One Heck of a Party

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Harry had never been overly successful with romantic pursuits. His flirting tended towards a rather too blunt approach that came across as shy or awkward. His success, therefore, was woeful at best, and, after his misadventures with Cho the previous year, he wasn’t feeling confident in making serious moves with anyone. On the other hand, he didn’t particularly want to go stag to Slughorn’s party, either. Since Hermione had started dating Padma Patil, and Ginny was already going with Neville, Harry didn’t have a long list of girls who could ask to go “as friends.”


He’d considered asking Ron, too, but it seemed weird, and he didn’t need any mockery from the idiots who would be there. By any standard, Harry was a forward looking person, but he was teased enough for his glasses, his grades, and his ignorance about wizarding culture, that he didn’t need some homophobic nonsense on top of all that. Though, to be fair, it wouldn’t entirely untrue. He didn’t have feelings for Ron, but he did occasionally enjoy the sight of other boys, especially smaller, more feminine boys in the showers. He might lack the confidence to walk up to a girl and flirt his way into their bed, but he was confident in his physique and his masculinity, and, deep down — or maybe not so deep down — he longed to dominate a partner sexually.


His musings were interrupted by the sound of a scuffle nearby. He rounded the corner to see Crabbe and Goyle tossing a book bag back and forth while Luna Lovegood tried to snatch it from them. Through his fury, Harry couldn’t help noticing the flash of pale skin between the hem of Luna’s skirt and the top of her socks. Luna jumped for the bag and her skirt fluttered, revealing more of her slender legs. Thrusting those thoughts aside, Harry strode forward purposefully.


He waded into the midst of the trio and snatched the bag easily from between the two buffoons. Before either dolt even registered that he was there, he snapped his foot out and caught Goyle’s ankle hard, sending the fat boy sprawling. Crabbe blinked stupidly for a moment before a quick punch to the gut had him down, too.


“Are you all right, Luna?” He asked.


“Yes, I am. Thank you, Harry!”


“Let’s get out of here, shall we?”


Luna followed him down the hall. The two meandered around the castle for a while. Luna chatted about the Quibbler, and about classes, while Harry listened and thought. Finally, before he could change his mind, he blurted out a question.


“Luna, would you like to go to Slughorn’s party with me tonight?”


Her eyes widened in shock.


An adorable expression,’ thought Harry.


“Um, like as friends? Or…or like a date?” She asked.


Harry relaxed, seeing that she was just as unnerved as he was, and decided to go for confidence and swagger for a change — after all, if it didn’t work, knowing Luna, she’d decide he was joking.


“Oh, I think it’s a date,” he said, with as much bravado as he could muster. To his delight Luna sagged a bit, as if her knees had gone weak. She actually let out a bit of a moan before answering.


“Yes! Of course! Should I meet you there, or…?”


“I’ll meet you at the top of the stairs by the Charms room at eight.”


“Okay!” Luna chirped. She jumped in the air excitedly and raced away towards the Ravenclaw common room.


Harry grinned to himself and had to resist the urge to whistle as he ambled back to Gryffindor tower. Luna might be odd, but she was a good friend, and — especially when she neatened her hair and left off her clunky costume jewelry — she was one of the cutest girls at school. Reaching his dorm, he decided that a pre-dinner shower would be a good idea.


As he stood under the hot spray, his thoughts turned to Luna and he began to stroke himself slowly, picturing her slender, pale legs; her small, pert breasts; her bright, inquisitive eyes; her cute nose; her smiling mouth…he groaned aloud, and sprayed the wall of the shower with his cum.


He stepped out of the shower and began to towel off, admiring himself in the mirror as he did so. He’d put on four or five inches in height in the last six months and a few kilos of muscle as well. At the same time, his cock had experienced a growth spurt of its own, dangling heavily on his thigh at an impressive six flaccid inches.


As he finished drying his hair, Colin entered the showers. Harry could see the younger boy eyeing his back hungrily and turned ever so slightly so that Colin could see the appendage between his legs. The younger boy stared briefly, but long enough for Harry to see a minuscule bulge press against his towel before the boy darted into the stall Harry had just vacated. He smirked when he saw the unmistakable signs that Colin had seen his cum on the wall and knelt in front of the splatter. Deciding to leave Colin to it, he made his way back up to the dormitory.


A few hours later, Harry rounded the corner to his meeting spot with Luna and nearly stopped in his tracks. Luna looked spectacular. She had coiled some of her often flyaway hair into a pair of plaits, holding the rest of it neatly in place, while two short locks framed her face. She’d darkened her lashes and painted her lips a bright, lustrous red. Her usual radish earrings had been replaced with a gold drop in the shape of a Snitch on one side, and a series of gold hoops linked by a delicate chain on the other. She had also replaced her trademark bottle cap necklace with one showing the phases of the moon.


Her dress was a shimmering shade of blue shot though with fine gold threads. The dress was cut low, showing an ample portion of Luna’s chest. At the back, the dress fell away to show her back nearly to the curve of her buttocks. Though an evening gown, cascading to the floor, a split in one side of the dress showed a long bare leg and high gold heels.


“Hi, Luna,” said Harry, glad he’d opted for his new tuxedo — expertly tailored in classic black, with dark green and gold embroidery at the borders — as opposed to robes. “You look amazing!”


“You think so? It’s not too much, is it?” She asked.


“Not at all! You’ll just make every one else jealous of me!”

She giggled.


“Jealous of you? Half the girls in this school will want to kill me for getting to be your date tonight! Loving the James Bond look, by the way!”


“Thanks,” said Harry, almost sheepishly. “I got you this,” he added, holding up a corsage of bright blue, white, and violet flowers held together with gold wire. Luna giggled again as he secured it to her wrist. “Shall we?”


“Yes, lets!”


She flounced down the hall ahead of him, giving him a fantastic view of her perfect, heart-shaped ass and noticeable lack of panty lines.


The party itself was a riot.


Professor Slughorn clearly had no inhibitions about students imbibing tremendous amounts of alcohol or about profligate spending. There were three full bars operating, a heavily laden buffet, waiters bearing trays of hors d’ouvres, a live band, heaps of party favors and small presents, and plenty of small, cozy alcoves for intimacy. Harry and Luna danced as only drunken teenagers can dance; played spin the wand with Hermione, Padma, Ginny, Neville, and a few others; snogged and petted each other in a secluded alcove; levitated prawns into the brim of Slughorn’s hat; and laughed when Neville retched onto a passed-out Draco Malfoy.


By one in the morning, most of the guests had either departed or fallen asleep on couches and chairs around the room. Many of the couples had taken their leave to find some privacy, though a few of the more daring pairs had simply gotten going in plain view: Hermione and Padma were intertwined on one of the couches, hands busily at work under their dresses. The band finished their last song and Harry grabbed a last drink for them each.


“Do you want to find somewhere private to finish these?” He asked.


“Sure!” Said Luna, eagerly. “I think I know a good place!”


She lead him to one of the study lounges that were almost never used by anyone but Ravenclaw students (and Hermione), and, as soon as they had shut and locked the door, she tossed back her drink and jumped into Harry’s arms. The two kissed passionately for quite some time before Luna pulled away.


“Um…Harry…before we go any further, there’s something I need to tell you…” she paused for a moment, clearly unsure of how to go on. Harry waited patiently. “I…uh…well…I have a bit of a secret.” She took a deep breath and then continued. “My mum developed experimental charms, and she really wanted to be sure she had a girl, so she cast a charm on herself while she was pregnant to make sure I was a girl, but it didn’t quite work…I guess I was too far along for it to work all the way. I’ve always been really feminine, and I feel like a girl…I just…well…I have a cock.” She rushed to add, “Not a big one or anything! It’s really, really small, actually…I just wanted you to know, in case you don’t want to do anything else, and I know I should have told you sooner, but I loved the idea of going on a date with you! And no one knows, so it’s not like you’ll get a reputation or anything…”


Harry cut her off by pressing his lips back into hers aggressively. He couldn’t say why, but he’d never been more turned on in his life, and realized that he’d just tapped into some deep seated well of his sexuality. Luna’s submissiveness only added to his arousal, as he felt dominance flare within him. He pawed at Luna’s breasts and she swung one of her legs up to wrap around his waist. He slid his free hand up her thigh to cup her ass.


“You’re okay with it, then?” Asked Luna, when they broke apart for air. Harry’s only response was to lean in to kiss her neck and to rub his hand over her panty-covered mound.


“I don’t feel a cock,” he growled.


“It’s in a cage,” said Luna, meekly. “I didn’t want it getting hard and embarrassing you at the party.”


“Really? Why?” Asked Harry, not sure why this was turning him on even more. He rubbed harder at the front of Luna’s panties as his cock threatened to tear through his trousers.


“Well…I didn’t want to embarrass you, but I almost always wear it anyways.” She gasped when Harry nibbled her ear, but she continued. “Ever since I hit puberty, I’ve had a desire to be more and more fully a girl, and having a cock just gets in the way. I love it, but I don’t, too. It’s confusing…I think I really want it be like a real clit, and…” she gulped, “I want someone to control it…to control me.”


“I think I can oblige you with that,” said Harry. “Get on your knees.”


Luna slammed to her knees and groped at Harry’s belt buckle, trying to free his cock as quickly as possible. Finally achieving her goal, Luna gasped as nine thick inches of manhood sprang out to greet her. She instantly leaned in to kiss from the head to the base, sending Harry into throes of pleasure. Drawing back, Luna gazed up at Harry with pleading in her huge blue eyes.


“Can I suck your cock Harry? It’s so pretty! I need it!”


“Yes you may,” said Harry, taking a hold of her head and guiding her mouth onto his cock, “and call me ‘sir.’”


“Yes, sir,” moaned Luna, as she took his cock into her small, wet mouth. Harry groaned as he felt his cock sink further into her mouth and throat, and again as her tongue began to massage his shaft. After a few minutes of pleasant sucking, he began to thrust, starting slowly, but quickly increasing pace. Luna’s eyes began to water and her throat occasionally emitted small gurgling noises. Feeling that he would cum soon unless he stopped, Harry pulled out, panting.


Luna sank back further on her heels, gasping for breath. The front of her dress was smeared with saliva, and her mascara had begun to run down her cheeks. She looked happier than Harry had ever seen her.


Harry sank back into an armchair, a grabbed his abandoned drink.


“Strip for me, Luna,” he ordered. He watched like a wolf as Luna reached back to unclasp her dress, letting it pool at her feet. Her breasts were bare; small and pert with small, dark pink nipples, each pierced with a gold ring. A series of runes was tattooed underneath her left breast. Another piercing dangled from her navel. Harry let out a low growl as Luna slowly peeled away her pale blue thong. When she straightened, her could see a tiny, nearly flat metal cage between her legs. He snapped his fingers and pointed at the ground in front of his chair. Luna instantly sank to her knees again, and Harry pulled her head in, and she began to lick worshipfully at his balls.


“Lick my ass, Luna,” he ordered, swinging a leg over the arm of the chair and sliding forward.


“Yes, sir!” She purred, and holding his cock reverently in one hand, began to lick his ass. The sensations themselves were divine, but just as much, Harry reveled in the dominance he felt over the blond girl kneeling at his feet. Deciding that it was time to cum, Harry stood and thrust his cock back into her mouth, pumped a few times and unleashed a torrent of cum into her mouth. He pulled out so that the last few spurts could decorate her face. She swallowed and then began scooping his remaining cum into her mouth.


“You taste so good, Harry!” She said, leaning in to lick the last drops from his still-hard cock. Harry growled and pulled her to her feet, kissing her hard.


“I’m going to fuck you now, Luna,” he hissed in her ear.


“Yes! Fuck me, Harry! How do you want me?”


He simply took hold of her, spun her to face the wall and knelt, spreading her cheeks as he did. Her cute pink asshole came into view and he roughly shoved his tongue into it. She gasped and collapsed a little, holding herself up again the wall. Harry grabbed his wand and tapped it against Luna’s ass, lubricating her hole. His cock was still wet from her attentions, so he stood and shoved it quickly into her ass.


“Tell me, lovely little Luna,” he said as his full length slid into the impossibly tight channel of her ass, “am I the first person to fuck your cute little butt?”


“Yes, sir,” she said, a little catch in her voice. “I’ve used dildos, but never a real cock, and never one as big as yours!”


“Good. This ass is mine, and mine only.”


He began to fuck her in long, slow strokes. After less than a minutes, she whimpered and a strand of cum started dribbling out of her caged dick. He collected some in his hand and fed it to her.


“Are you my anal whore?” He asked.


“I am,” moaned Luna. “I’m your personal fuck-hole. I’m your anal slut. I’m your sissy slave bitch!” The last came out as a cry, as another dribble of cum forced its way out of her cock.


Harry spun her around and tossed her up on one of the tables, spreading her legs wide. As he thrust back inside her, he took a hold of her cock in one hand.


“Do you have a key for this?”


“Yes, sir.”


“You’ll bring it to me at breakfast tomorrow.”


“Yes, sir! Please fuck me harder, sir!”


“Happy to oblige.”


Harry hammered into her harder and faster. Cum dribbled out from here cage in a near constant stream, and when he took hold of her nipple rings and tugged, she let out a scream of pure joy and her ass began to spasm around his cock. It was too much. He thrust home one more time and came; filling her ass to the brim with his seed. He snatched up his was and conjured a gold butt plug, which he slid into her ass as soon as his cock was out.


“That stays in all night,” he ordered. He glanced at his watch.


“Damn,” he growled, “we need to get back to the dorms. I’ll walk you back to Ravenclaw tower.”


They dressed quickly and strolled casually through the castle, Luna leaning against Harry, who held a hand possessively on her butt. It was almost three in the morning, but the curfew had been extended for students that had been invited to Slughorn’s party. Even so, getting caught by Filch so long after the party had ended would be annoying. They reached the statue that marked the entrance to the Ravenclaw dorms and Harry pulled Luna in for a last kiss.


“Remember,” he hissed, “bring the key to me at breakfast tomorrow.”


“Yes, sir,” she said. “It belongs to you now!”


Whistling softly to himself, Harry set off back towards Gryffindor tower, happier than he’d been in a very long time knowing that he’d found the perfect girlfriend.

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