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Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fanfiction written for mine and my readers enjoyment. I make no money, nor do I make any profit from this work. Characters are borrowed from J K Rowling, Glen A Larson, and J R R Tolkien.

          "Excuse me, Lt. Starbuck?" the voice came into his contemplation of his cards, making him lift his head, pulling the cigarillo from his lips with a puff of smoke.

          "Yes, Corporal?" he asked.

          He lifted his hand, a slip of paper in it.  "I was asked to deliver this too you."

          Starbuck took the paper, opened it, read what was on it, his face losing it's amusement.  "Sorry, guys, but I'm going to have to call it quits," he said as he lay his hand facedown on the table.

          "What's up, Starbuck?"

          "I've been called before an inquiry?"

          "Inquiry?  Why?" came from a tall, rather stringy looking viper pilot whose call name was, of all things, 'Greenbean.'

          He pushed his chair back, got to his feet.  "Don't really know, Greenbean, but I guess I'll find out.  See you all later."

          Leaving the Officer's Club, he headed for Conference Room 2.  Reaching the door, he lifted his hand, pressed it to the security pad beside the closed door.  Hearing the call to enter immediately after the ding, he stepped forward, the door opening silently at his approach.

          Entering the room to find, to his complete surprise, Admiral Roark, Admiral Maxwell, Admiral Jenkins, Commander Thorin, Commander Roark, Commander Adama, Lt. Commander Dacian, and finally, Colonel Gabriel sitting at the semi circle table.

          Further back, in the shadows of the room near the far back wall, stood someone that he could not clearly see.  "Come in, Lt. Starbuck," came the stern tone of Admiral Maxwell.

          "Take a seat, Lieutenant," Admiral Jenkins said in the nearly same tone, "so we can get this started.  Yours is not the first case we have heard, nor will it be the last."

          "Yes, Sir, but..." he started for the table, "I'm at a loss as to why I have been asked to report here."

          "Charges of Dereliction of Duty have been levied against you, Lt. Starbuck," Commander Adama answered in a quiet tone, his expression, much like everyone else's in the room, very stern.

          Starbuck froze for just a moment, looking at each of them.  "Dereliction of Duty, Sir?" he asked, then continued on to the table, where a file lay closed.  

          Pulling out the chair, he took a seat, opened the file and began to read, his face beginning to pale once again.  Once he had turned the last page, he looked up at them thinking he had an idea WHO had levied the charges, and WHY, but...this was so very unlike Roark.  He had never seemed to be the spiteful type.

          Movement from the back of the room.  "You would be wrong, Lieutenant," came the harshly spoken, deep voice as he stepped up to the side of the conference table, looking at him with narrowed, cold sherry eyes.  "Roark has no idea about this as of yet.  I will be speaking to him once he returns from his patrol.  Lt. Colonel Rodolphus Lestrange, Colonial Counter-Intelligence, as well as the Galactica's new Strike Commander.  I am the one who is levying these charges after a thorough investigation of your actions the day of the ambush."

          So, this was Roark's husband, suddenly not at all surprised now, as it was said that Rodolphus adored his husband, and would do anything for him.

          "Did you. Lt. Starbuck, inform your on duty Commanding Officer, Colonel Tigh, and you then Strike Commander, Captain Apollo, that you were not feeling well, and therefor could not take your assigned duty patrol the day of the Cylon attack on the Fleet?"

          "I...did, Sir," he answered, looking over at Admiral Jenkins, who was the one to ask the question.

          "You were then released from said duty patrol by Colonel Tigh, were you not, Lieutenant?"  Admiral Maxwell asked, looking at him with a cool, disapproving gaze.

          "Yes, Sir, I was."

          "At which point you should have reported to the Life Center to be examined by either Healer-Colonel Severus, Doctor-Lt. Colonel Sebastien, or Doctor-Major Robin.  DID you report to the Life Center, Lt. Starbuck?"

          "No, Sir, I did not."

          They looked at him with looks that made him want to find a place to hide.  "No, Lieutenant, you didn't,  You instead went straight to the  Officer's Club, where you entered into a Pyramid game with two visiting Officer's from the Gemaria, as well as several others.  You ordered several drinks, smoked several cigarillo's, and played several hands of Pyramid."

          Thorin arched a dark brow as beside him, Gabriel sat forward.  "Very strange actions, Lieutenant, for a man who told Commanding Officer's that he was not well enough to take his assigned patrol, but then, there was really nothing wrong with you, was there?"

          "I...yes, Sir, I did, and no, Colonel Gabriel, there was nothing wrong," he said, seeing absolute fury that flared in Rodolphus' eyes.  "Zac," he began, looking at each of them, "he wanted to go on one patrol with his brother."

          "Regardless of what Lieutenant Zac may, or may not have wanted, that patrol was not his to fly.  It was yours."

          "Then, Lieutenant, we have no choice but to find you guilty of Dereliction of Duty.  However, given what Zac may have asked, and given our current circumstances, the standard punishment of the immediate dishonorable discharge of the guilty party from the Colonial Armed Services has been set aside."

          "Instread, Lieutenant," Admiral Roark sat forward, "You will be placed on probation.  When you are not on duty, you will be confined to your quarters until further notice.  You will have no contact with any of your friends, or your fellow Officer's outside of times of duty.  Is that clear, Lieutenant?"

          "It is, Admiral."

          "Then you are dismissed," Roark Sr. turned his head.  "Rodolphus, will you please escort Lt. Starbuck to his quarters?"

          "Of course."  He stepped forward.  "Lieutenant?"

          Starbuck turned and left the room, Rodolphus following.  They were silent on the walk back to his quarters, but at the door, he looked up to him, met his eyes.


          "First, because his uncle, as well as several of his cousin's died," he growled harshly, the look in his eyes making Starbuck want to shudder.  "Your actions that day, Lieutenant were completely out of line.  Zac's request or not, you had a job to do.  A job that you blew off for a fucking game of PYRAMID.  I think, with everything that has happened over the last few sectars, you need to seriously think about your priorities.  About what being a Colonial Warrior really means to you."

          Pressing his hand to the security pad, he issued several orders as Starbuck entered his room.  "When it is time for you to return to duty, the Counter-Intelligence team assigned as your escort will be here to collect you."

          The door slid closed, and Starbuck, still standing there, heard the security lock engage, locking him in.

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