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Chapter 1





Well, that took longer than I expected. I’ve had most of this story finished for ages but, long story short, a valued team member at work unexpectedly took early retirement and I’ve had to firstly cover her position and then train her replacement. My cosy working-from-home life has been serious disrupted and a longish commute has left me drained.


Anyway, yes, this story’s plot is very much like GW:PS but I wanted to come at it from a different angle and there’s no Muggle involvement in this one. There’s no Harry, either, as he’s off being heroic somewhere. There are plenty of other well-known characters, though, so I hope you’ll enjoy this filthy little tale.     



“Bloody hell, they’ve been a bit stingy with the chocolate sauce on this sundae, haven’t they?” Ginny Weasley moaned.


“Indeed, and with the nuts. And the whipped cream,” her friend, Luna Lovegood agreed.


“So, basically we’ve been given two small bowls of vanilla ice cream.”


“I’m afraid so. This place isn’t a patch on what Fortescue’s was.”


Ginny looked over at the shopfront which had a large banner saying ‘under new management’ which hid the previous shop sign. Florean Fortescue had been taken by the Death Eaters during the early days of the war. Apparently, the shop had been taken over by one of the man’s assistants but it seemed that standards had already dipped just a week after it had reopened. Then again, what hadn’t?


“Any luck in finding a job?” Luna asked.


“Nah. I set my heart on playing Quidditch but I never banked on the war happening and the league collapsing, so that’s out for at least a year or two. Now everyone is chasing after the same handful of jobs and most of those people are better qualified than me. I guess I should have spent more time studying and less time playing Quidditch. Mind you, Ron was the same when he was Gryffindor captain. I guess that’s why he’s working for Fred and George and can’t find a proper job, either.”


“How are the twins doing?”


“Okay, but there’s not a lot of spare cash about to be spent on jokes and games. If they hadn’t secured that contract with the Ministry to supply protective clothing they would have been bankrupt. As it is, they’re doing alright. In fact, they’re talking about renting a shop here in Diagon Alley.”


“There are enough empty properties,” Luna noted sadly.


Times were definitely hard. Although the war had ended a good eight months previously, British magical society was struggling to recover. Lord Voldemort and his deranged followers had wrecked most of the infrastructure and brought the Ministry to its knees before the army of light, led by the mysterious Harry Potter and his godfather, Sirius Black, had defeated them in a spectacular battle that had left hundreds dead. The Ministry had been reclaimed and Kingsley Shacklebolt was now in charge, but it would be a slow road to recovery.


“Doesn’t it feel weird,” Ginny noted. “I mean, we were tucked away at Hogwarts and were hardly ever touched by the war. Even when Dumbledore was killed, once McGonagall took over it wasn’t long before everything felt normal again.”


“Yes, I suppose you’re right,” Luna agreed. “I would what it would have been like if Harry Potter had attended the school? He would have livened things up.”


“Dad told me that there was a huge row between Sirius Black and Dumbledore when Black refused to allow his godson to attend. He reckoned Potter would have been too easy of a target at the school and I can’t say I blame him. I mean, how many sons and daughters of convicted Death Eaters were there?”


“Rather a lot. Hmm, that reminds me, did you ever hear what happened to Draco Malfoy? He vanished after the final battle and I never did hear what became of him.”


“He’s in prison,” Ginny said with a smirk. “Dad says they’re in two minds what to do with him. He was at the battle at Little Hangleton but they only found him after the fighting had finished, hiding in a bush. They checked his wand and the only spells he cast were to keep himself hidden. What a fucking coward!”


“Most bullies are. Still, I suppose having his father killed was punishment enough.”


“Oh, he’s not getting off that lightly. I heard the Ministry has seized virtually everything the family owned in reparation. The Malfoy’s haven’t got two Knuts to rub together. Oh, happy day!”


“That is quite funny,” Luna admitted. “Your father must be doing fairly well, though. I hear he’s been given a very important position in the new Ministry.”


“Yeah, him and Percy, too. I think we’re one of the few families to come out of the war better off. Not that it helps me at all. Even if dad could wangle me a position at the Ministry I have zero aptitude for an office job and I’m not qualified to do anything else. Of course, Mum finds plenty for me to do which is why I try and stay out of the house as much as possible. I mean, I don’t mind doing my share of housework but she’s inventing things for me to do! I’m going mad with boredom.”


“I’m sure something will turn up. Is anything happening on the boy front? You haven’t had a boyfriend since the end of your sixth year.”


“Nah, let’s face it, Luna, most of the boys we went to school with are ugly as sin or complete morons. I haven’t had any handsome princes come to sweep me off my feet since we left, either. How about you?”


“No, and I’m afraid most boys aren’t interested in me, either. I had hoped when I developed boobs they would take more notice of me, but sadly not.”


“They don’t know what they’re missing, babe,” Ginny told her friend with a wink. “Right lovely pair of knockers you have now.”


“Thank you. I think yours are lovely, too.”


“Perhaps we should become lesbians. At least we’d have an active sex life then.”


“I don’t think you can just become a lesbian, Ginny,” the blonde girl disagreed. “I’m willing to experiment, though.”


“I was joking!” Ginny exclaimed before starting to giggle. “Mind you, if I don’t get some action soon I might give you a go.”


“It might be fun. Oh, I’m sorry, Ginny, I have to leave. I promised Daddy I would be back by now. We have several articles to finish before tomorrow.”


“Is ‘The Quibbler’ still doing okay?”


“We have a fairly loyal readership,” Luna confirmed. “I doubt we’ll ever be rich but we’re keeping our heads above water. I really have to go.”


“I’ll see you soon, babe,” Ginny said, standing and hugging her friend.


“Bye, Ginny.”


Ginny sat back down and watched her friend hurry off up the alley. Picking up her spoon she started to pick at the remains of her disappointing sundae. She had hoped that meeting up with Luna would cheer her up but all it had done was reinforce the fact that she was jobless, bored, and desperately horny. She let out a deep sigh and stared at her melting ice cream forlornly.    


“Excuse me, young lady, may I have a word?”


Startled, Ginny looked up and saw a man sitting at the next table looking at her. He was probably in his late forties with a bushy moustache and sideburns. He was dressed mainly in tweed with a jaunty cherry-red bowler hat perched on his head.


“Umm, yes?”


“You’ll forgive me for eavesdropping, but I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re currently unemployed. Frankly, I’m shocked that such a beautiful and vivacious young witch as yourself should find herself in such a state.”


“Aren’t you a bit old to be trying to chat me up?”


“Oh, good heavens, please don’t misinterpret my interest. I’m a happily married man, after all, and my good lady wife would hex me into the middle of next week if she thought I was trying anything inappropriate with a lovely young creature such as yourself. No, my interest is professional, I can assure you.”


“Why, are you offering me a job or something? Who are you and what do you do?”


“My card, sweet lady,” the man said, offering her a small business card. Ginny peered at it.


Cuthbert Warburton


Talent Agent and Manager


Warburton Model Agency



“Model agency? You manage models?”


“Quiet correct and, naturally, I was struck by your vibrant looks and stunning beauty. I’m always on the lookout for fresh young talent and, of course, you caught my eye.”


“You’re joking, aren’t you?”


“Not at all! You are exquisite. That long fiery, red hair. Those big, soulful brown eyes. That curvaceous, attractive figure. Those sensual freckles. You would grace the cover of any magazine in the land. In fact, you’re all the more special because of your unique looks. You could be a star!”


“Doing what? I mean, I’m a bit short to be prancing about on a catwalk.”


“My agency offers a varied and interesting range of work, much of it eminently suitable for your diminutive stature.”


She stared at the card again. “I dunno. This all sounds a bit fishy to me.”


“Well, naturally you should be wary of some stranger soliciting you in the street! But please, do consider undertaking some modelling work for my company. You will find my address on the back of the card, our office is just down the alley in Apple Dumpling Lane. Do drop in at any time and I’ll provide more details. If I’m not about my assistant will be sure to help you. Good day, young lady, and I hope to see you again.”


And with a tip of his hat, the man headed down the alley in the direction of Gringotts. Ginny watched him go until he was lost from sight. Modelling? Her?


Still, it could be an easy way to earn some cash. She didn’t think she was bad-looking and Warburton had certainly thought she was attractive.


Tucking the card into her pocket, Ginny decided to give it some thought. There was no immediate rush and something else might come up. Pushing the melted remains of her ice cream away from her, she headed home.    


“And what time do you call this?”


Ginny sighed and looked up at the kitchen clock. As she suspected, she’d only been out for a couple of hours.


“A little after two,” she replied, folding her arms and preparing to be lectured.


“It must be nice to be able to spend your days gossiping with your friends,” Molly Weasley snapped. “I suppose that as you’re unemployed you can just waste your time doing nothing.”


“That was the first time I’d seen any of my friends in nearly three weeks. Besides, I was only out for a couple of hours. That’s hardly wasting the entire day, is it?”


“It is when there’s work to be done around here, young lady. You need to earn your keep around here.”


“Mum, seriously, we’re witches. We can do every chore around this place with a few flicks of our wands in a couple of hours. Honestly, I swear that you create jobs for me to do.”


Just for a second, a guilty expression flashed across the Weasley matriarch’s face but she quickly suppressed it.    


“Don’t be ridiculous, Ginny. I just don’t see why you should lie about all day when the rest of the family is hard at work.”


“Ron does bugger all during the day. Fred and George say he’d more a hindrance than a help.”


“At least he’s trying! Honestly, Ginny, you’re the first family member that I can recall that couldn’t find a job.”


“I’m also the first one to try and find employment right after a major war! It’s not like it was the first time You-Know-Who was defeated. Just take a walk down Diagon Alley and look at all the boarded-up shops. The Ministry is operating on a shoestring and isn’t taking on any new staff, either. Honestly, Mum, it’s just not that easy.”


“Humph! So you say, but you’re the only person I know without a job.”


“And how many young people do you know? Honestly, just pick up a copy of the Daily Prophet and look at the jobs section. There’s bugger all there.”


Molly just glared at her. Ginny knew full well that her mother scanned the paper looking for suitable work for her every day.


“Besides, while I was at the alley I might have discovered some part-time work,” Ginny added quickly. “I’m still looking into it, though.”


“Really? What sort of work?”   


“Err, well, the bloke I talked to said it was interesting and varied but didn’t go into much more detail. I have an address to contact in Apple Dumpling Lane. I was going to find out more information in a few days.”


“Oh, well, that sounds promising. Part-time work is better than nothing.”


“That’s what I thought. Now, do you want me to check the chicken coup for eggs?”


“Yes, that would be helpful, dear.”


Taking a deep breath, Ginny headed out the kitchen door. Truthfully, she was still in two minds about the offer of doing modelling and thought the whole thing sounds a bit iffy. But with her mother constantly on her back, it looked like she didn’t have a choice. Not that she could tell her mum what she was doing, but if she could provide a few Galleons towards the weekly grocery bill, that might buy her some peace and quiet. She’d visit the address on the card tomorrow.  


Apple Dumpling Lane was a small cul-de-sac off the bottom end of Diagon Alley. It was rarely visited as it contained no shops, just a few narrow-fronted houses and offices, mainly of small solicitor firms and such like. The property Ginny wanted was a three-story, white-washed building that had a small, brass sign with Cuthbert Warburton’s name on it.  


Entering, she found herself in a narrow reception room and found herself confronted by a stern-looking witch with black hair shot through with grey. She looked up at Ginny from behind the desk she was seated behind.


“Can I help you?”


“Umm, yeah. I was given a card by Cuthbert Warburton yesterday. He said I should call in if I was interested in doing some modelling work?”


“Ah, yes. Do up the stairs and turn left. Mr Warburton’s office is at the end of the corridor. Knock once and enter. I’ll let him know you’re coming, Miss…”


“Weasley. Ginny Weasley.”


“Thank you. Go straight up.”


Offering the witch a friendly smile, Ginny headed up the narrow stairway. The passageway at the top split three ways and it was clear the building had been heavily enchanted as it was far wider than the small frontage had suggested. She turned left, walking past a number of doors until she reached the end of the corridor. Knocking once, she opened the door there and entered.


“Miss Weasley, how delighted I am to see you again! I’m truly thrilled!”


The podgy man rose to his feet and emerged from behind the desk he’d been sitting behind. He hurried forward and shook her hand enthusiastically before gesturing towards a chair placed in front of the desk.


“May I offer you a drink? Tea? Coffee?”


“Tea would be nice,” she confirmed before taking the opportunity to look around the office. While not massive, it wasn’t pokey, either, but was rather cluttered with shelves full of books and ledgers occupying an entire wall. Reams of parchment covered the man’s desk and it appeared that this was a busy place. It made her more surprised that Warburton had seen her at the drop of a hat.


“So, you’re interested in taking up my offer, are you?” the man asked while handing her a cup of steaming tea.      


“I’m interested but I do want more details. What sort of thing would I be expected to do, for instance?”


“Yes, you’ll forgive me for not providing more details yesterday but the general populous can be so narrow-minded and purposefully take offense at my words. You see, Miss Weasley, I pride myself on being a man with an appreciation of art and beauty. This magical society of ours can be so prudish and straight-laced. You’d think we were living in the days of Oliver Crowell or something! No, here at this agency we strive to provide models for truly artistic projects and seek only the most beautiful young witches such as yourself.”


“So, what would you be expecting me to do?” Ginny repeated, recognising flannel when she heard it.


“That would depend entirely on you, sweet lady. As I previously told you, our clients require girls for a wide range of roles, from the simplest of photo session modelling specialist clothing lines to more challenging projects of an artistic nature.”


“That tells me nothing.”


“Umm, well, perhaps I should show you an example of some of the work one of my girls recently undertook.”


Fumbling in a drawer, Cuthbert eventually pulled out a small, glossy magazine which he handed to Ginny. She looked at the cover which showed a young, attractive woman dressed in purple underwear and stripy purple and black tights, winking at the camera from beneath her floppy witch’s hat. The title of the magazine was ‘Muggle-born Strumpets’.


“You want me to appear in a bloody dirty magazine!” Ginny exclaimed.


“Please, Miss Weasley! This publication is extremely artistic and highbrow! Why, many important and influential wizards in high Ministry positions subscribe to it. You’ll note that all the models remain clothed throughout.”


Ginny flipped through the pages of the publication. While it was true that none of the models was nude, the amount of clothing being worn was minimal, to say the least. The various girls were pulling suggestive poses and flaunting their assets in a way that Ginny would not have called artistic in a month of Sundays. She also doubted that this was the full extent of the work that Warburton was offering.


“Okay, so this is pretty tame, but what other stuff are you suggesting that I do?” she demanded.


“As I said, we do offer a wide variety of jobs. This is what you might call ‘entry level’.”


“And how far do these jobs go?”


“Are you sure you’re ready for me to show you? I mean, you are very young and I wouldn’t want to offend your delicate sensibilities by showing you something that is perhaps rather too adult and sophisticated for your tastes?”


“Just show me!”


“Alright,” the man said, again reaching into his desk. From it, he pulled out a small, pyramid-shaped object which he placed on his desk.”


“What’s that?”


“This, my dear, is an Omnicrom. It’s a magical projector, of sorts, although, surprisingly, it’s little used. In my industry, it’s used to show short films of an erotic and daring nature. Would you like to see?”


“Yeah, go for it,” Ginny replied nervously. She had a horrid feeling as to what these ‘short films’ would show.


Cuthbert tapped the Omnicrom with his wand. Instantly, it began to glow and images began to form in the air above it. They showed a young man and woman, both dressed in robes, embracing. The images were surprisingly clear and focused, displaying the features of the attractive couple clearly.


Despite herself, Ginny found herself captivated by the images and she wondered why this object wasn’t used more in magical society. She wasn’t in the least bit surprised when the couple started to kiss passionately. She did, however, gasp when the pair slipped off their robes revealing themselves to be naked underneath.


“Bloody hell,” she exclaimed. “You can see everything!”


“Yes, these little devices are marvellous, aren’t they?” Warburton said. “The colour and definition are exquisite, don’t you think. The images can also be magnified, the speed it runs at can be sped up or slowed down. It’s all incredibly clever. It’s just a shame that the Omnicrom can only hold around an hour or two of footage.”


“Oh, sweet Merlin! They’re doing it!” Ginny gasped.


“Yes, this particular film is a tribute to the beauty of the naked human form and the sensuality of the sexual act. I would call this the highest form of artistry and a triumph of eroticism.”


“I’d call it fucking, myself,” Ginny snorted. “Are you seriously suggesting that I should appear in one of these films? You must be off your rocker!”


“I did say that many levels of work were available, my sweet child. This kind of work is only undertaken by experienced, dedicated models who are unafraid of sharing themselves with their viewing audience. They appreciate the beauty of the sexual act and the sheer artistry it involves.”


“Shit, he’s doing her up the arse now!” she cried, pointing at the images in front of her.


“Ahem, yes, well, no one would be expecting you to leap into this sort of thing immediately. I wouldn’t have even shown you this other than you insisted. Perhaps some more basic modelling work would be more suitable for you initially.”


“You mean, prancing around in my bra and knickers?”


“I mean displaying your natural beauty for your appreciative readership.”


“You must be joking!”


“You’d be paid fifty Galleons for your first photoshoot.”


“It’s a deal! Err, I get to keep my underwear on though, don’t I?”


“Of course. You’d be appearing in a publication similar to the one I showed you,” Warburton confirmed. “Mind you, if you were prepared to be a little more daring, your fee would increase accordingly.”


“Umm, yeah, that will be enough for me at the moment.”


“Right you are. Well, we have a session set up for just a few days. I’ll provide you with the details.”


Ginny nodded as she continued to watch the images of the young couple humping away in front of her. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was about to do something that she probably shouldn’t.


Three days later, Ginny returned to the narrow-fronted property and was this time directed to the top floor and told to wait in the small reception area she’d find there. The witch at the desk, who Ginny learnt was named Esmeralda, warned her that other photo sessions were going on that day and she might have to wait. Nervously, Ginny climbed the stairs and entered the room she’d been directed to. Once she opened the door, she got a shock.


Sitting on a sofa opposite the door was a young woman. She had long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. As soon as Ginny laid eyes on her, she recognised the witch. This was Daphne Greengrass, a mean-spirited Slytherin who had been in the year above her at Hogwarts. The girl was a total bitch, in Ginny's opinion. Greengrass looked up as she entered.


“Oh, you must be joking!” Greengrass exclaimed. “Ginevra Weasley? What’s a goodie-two-shoes like you going at a place like this?”


“I’m here to do some modelling work. Not that it’s any business of yours,” Ginny snapped back.


“A little girl like you? You do know what sort of work they do here, don’t you?”


“Yes, I’m aware that some of it can be a bit risky, but I’m only doing underwear shots.”


Greengrass shorted. “Of course, a timid little wimp like you wouldn’t be brave enough to do anything else, would you? There’s probably not much to see under your robes, anyway.”


“Fuck off. From where I’m standing I’d say my tits were just as big as yours, if not bigger. Mind you, I’m not surprised that a Slytherin slut would be prepared to flaunt herself in front of everyone. You’d probably drop your knickers for a Knut, wouldn’t you?”


“Piss off, you little bitch! I seem to recall you got through quite a few boyfriends back at Hogwarts, so if either of us is a whore then it’s not me. Oh, and sweetheart, if you have a body like mine men will pay a damn sight more than a few Knuts to see it. I’m going to make a fortune in this business.”


“Really? I thought all you pure-blood snobs were loaded. Why do you need to get your kit off to make money?”


“Because bastards like your father took everything we had! I admit my father was a follower of the Dark Lord, but I never had anything to do with him! Why are my sister and I being punished? Those Ministry cunts robbed us of every single Knut we had. No wonder I’m forced to do this.”


“Oh, boo-hoo. It’s not like you weren’t sympathetic to those pure-blood beliefs, is it? You reap what you sow, Greengrass.”


“You’re a pure-blood, too, remember? Your family did pretty well out of the war didn’t they?”


“So what? My dad deserves his promotion for all his hard work.”


“Shacklebolt is certainly rewarding his loyal followers, isn’t he? Still, it makes me wonder why you’re here. Surely your family is doing well enough that you don’t have to strip off to make some cash.”


“Maybe I just want to do it? Besides, it’s not like there are a lot of jobs going out there, is there?”


“True, it’s just a shame that no one is going to be interested in your freckly arse when I’m here. You should just step aside and let a real woman take centre stage.”


“Go fuck yourself. I’m much hotter than you, blondie! There’s nothing sexier than a redhead.”


“How about a witch who isn’t terrified of showing a little flesh? Once guys get a load of these puppies they’ll be throwing money at me,” Greengrass smirked, grabbing her chest and shaking it slightly.   


“Don’t make me laugh. Who would be interested in a stuck-up cow like you? Why does every girl with blonde hair and blue eyes think that every bloke is drooling over her?”


“We’ll see, Weasley, we’ll see.”


At that moment, the door opened and a man stepped into the room. He looked to be in his early thirties and had a pleasant, open face. He smiled at the two witches.


“Hi there,” he said by way of greeting. “My name is Patrick Bagby and I’ll be your photographer today. I take it that you two are Daphne Greengrass and Ginny Weasley?”




“That’s me.”


“Excellent. Well, I understand that you’ll be posing for underwear shots, Miss Weasley, and you’ll be going topless, Miss Greengrass. Is that right? I’d hate to get it the wrong way round.”


“I’ll pose topless, too!” Ginny cried.


“Well, I’ll be fully nude!” Greengrass yelled.


“So will I!” Ginny responded.


“Oh? Well, excellent! Having a pair of beautiful, young witches like you pose au natural will be a huge seller! Wonderful. So, we’ll start with Miss Greengrass, please. Just come this way.” 


“Age before beauty,” Ginny snared as Greengrass followed the man out the door.


“I doubt you’ll still be here by the time I’m finished. You’ll probably bottle it. Just as well, really, who would want to see your pale, flabby arse?”


Ginny glared at the blonde witch’s back as she vanished out of sight.


Left alone in the reception room, Ginny began to contemplate what she’d just agreed to. Nude shots? Oh, sweet Merlin, why had she said that?


Of course, the reason she’d said it was because there was no way in hell that she was going to let Daphne Greengrass beat her at anything. Well, if the Slytherin slut was going to drop her knickers for the camera, there was no way she was going to back out!


As the minutes dragged on, doubts began to assail her. Did she really have the courage to pose naked for the camera? What if someone she knew saw the pictures? What would her mum say? Logically, the chances of her being discovered were remote. Pornography was heavily censored in the magical world and generally frowned upon. She’d never seen a dirty magazine until a few days before and certainly never heard of an Omnicrom. It was probably just dirty old men who purchased such things and she didn’t know any of them. At least, she didn’t think she did.


Desperate to take her mind off her current situation, Ginny grabbed a magazine that was lying on a table top nearby. As it turned out, it was a Quidditch publication from a few years back which she actually found quite interesting. She concentrated on an article on Puddlemere United’s chances in the cup and tried to ignore the fluttering butterflies in her stomach.


It seemed like an age before the door opened and Patrick’s head appeared.


“Miss Weasley? Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m ready for you now.”


On legs made of jelly, Ginny climbed to her feet and followed the man. She was led down a short corridor and into a well-lit room. It looked a little like an attic space and what she took to be photographic equipment was littered everywhere. There was no sign of Greengrass, though.


“Right, if you’d like to pop behind that screen there and change into your outfit. I assume you’ll have no problem altering it to your size? Good. Give me a shout if you have any problems.”


Ginny headed over to the large screen she’d been directed to. Behind it she found a chair with several items of clothing draped over it. A full-length mirror was positioned nearby. Picking up the clothing, she found a skimpy matching bra and panties set in bright orange, along with orange and white striped stockings. A large, floppy witch’s hat completed the outfit.


“What the hell’s this?” she yelled. “I’ll look like a Chudly Cannons fan in this getup.”


“Sorry about that,” came Patrick’s reply. “This is actually going to be a Halloween special hence the colour.”


“But it’s July.”


“Yes, well, you have to plan ahead with these things.”


Shaking her head, Ginny began to change into the clothing. She did have to use her wand to re-size the garments but only minimal adjustments were required. When she was finished, she turned and looked at her reflection in the mirror.


A smile crept onto her face at the sight of her image. Damn, she looked hot! She’d never worn anything quite as revealing as this before and she had to admit she looked bloody good in it. The only thing she was worried about was exactly how long she would be allowed to keep it on.


Nervously, she emerged from behind the screen and found the photographer adjusting his camera. He looked up as she approached and a wide smile immediately appeared on his face.


“Miss Weasley, you look fantastic! I didn’t realise what a wonderful figure you have until now. My word, between you and Daphne earlier we’ve really been lucky today. These pictures will sell like hotcakes.”


“Daphne’s shoot went okay then?” Ginny asked, noting that the photographer was addressing the blonde by her first name.


“Absolutely sensational. I haven’t worked with a model like her for a very long time. Mind you, I think she’ll have a run for her money with you.”


“Thank you. Oh, and pleased call me Ginny.”


“Certainly, Ginny. Are you ready to get started? Are you nervous?”


“Umm, yeah.”


“Everyone one is during their first session. Daphne certainly was, even if she was trying her best not to show it. Try not to worry, you’ll be sensational, I just know it. You’re truly beautiful, Ginny, and I want to capture that beauty.”




“Just follow my instruction and you won’t go wrong. Now, hop onto that platform there and stand on the red mark on the floor.”


Ginny stepped onto the small platform as instructed. Behind her, a screen was charmed to look like an autumnal wood, and at her feet was a small pumpkin, all no doubt an attempt to set a suitably Halloween atmosphere. She stood nervously with her hands dangling at her sides.


“Just try to relax and smile,” Patrick told her. “Now, put your hands on your hips and look at the camera.”


For the next ten minutes, Ginny was instructed to take up various poses. Naturally, being a magical camera the images would capture several seconds of movement so she had to perform various actions, like winking at the lens or bending forward slightly. It was pretty clear that all these movements were to give the camera the best possible view of her assets but she’d been expecting that. All the way through Patrick showered her with praise and encouragement.


“Okay, Ginny, can you take off your bra, please.”


The words that she’d been dreading! Panic gripped her for a second before she got herself under control. Briefly, she considered turning and running but a vision of Greengrass’s sneering face stopped her dead. With trembling fingers, Ginny reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra before letting it slide off her body.


“Beautiful, just beautiful. Oh, Ginny, you’re every red-blooded wizard’s dream!”


A feeling of warmth spread through her at the man’s reaction to her. Patrick had a way of making her feel beautiful although she was aware that he probably used the same speech on every model he photographed. Nevertheless, she was happy to take them at face value.


Again, she was made to twist and turn, displaying her chest for the camera. At one point, Patrick even asked her to cradle her boobs in her hands while smiling brightly. Her nerves seemed to be vanishing and Ginny found that she was actually starting to enjoy herself.


“Right, face away from the camera, Ginny, and look back over your shoulder. That’s it. Now, slowly slide your panties down, please.”


By this point, Ginny had become used to following Patrick’s orders without thinking. Her knickers were down over her arse before she even realised what she was doing but it was too late to back out now. She let the garment slide down over her legs before she kicked them away.


“Turn around now.”


Ginny turned. She was still wearing the stripy tights and the floppy hat, but she was otherwise displaying everything she had.


“Fantastic! Hands on hips, Ginny, and turn slightly to your left. Wonderful! Sensational!”


The camera clicked and flashed repeatedly as Patrick took picture after picture of her in all her glory. She was again made to take up multiple poses. Looking down at herself, she was suddenly regretful that she hadn’t tidied herself up a bit ‘down below’. Her pubic hair seemed quite thick and bushy but then she hadn’t expected to have to drop her knickers for the camera.


“And we’re done,” Patrick said suddenly. “You did brilliantly, Ginny. You can go and get dressed now.”


“Umm, thanks. That was really alright, was it?”


“Are you kidding? You’re the best model I’ve worked with in years.”


“I was a bit worried, err, that I was a bit hairy. You know, down between my legs.”


“Oh, sweet Merlin, no! You’re a redhead, Ginny, and there’s nothing sexier than seeing a bit of red bush down there. It looks incredible.”


“Umm, good. I hadn’t really planned to do this, you know.”


“I gather, but you’re a natural at this. Trust me, you could make a lot of money being a model.”


“Really? Oh. Right, well, I’d best go and get dressed then.”


“You don’t have to on my account but you might cause a bit of scene if you go outside like that.”




Quickly, Ginny changed back into her street clothes leaving her costume on the chair where she found it. Patrick then escorted her out of the room and back to Cuthbert’s office. She was surprised to see Daphne was also there, sitting in a chair and sipping a cup of tea.


“Finally. You took your time,” she said when she caught sight of Ginny.


“Ah, Miss Weasley. Are you all done?” Warburton asked. 


“Yes, we're finished,” Patrick intervened. “I think you’re going to be very pleased with the results, Cuthbert. Between Ginny and Daphne there, I think we’ve just found two rising stars.”


“Excellent. I can’t wait to see them.”


“I start developing them immediately. Bye, ladies, it was a real pleasure working with both of you.”  


With that, Patrick vanished out of the door.


“Take a seat, Miss Weasley and I’ll pour you some tea. Miss Greengrass, do you need a refill?”


“No, I’m fine.”


“Very good. The reason I asked you to stay is that I wanted to talk to both of you. When I approached you both, I was drawn by your respective beauty. I had no idea that both of you would prove to be such willing and professional models. Talent such as yours is hard to come by and I want to make the most of it.”


“What are you saying?” Greengrass demanded.


“Why, I want to offer both you girls a professional contract. I want you to model for me full time.”


Ginny’s jaw dropped. A professional model? Her?


“Let’s discuss money,” Greengrass said coolly.


As Warburton and Greengrass began to haggle, Ginny could only sit back in her chair and watch them numbly. Things were moving too fast and she could get her mind around it all. This morning she’d just believed that she was going to pose for a few saucy photos of her in her underwear and now she’d already stripped off totally for the camera. It was a major surprise to her.


It was even more of a surprise when ten minutes later she signed a contract for Warburton and became a professional model.     











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