Spectacular Spector Pecker Sucker

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Harry Potter lived in Godric’s Hallow with his mother and father. The Potter’s were an old family of the purest magical blood, as experience would have it, they hid secrets from the magical world. Secrets that they would use to their own benefits and desires. Time would store these in books and journals, but James Potter would not care for books and the secrets would be passed to his 16 year old son. The Potter’s secrets would be passed, even if by chance….


“Damn this heat.” Harry muttered. It had been scorching all summer and his room was extra hot. Harry had not been able to fall asleep and after three hours of trying, he gave up hope for a quiet night in his room. A thought came to him, he should go into the family library room. It had a sofa, muffling charms, and an air conditioning unit. 

He grabbed his blanket, a pillow, his wand, and his wrist watch. He crept out of his room and headed downstairs. He glanced at his LED lit watch and saw that it was just after midnight. He carefully missed the last step on the staircase, knowing that it would creek. 

He slowly opened the door and walked in. 


Lucky for him the air conditioning was left on from the hot day. The chilling blast soothed Harry’s skin. He threw his pillow at one end of the sofa and spread his blanket across the cushions. Suddenly, a book flew off of the shelf and landed in the middle of the room. Harry knew that the room was enchanted to keep sounds from escaping and entering the room, but it made him jump nonetheless. He looked around the room and asked,

“Hello? Mum? Dad?”

There wasn’t a response. Harry looked at the book and found it glowing. There was a large glowing “P” on the front cover. Against his better judgment, Harry grabbed the book and it opened to a random page. 

The writing on it worn but Harry could make it out,


“To the next Potter Heir,

You will find that this book contains all of the secrets of the Potter Family since the days that Merlin shared the art of magic with us. Do not be afraid of the companion you shall receive, it will be there to help you. Always start with oral stimulation and continue from there. It will attach to you just as it has with many Potters, but it’s experience with previous Potter’s will not affect you. Share it with suitable companions that have strong essences of magic in their blood. 

Use it well.

-Archemous Bane Potter”


Harry was puzzled by the note left in the book, he started to flip through the rest of it until he heard a voice.

“Hello Harry! How may I help you?”

Harry turned around and saw an astounding looking woman. She was his height, had blonde hair the came down to her shoulders, cute freckles, but more importantly, she was completely naked! She had perfect C cup sized boobs, a shaven pussy, tight waist, and an incredibly curvy ass. Harry was shocked to see a nude stranger in his own house. He immediately grabbed his wand and pointed it at her. 

“Who are you?! How did you get in here?!” He shouted. 

“My name is Chloe. I am a sexual specter servant of the Potter lineage. How may I help you?”

Harry looked stunned, but the growing bulge in his pants was starting betraying any form of seriousness in his voice.

“Chloe….You…..Spector….Help?” Harry stumbled out of his mouth

Chloe simply smiled, moved closer to him and got on her knees. 

“It’s okay, everyone has been a little stunned at first. Just relax.”

Chloe pulled Harry’s pajama bottoms down quicker than lightning and started to lightly stroke him. Harry gasped at the sudden waves of pleasure he was feeling. Words were not coming to mind. 


Chloe the took her tongue and licked the bottom length of his shaft. She flicked her tongue on the underside closest to the tip. She then kissed his head and started to suck. Harry was a decent 7 inches in length and a little thicker than most men, but Chloe was able to fit him entirely. There was no trace of spit, but Harry felt that her mouth was as moist as could be. Her head started to bob up and down his length, as she kept eye contact with Harry. The lustful look in her eye told him that she knew she was a dirty little slut and was enjoying having his throbbing cock in her throat. 

Harry had never had a blowjob before and felt that he was getting close. He instinctively grabbed the back of Chloe’s head and started to fuck her mouth as fast as he could. She didn’t resist started sucking harder. Harry felt his sperm release in the biggest load of his life. 

“Fuck! Fuck!” He yelled as each load coated the back of Chloe’s throat. She made sure that she got every drop of his sweet cum. After about a minute or so, Chloe spoke up,

“Okay my Lord Potter, I have sensed I have caused you great pleasure,” she then moved to the sofa and over to expose her magnificent and wet pussy, “My Lord, would you like some more pleasure?”

Harry was ready to jump on her and fuck the shit out of Chloe, but he had questions that needed answers first.

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