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Harry was laying in the Hospital Wing as he regrew the bones in his arms when he felt a cool towel being pressed to his forehead.  "What the," he shouts sitting up and lighting the lap on the bedside table.  To find Dobby holding the wet towel with a sheepish look on his face.  "Dobby! What are you doing here," Harry asked looking at the small elf with a growing suspicion.  "You made that Bludger go after me didn't you?" Harry asked causing a small shudder run through the elf as if he was caught in a lie.

"Well Dobby thought if Harry Poter sir was hurt enough they would send him home," Dobby said looking at the wall as if he was contemplating running into it.  "Dobby thought when Harry Potter sir, could not get through the barrier he would stay away Dobby never thinking he would find a different way to Hogwarts," Dobby continued.

"It was your fault I could not get through the barrier you better leave before  leave before my bones grow back or I might just strangle you," Harry said.

"Dobby is used to death threats Dobby gets them at least once a day at home Harry Potter sir," Dobby said not really put out by the threat.  The anger instantly left Harry as he looked sadly at the elf.

"Why do you wear that towel Dobby?" Harry asked more to change the subject than out of any real intrest.

"Oh it is a mark of a House Elf's enslavement, Harry Potter sir," Dobby said feeling no shame as it was a matter of his normal life.  Harry began to feel increasingly sorry for the elf.

"But don't you have anything else that you are allowed to wear?" Harry asked.

"Oh Dobby can wear other thing such as table clothes, bed sheets, and on one special occasion a drape," Dobby said with pride.

"But what about clothing are you not allowed to wear pants or anything?"  Harry asked becoming generally curious.

"Oh a House Elf can not wear clothes unless they are given them by their Masters but doing so frees the elf so they make sure Dobby is not even given one sock," Dobby said.

"So let me get this straight a wizard family has a House Elf that does everything around the house but is forbidden to do the laundry," Harry said not able to stop himself from laughing at the thought of some one like Malfoy having a servant to do all his house work but having to clean his own clothes.

"Oh it is not laughing matter, Harry Potter sir, House Elves take their work very seriously," Dobby said misunderstanding Harry's laugh.

"Oh I was not laughing at that Dobby," Harry said trying to calm Dobby down "I was just laughing at the thought of one of my classmates who act so high and mighty doing his own laundry."  "I find it surprising that some wizards don't just have the elf just go around naked," Harry said.

"Oh there is a good reason for that Harry Potter sir," Dobby said as he unties the knot in the edge of his towel letting it drop to the floor.  Harry stood aghast as he see what Dobby was talking about as Harry laid on the elf's giant cock it had to be at least  twelve inches long.

"How the heck does your cock fit inside such a small towel?" Harry asked unable to take his eye's off the giant organ attached to the elf.

"It is also a part of the House Elf enslavement as to hide our greatest asset to not make our Masters feel about themselves," Dobby said smirking at the look on Harry's face as he began to lick his lips at seeing Dobby's cock.  Keeping the towel off Dobby began to walk around Harry's bed smiling as Harry seemed transfixed on Dobby's swinging meat.  "See Dobby even the great Harry Potter is enthralled by a House Elf's cock," Dobby said as Harry was vaguely aware that Dobby had not called him sir.  Dobby jump onto Harry's bed giving Harry a closer look of his cock in the candle light as well as getting Harry close to the pheromones the elf was excluding from his form..

"So the wizards made elves serve them and basically neutered them," Harry said  as he unknowing breathed in the pheromones coming Dobby's form.

"That is correct Harry Potter, but once and a while a elf gets free and the enchantment lifts letting the House Elf  and allows the elf have some fun," Dobby said as he walked closer to Harry so that his cock was hanging right in front of Harry's face.  Harry subconsciously leans forward and gives the head a lick making Dobby smile true he had come to try to get Harry to leave Hogwarts before he got hurt but this turn of events was even better as the young wizard began to lap at his cock.  Dobby was happy as it had been a while since he got some action the last time was right before Master Malfoy went to school he had ordered Dobby to disrobe which lead to some fun with the young Master.  Harry's mouth was was alot tighter than young Master Draco's mouth.

Dobby began to walk forward making Harry take more and more of his cock into his mouth making a bulge developed in Harry's throat.  Harry began to gag around Dobby's cock as it was forced down his throat as he begins to tear up and grip his sheets to prevent him from knocking anything off his bedside cabinet.  Dobby smiled as Harry reacts to the combination  of his cock and his pheromones feeling Harry's own cock begin to harden under him.  Dobby felt Harry's cock rub against his ass.  "Ah, ah, ah that is not the way this is going to go tonight Harry Potter," Dobby said pulling his cock out the boy's tight mouth  and moving  back from Harry's form and pats Harry's side making Harry turn over so his tight little bubble butt aimed upward.  Dobby marveled at Harry's smooth ass as he begins to run his cock up and down Harry's ass hole teasing the wizard under him.  Harry bit his pillow to stop himself from moaning and waking the Matron as Dobby inserted the head into his virgin ass.  Dobby began to fuck Harry Potter in earnest making the boy squirm under him. 

As Dobby fucked his ass raw Harry was first filled with pain before long Dobby began to hit his prostate making Harry cum like a fountain.  Harry moaned into the pillow as he began to actually impaled himself on Dobby's cock.  Dobby smiled as Harry began to work more of Dobby's cock up his ass.  As Dobby fucked him Harry came multiple times as Dobby hit Harry's prostate again and again.  Soon Dobby felt himself almost ready to climax he quickly pulled himself out of Harry's ass just as he begins to shoot his load covering the young boy's body from his ass to the top of Harry's hair. 

Harry felt ragged as he collapsed after the fucking with Dobby's cum dripping from his body.  Harry was in a state of pure bliss as he came down from his his post sexual high as Dobby looked on the fucked wizard boy taking a mental picture of his latest conquest.  Knowing there would be real trouble if Harry Potter was found in such a state he made a gesture making both Harry and his own cum disappear.  Dobby than put his towel back on before he that patted Harry's naked ass as he disappear from the room leaving Harry ravaged form behind.

The next morning the Matron was shocked to see Harry laying in the bed completely naked with a ruin ass, not really worried thinking boys will be boys she cast a spell that healed Harry's ass.

Later in the year Harry paid Dobby back after he stopped Tom Riddle and the Basalisk he was able to trick Mr. Malfoy into freeing Dobby.  "You lost me my servant boy," Mr. Malfoy  said drawing his wand to curse Harry.

"You will not attack Harry Potter, sir," Dobby said just waving his hand and sending Malfoy away.  "Harry Potter freed Dobby sir," Dobby said.

"Think of it as a thank you for the night in the Hospital room," Harry said as Dobby gave him a large grin.

'Well if you ever want another performance let me know I would not mind another go at your ass," Dobby said giving Harry's ass a quick squeeze as Harry blushed.

Harry give Dobby a kiss 

the end 


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