Diary of a Frustrated Wife

BY : Yawning
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Warning not for kids! Sexual situations and language!!!

Diary of a Frustrated Wife by Yawning

Chapter 1

Molly si as as she stood in front of her bedroom mirror. How was she supposed to go to dinner at the Ministry tonight when she was too fat for her clothes? Running her hands over her pale blue sleeveless nightgown, she took notice of every curve and ounce of fat. Turning from left to right, she lightly touched her not so flat stomach, cringing.

*I was fat. Okay, I'll admit it. I had seven damn children, it was to be expected, right? I couldn't stay slim forever. Still, it hurt to know I use to be small enough to fit in a muggle's size 5 pants. I still keep them as a cruel reminder of how big I had gotten. Arthur called me curvaceous and sexy, but I think he said that for his own personal safety for fear of me hexing him.*

Short, plump with flaming red hair. What a combination. How can Arthur stand to look at it when I can barely?

"Molly! Where is my green dress robe? I want to wear it night." a voice rang out through the bathroom door.

"It's in your top dresser drawer. I put it there yesterday." Molly called out. Turning back to her reflection, she sneered in disgust.

Thumping noises were heard from outside the door as her children ran about getting into Merlin knows what. It was a pleasant sound because it always reminded her how blessed she was to have the family she had. Although money was tight, each of her children were healthy and happy. That was enough for her. If only she could so satisfied with herself.
Molly ran her hands over her chest. Mammoth breasts. They were overly large and no longer pert and perky as they were when she was seventeen. Damn body.

"Dumpy. I'm so dumpy." she whispered, blinking rapidly as tears spilled from her eyes.

"What in the world are you going on about, Molly?" Arthur questioned, coming out of their private bathroom. His navy blue pajama top and matching bottoms clashed horribly with his bright red hair.

Arthur Weasley was a tall, thin man, going bald, but the little hair he had was of the same flaming color as his wife. It was quite fitting two redheads would meet and marry, have a small legion of children and just be known as The Weasley's.

He went over to his crying wife and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. Shorter in height to him, her uncombed head rested against his collar bone. She wiped at the tears running down her cheeks as he rubbed his cheek at the top of her head.

"What's wrong Molly?" Arthur asked, concerned. Molly hardly ever cried and if she did, it usually meant something terribly upsetting happened.

"N-Nothing, Arthur. I'm just being silly." Molly said, extremely embarrassed.

"You're a terrible liar, Mol. Did I hear you call yourself dumpy?" he asked. He nudged her chin up with his right hand and made her turn to look at him.

"Well, it's the truth." Molly replied, sniffing. Gazing at their reflections in the mirror, she couldn't help but compare the difference. Arthur was tall and skinny and she knew she probably outweighed him by a good forty pounds or more.

"I'm so fat and dumpy and-"

Spinning her around, he made her face him. "Nonsense. I don't ever want to hear you talk like that, Molly. You're beautiful and perfect."

"Are you blind? Put on your glasses, Arthur. I've gained so much weight, it's disgusting." Molly snapped angrily. She tried to pull away, but he tightened his grip on her upper arms.

"I don't see that. You've had seven children, Molly. I don't expect you to be rail thin. You have a fuller figure now, which I find very sexy. You're not fat or dumpy or anything of the sort. You're as beautiful as the day I met you. What about me, Molly? I'm losing my hair. Ready to dump me for another man with a head full of hair?" Arthur asked.

"No." she replied, rolling her eyes.

"Want me to buy one of those toupee thingies the muggles wear? Hmm, I wonder if they come in the color red?" Arthur wondered. His eyes glazed over and she knew he wouldn't mind at all having one just because it was a muggle invention.

"Arthur!" Molly yelled to capture his attention back from his toupee fantasy.

He smiled, rubbing his hands up and down her shoulders."See how silly I would be."

She nodded, feeling a little better. "I still want to lose some weight."

"If that's what you want. Whatever makes you happy." Arthur agreed to keep the peace. He didn't care if she gained or lost weight, she was fine to him.

Lookiuch uch more cheerful, Molly's face brightened to a healthy glow. Arthur bent down and gave her a quick peck on her cheek. She moved her head to the side and kissed his chin in return.

He lowered his head, his mouth brushing against hers. Nipping at each others lips, the kiss was sure and steamy. Moving his arms down, he wrapped her in a tight embrace. Leaving her mouth, he began to blaze a trail down the sensitive skin of her throat. As she softly moaned, he filled his hands with the sweet weight of her full breasts. Molly arched, her eyes sliding close as his fingers teased her nipples into tight twin peaks.

"Arthur, the children." Molly whispered, breathlessly.

"They can fend for themselves for a while." he said, becoming just as breathless as she. The feel of her soft body underneath his hands was pure bliss. Unfortunately their clothing was getting in the way and Arthur hurriedly slid the straps of her gown off her shoulders. It effortlessly fell away to pool around her bare feet. Her drawers were taken from her in painstaking slowness, and she gasped as his hands wantonly teased between her thighs. His pajama's and underwear soon joined hers. He gazed lustfully at her flushed, curvy nude body.

"Arthur, w's c's come over you?" Molly questioned, flustered, yet flattered by his rush to get her into bed.

"You're too much for me, Molly. A man can only take so much." Arthur said as he covered her mouth. He loved her sweet mouth. He could kiss her all day long. He ran his hand over her soft hips, savoring the warm skin, cupping her roundness.

"I love the way you fill my hands, Molly. You're so perfect."

She felt her heart beat up at the sound of admiration and pride in his voice. How he loved and accepted her, fat or thin. She felt sexy and powerful and knew few men would appreciate her short height and full figure. But Arthur loved it.

Never releasing one another as they nipped and stroked at one another, they walked backwards to their bed. Dropping down heavily, neither cared the bed squeaked as they bounced. Flinging floral covered pillows aside, they laid sprawled in the middle of the bed. He treated her bared breasts to his full attention, planting wet kisses on the silken globes-nibbling and suckling as she writhed beneath him. Brushing his mouth over her hard nipples, he felt her tremble in response.

"Arthur." Molly groaned, digging her short nails into his back as his hand wandered up and down her soft thighs. Her lovely legs parted willingly, letting him inside. His hands dallied between her thighs, making her wet and hot. He ran his left hand over her the soft curve of her belly, brushing lower over the soft, red triangle. Her loud moans were music to his ears. Lowering his head, he flicked his tongue against the spot that would make her lose complete control. She stiffened, then gasped as he relentlessly tormented her.

"That's it, Molly. Moan for me louder." he whispered sensually, his voice thick and husky. His fingers grazed her wet clit, rubbing softly before adding more delicious pressure.

Molly complied, twisting and turning on the bed, rumpling the sheets as Arthur continued licking and stroking his fingers across her swollen treasure. Looking down, Molly sighed in pleasure as Arthur's red head disappeared lower in between her spread legs. The friction of his strokes was too much and she could feel herself climaxing, her hips undulating in a brazen display that filled Arthur with uncontrollable lust.

The passion burst through her and her strangled cry of release filled the sun-brightened bedroom. Molly panted as she came down from her high. But Arthur was far from finished. Watching her sensual climax had destroyed the last of his self-control. Hard and throbbing, he knelt at the entrance of her womanhood, rubbing his erection against her wet heat. Sliding inside, Arthur clenched his eyes close. She was so moist and hot. No matter how many times they made love, it was always like the first.

He started out slow, so slow she whined in frustration. He smiled in response, picking up speed. He gripped her hips in his hands hard as he violently thrust inside her. The friction of his strokes drove her crazy as she was just recovering from her earlier climax.

"Cup your breasts for me." Arthur begged. She ran her hands over her full, alluring breasts. Tweaking her nipples, she smiled and sighed when he grunted at her actions. Putting her index finger in her mouth, she wet it and reached down to swirl it over her harden peaks. He felt himself harden even more at such a sexy act. He begged her to touch him. While she ran her hands over his sweat soaked chest, his thrusting became more ardent and uninhibited. Their position offered him the best access to her pleasure center and he played her skillfully. Face red and flustered, he bit his lips as he grabbed her legs and tossed them over his shoulders. Thrusting with such intensity, she screamed her release as he shuddered above her. He burst into flames of lust as he groaned and came to his own explosive end, thrusting possessively and mindlessly.

Laying down on top of her exhausted, Arthur gasped for breath, satisfied and filled to completion. Molly, brushed her wild hair away from her sweaty forehead, panting with a silly grin on her face.

Lifting his head, he grinned down at her. They shared a short, but passionate kiss before pulling away.

"Never think I don't desire you. Never." Arthur said.

"Well, I'm convinced of that." Molly laughed. *Although, I still would like to lose a few pounds.*

Loud yelling from outside the locked bedroom door ruined the quiet moment between the couple as their rambunctious children made themselves known.

"Mom! Hey, mom. We're starving here." Ron yelled from downstairs.

"Shut up, you git. Mom and Dad are still sleeping. Fix your own breakfast, Ron." Ginny replied in response, not noticing she was being just as loud.

Molly began chuckling and Arthur ran his hand over his face, shaking his head.

"I don't know why you're laughing, Molly. We never have a moments peace." Arthur groaned, exasperated.

"You wanted a big family, so don't complain. Seven children, Arthur. I'm surprised I remember to dress in the mornings." she smirked. "Besides, they're worth it."

"Well, they think we're asleep. How about we work on an eighth child?" he winked suggestively.

"Again?!" Molly smiled. He ignored her snort of laughter as he rolled over, putting her on top of him. His hands cupped her face gently, kissing her deeply. And they did just that. Worked on their eighth child...

This was my first Harry Potter fic so please hold the torches and pitchforks! I do hope someone liked this story. I'm a huge fan of all the characters and Molly's a personal fav. I like bossy women who scare men into doing what they want, so Molly is my gal. Stay tuned for the next chapter. ^^

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