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Reviews for Ceding Control (formerly Goddess of the Moon)

By : Wimp36
  • From Jeda26 on July 17, 2020

    Hot damn, I utterly love this story from and have re read it several times already and I very much hope that you don't leave us hanging for two much long before you continue and write what other fun and kinkily degrading and wantonly humilating sexual activities Harry and Herm,ione were eagerly willing to enage in at the instrucions of their mistresses and master

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  • From Jeda26 on May 24, 2020

    Utterly loving this gloriously sensually beautiful wantonly depraved and sensationally humilating kinkily spectacular gem of a stoey and cvan't wait to see what else Luna and Ginny have in store for Harry over the rest of the christmas break. As well as after the gorgeously alluring sumpteously volupteous and fablous revealing teaser, just what else Hermione got up to for Christmasd a swell. Please updat soon as can't wait to see and read what you have in store for us next.

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  • From Jeda26 on May 11, 2020

    Hot damn, that was another gloriously beautiful and sensationally alluring kinky masterpeice of a new chapter as the fun has just begun for Harry during the Christmas Holidays and utterly loved and adored all of the majestically erotically humiliating and sensually wanonly depraved sexual activites that they made him take part in. Utterly found terrifically gorgeous the act of the girls depeening Harry' humilaition by effectively pimping him out on the town and at home to any man, boy or couple who want a piece of his sissy ass, completely making his sissy life complete at School and at home and unescapable as Ginny and Luna delectably drive home said point at the point of their cocks and exual domination of him, brilliantly.

    Eagerly looking forward to what happens next and given the gifts and shock Harry was presented with at the end of the last chapter. Think it would be magnificent to see the sexy duo ramp up Harry's sissification, by making him wear Lingerie in and out of the house, disguised as glamour that only those in the know can see and appears as normal clothes to everybody else and enjoy several hot role plays, fashion shows and sexual activities so attired. Beef up his feminine appearence in regards to giving him more permanent feminine body, breasts, curves and the like and shrink down his cock some what. Tatoo his pubic era and boi pussy in a similar or different manner to Hermione. Pierce his cock and make it so it can only get hard, when he acts and is used as a sissy or when his mistresses allow. Ginny and Harry take part in a kinky wedding role play and that doubles for wedding ceremony for real as Harriet as the gorgeus sissified and feminised bride gives himself to Ginny as her wife, who take him as her bride and with new created futa cock grown with balls via potion, makes use of Harriet's boi pussy through a Potion which genetically changes anatomy to give a sissy like Harry female reproduction organs and uterus griwn in his ass (though of course with a smaller cocklet) to allow Ginny to breed him full of new lords potter blacks and cuckold him as well herelf along with Hermione.

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  • From Jeda26 on April 11, 2020

    Oh my God, utterly loving the direction, you are taking it in as it keeps getting oh so deliciously sinfully more erotic with every passing chapter and fantastically epic smut feast of gloriously majestic proportions and kinky wanton depravety and humilation. Have too say that the last two chapters were an utterly out of this world terrfiically outstanding works of depravety, sexual domination and submssion and sexual humilation of the best kind as Ron and Hary and Hermione continue down their respective roads to becoming, woman, sissy cock and whore for their master and mistresses. Also loved how you have the entire boys dorm know of Harry and Ron's fetishes now and you should defunately have when Ron is all woman and Harry is attired, changed and attired to look like one do a hot striptease and lap dane orgy for them in their dorms late one night.

    Loved how yo set it up for the mistress and masters to continue to have fun over the holiday with their respective sluts. Think that during the Holidays, gils should continue to help Ron acclimatise to his forth-coming transformation, by having practice his skills on sucking and being fucked and joys and pleasures of being a proper woman to be fucked and bred buy her masters. While think it would be kinkily hot to see Ginny and Luna as they continue to mold and train Harry, decide that Ginny and Hermione will become Harry's future wives and ladies Potter and Black, in due course whom cuckold him, no end, but still love him in their own uniuely depraved way, with them turning and crafting him into the perfectly beautiful and sluttily gorgeous sissy slut, cockold. Whom unable to wait a few years, go through a kinkily hot roleplay of a wedding ceremony in which Harry is the bride and Ginny and Hermione temporarily gain futa cocks to fuck Harry's temporarily pussified ass for the occassion. Plus when they do get married, Harry's cock is get more small than it is now and can only get large when needed to impregnate heirs tokeep up appearence or when he watchs being cuckolded.Plus before said wedding role play, could have hot blachortte night, when the mistresses attire Harrry intoall kinks of sexy linerie and play a humilating sexually kinky game of truth or dare, before getting everybody ready for main event. Plus think Harry should love breasts that Luna and Ginny grant them tio him permantently, alongside more feminine body, after he earns them in a spextacularly slutty sissy act of love and depravety.        

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  • From Jeda26 on April 08, 2020

    Hot damn, that was another brilliantly erotically beautiful and sensationally stunning exotically alluring masterpeice of perfectly flawless sexual dynamite. Love how you carried on Ron's humilation from previous chapter and have Nevillle begin the process of emesulating him and turning him into another sissy or transfomring him completely into a girl.

    Love to see Hermione as well reqwarding Harry for all his good behaviour and sexual eagerness and indulgence in completing all taks set of him and gifting him with a sexy sultry striptease and humping and cum of his small cock and enjoy some loving fun between boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Think Luna and Ginny won't be happy about this act of disobediance by their two sluts and punish them in their own kinky respective ways. As with Hermione being forced to perfect and enhnce her sexy striptease and learn lap dance routines as a another way of making her better slut and more capble of pleasuring her lovers and masters evern further, While at the same time, Harry is punished for cumming in more wantonly depraved way as he further educatted in ways of a sissy as his cock is shrunk and made incable of cumming temporarily, while his body is made more feminine and encased in feminine lingerie of a ancient greek style as role play scenario of Harry as sissy/lesbian worshipper of the goddess of the moon, Luna pleasuring her in any way he can and begging to be allowed to do so.  

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  • From Naruko-fan on April 08, 2020

    Brilliant chapter as usual and loving the frequent updates. Only wish is that we’d have seen Hermione, Luna & Neville in the room of requirements but still absolut banging chapter.

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  • From Jeda26 on April 07, 2020

    Hot damn, absolutely loved this latest addition and how so kinkily alluring and sensationally bewitchingly there new status as sissy slut and cuckold and mudblood slut is being further worked into their daily lives and expanded to encompass all of their activities and days at hogwarts, until there will be no escape from it and they will have to let their new sexual lives consume them utterly and give ino it and become what their master and mistress desire them to be true sluts for cock.

    Found the kinkily hot dentention to be absolute stunning glorious depictions of lewd depravvety and wanton humilation for all concerned and another important learning curve on the step to eventually accepitng their true fates. Would love to see a scene/chapter soon, where the mistresses and masters take Harry and Hermione respectively on their own. With the Mistresses further putting Harry thrugh his places in looking, dressing and acting like the sissy slut he is. While Hermione is taught skills of how to put on a sexy show for her men, arts of striptease and lap dancing to add further strings to her sexual bow.  

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  • From Jeda26 on April 01, 2020

    Hot da,m. absolutely loved and utterly adored this latest chapter of this gorgeously kinky and wantonly depraved gem of a HP erotica story as Harry and Hermione really get into the act of being used and abused as the cock loving cock sleave and sissy loving whore that they have been trained nad made into by their goddesses and love how, Hermione is furthering and doing her very bes t to further enhance and develop Harry along the road to ultimate sisification and feminisation of Harry as the perfect crossdressing gorgeously frmininr sissy slut and whore for Luna, Ginny and their masters. 

    Would love to see the next chapter feature Harry having another session with Luna and more preferrably Ginny as they inflict some more humiliations and sexual depraveties upon Harry as they force him to indulge in dressing like a female and giving herself off like a prostitute to their cocks or endure a hot lingerie trying on show as they critigue his looks in them and adapt his body to fit them even better. 

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  • From Jeda26 on February 11, 2020

    Hot damn os a gloriously beautiful and stunningly sensational erotically kinily continuation and new chapter to this glorious erotic gem of a story. 


    Love how Luna and Ginny give Harry and Hermione the rope and freedom to live out their lives as dictated by their master and mistresses and love and enjoy new and humilating degrading romantic relationship as well as leaving them in no uncertain terms that they adhere to rules and laws set out by her, Ginny, cormac and Neville over the last several gloriously exotic chapters. Also think it would vbe very kinky to see Harry thinking he can get away with it and goes against his mistresses instructions and gets punish for it with some more extreme and sexy sissifiation and feminisation.

    Loved Harry and Hermione getting caught out be Flinch on the way bak and Hermione having to act like the whore she now is to lessen the punishment they would have got and look forward to seein what punishment Harry gets melted out to him by peofessor Sinestra, given that she is one of Cormaac's lovers and a hot sexily kinky , MILF 

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  • From DEVIOUS_WRITER on November 18, 2019

    excellent chapter 

    i am looking forward to the next one 

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  • From Jeda26 on February 18, 2019

    Absolutely love this story and really hope that you continue it and update it with new chapters real soon.

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  • From Dtb3824 on January 14, 2019

    looking forward to the next chapter. I hope you continue this

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  • From Jeda26 on December 16, 2018

    Hot damn, this latest addition to an utterly outstanding wert dram of an erotic story was pure sexual dynamite from start  to finish. Love the romantic interlude with the start and Harry and Hermione having one brief shinning moment of love and sexual intimacy or so Harry thinks, before it all dissolves in front of his face, like magic. As Neville, Blaise and Cormac, assisted by their female partners and sluts Luna and Ginny procede to further advance both of Harry and Hermione's training/transformation into respectively sissy cuckold and whore through several gloriously kinky and brilliantly though out moments of sexual depravety that left Harry in doubt about how much an embrassment of a man, he is and that Hernione will never be his, except as a way of further demonstrating his place as a sissy cuckold.

    Eagerly looking forward to the next chapter and given how last chapter ended, think it is time for our hot female doms to have some more hit fun with their sissy gurl. Would love to see them having more fun with him in all sorts of sexual ways,w hile at the same time further introduing to the joys of crossdressing and feminisation as they get him rwady for the ultimate finale of his transformation into a sissy cuckold, being fucked in his boi pussy by an alpha male like Cormac, Neville or Blaise.   

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  • From VeltsuVI on November 27, 2018

    Looks great, waiting for next chapter already!

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  • From Jeda26 on October 23, 2018

    Really hope that you find the time to update this gorgeous glorious jewel of a femdon/feminization story with new chapters some time very soon.

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