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Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling owns Harry Potter! Also, there's gonna be plenty of kinks in this story, which is fun in a cnc kinda way, but I would never condone some of this in real life.

Harry's P.O.V.

"Potter Stinks!" A random Hufflepuff said jabbing his thumb on the "Support Cedric" badge making it say what he just tried to taunt me with. What's with these sophomoric dumbasses? Can't they think of something a little more original than what a five year old would say? Potter Stinks, really? I know I bathed yesterday, but I'm done with these clowns, so I just raised my arm a bit and made a show of a nice, long, overexaggerated sniff.

"No, no, I don't stink, I know I had a bath this morning... thought maybe I used the wrong shampoo," I said dramatically. "Then again, maybe you're just trying to cover up something about yourself," I said walking off, discreetly using wandless magic that Sirius taught me, a minor joke spell that would cause a person to loose control of their bowels, no one suspects Harry Potter to use joke spells, depending on the flavor of the month, I'm the next coming of Merlin or the next up-and-coming Dark Lord, pathetic really. Then again, this whole thing reeks of Moldywarts and the traitor Wormtail.

I shook the cobwebs from my head and continued on to the kitchens for breakfast... even a week later and I still don't have any Gryffindors on my side after I told the truth. No, they were mad because I was "lying" and wouldn't admit to cheating my way in. Just thinking about it made me sigh in resignation, this was gonna be a long year, though a lot has changed since the end of my Second Year. I slew a basilisk, but got stabbed by a fang and destroyed a horcrux. Ran away from the Dursleys about 3 weeks later after accidentally inflating Vernon's sister, Marge, into a blimp. I was then forced to stay in the Leaky Cauldron and stick to Diagon Alley, the good thing about that was spending time with the Goblins. I was able to claim my Heirship Ring for Houses Potter and Peverell. I was curious about the Founders actual houses, but only Hufflepuff and Slytherin still has descendants alive today. House Ravenclaw died with the Gray Lady, Helena Ravenclaw and House Gryffindor died with Godric who was actually childless, though he who could summon the sword would inherit the Gryffindor Vault, the titles that Gryffindor acquired was spread out between different Houses, Peverell and Potter among them.

That wasn't the only thing I learned thanks to the Goblins, I learned about all of the deceit and blatant abuse by Dumbledore and even the Weasleys. But with them, it was best to be a Snake in Lion's fur, as it stands, Ginerva owes me a life debt I can collect on at anytime. So does Hermione, though when I found out about her spying on me for promises of Ancient books, which included the entirety of the Potter and Peverell libraries, which also houses both families Grimoires, I was pissed. Then I learned about the House Alliances for both Houses, as well a line continuation agreements, House Potter has that with both House Longbottom (which was already conpleted) and House Bones (which wasn't and looks like I have to marry Susan, which at the time I was happy about, as I had a huge crush on her, but again she's being a right bitch to me like in Second Year, which is also grounds for ending the Alliance and Contract between Houses Potter and Bones) and then theres a line continuation agreement for House Patil that moved to England recently (which would allow me both sisters as is custom in Indian Culture.) House Peverell has some Line Continuation Contracts with Allies too, all active, House Lovegood with a girl named Luna in Ginny's year, House Greengrass with a girl named Daphne in my year but a Slytherin and with House Davis and a girl named Tracey, also in my year but a Slytherin like Daphne. But that's not all, no, no, there's an active marriage contract made by Lord Arcturus Black and my parents between me and an elder woman named Nymphadora Tonks, that allowed her mother and her to rejoin the Black Family. Another one that's active is between myself and House Bell with Katie, originally signed by our grandparents for our parents, but both were boys, so now it falls to us and is under the line continuation clause for Katie, seeing as she has no brothers. So I legit have two wives from each of Hogwarts Houses, seeing as Nymphadora was a Hufflepuff. Then, to make matters worse for my head, Dumbledore and the Weasleys signed an illegal marriage contract between Ginny and I, but her owing me a life debt made it null and void, unless I chose it... I had them do a magically delayed burning of it, meaning theirs and the Ministries copies were immediately burned, but the Weasleys and Dumbledore's copies won't burn until Ginny's 17th birthday or unless I claim the life debt. Whichever comes first, to make it more enjoyable, it won't burn until it's being read by any if them, that thought caused me to snicker to myself.

Thinking all of this as my elves, Dobby and Winky who are still acting free and working for Dumbledore so they can be my spies fed me a wonderful breakfast, complete with nutrient potions... the Goblin Healer said if I take it at least once a day with breakfast, by the time I'm 17, I should be at where I would've been anyways, if taken twice a day in that Sametime period, it'll help my magical core to recover to where it should be, so I'm doing the twice a day option, what's even better is they use their elf magic to place it in my cup and nobody can see it! But anyways, thinking about the last week, I've begun to realize that out of my marriage contracts, only Susan seems to be behaving like the rest, Daphne and Travey never got involved with the House Rivalry, but they always seemed to show small signs of support for me, Katie was the only Gryffindor who was speaking out for me, whereas both the Patils were silently supporting me by dropping notes on my bag or book whenever they pass by, and then there was Luna, I tried to talk to her a fair few times and she's eccentric, but she hates how they're treating me (and how they treat her, but she says these creatures do it instead.) Perhaps I do have some friends after all, but now it's time to think what to do about Susan as I reach into my bag and grabbed my muggle notebook as I go to open it, I some photos fell out, some magical photos that I had taken of her since the beginning of Term. This brought a smile to my face, I quickly made copies of them and then penned a note to Susan, by dinnertime tonight, Susan will no longer be my betrothed, nor would she be viewed as a person by most. As I handed it to Dobby, I quickly wrote out another letter, this time to the Head of the DLME and Regent of House Bones, Susan's Aunt Amelia about what has gone on the past number of years, Susan's lackluster attitude towards me at times, as well as her breaking the terms of the Alliance repeatedly, and that I was claiming Susan as my property as restitution that House Bones owes me for breaking the terms, normally I'd have claimed Susan only and left it at that, but as the sole member of House Bones, I didn't think she'd want to marry someone so much younger than her, but I also kindedly reminded her that only House Potter would be willing to do the line continuation agreement nowadays (I have read upon all of the other Houses that are still around, after all only the Dark Houses truly remains, and the newer Houses would love the opportunity to absorb the titles and property of an Ancient and Noble House) after finishing I grabbed out two envelopes. I thought for a minute and scribbled a quick post script to Madam Bones saying that I saw her do this a few weeks back, but with the craziness of the tournament, I forgot to bring her niece's extra curricular activities to her attention, subtly telling her that House Bones would probably die if they found out that the Heiress she raised was doing such things that the photographic proof showcased. I sat back and smiled, by dinnertime tonight, Susan will be mine and by Saturday at the latest, I'll be betrothed to two older women as Amelia Bones will step-up to take her niece's place in the line continuation contract.


Susan's P.O.V.


I was eating breakfast when the mail came like normal, I read a quick letter from my aunt and reached in to my bag to grab a quill and some parchment when I felt something extra, I pulled it out and noticed it was a letter from Harry Potter of all people, the person I hate the most currently. I quickly hid it in my robes pocket, quickly penned out a note for my Auntie and sent our owl on his way. I quickly left the table and went into an abandoned classroom to read Potter's letter. I opened it up with trembling hands, why am I trembling?! I took a deep breath and unfolded the parchment and felt a few things fall into my lap that I paid no mind to and read it.

Dear Susan,

I just wanted to thank you for utterly letting me down time and again, breaking the Alliance between our Houses many-times over. When I found out during summer before our third year that we were betrothed I was honestly thrilled, you see after you and the rest of the Badgers stopped trying to say how I was the so-called Heir of Slytherin, I started to notice how pretty and kind you were... I started to fall for you and was willing to forgive your transgressions against me. Then on our first day back this term, I discreetly followed you towards an abandon classroom to confess my feelings for you and saw you doing something extremely naughty. I saw you in that abandoned classroom in an oversized, well used nappy, after stripping off the rest of your clothes and saw you play with yourself to multiple climaxes in said nappy that first day. I saw the routine, every Monday you'd go to that Abandoned classroom and do that, I followed each time and took photographs as proof from that second week onward. I was willing to even bypass that, as seeing you like that admittedly got me aroused and fantasizing about helping you, but then you broke the treaty again, while I forgave you the past few times, the blatant aiming of Curses, jinxes and hexes at me has pissed me off. I have already sent a letter on ahead to your Aunt Amelia letting her know I'm breaking off our Alliance for hersake as not to be married to someone roughly 20 years her junior, unless she responds by no later than this Saturday saying she'd rather stay and marry me once I reach majority then it'll be officially done. As for you, my little diapered slut, I'm claiming you as restitution for House Bones' breaking of Alliance Terms to help and educate if needed an orphaned member and/or Heir of my House. I expect you on the seventh floor, across from Barnabus the Barmy teaching trolls to dance at seven this evening. You have plenty of time for homework and dinner little girl, and don't think if you don't follow my orders as your new Master, then your Auntie and former House will suffer and truly end as I only gave you copies of the originals I possess.

Love Your Master, Harry Potter

P.S. Don't even think about begging your Auntie for help, I have already told her everything and sent her the same copies I sent you my padded princess.


My mouth fell open, he wouldn't, would he... no, if he really wanted this and new this from the beginning of this year, he'd have the right to do so immediately during third year. Then he gave me a week to reflect and change my behavior, and I didn't, I broke our House's main Alliance, meaning either Auntie had to allow House Bones to die with her, be absorbed by another House or marry Harry in my place, as I'm no longer seen as a witch, only mere property allowed to do magic with my Master's allowance. With shaking hands I picked up the copies of the photos and saw he wasn't lying or bullshitting me. I saw various pictures of me masturbaiting and pleasuring myself in and through a well soiled nappy. Others showed me crawling around in just my nappy or I'm a onesie that showed it off. Still others actually showed me using my nappy. I had no choice but to obey... I lost control over myself like the little girl, like the padded princess that Harry, no I have to even think of him properly now or ruined, Master Harry called me. I always wore my nappies on Monday as a great stress relief for the beginning of the week, plus I always intentionally used them, but now for the first time I actually needed them as I unintentionally soiled myself... both ways, I felt humiliated at it I picked up the letter and noticed something else on the letter.

P.P.S. I know the news may shock you into soiling yourself, or you'll just do it intentionally, well you are not allowed to change yourself or get anyone else to do it for you, nor may you use any magic on your nappy. It'll wait until this evening when we have our meeting.

"Fuck," I mumbled, being turned on, but I can't even touch my nappy until he does! I shuddered in anticipation, it was making me even wetter! Why does this feel like the greatest thing to ever happen to me? Especially with the fact that my Aunt is gonna know shortly as well and potentially be more above me as my Mistress, that thought alone caused me to moan rather loudly. I quickly made my way, I need to hold it all until this evening, so I can soil myself intentionally in front of my Master Harry, it made pleasure shiver up my knees and spine. I moaned again as I walked back out, hoping that the perfume charms I used on myself would hold up, but I felt another shiver go up my spine, sending a shockwave of pleasure through me when I heard someone ask: "Does anyone else smell shit?"

Amelia Bones' P.O.V.

I was just finishing my lunch in my office when a random letter appeared in front of me with my name. I cautiously performed several charms and only detected the photograph potion that allows the pictures to move. Still, I hesitantly opened the envelope and the photos fell out onto my desk, but I paid them no mind. I'm gonna have to read the letter to find out who wrote to me and why, I'll worry about the pictures later.

Dear Madam Bones,

Sorry for disturbing you so unexpectedly, but I have news for you to know and keep. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm Harry Potter, the so-called Boy-Who-Lived. I don't know if you're keeping up with current news, but apparently I'm the the Boy-Who-Cheated at the moment. But I'll get back to the point of this letter, which I hope finds you well. I'm sorry if this letter seems all over the place as I have no experience with formal letters whatsoever, so I'll start from the beginning...

I grew up raised by my mother's muggle sister and her husband. They, along with their son, my cousin, neglected me and out right abused me physically, mentally and even emotionally. I'm malnourished (though I'm currently taking nutrient potions prescribed to me by my Goblin Healer, more on that later), from the time of my parents death to my first Hogwarts letter, I slept in a cupboard under the stairs...

I gasped as I read about the torturous existence his life was before Hogwarts, how Hagrid showed him around Diagon and told him he was a Wizard and the truth of his parents deaths. How the students routinely alternated between worshipping him or hating him. I read about his crush on Susan and how that all changed. I told her to look out for Harry, just in case, and she's a Hufflepuff for crying out loud! But it all turned south quickly as Harry said that effective Saturday he's ending out Alliance unless I want to marry him under the line continuation contract, either way he was taking Susan as restitution from House Bones. My mind was racing when I noticed the post script.

P.S. I tried to follow Susan on the first Monday back for Term, go tell her how I felt about her and caught her in a well used nappy, wearing nothing else and masturbaiting through it, in an unused classroom without so much as a silencing spell, let alone a locking charmI noticed last year she did that every Monday, so I kept following her every Monday and have photographic evidence, I have the originals and will not hesitate to send it to the press if you try to bully me into submission.

I looked at the photos, seeing what he described. Susan, my Susan, wearing and using nappies, pleasuring herself in a messy nappy. I noticed a p.p.s. saying he gave the Goblins permission to tell me everything of importance as long as I swore an oath to keep it secret and start trying to right a serious wrong.

Harry's P.O.V. (After Dinner)

I leaned against the wall that was really the Room of Requirement or, as the elves called it, the Come and Go Room. I was tapping my foot on the floor and strumming my fingers against my arm. I eventually heard Susan's footsteps shortly followed by seeing her waddle towards me. Yeah, waddle, cause her nappy was so full of her own filth that she couldn't walk normally. Heck, normally it wasn't noticeable under her robes, but now you can see that something was off with it. As she got within five feet of me I held up my hand to stop her.

"Hello my little diapered slut," I start, still leaning against the wall staring at her. "What happened? Did you do that just for me slut?" I asked teasingly.

"No Master Harry, ever since reading your letter and seeing the pictures, I haven't had any control over my bowels or bladder, I don't even know I'm going until I feel my nappy is fuller and warm once again," she said red-faced looking down in shame, I couldn't help but smirk a bit.

"But it just proves your a diaper loving slut, you want to be dependent on your nappies," I taunt a bit before looking her up and down, "Strip slut," I ordered without hesitation, though that's what she did and stuttered out a "H-h-h-here Ma-m-master?" "Did I st-s-stutter slut? Yes strip right here, right now," I growled out menacingly she started stripping as Dobby and Winky were snapping pictures hidden and silenced from everyone's sight but mine. Until she was in a pink oneself that said Daddy's Princess across her chest, I could see the outline of her bra underneath, until I vanished it, the onesie then proudly showed off her huge, slightly sagging, tits with hard nipples poking through, and her obscenely full nappy was nearly popping the bottom buttons open, I felt myself harden at the sight as I banished her discarded clothes and pulled out a binky and bonnet, along with baby booties and gloves and had her quickly place them on before having spin around and we saw the butt of the onesie said "Padded Princess." I could hear Dobby and Winky laughing at the pathetic girl especially as you could see her using the nappy again, with urine and liquefied shit dripping down her legs. "From now on you crawl everywhere Slut, like the pathetic teenage baby you are," I said as she got down on all fours humiliated, but moaning like a wanton whore. As she got to me I pulled her binky out and had her kiss my feet. Once she was done I paced the length of the wall three times to configure the room correctly. Once the door faded into existence I heard Susie gasp around her binky.

"Come on Slut," I said opening the door as she obediently crawled in before me. I was smirking widely now, "How goes the assignment Winky?" I asked waiving towards my teenage nappy loving baby. "It is official now Master Harry, Winky is solely responsible for cleaning baby Susie's nursery," she said happily as Susie's eyes widened. I smirked back at Susie.

"You're gonna end up being called Susie from now on slut, you are after all, just a little baby girl who uses nappies. Winky here is solely gonna clean you each morning and evening, as well as put you in and take you out of your crib. All of your bras and panties have been thrown away and replaced with nappies, your big girl clothes have been donated and replaced with onesies and your nightgowns have been replaced with bootie pajamas," I explained.

"What about in between Master?" She asked nervously, looking up at me with lust and love-filled eyes, she was loving this, well so am I. "You'll come to me and I'll decide when and where to change you, also start referring to me as Daddy slut, that way when it comes out everyone will just view you as the baby you are," I reply as I pulled out her "Support Cedric" Badge and showed it to her, "You will continue wearing this badge till further notice, though it'll slowly but surely say "Nappy Using Slut," in as little as a week if you only press it once a day," I tell her watching her face morph into a combination of longing and horror. "Now come here and suck my dick Susie," I ordered as she obediently and eagerly crawled to me, her overly filled nappy was making her swaying ass more hypnotic as her big tits bounced and juggled almost hypnotically, she reached for my zipper but I smacked her hand away and told her to use her mouth only. She was surprised when my big dick smacked her in the face and she got started, but it wasn't enough for this, I ripped her oneself down the front, exposing her huge breasts and had her give me a tittyfuck in addition to a blowjob. She was moaning more like a wanton whore, I unloaded in her mouth and it dripped down her tits, I wasn't finished yet as I had her jack me off onto her face and it even got in her hair, that's when a letter arrived for me by Dobby. I quickly used some of Susie's hanging locks that weren't covered in my cum to clean myself off and I had Winky magically remove and repair her onesie before reading the letter out loud.

Dear Heir Potter,

For your first time writing a formal letter, it was done splendidly, I'm sorry that Susan, sorry I should say Susie given the photos you sent me, is much better as your property, your teenage baby, your nappy slut. But back to the matters at hand, it would be devastating if it was found out about Susie, let alone her actions as former Heiress by breaking the Alliance causing it to ultimately end. Especially seeing as no one would want to marry me and would rather try to earn a title by grabbing the estate after my death. But we are gonna have to announce that Susie is no longer a Bones, let alone considered a witch by next week, but we must announce our betrothal and the news of our wedding next summer, as I've been to the Goblins and know you've successfully filed for emancipation due to this dubious tournament. Not to mention it sounds kinda hot to use Susie and perhaps even consummate our marriage on top of her, hearing her call me both Mistress and Mummy sound very hot and naughty. I'm also kinky minx in bed myself, but I wasn't nor am I that brazenly submissive in public, dominate towards her in public, sure, but not submissive. Also, you are to be we'd to Auror Trainee Nymphadora Tonks this Yule, which will also need to be announced by next week.

Lovingly yours, Amelia Bones

I smirked at Susie and told her to crawl all the way back to her room in the Hufflepuff Dorm. Not that she needed to know that Winky will be making sure no one, not even a ghost nor painting would pay her any mind... Though she'll attract Peeves so he can see and start spreading the truth, which'll be treated as rumors until the announcement is made next week. I couldn't help but smile at the thought.

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