Fate Turner Series: Pleasure Elves

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Chapter 01-The Plan

Professor McGonagall rested her head on the desk in her office. A foot from her face was a necklace with one golden ring and a second silver ring attached to the inside of it. It was the shell of a time turner, a special time turner. Unlike a true time-turner that had two golden rings and allowed the user to stay in the past for 5 hours, this one time stamped the present. It allowed the user, or users, to anchor a point in time. Two weeks would pass before the user would be yanked back to the anchor point. In a sense, it allowed a two-week glimpse into the future or possible future.

She had let Hermione Granger borrow a true time turner during her third year in order to complete more classes. This time turner, the headmaster knew about. She called her special one a fate-turner since it involved a glimpse into a possible future. For decades, this special contraption of hers was only hers to enjoy. But the sands of time it used eventually ran out. For seven years she scoured libraries across the globe to find the secret on how the sands in the fate-turner were different from a time-turner. And just like that, the ingredients had been just an arm’s length away the whole time.

Dumbledore’s old friend, Nicholas Flamel, held the philosopher stone. She joined Dumbledore on some of his visits with his 600-year-old friend. Over time she was able to scrape off enough of the stone for what was needed. The other ingredient resided inside Hogwarts in the room of requirement. The Mirror of Elise. McGonagall only had to sand off one edge until she had enough granules of glass. The only missing piece was someone who had enough skill in potions and alchemy to properly grind and mix the two together. Professor Severus Snape.

She eventually let him on the secret. For decades at Hogwarts, she would use the two-week winter break for her own entertainment and experiments. It was just the right window for the fate-turner to work. At the beginning of the break, she would get students to do certain things or set certain entertaining plans in motion. The students were her chess pieces during that time. They were nothing more than entertainment. If anything, serious did happen, which occasionally did, it would all revert back to normal after two weeks. Only she would have any remembrance of it ever happening. The downside was that she aged two extra weeks every year. She considered it a price worth paying.

In order to get Severus to agree to assist her with repairing the fate-turner, he had only two requirements. One was that he was included on every winter fate expedition of hers. And second was that they kept the fate turner in two pieces when not in use. He would keep the hourglass while she kept the rings of fate.

Eventually they realized they had to keep up appearances even though they became good friends during their two-week experiments in time and would still portray to despise each other in public. Over time, they expanded their single two-week experiments to multiple times throughout the school year if they ever got too bored.

This year, her plan wasn’t only for entertainment, but also to help Hogwarts’ future. Unknowing to most, 25 % of Hogwarts’ income came from the red market of pleasure elves. Pleasure elves served a different purpose than house elves. Their specialty wasn’t house keeping and maintenance, but companionship and sexual maintenance.

Some clients would pay Hogwarts to turn their house elf into a pleasure elf. Others would buy newly trained pleasure elves from Hogwarts. The faculty of Hogwarts had devised two important discoveries that made this a success.  One was a special Polyjuice Potion made with a student’s hair. Given to a house elf, it made them take on a more human appearance. More human, not totally human. They grew a little taller, but not much. They were only half the height of a normal witch or wizard. Pleasure elves did inherit the person’s other physical assets.  A student’s hair, facial features, breast size, hips, ass, cock, even the characteristics of one’s pussy, would be passed onto that pleasure elf.

The second discovery and invention was the poly-collar. It allowed a person who has taken a Polyjuice Potion to maintain the effect until the collar was removed. It worked the same for pleasure elves. Clients would also sometimes return and pay for a new Polyjuice for their elf when they became bored with their look. Polyjuice Potions made with adult hairs didn’t always pass on their physical traits to the elf.

A knock at the door made McGonagall sit up with a smile. “Enter.”

Professor Snape entered but only returned a smile after closing the door behind him. “I believe this year was your turn to come up with something. “

“Sit, sit.” She said with excitement as she tapped the top of her desk by the open chair. “This year I’ve come up with something not only entertaining but will also put a stop to the house elf union our students want to implement.”

“S.P.E.W.” Snape said. “The ones jeopardizing the pleasure elf red market.”

McGonagall nodded. “Eventually, they’ll discover our pleasure elves by accident. The Ministry only allows it because it is only known by those who use them. People who would object to their existence don’t know about them.”

“How would this help us? Only we remember the events that happen during the Fate-Turner two weeks.”

“I’ve been doing some extra documentation and post testing of our past adventures. It seems that even though our subjects have no memory of the events, they do have… what best to describe it… a gut feeling, déjà vu, or intuition. Their mind may not remember, but their subconscious does.”

“So, after being traumatized as house elves for winter break…”

“When we revert back to the present, they may have a subconscious feeling that it would be in their best interest as to not pursue with S.P.E.W. any longer.” McGonagall grinned.

“This would be the perfect scenario to test that theory.” Snape rubbed his chin. “Think of the possibilities of being able to implant subconscious thoughts, fears, desires…”

McGonagall placed her elbows on the desk and cupped her chin. “We choose eight students. Four boys, four girls, two of each from our houses. Of course, the four girls are the girls of S.P.E.W.”

“One thing I have to say about Granger. I never thought she would be able to convince two Slytherins to join her cause.”

“I’ll tell the girls that they can go undercover during the break and write an article about their discoveries for the Wizarding Weekly to publish.”

Snape grinned. “They won’t pass that offer up. And the boys?”

“We can offer house points to stay back and help train some elves. Make it a competition.”

“What if they don’t care for points?”

“Hmm.” McGonagall tapped fingernails to the desk. “If they win, they can choose to take the 1000 house points, money, the elf becomes theirs, and the elf is set free. Those four choices should cover the desires of any student.”

Snape nodded. “A kind student would want to set one free. A poor student who never would be able to own a house elf can have one. If they are greedy, they can take the money. If they only care about winning, they’ll take the house points. We can say second, third, and fourth can only choose a lower amount of points or money.”

“And we don’t reveal that it will be pleasure elves they will be training until that morning.”

“And you don’t think they’ll change their mind?”

“Severus. Would you refuse something like that when you were their age?”

“You have a point.”

“I’ve already commissioned special collars from an associate of mine in Knockturn Alley.”

“I’ve never seen you around there before.”

McGonagall leaned across the table and patted Snape on the cheek. “Of course not. All of my Polyjuice Potions are brewed with Muggle hairs. No one knows who I truly am when I’m there.”

“And what do these collars do?”

“The most important thing is they stop the wearers from speaking without command. They can repeat what they learn from their masters, but can’t put together their own sentences. I’ve also had them charm diamond shaped clear crystals along the collar. It will give us a visual of their progress.”


“Yes, the progress of their training from the four boys we assign. It will rate their sexual experiences and proficiency by lighting up with different shades of red. Being obedient enough can fill a crystal with one shade of red light, while being disciplined to submission will light it up another. Being shown love is even another shade.”

“With different shades of light being implemented, would that be something you want me to set up betting at Knockturn Alley.”

“Exactly.” McGonagall nodded.  

They’ve let a few of the ‘non-reputable’ citizens of Diagon’s Alley on their secret. Though the witches and wizards would not be able to remember the two weeks of an alternate timeline, Snape had been able to procure special handheld vanity mirrors that could maintain viewings of alternate timelines. During the two-week event, witches and wizards would bet on different scenarios of Snape and McGonagall’s experiments. McGonagall always implemented some kind a viewing charm with the students in their experiments that allowed the special vanity mirrors to view the student and their surroundings, like a floating camera. These viewings would be saved in the mirror similar to a pensieve.

McGonagall pulled out a flask of frostberry brandy and two glasses from her desk. “So, we agree? Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, and Daphne Greengrass?”

Snape nodded. “I would like to see the boys paired opposite to a girl from the other house.”

“We can’t have an experiment without the chosen one.”

“Of course.”

“And if we have one Weasley we might as well have another.”

“Greengrass and Parkinson would both be traumatized by pairing up with him. I like it.” Snape grinned.

McGonagall poured the brandy. “In return, pairing Hermione or Ginny with Draco would put them in their place.  But the last spot, I’m not sure who would spice things up enough. Need someone unpredictable so the betting isn’t lopsided. Any ideas?”

“My exchange student from Transylvania.”


Snape took a glass of brandy. “He’s been the definition of a loner since he’s gotten here. But he is also the most competitive of any student I’ve seen. He never wants the praise; he just seems to enjoy the challenge and the fight. Just putting him with the other three, he’ll want to be the first one to light up all the hearts on the collar. Who knows what he’ll do?”

“You scare me sometimes Severus.” McGonagall held her brandy glass up with a smile.

“Hopefully in a good way.” Snape followed suit.

“Maybe someday I’ll let you find out, with one of my Muggle potions.”

“Shall we toast and kick off this excursion?”

“To the girls of S.P.E.W.” McGonagall said.

Snape tapped his glass to hers. “May they get spewed in.”

“Over and over.”

The two slammed the brandy back.  

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