Draco and Hermione Shag, a Lot

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As her third orgasm wracked her body, Hermione covered her face, completely overwhelmed by her embarrassment and just how fucking amazing Draco’s tongue felt on her soaked cunt. He had no mercy, kittenish laps of his tongue against her pussy lips while she came down from her high had her on the cusp of crying.

“Look at me,” it was a growl deep from his chest and fuck if that didn’t make her cunt throb once more.

“N-no,” she whimpered against her palm. She just came, if she looked down at him, seeing his beautiful grey eyes between her thighs as his broad, pink tongue peeked out between licks, she feared she would die from coming too much.

“Granger, fucking look at me.”

When Hermione finally responded to Draco’s flirtations at the ministry, many months ago, it was only an attempt to boost her confidence after her breakup with Ron. He was extremely fit, and said nice things about her, so why shouldn’t she compliment him back? Even when those flirtations led to some snogging after work hours and then that snogging led to some groping and grinding, Hermione didn’t mind too much. It was just some fun she could have with someone she was learning to trust. But one day, his perfect fingers slipped past her skirt and caressed her thighs on their way to her knickers and she didn’t even think about stopping him. Now, weeks later, she was getting scared, scared that her body was starting to feel way too invested in this new, strange, but utterly amazing physical relationship with Draco.

“Fuck!” Hermione screamed and clawed at the bed sheets underneath her when Draco slapped her cunt with the palm of his hand. The pain so sharp, yet it almost immediately bled into an intense pleasure.

“Look at me,” his voice was so dark and demanding and nothing at all like the guys she’s been with before. Malfoy knew exactly what he was doing and how it affected her, and Hermione was powerless to stop herself from looking down at him.

Some of his hair is matted back against his forehead due to sweat, his mouth wide open, panting against her cunt, her slick covering and dripping down his jaw, turning her on and embarrassing her in equal parts.

But really, what gets her is his eyes, his pupils blown wide, and his stare is intense, looking at her like he wants to worship her, and it does thing to her chest that she refuses to think about.

“That’s a good girl.” Draco husks against her slick thighs, the praise causing a shiver of delight down her spine and straight to her quim, before he began kissing it softly and then lapping at the girl cum that sticks there.

“M-Malfoy, fuck.” Hermione whimpers his name like a wanton slut, and it would so humiliating if it weren’t for the growl of pleasure that rumbles out of his chest when she says his name like that.

“Granger, you’ve got one of the prettiest cunts I’ve ever seen. So, fucking red and swollen for me. I could sit here for hours, in-between your legs, forcing you to come again and again and — fuck! You don’t even understand what you do to me,” his words are sweet like honey against her skin despite how depraved the meaning of them are. It makes her flush and sweat and want to open her mouth and say how fucking sexy it is when he says things like that, but she somehow feels too shy to do so. Even after all the nasty things he’s done to her with his mouth, she’s still reeling from how badly Malfoy wants her.

He switches thighs and begins kissing his way back up to her quivering quim, and Hermione must press down on his head to hold him back.

“No, Malfoy, I-I can’t. I haven’t even…I’ve never orgasmed this many times in a row before, there’s just no way…”

Draco huffed a laugh against her mound, and he took a moment to push his hair back as he smirked up at Hermione.

“Granger,” he drawled, moving his fingers to brush gently against her lips, keeping her hips twitching and Hermione revved up as he spoke. “When we started this, what did I promise you?”

“T-the best—ungh! The best sex of my life,” Hermione managed to whine as Malfoy trailed his fingers up to her clit, rubbing gentle circles just around it.

“The best fuck of your life. And did I deliver?” Draco removed his fingers, wrapping his hands around each of her spread thighs before blowing gently on her overheated cunt.

“Ngh—yes, okay, yes you did!”

“So, shut the fuck up and let me do my job, yeah?”

With that, he started licking long stripes along her cunt, causing Hermione to moan out needily. He suckled on her lips and dragged his tongue across in a pattern that made Hermione’s head spin.

“I’m going to die, you’re going to kill me,” Hermione sobbed as she leaned back on the bed again, unable to keep her body upright. They way Draco was eating her sopping cunt out was sending such vicious jolts down her legs she wondered if she would be able to walk after this. Another jolt and she knew she would need at least an hour to recuperate.

“You want me to stop then?” she could feel his smirk against her mons as he began kissing down to her swollen clit.

“I hate you.”

Draco replied by latching his lips around her clit and sucking, hard.

She peaked. She peaked and she came hard like it was her first orgasm and not her fourth. It almost hurt how good it felt, the warm suction of Draco’s lips almost like a wet massage against her abused clit. There was a high-pitched sound that was starting to hurt her ears. A high keen, like a cat’s cry.

Oh wait, that was her.

She finally closed her mouth, but soft whimpers still left her lips as aftershocks still thrummed across her body.

Malfoy finally, finally, moved himself out from between her thighs and slide his body on top of her own. She could feel the head of his cock rub against her sloppy pussy, using her own slick as lubricant.

“I thought you said you couldn’t.”

Hermione wanted to hate that cocky smirk that pulled on his lips, but it made her stomach clench with desire instead.

She decided to wipe his stupid expression off by pulling him down and pressing her lips against his. He groaned immediately and she sunk her tongue into his mouth, tasting the flavour of her own cunt on him, and that sent a thrill right to her weeping core. She didn’t know if she could take it, but she wanted him, wanted his cock, wanted to cum once more with the weight of his shaft deep inside of her.

She broke the kiss and whispered against his lips, “Fuck me, you prat.”

Draco groaned again, the sound intoxicating to Hermione, and then he lined himself up and sunk inside of her.

The sound that came out of Hermione’s mouth was inhuman. A wail that was akin to a banshee and a sound that she would never forget as she nearly came from Malfoy simply inserting his cock to its hilt.

Draco stared down at her in surprise. Her tongue hung out of her mouth after she finished screaming, her hands limply hanging onto his strong biceps. She felt as if she didn’t ground her body by clutching onto him, she would simply float away.

“Fucking hell, Granger, you are already fluttering around me. Fuck, you are a perfect little slut, aren’t you?”

Draco’s eyes darkened and his smirk morphed in a wild grin as he began powerfully moving his hips, sheathing and unsheathing his cock from the tight grip of her cunt, her pussy lips stretching around his wide shaft in a vain attempt to keep him in.

“Merlin I can’t even describe how good your cunt feels right now Granger, sloppy wet from coming so much,” Malfoy teased against her ear as he slammed into her over and over and over, the sensation of his cock assaulting her core distorting Hermione’s mind. All she could do was simply feel as Malfoy fucked her silly.

“Granger—fuck! You blow every other girl I’ve been with out of the water, Salazar, this cunt is so good.” Draco nearly snarled and made a choked grunt after a powerful thrust that had Hermione’s body gushing slick automatically in response. “Most amazing cunt I’ve ever—fuck so good—can’t even think,” Malfoy started babbling into her ear.

“So, so fucking good.” Hermione practically whispered it, but Draco heard, rising his neck and looking down it her.

“Yeah? It’s good? What’s good, Granger? Tell me?” Malfoy demanded, his hips never stopping their incessant banging against her pelvis.

“Cock.” The word came out of her lips like a prayer.

Draco looked down at her and bit his lips, holding back a groan at how lascivious she sounded.

“Your cock. So, fucking good. Gonna—g’nna come again.”

“That’s it, that’s a good girl, Granger. Come, come again for me, you fucking gorgeous witch,” she felt the reverence in Draco’s voice as his hand began to reach for her clit and she somehow found the energy to grip his hand and stop him.

“No, want your cock ta make me cum. Mmmh, say it ‘gain.” Hermione mumbled, looking up at his blown wide eyes, her body preparing to submit to him for the umpteenth time.

“Be a good girl, and come for me, Hermione.”

Him staring directly into her eyes, the utterly delicious feeling of his cock pressed against her cervix, or maybe it was the proximity, him being so close and Hermione knowing it was Malfoy doing this to her, her childhood bully now making her feel like a goddess, but, for whatever reason, the orgasm that exploded onto her had her seeing white, had her seeing stars, had her on the cusp of unconsciousness. It rocked her body so strongly she felt it from her jaw to her toes, causing her to quiver and tremble like a newborn lamb, and she sent out a silent prayer of thanks that she was born a woman to feel something as wonderful as this.

“Fuck! Granger, I lo—fuuuck!” Draco shouted and then came violently inside her, his, weighty cock twitching inside her between spurts of cum that filled her cunt. Hermione felt such an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction when Draco finally stopped cumming and pulled himself out, lying next to her, his hands sinking into her curls and dragging her toward him with a forceful kiss.

When they finally broke apart, his cum had dripped down her thighs. The warmth of it against her skin felt pleasing, and she swiped the secretion, bringing to her face and she sucked the mixture of her slick and his cum off her fingers. The heady tang of it nearly made her eyes roll back in her head.

Next time she would make him fuck her mouth. She needed to taste it, the salt and the sharp tang, directly.

“Merlin, Granger, give my poor cock a break, would you?” Draco moaned from beside her, and she let out a short chuckle.

“Serves you right! Not like you gave me a break.”

Draco laced his fingers with her own and brought her hand up to kiss the back of it chastely. He was looking at her, his expression warm and open, his mouth curved in a gentle smile.

She tried to ignore the flutters in her stomach when he said, “I just wanted to take care of you,” but it was starting to feel futile.

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