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hot stuff, bloodplay, and the trial begins ;)


Thank you so much for reading the first part!

THANK YOUUU to the lovely Debbie, @SerenityStargazer for betaing it, she did an awesme job

in Twilight it’s not usual but this does not prevent me from putting some there so I have added a lot of bloodplay between those two ... but if you don't like the genre, just skip the first part ^^ '


II (I): Hello, father!

Taking advantage of the shirt that Barty had already so diligently unbuttoned, Aro took it off him, throwing it on the cot.

But when he tried to put his hands on the wizard's chest, they were so cold that he backed away.

Aro smiled, almost softened.

"Oh, my poor cold puppy, come here, I'll warm you up." he pulled him to himself for a deep, impetuous kiss.

The vampire's sinful mouth left the wizard’'s lips to descend first on his chin, then towards his neck and shoulders, leaving more and more greedy hickeys as he passed, until he reached his chest.

That damned vampire just knew how to set him on fire.

Barty felt a fire pervade him, he kissed him again, feeling authorized to free the vampire from his black jacket and unbuttoning his shirt, without even asking him.

The clothes soon reached those that had already been thrown away.

Barty understood that that was a game that allowed two participants and tried to leave passionate marks on every uncovered part of the partner, the difference was that his vanished immediately.

"Don't be upset, it's normal, you are still human, once you become like me you’ll can leave your marks in a more lasting way," Aro promised him, trying to touch him again.

Barty did not pull back this time but it was clear that he was not completely at ease. Aro noticed that.

“There's even a way to warm me, you know, puppy? Just a little blood is enough, can I? "

Barty burst out laughing.

“Do you even ask me for permission? It seems to me that I’ve already said yes to eternal life for a long time. "

“I know, but good manners never hurt. So can I, my dear?" the other asked for confirmation.

"You must!" the Death Eater urged him, impatiently.

Perhaps because the cell was saturated with sexual tension, perhaps because his self-control had already been tested for some time, but Aro bit him quickly, sinking his canines deep into the left crook of his neck.

A rivulet of blood ran down to the stomach and Aro did not hesitate to pick it up with his tongue, along its entire length.

Not a drop of that crimson ambrosia should have been wasted.

"Mm .. you taste of Fire Whiskey '." the vampire murmured in delight.

"Do you know it?" the Dark Wizard wondered puzzled, still stunned by the sensations that that bite had left: pain mixed with pleasure, lightness mixed with a sense of bewilderment, a sense of emptiness and at the same time fullness.

He only knew that he wanted to repeat that experience as soon as possible, it even seemed to him that it had lasted too short.

"Oh yes, your dear Lord Voldemort has offered that drink to me on more than one occasion, he is an excellent host." Aro chuckled. "Obviously, for me it was necessary to pour  a little blood in it."

But Barty was still at the beginning of that sentence and his face was a total mask of amazement.

“On more than one occasion? How long have you two k… ”

Aro put a finger on his mouth, to silence him.

“Shhh, puppy, this is not the time to talk about it. And then we were having fun or am I wrong? " Aro murmured, his forehead resting against Death Eater’s one, who found himself nodding.

The vampire again tried to explore his lover's chest with his hands and finally got the desired result.

Barty only pushed himself further against him: he had become warmer and more pleasant.

They kissed again and, stepping back with him, the wizard carried him to the cot, lying down and waiting for the other to lie on top of him.

It wasn't like Barty to let himself be subdued, but for such a charming vampire he would have made an exception.

Aro returned to kiss his neck insistently, while his hands dealt both with his pants and with those of his partner, satisfied only when he felt the now evident erections of both free to meet each other.

He slipped two fingers into Barty's half-open mouth who passed his unpredictable tongue several times on them, perhaps an anticipation of what he wanted to do.

He was about to draw them back when the Dark Wizard also allowed himself the luxury of biting them deeply enough to draw a few drops of blood.

Aro laughed.

"Puppy, I just wanted to lubricate them for you, but so I would say it's even better, this also gives me a certain idea ..." he announced mysteriously, stroking his own cock with the fingers Barty had moistened, while the other hand took care of preparing his entrance, so tight.

"Am I the first, Barty?" he asked, flattered.

"I've had several women in my bed, even some men, but I've never given myself to anyone," explained the Death Eater, between groans. 

Whatever Aro was doing to him was sending him over the moon.

He felt luckier than someone who drinks a Felix Felicis .

Aro turned out to be a patient and caring lover, he gradually entered him, waiting for Barty to get used to that intrusion, for the wizard to encourage him to continue, regardless of the pain.

For someone like Barty, pain was a form of pleasure.

When he got used to it, he moved his pelvis along with the vampire's movements, at an increasingly frantic pace.

He reached the apex of pleasure and soon after Aro's elongated canines sank back into his neck, this time a little longer, thus consolidating the vampire's orgasm as well.

“You are amazing, puppy. There is so much that I would like to do to you and that I would like you to do to me, but time is starting to run out, ”the vampire moaned, before both of them at least wore their trousers again. "But fear not, we will have many of those opportunities," he winked, making him smile.

"It is that moment?" Barty growled eagerly.

"Yes, my dear.”  Aro nodded. "Not that this is necessary, I've never even done it, but in your case I feel like making a small exception."

Saying this, Aro cut his chest with a sharp fingernail, dipping a finger inside.

Barty's eyes had dilated pupils and they didn't leave the wound all the time until Aro put his finger to the Death Eater's mouth.

First he stained his lips and he didn't hesitate to lick it off with that jerky tongue.

Aro smiled, repeating the operation; this time Barty sucked that finger more slowly and voluptuously.

It was like the finest of wines with something more that he couldn’t define well, but which already made him addicted. Probably it was Aro’s true essence.

He hated that horrible Polyjuice, and yet he had had to swallow it for almost a year, for the love of the Mission, for the love of his Dark Lord, but this ... this was something he felt he would never be satisfied with.

Maybe that's why he pounced on the vampire's chest, licking his wound before he even asked him, with such an impetuosity that could only amuse Aro.

"It will probably help speed up the transformation process." he told him.

"Probably?" Barty arched an eyebrow, looking at him skeptically.

With those lips stained with his blood Barty  was truly a vision to Aro.

“I told you I've never done this before. Only with you. You are special, puppy. " he smiled, kissing him to clean him up.

For the third time that night, Aro bit Barty in the same spot, this time much deeper and much longer.

When he had enough, Aro pulled away from him, letting him rest his head in his lap.

Barty looked at him lifeless.

“It's my poison getting into your system, a few hours of deep sleep and in the morning you'll be more than ready for the trial. I will also leave you the stolen wand, you will need it. You'll see, we’re going to have so much fun together, puppy. " he gave him a smile, full of promises.

The wizard, already paler in complexion, smiled back.

"Anyway no, Aro, it's not a poison," he murmured, with his last strength left. "It's the sweetest medicine ever." he concluded, before collapsing, apparently dead.

Aro smiled, dressed completely, dressed Barty too, placing him better on the cot, so that he could rest.

The vampire came out of the cell and locked it, ready to join Jane and Alec at the exit, and then reunite with his other two brothers.

His family had just expanded.

He just had to wait.


The Wizengamot was crowded with wizards and witches that morning , arranged in a circle between the various stands.

Among the numerous people, in addition to the insiders, were Albus Dumbledore, next to him Harry Potter, the cut on his arm still more than visible, as proof of what he had been forced to undergo, and even more rightly there was the Auror Alastor Moody, the authentic one, still a little bruised, but more gritty than ever.

There were also Dolores Umbridge, as senior undersecretary of the Ministry of Magic, and Rita Skeeter, eager to write a new article that would put the ministry in the spotlight.

Cornelius Fudge wanted to be somewhere else, but at the same time he couldn't help it: he was afraid of that process, afraid of the very uncomfortable truths it could bring to light.

On hearing that news of Barty Crouch Junior's trial, Igor Karkaroff had returned from Durmstrang , to be able to attend that verdict, but this time as a free man.

And of course Bartemius Crouch Senior was present as the judge.

It felt strange to wear that tunic and hat again, to savor that decision-making power that had been taken away from him for a long, too long time.

Of course, these were not the conditions in which he had wished he could do it again, but he knew he had no choice, his son was just like all the three Curses he had used: unforgivable.

As his personal assistant, the young and ambitious Percy Weasley sat in the front row, so that he could enjoy every word that the austere and judicious man would utter.  Percy admired that man oh so much.

Maybe one day he would take his place.

What everyone expected most happened and with the help of magic, the culprit was hoisted from below, until he entered a iron cage, a little thorny, placed in the center of the court, surrounded by a pile of documents and reports of the most salient facts of those last months.

Barty Crouch Junior, chained to his hands and feet, from inside the cage looked around with a frightened air.

This was only because he was a formidable actor and wanted to make what would have been a shocking twist even more epic.

Aro had been right: the blood exchange had really speeded up the process and in just three hours Barty was reborn embracing his new, even darker nature.

This had given him enough time to cast a Colovaria on himself, in order to mask his too pale complexion, but above all those large deep red eyes.

When three guards arrived to take him, in order to bring him to the trial, he had let himself be taken by two ones, but the first guard ... well, he had been his breakfast, then he had bewitched the two survivors so that they would not remember anything and invent an excuse for the absence of his colleague, whose torn and bled corpse had been transfigured into a tile in that cell.

Now it was just a matter of playing a role, up to the appropriate time.

Contrary to what he had done in his first trial, overwhelmed by the emotions and weaknesses that the tender age of nineteen brings, this time Barty pleaded guilty with vivid pride to every charge against him.

Although apparently frightened, Bartemius Crouch Senior had the impression that his son continued to stare at him, as if to challenge him with his look.

And in that look he could not read anything good.

It was time to deliver that terrible sentence.

If it had already broken his heart to send him to Azkaban when he was little more than a boy, this was a thousand times worse for him.

However, justice had to run its course.

"Bartemius Crouch Junior, in light of the facts analyzed, you will immediately receive the Dementor's Kiss," he proclaimed loudly, playing only the role of an impassive judge and leaving aside those of a father who lost his son for the umpteenth time . The definitive one.

"Let the Dementor come in!" he decreed immediately after, while some of the attendants pointed their wands towards the cage.

The hideous creature floated into the Tribunal, headed for the cage, entering through that open magical passage.

Once the Dementor reached Barty, it seemed a little confused, but it still tried to do what it was sent for, trying to suck the soul from the open mouth of the culprit, without success.

The second time was also in vain.

"Oh come on, I don't think you're trying hard enough!" the Death Eater mocked him as he laughed, moving closer to get 'kissed' a third time.

Yet another total bust.

"But what ..." Barty Crouch Senior muttered, perturbed.

He wasn't the only one.

The whole Wizengabot was flabbergasted.

Rita Skeeter had never written more frantically in her entire life, while the photographers following her never stopped taking pictures.

Barty Crouch Junior addressed that crowd.

“You wonder what's going on, right? Well, I'll tell you: it's a bit difficult to take away the soul of someone who has already lost it! " he laughed like a madman, showing off his elongated canines, while his eyes could finally reveal their real color.

It was a matter of a moment.

The newly created vampire broke the chains as if they were made of paper and widened the bars further to get out.

With a speed that was no longer human, he was immediately before the judge.

"Hello, father!" he sneered.

(End I)



The issue that the exchange of blood accelerate the transformation process is my headcanon (also because I needed it to be a bit fast ^^ '), in the movies they dedicate very little space to this aspect so I felt free to use a little imagination.

I assure you that in other areas I can also write about a much fluffier Barty XD

Do you like it so far?
Pleeease , let me know. Free to tell me anything, the lynching is always valid XD
Don't miss next part, you'll find out what Barty's new power is, any idea? ;P

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