A Trip to the Owlery

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- Chapter 1: Awakening -

While in her third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ginny Weasley felt as though the world around her changed faster than she could handle. Earlier in the year she had not only gone through another major scare of her young life, when death eaters had attacked the campsite following the Quidditch World Cup Final, but she also had to cope with thoughts and emotions utterly new to her. Many of them had been triggered by being faced with her brothers’ careless display of nudity.

Fred and George had, in contrast to universally stiff Percy, always followed Bill and Charlie’s example and never seen her as a female being. In consequence, she had, for as long as she could remember, always had boys in their puberty around her who didn´t care to keep on their briefs for a cooling dip in the close-by lake or even a change of clothes after an intensive game of backyard quidditch. And up until last summer this had never fazed her. This summer however things had changed.

Over the course of her second year, Ginny had managed to put her experience in the Chamber of Secrets behind her, even though it had taken time for the other students in her year to stop treating her as if she could break at the slightest sound or touch. While the year had passed in rather unspectacular fashion, considering she didn’t get another chance to come within an inch of bringing back the dark lord, it had drawn her into the bodily and emotional confusions of puberty.

When she had arrived at the burrow for the summer break Ginny and her three brothers had, as was tradition, went to the nearby lake for the first swim of the summer. Fred and George had shed their clothes in an instant and jumped into the water, displaying their fully grown manhoods without a second thought, while Ron had eagerly tried to keep his backside turned towards her. Ginny only then had realized that Ron had started doing so over the last summer break and that she had barely seen his bare chest let alone his penis since the summer after his first year in Hogwarts. New to her - and confusing at that – had been her struggle to keep her eyes off of her siblings bodies as well as her growing desire to give their members a proper look and to see them in their erect state. Considering Ron, her curiosity demanded of her to find out what he was packing at all. But for the course of the summer her interest had stayed unfulfilled and while she had hoped, that the closeness of their tent at the Quidditch World Cup would give her another chance to sneak a closer peek, she had come to realize that the presence of a female other than herself had caused her brothers to be more cautious as to how fast they dropped their pants.

Now, weeks into the year, Ginny faced another change she didn’t quite know how to feel about yet. After the boy she still carried a crush for, Harry Potter, had entered the Triwizard Tournament in an unforeseen turn of events, her youngest brother had started to seek her company more than ever in their shared time at school. While she actually liked them spending more time, as it reminded her of how they spent two whole years together as the only kids at the burrow when Fred and George had started their education, Ginny also grew more and more tired of Ron’s ongoing whining about his lack of a chance to talk with his best friend.

Last night then it had been enough for her. Shortly after Hermione had left them to finish up their homework and triggered by Harry awkwardly trying to pass them on his way to the boys’ dorm without looking at Ron, her brother had gone for another tirade of how this situation sucked and how he needed his friend to talk to.

Ginny had stood up then and glared at him angrily, the light of the chimney making her red hair look afire.

“You know Ronald Weasley, I’ve had it with you! First of all, if you want to talk with your friend, he’s right there,” she said, pointing up the staircase, “You can just go up there, apologize for being a dick to him and get your oh so irreplaceable best friend back talking to you.”

Ron had simply looked at her with wide eyes, unable to say anything before she continued.

“Secondly - and even more importantly - I’ve listened to your complaints for weeks now. I’ve never sent you away or anything. Actually I liked us being closer again. But hearing you complain about not having somebody to talk to is not just starting to annoy me, even more so it is starting to be hurtful. Like, I mean, if you want to talk about something, just talk about it. It’s not like I’d laugh or call you an idiot or crazy or anything like that.”

With that she had slumped back into the cozy armchair, gazing into the fire.

After some time Ron had spoken quietly. “You know Gin, it’s just … you know, there’s things I just can’t talk about with you. It just doesn’t feel right, you know? You being my little sister and all…”

“What?” Ginny had snapped, “You need to tell your best friend so bad how you want to snog Hermione or whose butt you fancy? I’m not a little kid anymore. There’s no need to treat me like one.”

“I know you’re not.” Ron had said with the same underhanded voice as earlier, before standing up and making his way up the stairs without another word, leaving his sister behind staring into the fire.


The next morning they sat together at the table of Gryffindor House keeping a kind of unspoken truce. As for Ginny, she was determined to drag him to the Owlery and clear the air the next chance she got. After classes had finished she went to the library with a group of girls her age to start working on an essay they had been tasked with in herbology. Close to two hours into her research everyone except Luna Lovegood, a rather peculiar and dreamy girl from Ravenclaw, had left for supper. Ginny looked up and saw Ron take a peek into the library.

She grabbed her books, parchment and quills, stuffed them rather carelessly into her bag and said to Luna, who didn’t seem like she was paying anything in close proximity a lot of attention, “In need to grab my brother, to write a letter to our mum. I’ll see you on Friday.”

Without waiting for a reaction, she got up, rushed over to Ron and grabbed his robes.

“Come with me!”

Ron gave her a puzzled look, but decided to not question her command – knowing from the finality of her tone that the result of disobedience might be disastrous.

The found the Owlery to be empty.

“We need to talk about last night,” said Ginny. “Frankly, I think you should tell me what’s bothering you. I know you want to talk about it and as it seems you and Harry are not going to set aside your differences in the near future, I honestly think there is no one better than your little sister to share with whatever is your mind.”

“Gin, I know you want to help me out and I appreciate it. I just really don’t think I should be telling you.”

“Come on Ron, just tell me. I promise I’m not going to tell anybody.”

“It’s not that. I know you wouldn’t tell. I Just … don’t want you to get mad.”

“Why would I? You haven’t done anything mean or illegal, have you?”


“Then just tell me, please. I promise not to be mad at you!”

Ron walked towards the stairs and took a look to make sure nobody was coming up to send a letter.

He took a deep breath. “OK. So, since the beginning of summer I’ve been having really weird dreams.”

“Dreams,” Ginny asked frowning. “So this is about you dreaming something stupid? Come now Ron, we all dream all kinds of stuff all the time. At least tell me what you dreamt about then?”

“Uhmm, you.”

“Me? So what? Did I do anything to you?”

“Kind of, but not the way you probably think. The Dreams they were … naughty.”

Ginny looked at her brother, her mouth slightly open. She could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks. “You mean you were snogging me?”

“And then some”, Ron said and let out an awkward chuckle.

Ginny couldn’t help but giggle for a second.  “So we were full on shagging in your dreams? What did we do?” she asked in a hushed voice.

“Come on, Gin. I couldn’t possibly tell you. This is already excruciatingly embarrassing.”

“What? Actually, I find it kind of cute. And I’m really curious what you have me do in your dreams.”

Ginny couldn’t help but notice that Ron had developed a rather sizeable bulge in his pants.

Ron followed her eyes. “Actually it’s mostly you that has me do things, when I dream about you. Most of the time you just grab my crotch out of the blue when we’re alone.”

Ginny’s thoughts went back to their skinny dipping over the summer and to how she had longed to see what Ron was trying to keep from her view. Caught in a kind of trance she took two steps forward, placed her hand on the bulge of his pants and whispered into his ear. “Like this?”

Ron gasped. After a moment he tried to clear his throat but was still not able to say anything intelligible.

Ginny felt that her brother was rock hard. She could feel the warmness that had to be filling his pants as well as his heart beating hard in his chest. She pressed herself against him. When she realized he wasn’t resisting, Ginny grabbed his right hand with her left and put it on her bottom. For a second he didn’t seem to know what to do but then he gave her butt a hard squeeze, leaned into her and started to fondle her vigorously breathing heavily onto her collarbone.  Aroused by the feeling of his hot breath und the almost painful groping Ron was giving her ass, Ginny lifted her hand a bit and slid her fingers inside his pants. A sharp intake of breath later, her hand had found the long shaft it had been looking for. It felt enormous.

Based on pure instinct, she started to run her hand up and down the full length of her brother’s cock, letting her fingers circle around the hot head every once in a while as her brother seemed to really enjoy it. By then Ron’s hand had managed to work her skirt up, exposing her plain white knickers. His fingers didn’t dare yet to slip under the fabric, but they slid closer and closer towards the gap between her legs. There he found a feeling of wetness he had not expected – a sensation that managed to send him over the edge. With a few minor jerks he came inside his pants and allover Ginny’s hand.

Still panting, Ron raised his head and took a look around. Close to a hundred owls sat there and hooted unfazed by what had just transpired. A few seconds later he heard footsteps of someone making their way up towards the Owlery.

“Quick,” he said, “someone’s coming.”

“Someone just came”, Ginny said, grinning cheekily as she pulled her hand out of her older Brothers pants after giving his still semi-hard member a final squeeze.

With a swift motion she straightened her skirt and pulled out her wand, pointing it at her hand. For a moment she was fascinated by the glistening of the sperm it was covered in.


A blonde head emerged from the stairs. Luna made her way past them with a vague smile on her face.

“Hi again, Ginny. Have you taken care of your family matters?”

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