Visions of an Empath

BY : amy
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Visions of an Empath

Pairing: Lucius/Harry/Severus

Rating: NC17

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Summary: Still reeling from Dumbledore’s death and the knowledge of the only way to defeat Voldemort, Harry’s life becomes even more complicated. As his inheritance approaches, his powers grow in surprising ways.

Chapter 1

It had been two weeks since Harry had watched Snape kill Dumbledore. He still couldn’t believe that Snape had betrayed them like that. Now Harry was back at the Dursley’s for his annual forced stay to re-enforce the protective wards. Fortunately, he only had to stay until his birthday. Unfortunately, his birthday wasn’t for another three weeks. At least the Dursley’s seemed content with mostly ignoring him this summer, only giving him a few chores to do each day.

Harry sighed and stared out the window, thinking about the train ride back to London. That is, after all, when everything had changed.


Harry sat in the compartment with Hermione and Ron, lost in thought as he tried to ignore his two friends snogging in the opposite seat. The train went around a curve, and Hermione’s book fell off the seat and onto the floor. Harry picked the book up and was lost in a tide of disjointed visions.

Harry saw a tall brown-haired man flipping through the pages excitedly only to slump forward, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and splashing onto the pages. He then saw a young blonde girl running down the street with the book clutched to her chest. The next vision showed a familiar couple snogging heatedly on a table with the book lying beneath Hermione’s head as Ron tugged at her shirt.

Harry dropped the book and jerked back as if he’d been burned. “What the hell was that?” he whispered.

“Harry? What’s wrong? Is it your scar?”

Harry looked up and saw Hermione and Ron staring at him in concern. Harry nudged the book toward Hermione with his foot. “Something weird just happened. I picked up that book and saw something strange.”

“What did you see, mate?” asked Ron.

“Well, first I saw a man reading through the book, but I think someone killed him because he suddenly slumped forward and had blood coming out of his mouth. Then I saw a girl running with the book. And last, I saw you and Hermione snogging on a table, and Hermione was touching the book.”

Hermione and Ron both blushed a bright red at Harry’s last comment. They both remembered that night very clearly. Then it registered that Harry shouldn’t have known about it.

“Harry, you mean you touched the book and saw visions of the past?” asked Hermione slowly.

Harry shrugged. “I don’t know. Did you and Ron really snog on a table with you using the book as a pillow?” Hermione’s face immediately blushed a furious red. “Then I guess I did. What do you think it means?”

“It sounds like you’re psychometric, Harry,” said Hermione excitedly.

“What is that?” asked Ron.

“It’s the ability to see the past of something or someone through touch. It’s a very rare gift in the wizarding world,” said Hermione.

Harry looked doubtful. “Hermione, it was probably just a fluke. I seriously doubt that I’ve suddenly become psychometric. After all, it’s never happened before today, and I’ve touched all sorts of things on this train.”

Hermione looked disappointed for a moment and then perked up. She rummaged through her bag and held out a gold necklace. “Hold this and tell me if you see anything.”

Harry hesitantly reached for the necklace. The metal was cool against his skin, but no visions flashed across his mind. Harry shrugged and handed the necklace back to Hermione. “See? Nothing. I told you it was just a fluke.”

Hermione looked devastated that her theory had been disproved, and the rest of the train ride was silent.

End Flashback

Since he’d been at the Dursley’s the incident from the train had happened three times. The first time had been when Harry had put his Invisibility cloak under the loose floorboard. The vision was of his father, Sirius, and Pettigrew sneaking out of the castle under the folds of the cloak.
The second incident had occurred when Harry was cleaning out the garage and had picked up a small charm bracelet that had fallen between two shelves. This vision was of a young Lily Evans, no more than five, beaming happily when a pretty blonde woman fastened the bracelet around her wrist. The third incident, though, had been a little different.

Harry had been in the kitchen cooking dinner when his Uncle Vernon had bumped into him, brushing against the bare skin of his arm. The touch had been fleeting, but Harry saw a vision of his uncle standing beside Harry’s bed, watching as the brunette slept. What made the vision truly revolting, though, was the feeling of lust coming from the older man.

Harry backed away from his uncle and stared at the man in horror. He felt completely violated by what he’d seen. Had his uncle really done that?

“What is it, boy?”

“I feel sick,” muttered Harry, brushing past Vernon and running to the loo. He barely reached the loo in time to empty the contents of his stomach.

From that night on, Harry slept with a chair wedged beneath the doorknob. That last vision had scared him in more ways than one. It was the first time he’d felt any emotion while having a vision of the past. Could this new power be growing stronger?

The three weeks leading up to Harry’s birthday were wearing down on Harry. The visions began to occur more frequently, and Harry felt like he was going mad. In a desperate attempt to stop the visions, Harry began to wear gloves and long sleeve shirts everywhere he went. The visions were bad enough as it was, but Harry felt every emotion that went along with each vision. The worst one yet was when Harry had gone to the park and touched the slide. He’d seen a young girl being viciously raped by a masked man. Harry had fallen to the ground, feeling every moment of pain the girl endured and the sick pleasure the man felt as he violated her. Merlin, why was this happening to him? He didn’t want this terrible power.

Now it was one hour until Harry’s birthday. He both looked forward to and dreaded seeing Hermione and Ron tomorrow. He would certainly be glad to leave the Dursley’s for good, but he was terrified that Hermione was right and that he would be cursed with this power for the rest of his life. Harry didn’t think he could survive like that. It was too horrible to even imagine.

Midnight finally arrived, and with the new day came several owls bearing gifts. He relieved the owls of their burdens and offered them water and treats before he turned his attention to his gifts. He opened Hermione’s first and wasn’t at all surprised to see a book about psychometry and precognition. Ron got him an assortment of candies and chocolates. Fred and George, of course, sent samples from their shop and a new and improved Shield Cloak. Mrs. Weasley sent the familiar birthday cake and meat pies. Remus got him a silver dagger and sheath with a short note telling him to keep the dagger with him at all times because it was always good to have more than one weapon.

Harry slipped the dagger under his pillow and put the rest of his gifts in his trunk. Yawning widely, Harry sleepily stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed. He’d been extremely thankful to discover that his bed didn’t trigger any visions of the past when he touched it.

Harry fell asleep in a matter of minutes and was completely unaware when his magical inheritance arrived, changing his magic and making it stronger. He never felt the rush of wind that blew through the room and the magic that raced over his sleeping body. He wouldn’t know that his entire life had changed until later that morning.


Harry awoke the next morning when his Aunt Petunia banged on the door and yelled for him to get up. He rolled out of bed and pulled on his clothes. He grabbed the dagger beneath his pillow and was sucked into another vision of the past. In the vision, Harry saw a man with white hair sliding the dagger across another man’s throat before turning to do the same to the woman beside him. Harry screamed and clutched at his throat as he felt the man and woman die, almost stabbing himself with the dagger still gripped in his hand.

The bedroom door suddenly burst open and Remus ran into the room. He saw the dagger in Harry’s hand and immediately thought that Harry was trying to harm himself. Remus pulled his wand and stunned Harry, causing the teen to slump forward. Fortunately, Harry didn’t stab himself when he fell.

Remus quickly bound Harry and took the dagger away from the teen. Then he cast Ennervate on Harry. “What the hell were you doing, Harry? Killing yourself is not the answer to your problems.”

“He wasn’t trying to kill himself, Remus.”

Remus and Harry looked to the door and saw Hermione standing just inside the room. “What do you mean, Hermione? I saw him. He had the knife at his throat.”

“It wasn’t a fluke, was it, Harry?”

Harry shook his head and looked down at his bound hands. “I forgot to put on my gloves before I touched the dagger.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Remus in frustration.

“Harry seems to be psychometric, Remus. It started last month on the train ride back to London. He touched one of my books and had a vision of the past. It only happened once, but apparently it’s gotten a lot stronger the last few weeks.”

“Is this true, Harry?” asked Remus softly.

Harry nodded miserably. “It’s more than that, though. Not only am I seeing the past, I feel the emotions of the people involved, too. That’s why I was holding my throat. Someone who owned that dagger slit two people’s throats with it.”

“And you felt that?” asked Hermione weakly. “You felt them die?”

“Yes,” whispered Harry.

“Oh god, Harry, that’s horrible. Do you only see visions of a violent past?” asked Hermione. She looked like she was about to cry, and she was. She couldn’t stand to see Harry so miserable, and that’s all this new power was making him.

“Mostly, but I did have a vision of when my mum was a child. I also saw you and Ron once, if you’ll remember. I think the visions are just triggered when something or someone has strong emotions tied to a past event. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered mostly strong negative emotions.” Harry then looked at Remus and held up his bound hands. “Can you untie me now? I’d like to get my things together so we can leave.”

Remus nodded and quickly untied Harry, though he did reach down and grab the dagger just in case. Harry merely stood and pulled on a pair of gloves before tossing his things into his trunk and locking it. Harry suddenly looked at the bedroom door with an odd look on his face.

“Come on. We need to hurry.”

Hermione and Remus looked at Harry strangely, but they didn’t question Harry. Remus simply pulled out a rolled up scroll and held it out. Harry stared at the scroll warily and reluctantly pressed his finger to the object. He hated portkeys with a passion. Portkeys had never been his favoured way of travelling, but after the Triwizard Cup had been turned into a portkey, he’d positively loathed travelling that way.

Remus activated the portkey and they disappeared just as the house was rocked by a huge explosion. Harry’s bedroom at Privet Drive was quickly surrounded in flame, and if they had waited a few seconds more, the house would have collapsed on top of them. Instead, they landed at the Burrow, and Hermione and Remus stared at Harry in shock.

“Harry, how did you know that would happen?” asked Hermione quietly.

Harry frowned at Hermione. “I didn’t know that would happen, Hermione. Why do you think I did?”

Remus answered for the shocked girl. “Because, Harry, you insisted that we hurry after giving the bedroom door a weird look. If you didn’t know that would happen, why were you in such a hurry to leave?”

Harry scowled and rubbed his temples. “I didn’t know that would happen, Remus. I just had a feeling something bad would happen if we stayed any longer. It was just gut instinct, I guess.”

Hermione stared at Harry a moment longer before she grabbed his hand and tugged him into the house. Harry was immediately surrounded by redheads, hugging and wishing the brunette a happy birthday. Harry was fine until Ginny suddenly kissed him on the cheek. As soon as her lips touched his skin, Harry was pulled into a vision of a younger Ginny writing a message on the wall in blood. The vision itself wasn’t that bad, but the emotions were overwhelming. He could feel the sadistic glee the possessed girl felt as she wrote the message, but he also felt the confusion and terror that was locked inside the girl, unable to break free from the hold Voldemort had on her.

Harry jerked away from Ginny and stumbled back a few steps. “Please, don’t touch me.” He saw the hurt look that crossed Ginny’s face and felt bad, but he couldn’t deal with this right now. “I think I need to lie down for a while. Do you mind?”

“No, dear. You go right ahead,” said Molly soothingly.

Harry nodded gratefully and went upstairs to Ron’s bedroom, collapsing onto the bed and falling asleep almost immediately.


Ginny watched Harry go, feeling hurt and confused. She saw the sympathetic look Hermione gave her and walked up to the other girl. “Hermione, what is going on? What’s wrong with Harry?”

“I think everyone should here this,” said Remus abruptly, sitting at the kitchen table.

The Weasley’s, Remus, and Hermione sat down, and Hermione started the explanations. “Harry is an empath and psychometric. That means that Harry can see and feel events in the past when he touches something or someone. Unfortunately, the visions are rarely happy, and they just keep getting stronger. Whatever you do, don’t touch his bare skin because that is what triggers the visions.”

Ginny looked horrified. “So when I kissed him on the cheek, he more than likely saw a vision from when I was possessed by You-Know-Who?” Hermione nodded, and Ginny felt sick. No one should have to see or feel what she’d gone through.

“That poor boy,” said Molly sympathetically. “Why do these things always happen to him?”

No one had an answer for that. As they sat silently at the table, contemplating about a certain brunette upstairs, Arthur stepped into the room. He breathed an audible sigh of relief when he saw Hermione and Remus, but a worried frown formed on his face when he didn’t see Harry anywhere.

“Where’s Harry?”

“He’s upstairs taking a nap, Arthur. What’s wrong?” asked Molly.

“Thank Merlin you three got back safely,” said Arthur in relief.

“What do you mean, Arthur?” asked Molly.

“Privet Drive was demolished a short while ago. Every house on the street is nothing but ashes.” Arthur saw the grim looks on Remus and Hermione’s faces and looked at them questioningly.

“We left just as the explosion started,” said Remus, “because Harry said we needed to hurry. We asked him how he knew, but he said that he’d just had a feeling something bad was about to happen.”

“So Harry can see the past and future?” asked Ron incredulously. “Well, that’s no fair.”

Hermione glared furiously at Ron. “Don’t be stupid, Ron. Harry almost stabbed himself in the throat this morning because when he touched the dagger Remus gave him, he saw someone slit two people’s throats, and he felt them die. Is that really something you’d wish for yourself? And he can’t see the future. He’s not a seer. He’s probably just mildly precognitive.”

Ron flinched at Hermione’s tirade. Hermione was right, though. He didn’t want to be in Harry’s shoes right now. “What does it mean to be ‘mildly precognitive’?”

“Well, precognitive is the ability to see into the future. Harry doesn’t really see visions of the future, though. It’s more like hints or feelings that something will happen, but he doesn’t know exactly what that ‘something’ is.”

“Like at Privet Drive,” said Remus.

Hermione nodded. “Exactly.”

“What a way,” said Fred.

“To start his birthday,” finished George.

“Could be useful, though,” they said in unison.

“Don’t even think about it, boys. You leave Harry alone,” said Molly severely, glaring at the twins. “That poor boy has enough to worry about at the moment without you two adding to it.”

“Yes, mum,” they muttered quietly.


Harry tossed restlessly on the bed, visions tormenting his sleep.

“Ssseverusss, come forth. Isss the potion ready?”

“Yes, master.” Snape pulled a phial from his robes and handed it to the Dark Lord.

Voldemort stared at the shimmering blue liquid with smug satisfaction. He smirked and gestured toward Bellatrix Lestrange. “Bring me Luciusss.”

Bellatrix grinned maliciously and walked out of the room, returning a few moments later with a bound and cursing Lucius. “Here, my lord.”

Voldemort stood and went to Lucius, stroking his hand through Lucius’ pale blonde hair. “Luciusss, you have failed me ssso many timesss, but now you have a way to redeem yourssself.” He suddenly forced Lucius’ head back and forced the potion down the blonde’s throat. “Sssoon, my little veela, you will submit to me. That’sss the beauty of Ssseverusss’ potion, you sssee. It activatesss any hidden magical creature blood.”

Lucius coughed and sputtered, glaring at Voldemort hatefully. Inside, though, Lucius could barely hide his glee. If that potion activated any magical creature blood, the Dark Lord would be in for a major surprise because contrary to what he believed, Lucius had no veela blood. He did, however, have Frost Drake blood. If that blood was activated, Lucius would turn into a deadly frost drake and only be able to resume his human form once he found his mate.

Voldemort saw the hate on Lucius’ face and smirked. Once the blonde’s veela blood was activated, Lucius would be helpless to resist, especially after consuming the enslavement potion he’d asked Severus to brew.

Lucius felt his body get cold and shivered. His body began to ache, and his magic pulsed out of control, breaking his bonds. Lucius’ body turned a pale blue as scales covered every inch of skin. His body then began to contort and lengthen, leathery wings sprouted from his back, and suddenly a blue dragon was standing before them.

The dragon roared, and every person in the clearing shivered at the blast of freezing air that circled the room. Then the dragon spread his wings and flew into the air, crashing through the ceiling and causing rubble to crash down around Voldemort and the others. Lucius didn’t care, though. His mate was alive and nearby.

“Dammit, Lucius,” cursed Severus, hoping the tracking spell he’d cast on Lucius would work. Taking advantage of the chaos Lucius had caused, Severus apparated away.

Harry suddenly bolted upright in the bed, clutching his throbbing scar. He needed to tell someone what he’d just seen. He stumbled downstairs and into the kitchen, startling Molly into dropping the bowl she was holding.

“Harry, dear, what’s wrong?”

“Vision,” gasped Harry, collapsing into the nearest chair.

“Oh dear.” Molly quickly hurried to the fireplace and fire-called Minerva, Moody, and Lupin in rapid succession. Within minutes they were gathered around the kitchen table, listening intently as Harry described his vision.

Remus looked bemused. “Malfoy’s a dragon? How is that possible?”

Moody slapped his hand onto the table. “The real question should be ‘what are we going to do about a rampaging dragon in London?’ Who knows what kind of damage he could cause? And let’s not forget Voldemort’s part in all this. That damn Snape has created a potion to activate hidden magical creature blood. With that potion, Voldemort could create a damn near unstoppable army of magical creatures.”

Harry was only listening with half an ear. He kept glancing out the window, almost as if he expected someone or something to be there. He suddenly got to his feet and walked out the back door. Harry didn’t notice the abrupt silence from behind him. He simply walked toward the forest. Something was calling him there.

A loud roar echoed through the forest. The same forest that Harry was still heading toward. Remus ran after the teen and tackled him to the ground. “No, Harry. It’s too dangerous.” In his effort to save Harry, though, Remus had accidentally touched Harry’s bare skin.

Harry screamed and clawed at his skin as he was sucked into a vision of Remus transforming into a werewolf. The pain was excruciating. Remus jerked his hands back in horror and watched helplessly as Harry passed out, blood littering his skin in ragged streaks.

At Harry’s screams, an enraged roar sounded from the forest. A pale blue dragon suddenly burst from the trees and flew toward Harry and Remus. Remus tried to lift Harry into his arms and run to safety, but as soon as he touched the teen, the dragon growled dangerously. Remus backed away and watched awestruck as the dragon curled protectively around the unconscious teen.

Minerva looked at Moody. “Well, it seems we found the dragon.”


Severus cursed as Lucius flew away. He just hoped the tracking charm he’d placed on his friend worked. Taking advantage of the chaos Lucius’ departure created, Severus apparated away. He appeared at Spinner’s End. Quickly grabbing a few potions and tucking them in his robes, Severus checked to see if his tracking charm worked. He cursed once more when he saw Lucius’ location.

What could have possibly drawn Lucius to the Weasley’s home? Severus growled softly under his breath when the answer came to him. Drakes had the ability to change from human to dragon form once they found their mates. If Lucius was drawn to the Weasley’s home, that meant his mate was there.

Severus apparated to the forest just beyond the Weasley property and heard Lucius give an enraged roar. Severus wanted to strangle the person stupid enough to piss off a raging drake and hurried toward the sound. He reached the edge of trees just in time to see Lucius curl his body protectively around someone lying on the ground.

A blue light suddenly surrounded the dragon. When it finally faded, Lucius Malfoy was sitting where the dragon had been, cradling his mate against his chest.

Remus pulled his wand and started toward Lucius with a growl. “Unhand him right now, Malfoy.”

Lucius growled threateningly at the werewolf and pulled his mate closer. Remus didn’t heed the warning. When Remus tried to pull his mate away, Lucius struck, slashing his claws across the werewolf’s chest.

Severus finally decided to step forward. “I wouldn’t get near him right now.” His only reply was drawn wands. Severus growled impatiently. “Lucius is a drake. Unlike their larger cousins, dragons, drakes have a human form once they find their mate.” He glanced down at the person in Lucius’ arms and grimaced. It figured Lucius would choose Harry Potter as his mate. “It seems that Potter here has the illustrious privilege of having that role.”

“No, I refuse to allow that,” snarled Remus, holding his hand to the bleeding wounds on his chest.

Severus glared at the werewolf. “You don’t have a choice in the matter, Lupin. If you try to take Potter away from him, you’ll have an enraged drake on your hands. And let me tell you, drakes are far more dangerous than dragons. They can do drake magic and wizarding magic in both forms.”

Moody glared at Snape. “Why should we believe anything a traitor like you says?”

A soft groan drew their attention, and they saw Harry beginning to stir. They saw Lucius reach for Harry’s face and shouted a protest, but it was too late. Lucius cupped Harry’s chin in his hand and forced the teen to look up at him. To Harry’s surprise, the skin to skin contact didn’t cause any visions of the past, and he instinctively leaned into the touch. It hadn’t really registered yet that it was Lucius Malfoy was holding him in his arms.

“Harry, are you all right?” asked Remus hesitantly.

Harry turned to look at Remus, eyes widening at the bloody wounds on the werewolf’s chest. He then saw the others with their wands pointed just to the right of him. He looked over and saw Snape.

“What the bloody hell is going on?”

Snape scowled down at Harry. “Leave it to you to miss all the important details, Potter.”

Harry glared up at Snape. “Piss off, Snape. Just answer the damn question.”

Snape just sneered at Harry. “It seems your knack for getting in trouble is still holding true. The Dark Lord forced Lucius to take a potion that activated his drake blood.”

“He’s a drake? I thought he was just a dragon. What’s the difference?” Harry interrupted.

“Drake’s can change into their human form once they have found their mates.”

Harry froze. If drakes could only change into human form once they found their mates... Dammit, he was Lucius’ mate. Could his life get any worse?

Snape smirked as realisation dawned on Harry’s face. “Yes, Potter, you are Lucius Malfoy’s mate. Congratulations.”

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