Reviews for One Heck of a Party

BY : Wimp36

  • From Gamesofdark on July 19, 2022

    I like this a lot, I hope you'll make some more chapters! I woupd love to see him play with Luna some more, maybe get another pet or two.

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  • From Jeda26 on July 17, 2022

    Hmm, well this was something slightly different from yout usueal Harry Potter erotic bread and butter and sexual fare. As it was kinkily awesome to see a futanari, not being hung like a horse, being a sexy submissive and looking for her own daddy to use and abuse her slutty holes when it comes to seeing to her sexual needs and desires and fulfilling his own in the bargain;To find dominate, fuck and breed his own sweet sissy sklut and put her under his sexual spell and control.

    Really hope you continue to do other Harry Potter oneshots and maybe at some point you will consider doing one where Ginny changed and transfomed by her expweriences with diary and being blessed with Tom's knowldege and power seeping into her upon diary's destruction, causing her tobecome a futanari and having spent second year coming to terms and aclimatising to her new maturity and sexuality. So that when it comes to year four and Harry doesn't even consider asking her to yule ball, she sets out to prove him wrong and persuade him that she is the best time to be his date and seduces him into doing so leading to her blowing his mind evening of the balland making love being her sissy slut and pussy boi, hornily eager and wantonlylewd ready to serve and worship his new mistressand goddess with his slutty holes. Taught to cum as such from each new and pleasurable sissyorgamsa despite his tiny and caged cock being locked up.   



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  • From Matt01 on July 07, 2022

    Please don't make this a one shot, this has the real potential to be a long form story. Don't give upon it please?

    Oh and by the way, you had neglected to put in the correct tags for this story.

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