Welcome to Slytherin, Sydney

BY : Arizona Ice T
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‘What a bullshit assignment’ Tonks thinks.

At the moment, Nymphadora Tonks, Auror and Metamorphmagus extraordinaire was on the Hogwarts Express for the first time in 7 years. 

Well technically she’s not there as herself. She’s ‘Sydney Morgan”’; transfer student from the US. What a hair-brained scheme. Minister Scimgeour and his weasley (no offense to the family) little second-in-command Pius Thicknesse had dragon dung on their face after the battle at the Ministry. While they had successfully fought off and arrested several Death Eaters, had they listened to Harry’s warning about Voldemort being back, they could’ve handled things accordingly -  made arrests, put people under surveillance.

And maybe Sirius would still be alive.

But too little too late, and now the Ministry was on their heels, trying to push back against the spread of Dark Magic and Wizardry with You Know Who’s return. That’s where Tonks came in. There was a fear from the Ministry that Death Eaters were being recruited from Hogwarts again. It made sense. During the First Wizarding War, most of Voldemort's followers were recruited Slytherins. And many of those same followers had children attending Hogwarts. Stands to reason that there’s an effort to strengthen their numbers with the new generation. And she was happy to do her part to fight against dark magic...

She just wished the Ministry had given her a better cover story. Her alias, conjured up Thicknesse, was a 6th year, pure-blood, student hailing from America. Why transfer all the way across the Atlantic you might ask? Well it seemed that ‘Sydney’ was kicked out of her school in America for “constant, inappropriate relations with students and faculty alike.”

Basically, she was kicked out for being a slag.

She was sure Pius had himself a hearty laugh when he came up with it. 

But Tonks was a team player, and if this meant she could stop a new dark wizard before they hurt someone, she’d do her part.

In the present, Tonks walks the corridor of the Hogwarts Express in her new form. At least they had let her pick her disguise. Tonks had always been self conscious of her looks. Strange for Metamorphmagus it might seem, but she never liked how strongly she resembled her mother, and her cunt of an aunt, Bellatrix. 

Tonks rounded her face a bit and gave herself pouty lips to hide the Black family cheekbones and thin mouth. She changed her eye color to green, and her hair to a dark blonde - she always liked blonde hair. She made herself a few inches taller, and filled out her usually wiry frame, giving herself thicker thighs, more pronounced hips and bottom, as well as changing her bust size from her natural Bs, to a generous C-cup. 
In short, she made herself a bombshell...how she always wanted to look secretly. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed either, with heads turning to look at her from all houses.

On the train, Tonks gets her own compartment in the Slytherin section. She watches a Slytherins walk by, talk, and do whatever it is Slytherins do. As a Hufflepuff and a Half-Blood, she did her damndest to avoid Slytherins while at school, and any time she did interact with them...well suffice it to say harsh words and harsher spells were thrown around. Now she was in the middle of the snake pit, and she had to get what information she could get. Especially on-

Well speak of the devil.

Draco Malfoy. He was walking right toward her compartment with his usual goons, Crabbe and Goyle.

The Malfoy heir was a top concern for the ministry given his families ‘alleged’, close affiliation with Death Eaters. Tonks felt a tinge of sympathy for Draco, he was her cousin after all. He was taught to believe the worst of Pure-Blood nonsense, but he was young. He still had time to unlearn his prejudices. Maybe She could get the Ministry to go easy on him if he cooperated.

Draco stops at ‘Sydney’s’ compartment and looks in. He opens the door, and steps inside with his two companions.

“Mind if I sit?” He asks, not waiting for her to answer before sitting. Tonks couldn’t believe her luck. He was coming right to her.

“Wo-Hello.” She says, catching her signature phrase. Draco quirks an eyebrow, but says nothing. “I’m-”

“Sydney.” He interrupts. “I know who you are. All of Slytherin has been talking about you.” 

Tonks' eyebrows shoot up a bit. She knew Pius had made an effort to make sure her presence was known beforehand, but she didn’t know to what extent.

“Oh? And what are the Slytherins saying?” She asks, batting her eyelids.

“Is it true you sucked off your Charms professor.” Goyle blurts out. 

There it was. 

Tonks has to stop herself from frowning. Seems Pius couldn’t wait to have Sydney’s alleged activities spread through the grapevine of Hogwarts

“I heard ya fucked the entire Quidditch team.” Crabbe adds. Tonks didn’t blush easily, but even she felt red creep to her features at the big oaf's brazen mouth. Draco just looks on, highly amused.

“Well?” Draco drawls “Is it true? Were you really expelled for being a whore?”

Tonks wants nothing more than to slap that smug grin off of Draco’s face. But she’s a professional. She fought dark wizards of the most dangerous variety. She wouldn’t let some schoolboy taunts get to her. She decides to play to the persona, smiling coyly at the Slytherins 

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” She says giving him her best seductive, coy smile.

“Yes, in fact, I would.”

Draco waves his hand, and the curtain of the car window goes down, giving them some privacy. Draco stands, and casually begins to undo his belt. Tonks' eyes widen at his actions

“W-what are you doing?” She asks, trying to keep her voice steady and unconcerned.

“Come now, you really think a new slag could join Slytherin and not give a taste to it’s king?” Draco answers, now with his belt unfastened. He pops the button of his trousers, and unzips them showing Tonks his expensive looking green boxers, and the not too small bulge that was underneath them. Tonks eyes looks between the three nervously, before locking back onto Draco’s crotch. This wasn’t going right at all. Tonks' hesitance didn’t go unnoticed either, with Draco giving her an appraising look. “Unless you’re not who you say you are? Be a shame really. I was looking forward to having a new friend in Slytherin.

Draco moves his hands to his pants, as if he was going to do them back up. Shit, she was losing him. She had an in to the de facto Slytherin royalty, and she was losing him. She was taught as an Auror to use every advantage she could get, and she was looking at a big one in both sense of the meaning. Placing her hand on his thigh, she stops his movements. He looks down at her with an arched brow.

“I am friendly.” She says, trying to make her voice sound husky. Draco smiles at her in a way that makes her hate smiles.

“That’s better.” He says haughtily. Draco let’s his pants fall around his ankles, and shuffles towards Tonks, with his crotch just inches from her face.

“Let's see if those Yanks taught you anything.” Draco taunts, reaching out to grab the back of Tonks' blonde hair and press it against his bulge. Tonks is smushed nose first into his silk covered cock, forced to take a deep whiff of him. Well, at least he smells nice. 

Okay, face currently pressed against her cousin's cock aside, she could work with this. If she could just reach her wand in her outer robe pocket, maybe she could stun them all, change their memories to make them THINK she sucked Draco off. If she could just slide her hand.

“Goyle, why don’t you grab those stuffy robes for her. I’d like a better view.” Draco orders, continuing to grind his bulge on Tonks face.


Goyle obeys his friend, reaching across the car to not too gently pull her robe from her body, and taking her wand along with it. She’s completely defenseless.

Draco gets bored of dry humping Tonks' face, and decides he’s ready for some skin to skin contact. He pushes his boxers down, letting his dick flop free. The Malfoy men were...blessed, with his cock coming in at around 8 inches. Tonks breath actually hitches at the sight of it, as if she was some virginal fourth year. She hadn’t dated anyone since Charlie Weasley - she put her full self into her job, but Charlie, nor any of the few one night stands she had over the years come close to Draco’s length and girth. 

“Well?” Draco asks expectantly, wiggling his hips a bit. “Get to work.”

She was going to fucking kill Pius when this was over, right before she obliviated herself. 

Tonks reaches out, taking Draco’s manhood into her small hands. She gives it a few strokes, watching it grow to its full intimidating length. She continues to stroke him, looking everywhere but him so that she’s not reminded that she’s jerking of her student cousin. 

“If I wanted a mediocre handjob, I would’ve gone to Millicent.” Draco growls, clearly annoyed. “Come on, get on with it. Show me what you showed your Charms instructor.”

Draco grabs the base of his cock with one hand, and the back of Tonks head with the other, he pulls the Auror forward, pressing his prick against her pouty lips. Tonks hands go to his thighs on instinct, ready to resist him and push him back, but she had the mission to think about. She’d get nowhere getting on Draco’s bad side - that was a sure fire way to get shunned by the other Slytherins, and learn NOTHING. Setting her morals, and common decency aside, Tonks allows her mouth to open, and for his cock to slide between her lips. Draco rushes no time, pushing his rod to the back of Tonks throat. One thing about being a Metamorphmagus that Tonks found out through lets say experimentation is that they don’t have much in the way of a gag reflex. Her throat could naturally change itself to accommodate blockages, in this case being Draco’s fat cock.

“She didn’t even gag.” Draco points out himself. “She really must have sucked off her whole year,” Draco laughs as he begins to thrust his hips into her open, wet mouth. Tonks seals her lips around his skin and hallows her cheeks, sucking every time he thrusts into her mouth and throat. She closes her eyes, and tries to place herself literally anywhere else; that she’s sucking off ANOTHER big dicked Slytherin.

“Mphf….mphh..mpffl-” Tonks sounds around his cock as Draco buries both his hands in her hair, and bobs her head onto his length roughly. Drool and spit run down her mouth as he face fucks her. Tonks minutely enlarged the size of her mouth so she could take him. 

“How is she?” One of Draco’s two goons asks behind him; she wasn’t sure which one as they both look and sound the same.

“Not bad?” He admits. “But I’ve had better.”

‘Better?’ Tonk thinks, a bit indignantly. She may not be the slag they believe her to be, but surely  she gave better head than some tart school girl. Her eyes snap open to glare at him, and as if inspired by his middling appraisal of her skills, Tonks takes one of her hands off his thighs, and moves it to cup his large sack, taking his balls into her palm, and kneading them. Draco groans out, indicating he likes her ministrations. But she has another trick up her sleeve. Covertly, she begins to contract and expand the size of her throat along Draco’s length, essentially massaging his cock every time he plunges into her throat. Draco actually lets out a whimper at that, gripping her hair even tighter in his fists, and bobbing her head even faster for his pleasure.

‘Better my arse.’ She thinks with sick pride as Draco comes undone in her mouth, shooting his load directly down her throat. Draco holds himself in her esophagus until he’s sure she’s milked every drop from up, before pulling his hips back, and freeing himself from her mouth.

Tonks swallows the remnants of his orgasm, and flashes him a smile.

“What was that about better?” She asks smugly, as if she accomplished something here.

“Well, I’m man enough to say when I stand corrected.” Draco says, pulling his pants back up. “I’ll have to keep you close by this year.”

Despite the humiliating action she just partook in, it seemed to work. She had her in now.

Draco slides the resin car door open, and moves to leave. Tonks gets up to follow, but she suddenly feels two sets of hands on her wrists, stopping her.

“I have to go and handle some things with our fellow housemates. Why don’t you show Crabbe and Goyle the same good time you showed me?”

“I...erm..” Tonks stutters.

“I’ll come find you once we’ve reached Hogwarts.” Draco says offhandedly as Tonks is pulled to her knees in the center of the train car, with Crabbe and Goyle lording on both sides of her, hardness visible in their trousers. “Oh and Sydney...welcome to Slytherin.

With that, Draco leaves Tonks kneeling between the two large boys.

When the train finally arrives at Hogsmeade station, Tonks is an absolute mess. 

Her makeup is running, lipstick smudged, hair in complete disarray. She’s almost certain she has cum leaking from her nose, and making her chin. Her shirt is wrinkled, and missing the top 3 buttons from where the two oafs clawed at her tits.

She couldn’t even properly clean herself, with Crabbe taking her robes with him, promising to give them back later.

She makes her way through the aisles of the train with numerous surprised, disgusted, and lustful eyes on her. She tries to walk by like their stares don’t bother her, but she can’t help the blush of shame on her face.

This was going to be a long assignment, and even longer school year.

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