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“Hermione, give it a rest.” Ron mumbled.
Sometimes, Hermione could be a bit much. Ron and Harry loved her to death of course, but there was a reason they were in all honesty her only two friends. While brilliant, she was bossy, overly emotional, a general know-it-all. And while those were an issue enough for those who spent any amount of time with her, she was also NOSY. 
She was always prying into people’s business, seeking out rule breakers or things she disapproved of. It wasn’t as if Harry and Ron didn’t get into their share of shenanigans, hell with the invisibility cloak and Marauder’s Map, it was impossible not to. But Hermione always took things too far with her general sense of morality and sanctimonious nature, traits the boys did not share. When they were younger it was childish tattle-telling. Now that they were in 7th year, it was snitching and bulldozing into other’s privacy, especially now that she was a prefect. 
The targets this time around - the group of Slytherins sitting at the opposite wall of the library. The group of Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, and the two goons Crabbe and Goyle to be specific. Now Hermione had no shortage of reasons not to trust or like Slytherins, but this group in particular was always up to no good: bullying, pranks, cheating on assignments. Offenses that SHOULD get them expelled - or at least punished severely, but they always had Snape’s protection from being reprimanded. It infuriated Hermione to no end.
And it wasn’t as if Harry or Ron liked them either, but they simply didn’t see what good it did to obsess over a bunch of spoiled pure-bloods being spoiled.
“Seriously Hermione, you’re staring.” Harry chimed in.
“They’re not even pretending to study Harry!” Hermione whispered harshly as she continued to openly glare at the Slytherins across the room. They boys didn’t even have their books open and were whispering to each other, laughing and looking conniving every so often.

“Who cares?” Ron groaned. “We really need to prepare for this test tomorrow.”
“No, YOU need to prepare for the test.” Hermione countered primly. “I of course already know all the material thrice over.”
“Hermioneeee-” Ron whined, letting his forehead fall to the table.
“I think what Ron is trying to say is, we can’t really judge them if we’re not studying ourselves. You’ve spent the last 10 minutes glaring at them.” Harry said in Ron’s defense. Hermione just harrumphed as she often did.
“They’re up to something - I just know it.” Hermione said, narrowing her eyes.
“They’re Slytherins, they’re always up to something.” Harry said with a shrug. “Look Hermione, nothing good will come from you prying like this.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about Harry.” Hermione just retorted. Harry just sighed and turned back to this book.
It seemed whatever the Slytherin boys were up to, it no longer involved the library, and they began to pack up to leave. Draco caught Hermione’s open stare as he stood from the table. He gave a quick smirk, followed by a wink. Hermione’s mouth opened in great offense, sputtering as the Slytherins slithered out of the library.
She was gonna figure out what they were up to.
Harry wouldn’t allow her to use his invisibility cloak, not wanting to enable her nonsense, so Hermione settled on a notice-me-not charm. It wasn’t as effective as Harry’s cloak, but it was good enough for her to sneak down into the dungeon and to the entrance of the Slytherin common area. The password was “Pure-Blood”; not at all very creative but fitting for Slytherins. She slipped into the common room, and to her surprise the room was empty.
Hermione was confused. She expected to see at least one of the boys in the common room - or at least some of their classmates. Maybe they were already up to no good in the halls of Hogwarts. She had hoped to catch them in the common room to hear what they were up to, and take the necessary preventative measures. 
Something felt wrong, off. 
“Finite Incantatem!” A voice rang out
Before Hermione could react, she was once again visible, standing clearly in the middle of the common room. Hermione whipped her wand out, and looked around for the caster, yet saw no one.
Expeliarmus!” Another voice rang out, and suddenly Hermione’s wand went flying from her hand across the room. It seemingly stopped mid-air, levitating several feet above the ground. That’s when Hermione realized what was happening. She had been baited. Where there was once no one, suddenly appeared Crabbe, Goyle. Nott and Malfoy. Seems she wasn’t the only one who had been practicing their notice-me-not. 
They stood surrounding here, in their school uniforms, but with the added bonus of death eater’s masks on, hiding their features, but Hermione knew they were likely smiling cruelly under them. Wands were pointed at her, and even with her Gryffindor bravery, she didn’t dare to move.
“W-What is this?” Hermione demanded, trying to keep her voice steady. “Trying to scare me with those masks?”
“No, we just find them terribly comfortable.” Theo drawled, earning laughs from his fellow Slytherins.
“I don’t know what you’re planning, but whatever it is, I’ll-”
“Planning?” Draco interrupted, taking a leisurely step towards Hermione. She had to force herself not to step back. “Why, we were just here, practicing our charms, when YOU snuck in here - putting your big nose and even bigger arse in our business as always.
‘My nose isn’t big.’ Hermione thought. ‘Wait, my arse isn’t big either! Is it?’
Shaking off the thought, Hermione raised her chin, taking on a defiant look. “Do you really expect me to believe that?”
“Nah. But it’s not going to matter in a few minutes.” Draco stated, voice dangerous. 
Hermione expected to feel some kind of hex any moment now, but to her surprise the boys all tucked their wands away. They didn’t very much think of her much a threat when she was wandless, and that in itself made Hermione's dread all the more present. 
For a moment, nobody moved and the room was silent, aside the sound of the grandfather clock ticking by the fireplace. Without much other option, Hermione made a break for it. She spun on her heels, and ran for the door. Crabbe and Goyle, who had been standing behind her, quickly came together, making a wall of mass in front of her. She ran into them, bouncing off them like they were a brick wall. She stumbled backwards, almost falling over. The two boys laughed at her, and she tried to scramble around them, only to be pushed back like she weighed nothing. She stumbled backwards, right into the chest of Theo, who had moved in on her. She grabbed them by the shoulders, gripping them tightly. 
“Where you going mudblood?” He asked sinisterly. He pushed her back over to Crabbe and Goyle, who pushed her over to Draco, who also joined in on the fun. Surrounded in a tight circle by the 4 slytherins, she was pushed and shoved back and forth between them roughly, stumbling and tripping over feet like a Hippogriff. Eventually a hard shove by Draco sent her to the ground, landing hard on her bottom.
The Slytherins closed in even more, creating a cage around Hermione with their legs. Goyle grabbed her by her pushy hair and pulled, forcing her to shift up to her knees. Hermione shrieked in pain, and clawed at Goyle’s wrist to very little effect.
“Huhhuh” Goyle laughed oafishly. “The mudblood cunt is always nosy. Let’s put her nose somewhere new.”
“Let me go you- MPGGHFFH?!”
Hermione’s demand was cut off by Goyle pulling her forward, and mashing her face into his pants covered crotch. He shifted his hand to the back of her head to hold her in place, forcing her nose and mouth into the fabric of his pants. She was forced to breathe in and could smell his generally unpleasant  through the material. Goyle humped his hips forward, laughing as he did, grinding his hardening member into her face.
“MMMMMPHH!” Hermione muddled into his crotch.
“What’s that muddy?” Draco asked. “You like the smell of Goyle’s cock? Well who am I to judge the tastes of a mudblood.”
Goyle pushed her back, allowing Hermione a brief moment to gasp in clean air. Draco pulled out his wand and with a flick of his wrist, his clothes were vanished, leaving him completely in the nude. Hermione’s eyes went wide and she gasped, the sight of his mean looking cock coming into view. She tried to scramble away, but she was still trapped by their bodies. Draco waved his wand again, and one by one the other boy’s clothes were vanished as well showing Hermione more skin than she ever thought she’d see in her life. 
She looked around in fear, regretting her decision to go to a snake pit alone. 
“You won’t get away with this! I’ll see you expelled. I’ll see you all in Azkaban!” Hermione cried, looking around. The boys didn’t seem too phased by her threat, even under their masks.
From behind, Theo yanked Hermione to a standing position by her hair, and spun her around to face him. She tried to push him away, and beat at his chest, but the tall boy simply manhandled her, bending and picking her up over his shoulder like she weighed nothing. Hermione kicked and squirmed as he walked over to one of the green couches of the room, and threw her onto it like a sack of potatoes. Hermione tried to orient herself and get to her feet, but the boys were on here quickly. She was roughly flipped onto her back with Theo sitting on the couch and securing her arms and head in his lap. Hermione kicked her legs feebly, but that only aided the Slytherins; Crabbe grabbed one of her legs, while Goyle grabbed the other on the other side of the couch. They pulled, spreading her legs shamefully apart, her underwear showing as her skirt was displaced, hiking up over her hips. Theo took a moment to force Hermione’s sweater vest over her head, leaving her only in her white button up. He grabbed the plackets, and pulled harshly, sending buttons flying and exposing Hermione’s bra clad chest.
“What do you think of her tits?” Goyle asked, looking at Crabbe
“Eh, I seen better. Prefer the muddy’s arse.” Crabbe answered. As if to prove the point, the boys pulled Hermione’s split legs back, forcing her bottom to present more in the air. Crabbe couldn’t help himself, and used one hand to deliver on open palm smack to Hermione’s bottom, causing her to shriek out and revitalize her struggles. Theo gave her a slap to the face to remind her of the position she was in.
For a moment, Draco just stood there and watches as Hermione thrashed and fought, tiring herself out as the boys easily held her, slapping her and yanking her hair if she got too excited. Eventually her breathing became labored, and her movements began to cease, before going still, limp in their hands. She hadn’t even noticed the tears running down her face as she looked at Draco, who stood a few feet away, cock standing to attention, it’s red tip looking threatening.
“I-I’ll leave.” Hermione finally rasped out, voice begging.. “I’ll just leave. We can pretend nothing happened. I won’t tell a soul, please.”
Draco just scoffed. 
“We’ve heard that from you before, mudblood.”
Hermione wasn’t given the time to be confused by his statement before Draco moved forward. Reaching between her legs, he grabbed at the front of her panties, He pulled the material back, stretching it to its limits and causing it to wedge uncomfortably between Hermione’s cheeks. Hermione’s cunt was now on full display - Theo laughed, surprised she used hair removal charms. He had expected her bush to be as wild as her hair.

Draco kept pulling on her panties, pulling and pulling until it finally -snapped.
They took turns at first, Draco naturally getting first dibs, sliding between her legs and driving his cock into her. Hermione had heard there would be blood the first time - but she was surprised there was none, though her mind was more preoccupied with the Slytherin slamming himself between her spread open legs. 
Seemed fate had it in for her, giving all boys fat cocks to match their hateful attitudes, They rode her hard and long, fucking into her with wild abandon. 
Goyle seemed to not want to have her looking at him as he fucked her, and flipped her over onto her front on the sofa, pushing her face into the cushions as he slammed into her from behind. Seemed they all shared Crabbe’s appreciation for her ass with how often they smacked and spanked at it. Theo dragged her by her hair across the carpet so he could bend her over one of the study tables, just to give her a proper spanking, each of the boys giving her five hard swats on her creamy bottom until it was red with crisscrossing hand prints. 
After a while, they got bored of taking her one at a time, and started fucking her in tandem. They seemed set on making her airtight - a cock in each of her holes. Crabbe and Golye got brave, and tried to force both themselves in her ass at once - luckily for her, the physics of it simply didn’t work given their size. They settled on shoving their pricks in her mouth simultaneously, a cock pushing into each cheeks, sawing in and out until she was spitting and drooling all over herself.
Hermione put up a good fight for a while - well not very good as the boys easily overpowered her even without their wands, but a spirited one. But even she knew futility, even if it took being spit roasted over a chair by Theo and Draco to get there. She eventually gave in,, stopped thrashing, stopped screaming, becoming just a mannequin for them to bend and fuck. They didn’t even have to force her mouth open - automatically falling open when a cock came into vicinity. Her body even gave in to the pleasure of their rough treatment, orgasms tearing through her as they fucked, slapped, choked, yanked and folded her.
While the boys could’ve kept this up all night, they promised the rest of their house that they’d only keep these activities to two hours as to not hog the common room. So they finished up with their abuse of Hermione, each cumming and/or on Hermione several times. 
They took a step back, and looked at their handiwork, the bushy haired annoyance lying face down on the carpet, leaking and drenched in cum, and twitching.
“We should get a few pictures.” Theo suggested. 
“All out of film from last time.” Draco said, sounding a bit disappointed.
“Shame.” Theo sighed. “Well, let’s get this over with.”
“Oi, mudblood.” Draco called to Hermione. Seemed the Gryffindor had enough synapse still firing in her brain to be able to lift her head - her face smeared with cum, tears and spit, some of it bubbling at her lips as she breathed shallowly. She looked at Draco with clouded eyes, as he lifted his wand.
Ron and Draco waited outside of the Slytherin common room, just up the hall.
“They’re taking longer than usual.” Ron sighed.
“I think that’s her now.” Harry pointed out, as the entrance to the common room began to open. A moment later, Hermione emerged, freshly obliviated, and Confundo-ed several times over - insuring that the brainy girl wouldn't remember the events of the last few hours. The Slytherins were well practiced in the spells. She staggered out of the Slytherin common room, mind hazy and confused from the spells. The Slytherins had haphazardly dressed her cum covered body. They didn’t bother giving her back her bra, or repairing her shirt, simply covering up and slipping her skirt back on. Her ripped panties had been shoved into her mouth, and her wand shoved in her ass as she waddled out the room into the hall. 
“They did a number on her this time.” Harry said, shaking his head.
“She shouldn’t have gone off alone.” Ron replied, voice more annoyed than concerned about their violated friend.
“Do…do think we should, I dunno, try and do something about this?” Harry asked. “This is the third time this month alone.”
“Nah. She’ll never learn that way.” Ron said. “She needs to learn to stop being such a pain.”
“Well she’s hardly learning this way mate.” Harry replied.
“Eh, whatever.” Ron shrugged. “Let’s just get her cleaned up and back to the dorms. I want a game of chess or two before bed.”

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