way down her throat, swallowing around him. His grip on her hair became tighter. ‘Fuck!’ She pulled off and breathed greedily through her nose while lightly scraping her teeth over the sensitive head of his cock. Once he relaxed a bit, she swallowed him again. His hips pushed forward roughly against her and she could tell he was losing control.

She reached down and cupped his bollocks, running her fingers along the seam between them and then she moved it further back to press against the patch of skin between his balls and his arse. His hips thrust forward again unconsciously and he put a bit more weight onto his arm against the desk.

‘She’s a fucking pro,’ Blaise’s voice came hotly from the other side of the desk. Hermione’s eyes fell back on him and he was now paying complete attention to Hermione and Malfoy, the folder apparently no longer as interesting as what was happening before him.

‘You have no idea, Blaise,’ Malfoy moaned out, pulling her back onto him roughly. He was now taking control of the situation, grabbing her hair and directing her over his cock, holding her down on him for longer and longer between breaths. There were tears forming in her eyes and she was gripping his hip hard when she could finally feel him start to get close, as his motions became less rhythmic and his grip on her hair loosened. ‘Merlin, Granger, you are just made to be fucked, aren’t you?’ he moaned as she swallowed around him again and he jerked forward. She felt the first few pulses go straight down her throat before he could pull out. He pulled her head back by her hair and finished coming on her lips and chin and neck.

 As soon as he had finished, he pushed her down to the floor, lying on top of her and licking the blood from her lip and the cum from her face. She moaned out loud at how sexy it was, putting a hand at the back of his head to pull him closer to her, catching his lips in a hard kiss, whimpering in pain at the pressure against her bruised lips, but also pleasure at the feeling of his lips and tongue against her and in her mouth.

He finally pulled away with a few last kisses to her chin and his eyes were dark and he was breathing heavily against her chest, his weight comforting against her. He held himself up on his arms and then said, ‘So, have you had enough, Granger, or do you want more?’

Her body flushed and she felt her tummy tingle looking into his eyes and pressed her hips up against his unconsciously. She licked her lips and nodded. ‘More,’ she said in a husky voice.


Hermione awoke to a strange feeling of someone touching her foot. She forced her tired eyes open and looked towards the bottom of the bed. ‘Pansy, what are you doing?’ she asked softly, trying not to wake the two men on either side of her.

‘Come with me,’ she said softly, wrapping a hand around her ankle and pulling on it. Hermione slid down the bed and when she reached the bottom, Pansy pulled her against herself for a kiss. Hermione moaned softly, her hands finding the softness of Pansy through her dressing gown. ‘Come on,’ she said. ‘Astoria’s waiting for us.’

Hermione smiled and followed the witch, leaving Draco and Blaise behind on the bed.

When Hermione stepped into Astoria’s room, she was sitting on the side of her bed, her feet hanging off the side, looking quite innocent—something that Hermione knew that she was far from being. Astoria looked up and Hermione melted at the look in her eyes. ‘Hermione,’ she breathed out. ‘We’ve been waiting for you to come back.’

Pansy was behind her and wrapped her arms around Hermione to begin touching her tits and Hermione moaned. ‘So did you get the job?’ Pansy asked with a smirk in her voice. Hermione nodded and Astoria stood up, advancing on the brunette.

‘That’s wonderful news,’ she said. ‘We did tell Blaise that he was free to fuck you if he wants,’ Astoria said softly, running her hand down Hermione’s body, starting at her neck. ‘As long as we could fuck you as well.’ Her fingers had now reached Hermione’s cunt and she pushed two fingers into her quickly. ‘We really enjoyed having you last weekend, didn’t we Pans?’ Hermione could feel Pansy nod against her neck, which the witch was licking and biting—attempting to leave a mark. ‘And my husband really needs to learn that he can’t keep you all to himself.’

Hermione whimpered in the witches’ arms and sighed. What was with these sexy Slytherins and their wicked tongues and voices. Until a few weeks ago, Hermione had only ever been with two men and now it seemed like she would be regularly shared between two wizards and two witches and for some reason she couldn’t find herself to care in the least. If what Malfoy and Blaise had done to her in that office was any indication of what would happen more often once she started working for them, she would be a very happy witch. Not to mention the fucking that they had given her when they had gotten back here—Malfoy taking her from behind while she showed Blaise what she could do with her mouth.

And if Pansy and Astoria could make her feel like they had last week, then she would happily shag them whenever they wanted as well. She just wondered what Charlie would say if he found out that he had indirectly turned her into a bit of a slag.

The two witches led Hermione over to the bed and over the course of the next several hours, they had ended up in various positions, pleasuring each other with fingers and tongues and mouths and teeth. When Hermione had mentioned her Muggle toy, they both became very excited and asked her to bring it with her the next time she came to visit.

There was a point where Astoria was sitting on her face and pinching her nipples while Pansy was eating her out and shoving fingers into her as they brought each other to orgasm after orgasm that Hermione thought that maybe it was better this way. They didn’t just stop because they had climaxed—because they were quick to make it to another and another. Hermione found Astoria particularly sensitive after her first orgasm, and if she pleasured just the right spot—her tongue pushing at a place between her clit and her cunt, she could bring her off several times.

Finally, they all lay exhausted across Astoria’s bed and Hermione moaned out, dragging her fingers through Pansy’s hair, the witch’s head resting against her tummy. ‘You two are amazing.’

‘You’re not bad either, Granger,’ Pansy said with a smirk and flicked her nipple again.

Hermione groaned. ‘Don’t get me started again, Parkinson.’ She sighed. ‘I’d actually really like a shower now. I’m a bit sweaty.’

‘If you’re going back to Draco’s room, can you send Blaise back to us,’ Astoria said softly.

Hermione rolled off of the bed and nodded. ‘Will do.’ 

She gave them both a kiss and then still naked—as she had not yet been given a new dressing gown—she walked back up the hall towards Malfoy’s room. She opened the door, expecting the two wizards to still be asleep, but instead found them in quite a lascivious position.

They both looked over at her when she opened the door, Blaise on his hands and knees and mid-groan as Draco fucked his arse lowly from behind. ‘Welcome back, Granger,’ Malfoy said through a moan, not stopping his actions.

Hermione leaned back against the now closed door and watched them with hooded eyes. ‘Like what you see?’ Blaise asked and Hermione nodded and moaned.

‘Please don’t stop,’ she said lustfully. If she thought that they had contrasted before, it was nothing like seeing this. Day and night was the only way she could describe it. Malfoy, all blond hair and pale skin thrusting his cock into Blaise’s dark-skinned body as sweat formed around the edges of his short black hair.

‘Why would we stop?’ Malfoy said with a grin, closing his eyes and moaning again as he fucked Blaise. ‘You could join, if you want. Blaise’s cock needs tending to,’ he said, he had been stroking it as he fucked him, but he released it now, making Blaise give out an annoyed groan. ‘Come lay down on the bed, Granger, and let Blaise fuck you while I fuck him.’

Hermione let out a whimper thinking about it but didn’t move straight away. Malfoy put his hand back on Blaise’s cock and began stroking him again. ‘Or you can just touch yourself and I’ll have all the fun.’

She groaned and pushed herself up from the door, quickly making her way to the bed. Draco stopped for a moment so Hermione could lay onto the bed and Blaise could get into position. As Blaise thrust deeply into Hermione, she cried out, her hands going up to his shoulders as her legs fell open wide. Malfoy then began to thrust back into Blaise’s arse and set the rhythm for them all.

Blaise was kissing her again, his mouth hot and wet and she got that feeling again of him completely surrounding and consuming her but looking away from his eyes only meant that she looked into Malfoy’s and she couldn’t handle the lust in them either. She had already had Merlin knew how many orgasms and she was now so close to another.

She moaned and pushed her head back against the pillows. ‘You are both so fucking gorgeous,’ she cried out and they smirked nearly identical smirks before Malfoy thrust deep into Blaise and Blaise thrust deep into her and the feeling of his cock spilling his seed inside of her tipped her over another precipice and she sighed in satisfaction.

They all slowly pulled away from each other and Hermione groaned. ‘I really need a shower.’

‘I need to get back to the girls,’ Blaise said, giving Hermione and then, surprisingly, Draco a kiss before rolling away and heading back towards Astoria’s room.

‘I need a shower as well,’ Malfoy said, grabbing her hand and pulling her from the bed.

And as the warm water pulsed and sprayed and washed the sweat and juices and cum from their bodies, Malfoy dropped to his knees, pulling one of her legs over his shoulder to bury his face between her legs.

Breathing heavily and pushing her head back against the wall, she wondered again what the fuck she had gotten herself into. She honestly didn’t know, but she screamed out as he licked her and when he brought her to another glorious orgasm she decided that she was going to let herself enjoy every minute of it.


Harry and Ron stood in the potion’s lab at the Ministry, completely befuddled. ‘What do you mean she’s on holiday?’

The woman in front of them shook her head. ‘I’m not sure how to make it any more clear. She is on annual leave for two weeks.’

‘Do you know where she’s gone?’ Ron asked.

‘She didn’t say where she was going,’ the woman, who was Hermione’s boss, replied rather snippily. ‘It was rather last minute.’

‘Is there anyone else that can analyse this potion for us?’ Harry asked. ‘It’s important.’

‘I can get one of the other research associates to do it,’ the woman replied.

‘And are they as good as Hermione?’ Ron asked.

She shook her head again, now becoming exasperated with the two aurors.

‘For fuck’s sake,’ Ron said in a loud whisper to Harry. ‘You know what that means.’

Harry nodded unenthusiastically. ‘Let’s go.’


Shortly thereafter, they apparated into the foyer of Malfoy Manor and almost immediately a house-elf appeared and bowed.

‘Can you please let Draco Malfoy know that Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are here to see him regarding Ministry business,’ Harry said politely to the house-elf. It bowed and disapparated.

They looked around and Ron gave a low whistle. ‘Nice fucking place, isn’t it?’

‘Yeah, pity we can’t leave the foyer unless we’re invited in. I’d love to search this place for dark magic,’ Harry replied.

Malfoy appeared after a few moments and looked the two of them over. ‘What can I do for you?’ he asked.

Harry handed him over the potion. ‘We need you to analyse this,’ Harry said. ‘We found it at the home of a dark wizard and we need to know if it’s lethal or not, to know what we can charge him with.’

Malfoy raised an eyebrow. ‘Can’t anyone at the Ministry do this?’

‘We were going to have Hermione do it, but she’s—’ Ron started.

‘On holiday, yes,’ Malfoy interrupted, looking at the potion.  

‘How do you know that?’ Ron asked.

Malfoy looked up at them with a grin. ‘She hasn’t told you?’

Ron and Harry looked at each other, confused. ‘Told us what?’

‘We poached her,’ Malfoy said. ‘Zabini and I. She’s using up her holidays for the Ministry, because she starts at Malfoy-Zabini Enterprises next week.’

They both looked shell-shocked. ‘Sorry?’ Harry asked.

Malfoy just smirked, obviously feeling like he didn't need to elaborate any further. ‘I’ll go look at your potion now. It will be about 20 minutes for the analysis. You can wait here or I can send you the results.’

‘We’ll wait,’ Ron said. ‘We’ve got the bloke in custody just now.’

Malfoy nodded and left them in the foyer.


Astoria!’ a voice said from a room off of the foyer. It was a woman’s voice and had a playful admonishing tone. ‘Astoria…stop,’ it continued, but the way she said it sounded like she did not want whatever was happening to stop. It was almost seductive.

Harry and Ron looked at each other. They had been waiting for almost half an hour for Malfoy to return with their results when they suddenly heard a voice, one that they knew well. But why was she here, and why was she talking to Malfoy’s wife in that way?

A loud groan followed and then, ‘Oh, gods, Astoria,’ ending in a breathy moan.

Their eyes widened and Ron stood up to follow the voice, Harry following closely behind. They quickly found a door that was slightly ajar and Ron was the first to peek in, Harry budging in just below Ron’s head to see in through the crack.

It was like something out of a Renaissance painting. Hermione Granger was lying sprawled over a chaise lounge, her wild hair spread out around her head, which was thrown back against the soft fabric below her. She was wearing a dressing gown, but it had fallen off her sides, exposing her breasts and legs to the air. Her chest was rising and falling quickly with her deep breaths and her hands were sunk into the hair of a witch whose head was buried between her legs. ‘Fuck, right there,’ she sighed, one of her legs falling off the side of the divan sofa onto the floor, spreading herself wider for the witch.

Ron could hear Harry’s breath getting shallower as they both watched what was happening. Not even Ron had seen Hermione like this before, so passionate and beautiful, obviously being completely pleasured by the witch between her legs.

Harry nearly groaned when Malfoy’s wife looked up at Hermione and then moved up her body, taking her lips in a passionate kiss. Hermione moaned loudly and quickly began playing with Astoria’s nipple as they kissed deeply.

‘Pansy’s going to be annoyed with us,’ Astoria said huskily, kissing Hermione again. ‘For starting without her.’

Hermione moaned again. ‘We’ll make it up to her.’

They kissed again and started grinding against each other in a very wanton way and—.

‘That’s your results ready.’

They jumped in shock at the voice behind them and turned, both blushing scarlet.

Malfoy held out his hand with the remainder of their potion and a bit of parchment. ‘It’s not lethal, unfortunately, but would cause quite a nasty bout of sickness.’

They were both gaping and trying to calm down from what they had seen and Malfoy finally took in their flushed faces and then tilted his head to look through the crack of the door into the room behind them. To their surprise, he chuckled.

‘Wha—’ Ron started to say, then decided he wasn’t actually sure what he was going to ask.

‘What’s she doing here?’ Harry finally asked.

‘Granger?’ Malfoy asked with a smirk. ‘Looks like she’s fucking my wife.’

They both looked at each other again, shocked by the nonchalance in his voice. ‘But—but she’s not—’ Harry said.

Malfoy gave them a confused expression, like he didn’t understand what Harry was saying. ‘No, it makes sense,’ Ron said, finally finding his voice. ‘That’s why we must not have worked out. She prefers witches.’

Malfoy gave a derisive snort of laughter and Ron looked back at him annoyed. ‘Oh Weasley,’ he said condescendingly. ‘Trust me, she loves a cock as well.’ He raised an eyebrow. ‘Sometimes more than one.’

Ron looked like he was about to punch Malfoy, moving towards him and turning as red as his hair. ‘Take that back!’

Harry held him back. ‘He’s taking the piss!’ he said, struggling to hold Ron back. ‘Ron, it’s Malfoy.’

Malfoy shook his head but didn’t say anything else on the matter. ‘If that will be all?’ and pushed the vial and the parchment towards them again. ‘I’ll send you my invoice.’

‘What have you done to her, Malfoy?’ Ron asked angrily.

‘Done to her?’ he asked with a small laugh. ‘I really think you should be asking your brother that.’

Ron stopped struggling against Harry and looked at Malfoy in utter bewilderment. ‘What the fuck do you mean by that?’

‘Well, Weasley, she spent nine months in Romania and came back sex-starved and practically begging for it. Honestly, she has had Astoria, Pansy, me and Blaise all in a day and still wanted more, so,’ he breathed out and gave them a smirk. ‘What did your brother do to her in Romania?’

They were still gaping at him when another witch came bouncing into the foyer. She stopped when she saw Ron and Harry there and smiled. ‘Do we have new toys?’ she asked, looking them over.

Malfoy shook his head. ‘Sorry Pans, they’re here for business rather than pleasure.’

Pansy shrugged. ‘Have you seen them?’

Malfoy nodded towards the door where Hermione and Astoria were. She walked past them towards the door but looked over Ron and Harry as she passed. ‘Pity, I'd be willing to try out another Weasley after Charlie.’

She disappeared into the room just as there was a very loud moaning coming from Hermione and Harry looked at Ron again and they knew that she had just climaxed. There was a bit of heavy breathing and then some whispers from the other side of the door.

‘Right, we should probably be going,’ Harry said, shoving his shoulder into Ron’s. Ron was still looking towards the door wide-eyed. Malfoy was standing there staring at them as if waiting for someone to make a move.

Suddenly the door opened wider and Hermione was standing there, her dressing gown still disheveled but covering most of her body and her face looking flush. ‘Malfoy, Pansy said you wanted—’ she stopped as she saw Ron and Harry standing there and turned bright red, pulling the robe tighter around herself. ‘What are you two doing here?’

‘We could ask you the same,’ Ron said angrily.

‘Malfoy was helping us with a potion, since you were on annual leave,’ Harry said calmly, trying to mediate between the two.

‘Yes, well, I have nothing to explain to you,’ she said, her chin high.

Ron growled and advanced on her, pushing her back against the wall and Hermione looked surprised and annoyed. ‘What are you doing, Ronald?’

Ron looked like he was about to start yelling or screaming or berating her and Harry moved towards them to pull them apart, but then Ron put his fingers under her chin, pushing it up to make her look at him and suddenly he kissed her hard. Hermione’s hands came up to push him away, but Ron put an arm around her, pulling her right up against him while continuing to snog her until she moaned into his mouth, relaxing into him.

Harry looked on in shock and his eyes found Malfoy’s, who was watching in amusement. ‘Looks like Weasley’s finally grown some bollocks.’

Ron had now pulled Hermione’s dressing gown open and was caressing her body, his hands were not loving or reverent, but also were not forceful or harsh but Hermione seemed to love it as she was whimpering with need against him. They had both become overcome with lust now and no longer cared where they were or what was happening around them as Hermione pulled away from his lips and began undoing his trousers.

Malfoy ushered Harry over to a chair where they could sit and watch what was happening and then snapped his fingers. A house-elf appeared. ‘Start drawing the bath in my room to Miss Granger’s liking,’ he said and it bowed and disapparated. Harry looked over at Malfoy in confusion, nodding to the two who were almost fucking against the wall in the foyer. ‘Oh, you think he’s claiming her?’ Malfoy said with a smirk. ‘She may eventually go back to him, yes, but we’ve been fucking her for almost two months now and she has needs that far outstrip anything that one witch or wizard is capable of. Her body is meant to be shared, and I will have her again when he’s done.' He stopped and smirked. 'I just don’t want any Weasley germs left on her when I’m doing it.’

Harry shook his head and his eyes came back up to Ron and Hermione. Ron’s trousers were now down, but he still had his robes on, so Harry couldn’t really see too much from his angle. Harry was currently damning his monogamous relationship with Ginny, otherwise he might have tried to join in as well.

‘Oh, gods, Ron!’ Hermione moaned out loud. He was now holding her up against the wall, hands gripping her thighs as he sunk himself into her and then started to push roughly into her again and again. Her head was back and Ron was biting her neck as she yelled out, grabbing onto his shoulders as he fucked her hard.

As Harry watched them, he suddenly felt something touching his cock and noticed that Malfoy had put his hand over the clothed erection. ‘What are you doing, Malfoy?’

Malfoy shrugged. ‘Looks like you could use a hand?’ as his hand continued to caress and then squeeze his cock, making him even harder.

‘I’m married,’ Harry moaned out.

‘So am I,’ Malfoy said, putting more pressure on Harry’s cock.

Harry groaned loudly and without even thinking of the consequences he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his cock out. Malfoy took it back into his hand, stroking it up and down and Harry whimpered. Then Malfoy dropped to his knees and Harry almost shouted as a wet, warm heat enveloped his shaft and his hips shot up, almost choking the blonde. Malfoy pushed his hips back down roughly. ‘Be good, Potter, or I won’t suck it.’

Harry relaxed his hips back against the chair and he looked back up to Hermione being pounded against the wall by Ron. Hermione’s eyes were now open and she was looking at Harry and Malfoy. Her eyes were dark and she bit her lip as Ron gave another harsh shove. Her eyes rose and met Harry’s and he groaned out again at seeing that desire in his best friend’s eyes and at Malfoy’s mouth working wonders on his cock. Fuck, how could this feel better than when Ginny did it?

He grabbed Malfoy’s hair, which was soft and silky and moaned again, his head falling back and his eyes closing at the pleasure that the blonde was giving him. He could hear Ron’s grunts becoming more erratic and Hermione’s moans becoming louder and knew that they were going to come and he began making shallow thrusts into Malfoy’s mouth, wanting to come at the same time. Malfoy seemed to sense this and grabbed hold of the bottom of his shaft, giving it a hard pump and then pressing Harry’s cock fully into his throat, swallowing around him.

Harry’s hips shot off the chair again and as he heard the absolute extasy of moans exploding from the other side of the foyer, he exploded into Draco Malfoy’s mouth.

His eyes opened slowly and hazily. His glasses were askew and he righted them before looking at Malfoy, who was wiping his mouth and standing back up, looking back over to Ron and Hermione. Hermione’s feet were back down on the floor and Ron had pushed her to the wall again, taking her lips in another strong kiss.

Ron still hadn’t said anything to her, but he pulled back and pulled her robe back together and tied up the belt. He looked at her and Hermione met his gaze and Harry could tell that she was seeing Ron in a new light. She gave him a slight nod. He turned away, finding Harry with his spent cock hanging out of his trousers, but not realising how it had come to be that way and said, ‘Come on, let’s go.’

Harry put himself away and with one last look at Hermione and Malfoy, apparated away with Ron—potion and analysis in one hand and a lot on his mind.


Thank fuck for cushioning charms, Hermione thought as Draco slammed his cock into her arse against the side of the bath. She was lying against the tiled floor next to the sunken bath with her feet on tiptoe on the underwater seat. She was holding herself up on her arms and Malfoy was bent over her, thrusting hard into her arse and biting her shoulder, one hand grabbing one of her tits and pinching her nipple as he fucked her.

‘Oh, Draco,’ she whined, her body reveling in the feelings that he was giving her.

‘That’s right, Granger,’ he said hotly into her ear. ‘I know you’ve got a taste of Weasley’s cock again, but—’ he pushed harshly into her. ‘Your body will always belong to us. To me and Astoria and Blaise and Pansy. Say it!’

Hermione moaned. ‘Yes.’

‘Yes what?’ he said severely, pinching her nipple hard.

‘Yes, I’m—I’m yours,’ she groaned.

‘Good girl,’ he said, grabbing her hair to move her face to the side so that he could take her lips in a harsh kiss. ‘Astoria’s taking a liking to you, and she really doesn’t like when someone takes her toys away.’

Hermione moaned out loud at this. She had enjoyed what Ron had done to her as it had been the best and most passionate sex that they had ever had, but she also knew that she could not stop being with the four Slytherins either. They knew what she needed, and how she needed it, and Hermione knew that just one man would never be enough to keep her satisfied now. If she and Ron ever decided to get back together, he would have to accept that. 

Malfoy moaned out against her ear, ‘Honestly, Granger, I would fuck your arse all day if I could.’

She shivered at the words and whimpered as he continued fucking her. ‘Simple blood-stabiliser,’ she bit out. ‘Plus an energy-replenisher,’ she said through another moan. ‘And perhaps some self-healing to help—fuck that’s good—with chafing.’

Malfoy paused for a moment and looked at the side of her face. ‘Are you telling me you could actually make a potion for that?’

She nodded and he began pushing into her again. ‘That should be one of your next projects,’ he said with a grin and gave her arse another harsh thrust. ‘I can’t fucking wait to test that one out.’


Harry’s head fell back against the headboard as Ginny’s mouth moved over his cock, licking him lightly and fisting the bit of it that she couldn’t fit into her mouth.

He put his hand in her hair, but she shook her head, trying to get it off. ‘Gin,’ he cried, pushing his hips up, trying to get himself deeper.

She pulled off, ‘Harry, you know I don’t like when you do that.’

He sighed and nodded. ‘Sorry,’ he said and she licked him again before putting her mouth back on him.

Malfoy hadn’t said anything like that, Harry thought. Then he groaned to himself. Why the fuck was he thinking about Malfoy in the middle of a blowjob from his wife? He shook his head and tried to bring his attention back to the redhead before him.

His hand slowly ran up her until it slowly glided back into her hair, not putting any pressure but just following her movements. Her hair wasn’t nearly as soft as Malfoy’s.

Harry hit his head back against the headboard. What the fuck? Why was he thinking about that strange and completely uncalled for moment while Malfoy sucked his cock as he looked into Hermione’s eyes—eyes that seemed more excited about watching Malfoy suck his cock than the fact that she was being fucked against a wall. 

Harry moaned again as he thought about how sensual and fucked-up that whole situation had been. How had it happened and…he suddenly tried to think of what he could do to make it happen again. He groaned. His hand gripped tighter on Ginny’s hair and even as she protested, he kept up the pressure.

If Hermione was leaving the ministry, it meant that Malfoy was the next best person to test potions for the Aurors and this meant—‘Oh, Ginny,’—that Harry might actually have an excuse to visit Malfoy Manor more often.

Ginny had relaxed a bit and was taking his cock a bit further into her mouth and Harry moaned out and pushed his hips up while keeping the pressure on the back of her head and he felt himself getting close to climax. He closed his eyes and in his mind’s eye, the ginger hair had turned blonde and become silky in his fists and as he reached his release he threw his head back, ‘Fuck, Malfoy!’

There were a few moments of silence and then:

‘Excuse me, but what the fuck?!’


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