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Disclaimer: This is is a work of fanfiction. I neither make nor do I receive any money for these works. I am simply borrowing these wonderful characters from J K Rowling, Glen A. Larson, JRR Tolkien.

                                                  PART FIVE

                             THE JOURNEY CONTINUES.: FINDING KOBOL

          The four vipers flew together, yet apart as they patrolled the quadrant of space called Zeta sector.  They were talking to each other about various things, when, suddenly, the alarms within all four vipers began to ring. 

          "What the--" Lieutenant Christopher Durin gasped as he reached out to silence the alarm, looking down in surprise as his gyros began to spun crazily.  

          "Hey guys," Roark said, looking down in surprise within his own viper, his gyro's spinning wildly as he silenced the alarm in his cockpit.The gyros were reacting as if they were trying to lock onto something. 

          Which they were.

          Only...there was nothing there for them to lock onto.    His eyes lifted from his vipers control panel to look out his cockpit window to take in the huge, empty, black space ahead of them.

          "Are you seeing this?"

          A black hole.

          "Unfortunately, I am.  Evan, are your gyros going crazy?"  Rodolphus asked him.

           "Yes, as are my scanners.  Trying to lock on something that isn't there."

          "There isn't supposed to be a black hole here," Christopher spoke up, the sound of paper rustling coming over their coms.  "According to the maps I have, there should be a planet here.  My scanner reads nothing."

           "So does mine.   Roark?"

           Roark looked down, then back up.  "No readings.  Guys, the fleets headed right for it."

           "I know," Rodolphus said, his sherry eyes narrowed on the blank area of space ahead of them, thinking about what their course of action should be.  " Alright, babe, guys here's what we're going to do.  First, we contact the Admiral, give him a heads up, then we're going to split up.  Evan, Chris, you two take the right side of this thing, Rory and I will take the left.  Let's see if there's a way around it."

          "And if there isn't?" Roark asked, turning his head to see his husband turn to look back at him across the field of stars.

          "Then we take a look inside."

          Silence.   Then, slowly, Chris spoke. "Is that really a good idea, Rodolphus?  I IS a black hole."

          "Probably not, Chris, but this thing also appears to not be putting out any of the energy a normal black hole does.  If any of you see another way, I'd be glad to hear it."

          More silence.  "I got nothing."  Evan said, sounding unhappy.

          "Nothing comes to mind," Christopher said, sounding just as unhappy.

          "Alright then," Roark said finally, clearly as unhappy about this as they were, " if we're going to do this, let's get a move on.  I would really like to get back to our son before Harry and Rabastan put him to bed."

          "As would I, darling.  Alright, let's go."

          "Copy," came from the other three.


          "Helm, bring the Galactica to a full stop,"  Admiral Roark Durin ordered, taking the steel steps up to the high bridge two at a time.

          Hearing the tense tone in his brother's voice, Commander Thorin Durin turned from where he, Dacian, and Gabriel were studying the grid map, attempting to plot their course.  "What's happened, Roark?"

          Roark turned to look down at him, forest green eyes met sapphire blue.  : I'll explain everything, but not yet, and certainly not here.  I'm calling a meeting of Battlestar Commander's, their second, their Strike Commanders, CMO's, the Admiral's, and the Council of Twelve. :

          That got him an arched brow.  : That bad, is it?  :

          : Potentially. :

          : Well, FUCK. :

          : My sentiments exactly, Thorin."

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