Ceding Control (formerly Goddess of the Moon)

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Slughorn’s party had been a complete bust as far as Harry was concerned. Not only had he been unable to follow Malfoy to see what the ferret was up to, he had also been forced to witness Cormac McClaggen snogging Hermione in full view of the room, despite his efforts to flirt with her throughout the night. He had realized several months ago that he found Hermione almost impossibly attractive (though his hormones were raging to the point that he thought the same thing about a great many of his female friends at the moment) and had been trying to make that fact known to her. When he had been invited to the Slug Club’s Christmas Party he had been phenomenally excited, thinking that this was his chance to get close to Hermione without Ron’s presence, but he had been too late to ask her to come as his date, as she had already asked Cormac McClaggen to accompany her in a transparent move to make Ron feel bad for being rude to her.


Even though he had asked Luna to be his date to the party, Harry still tried throughout the night to get Hermione’s attention, but, between Slughorn’s ass-kissing, Luna’s quirkiness, and the punch that Ginny had spiked, neither of them saw much of the other before the snogging had started. 


Had he been thinking clearly, Harry would have recognized that Hermione was only participating so that Ginny, one of the worst gossips at Hogwarts, would spread word to her brother that the girl he had a crush on was snogging another guy. Drunk for the first time in his life, however, Harry was completely oblivious to this and assumed that Hermione was trying to make him jealous. Thinking to turn the tables, he began to flirt shamelessly with Luna and to dance with her more and more suggestively. Luna reciprocated happily and before long Harry had entirely forgotten about his attempts to make Hermione jealous.


How could he have not realized before how attractive Luna was? She was four inches shorter than him, slender and soft, with plump, firm B-cup breasts that matched her small frame perfectly, and, what was more, she was completely into him: happily grinding against him and letting his hands wander all over her body. Before long Luna, panting heavily, stood on tiptoe to whisper into his ear.


“It’s getting late, and I’m over this party. I think there’s an empty classroom one floor up. Shall we?”


He grabbed her hand and lead her through the few remaining guests. The professor himself was snoring lightly in an armchair, a few students were clustered around some sort of game in a corner, and the remaining adult guests were busy draining the rest of Slughorn’s liquor cabinet. Harry and Luna made their way cautiously to the empty classroom and locked the door behind them. Luna immediately planted a kiss on Harry’s lips and ran her hand through his thick, black hair as her tongue found his. Harry tentatively placed is hands on her slender hips drawing her close as she moaned into his mouth, causing Harry’s cock to twitch in anticipation. 


For long minutes they kissed until Harry lifted Luna onto the teacher’s table, her legs wrapping around his. Harry felt himself stiffen and Luna giggled softly, feeling it too. She drew his hands to her breasts, allowing him to knead the tender flesh, drawing fresh moans from her as she began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. She pushed him back and stood, and, as Harry’s pants fell to floor and he stepped out of them, she reached back and unzipped the shimmering silvery dress, letting it pool around her feet. Harry was enraptured by the sight in front of him. Luna’s body was pale and willowy, the gap between her thighs accentuating her long legs, and her breasts, covered by a pale, lavender bra proportioned perfectly to her taught, narrow torso. 


Luna kissed Harry again and reached into his boxers, drawing him out. As she did, the mood broke when Luna began to laugh.


“What is that?” she gasped between cackles, “It’s smaller than my pointer finger!”


“What?” Harry choked out. “It’s not that small! It’s bigger than Ron’s, at least!”


“So Ron is even less of a man than you? Not a high bar, Harry,” said Luna, becoming serious again. “I like you, and you’re cute, but I need a real cock if I’m going to get fucked. We’ll just have to do this differently. Take your shirt and boxers off. Now!” She snapped.


Finding her commanding tone and, if he was being honest, the humiliation arousing, Harry obeyed her orders and finished stripping out of his clothes, his cock standing attention at its full three inches.


“Kneel,” ordered Luna. As Harry obeyed she hooked her fingers through the band of her pale purple thong and drew it down her legs. As the fabric moved lower Harry stared in astonishment at the cock that sprang upwards, seemingly from nowhere. Luna wasn’t particularly well-endowed, but at six thick, erect inches she dwarfed Harry. He was shocked to discover that Luna had a cock, but proportioned to her body as it was, the appendage seemed to accentuate both her femininity and her dominance. To his surprise, Harry felt a surge of blood further engorge his pathetically small dick, pushing it closer to three-and-a-half inches and a drop of pre-cum oozed out.


“See,” she said, in a tone eerily reminiscent of Hermione’s lecturing voice, “I need a big cock if I’m going to be fucked, but we can certainly still have some fun.” She lightly slapped his face with her cock. “Suck,” she ordered, smirking with satisfaction as Harry took her in his mouth and began to slowly move his head up and down along her length. She wrapped her hands in his hair again and held his head in place as she began to fuck his face, driving her dick into his mouth with greater and greater intensity.


Harry’s eyes began to water as Luna traced his face like a well-used pussy. He didn’t know what it was about his situation—the humiliation, the pain, the feeling of servitude—but he was hornier than he had ever been in him life. He reached down to play with himself only to find his arms wrenched behind his back by an invisible force.


“I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself, bitch,” snapped Luna, continuing to pile drive his mouth. “From now on, you only cum with my permission.” She reached down and tapped her wand on his cock, which shrank back to its placid state and was instantly encased in a clear sheath which wrapped around his balls and encased him like a second skin, albeit one which was much harder and allowed no movement whatsoever. As Luna ravaged his face, Harry felt his dick attempt to harden, only to be painfully constricted by its new home.


“That ought to be wet enough,” she quipped, pulling out of his mouth and leaving a thick trail of saliva dangling between her cock and his chin. “Bend over the desk.”


Harry obeyed, almost on autopilot, without fully comprehending what was about to happen. It had been only a few short minutes ago that he had entered the room thinking that he and Luna were going to have sex, which, to be fair, was exactly what was going to happen…just not in the way he had envisioned. Everything that had happened had been so sudden: his humiliation, his chastisement, her assumption of control. All of it. 


Luna stepped up behind him and, with a surprising amount of force for someone of her size, brought her hand down on his bare ass. Harry yelped in surprise and began to turn around.


“Stay put, you worthless worm-dicked pig! You’re going to be punished for touching your slitty without my permission. We’re going to see if you know how to count. After every stroke I give you, you will tell me the number and say ‘Thank you, Mistress.’ Understand?”


Harry nodded and said, “Yes, Luna.” She grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back while grabbing his balls and twisting painfully with the other hand.


“What was that?” she growled.


“Yes, Mistress!” he squealed like the bitch he was.


“Better,” purred Luna. She released him and brought her hand down again with a satisfying slap.


“ONE!” blurted Harry, “Thank you, Mistress!”


Luna smiled. “Clever boy. I thought you would try to start at two. You learn fast!” She spanked him over and over, thoroughly reddening both of his cheeks as precut dripped with humiliating frequency from his caged dick. After twenty-four strokes she paused for a menacingly long moment. Harry knew better than to expect his punishment to be over, and braced himself for a final—he hoped—blow. It came, not to his raw and red, throbbing ass, but to his engorged testicles, and not from her hand, but from her stiletto-clad toe. 


Lurching forward into the desk, unable to fall over in pain, he yelped in pain and blurted, “Twenty-five! Thank you, Mistress!”


“Good boy,” purred Luna, gently massaging his exposed rear end, her nails digging in ever so slightly as they dragged over his balls. “Very good. Now beg your Mistress to fuck your pathetic ass.”


Harry’s eyes went wide. He had been alternatingly dreading and looking forward to this ever since he had been bent over the desk. His cock strained against its cage and he relented.


“Please fuck my pathetic ass, Mistress,” he whimpered.




Harry said, more loudly, “Please fuck my pathetic ass, Mistress!” Luna gave him a quick jab in the neck with the suddenly electrified tip of her wand.


“Louder, bitch. If I have to tell you again, it’ll be fifty swats to each cheek.”


“PLEASE FUCK MY PATHETIC ASS, MISTRESS!” Harry screamed, hoping against hope that Luna had silenced the room.


“Of course!” quipped Luna. With a flick of her wand Harry’s ass was cleaned and lubed and, without any further preamble, Luna plunged her dick into Harry’s waiting hole with a groan of pleasure. Harry grunted in pain and dug his fingers into the desk. As Luna began to thrust however, the pain quickly transitioned into bliss. After only a few minutes he felt a pressure building behind his balls. 


“Mistress!” he croaked, “I feel like I’m going to cum!”


“Not without my permission!” barked Luna.


“Can I cum, Mistress?” 


Luna sped up her thrusts, driving as deep and hard into Harry’s tight ass as she could with each thrust.


“Not until I do, pet. Not until I do.” 


Harry gritted his teeth and did his best to hold back as Luna’s cock continued to drive him closer and closer to the edge. Just when he felt that he could hold out no longer, Luna drove in and held her dick still as she pumped rope after rope of cum into his recently virgin asshole. Without another thrust she drew out, replacing her cock with a magically summoned steel plug. Harry moaned, bereft of the satisfaction he had been seeking.


“Please, Mistress,” he whined, “I didn’t come! Can I please cum?”


“But you did pet, see?” said Luna in her usual singsong voice, pointing at the floor between Harry’s legs, where a small puddle of white fluid was pooled.


“I didn’t feel anything, though!” Harry moaned.


“You should have cum with me,” Luna pronounced. “If you let my pleasure be your pleasure, you’ll be much better off. Now lick up your mess.” Seeing his hesitation, she lightly slapped his balls and he obeyed, kneeling over his mess. She smirked as Harry bent to his task, hesitantly licking up his own cum. The taste wasn’t unpleasant but the humiliation reached a new level of intensity. Once he was done, he looked up at his Mistress.


“Good boy, but there’s more to clean,” she said flopping her cock across his face and letting it slide wetly down to his mouth, which popped open to embrace her. The cock swelled and Luna leaned back against the desk. “Let’s see if you can do better this time. Touch my balls with your tongue.”


Harry tried, forcing his head all the way down her cock, gagging as he burned his face against her pelvis and extended his tongue to lick her balls tenderly, tasting a mix of her cum—sweeter than his own—and his ass coating her cock. Luna grinned and thrust her cock even further into his mouth relishing the feeling of his throat constricting around her. She leaned back against the desk, tilted her head back, and settled in to enjoy her blowjob. Once her arousal was sufficiently reinvigorated, Luna ordered Harry to lie of his back on the desk, dangling his head over the edge. She reached back and removed a green-jewled silver plug from her own ass, and pressed her tight hole against his face.


“Lick,” she ordered firmly. As Harry obeyed she positioned one of his hands to jerk her off and the other to tease one of her nipples. Pressing down, she felt Harry’s tongue slip inside her asshole and she moaned. Mere moments later, craving another release, she spun around and jammed her cock into his face, fucking him with an intensity she had held back up to that point. As Harry struggled for air Luna came hard: filling his mouth and then covering his face with cum. Smiling, she leaned forward to lick her cum off his face and then spat it into his mouth, ordering him to swallow.


Finally satisfied she ordered Harry back to his knees as she replaced her own butt plug.


“Lick my toes, bitch, while I fill you in on how this works. You belong to me now. That cage around your cock and that plug in your ass will only come off when I order it. If you serve me well, I’ll milk you like I did tonight. Your cock is more like a clit, so it makes sense that you should cum like a girl. Please me greatly, and I may even take the cage off and let you orgasm like a man…” she trailed off with a smirk, “Well, like a boy, if I’m being honest. A man can cum inside or on a woman. You’re not worthy of that…maybe I’ll let you cum on my feet if you’re very, very good. Would you like that?” Harry’s sucking of her toes increased its intensity. “I see that you do. Good boy.


“From now on, you belong to me. You will address me as ‘Mistress’ whenever we are alone or when I initiate a session by calling you ‘boy,’ ‘bitch,’ ‘slut,’ or ‘sissy,’ but rest assured that I am your Mistress whether I’m playing with you or not. Now, it’s getting late. Let’s get you dressed and get you back to your tower.”


With an evil grin she gestured to his clothes, which had been transfigured to include a pair of emerald green satin boyshorts, a pair of knee-high white socks, a pair of short denim shorts, and a white spaghetti-strap tank top. Harry gulped, but dressed himself quickly, sliding his robe over the entire ensemble.


“From now on,” Luna continued as she dressed, “you will wear panties at all times. You will transfigure all of your underwear and show it to me tomorrow night. All of your shirts and jeans should fit you tightly and your shorts should be no longer than these. You can still wear robes over everything, but if I demand it, you will show me your clothes wherever we are, and if I’m displeased, I will transfigure them to my satisfaction, which will not be yours.” She ended ominously. “Displease me in any way and you will be punished. Hesitate to obey orders and you will be punished. Am I understood?”


Realizing that his entire world had changed, Harry looked into Luna’s uncharacteristically clear and direct gaze and nodded. 


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Well then,” she said with a smile as she opened the door, “Merry Christmas, Harry.”


With a quick wink, she was gone, sauntering towards the lower levels of the castle.




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