Daughter of Leda

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A/N: So many plot ideas, so little time to write them. I’m still working on Judging Books By Their Cover, but somehow whenever I open it up to write some more all I can think of is those other ideas in my head. I’m beginning to think that only by endulging those ideas will I ever be able to focus enough to go back and finish what I started. Lol. I have the basis of several other stories written out too, but I’m going to try to set most of them aside until I get these finished. *crosses fingers*

please let me know what you think of this one so far. Should I continue it?

“Can you believe it, mum?” asked Hermione indignantly. She had just arrived home a couple weeks before and had been telling her mother about all the things that had happened that year. Jane Granger was always happy to hear about what her daughter did away from home, and Hermione had found that she enjoyed telling her.

That day, however, Hermione was concerned by the expression on her mother’s face. Her skin had paled and her eyes widened, and she was fumbling around the kitchen for a minute as she seemed to gather her thoughts. “Sit down at the table and wait for me, Hermione. I’ll be right back.”

It only took a few minutes, but to Hermione it seemed like hours. She wasn’t sure what she could have said to exact that sort of a reaction from her other. But then, perhaps it was something else entirely. For the girl that Severus Snape had dubbed ‘an insufferable know-it-all,’ not knowing was enough to drive her insane. Usually when she ran into these problems she could go find a book to look up the answer, but now it seemed she had no option but to wait.

When her mother came back downstairs she sat down opposite Hermione and set a small wooden box on the table. “What is wrong?” asked Hermione, growing steadily more impatient.

“Do you remember,” her mother said slowly, “when you were younger and I told you that Hermione was an old family name?”

“Yes,” said Hermione. Where is she going with this?

“I told you that I would tell you more when you are older, and I guess now is the time. I am a muggle, and more or less so were my parents and their parents before them. My great-grandmother, though, was not. I was told the story as a girl, and reminded of it by my mother before she died, but never really believed until you received your Hogwart’s acceptance letter. This is something I have never even mentioned to your father.”

“Why now?” asked Hermione. “And what did I say to make you so upset.”

“I’m getting to that,” her mother said dismissively, opening the box and leafing through its contents. “My great-grandmother was a witch, and from my understanding a rather well respected one. It has always amused me how much you detest divination, because it was at that which Leda excelled most.”

Hermione could only stare at her mother for a moment, stunned. She took the letter her mother offered her and opened it slowly.

To my daughter, though there be generations separating us—

I have seen how the magic in our line skips generations, and I hope when you receive this letter that you have already been exposed to the magic world. Before you wonder, as I would surely do, I must assure you that there are no others that have read this letter. I placed many charms on these pages so that different words would show for different people, but you my dear are the only one in which I wish to impart true knowledge.

You will have heard, I am sure, that I have a fairly good reputation among our kind, and it is that reputation that I hope will ease your transition and aid in the task which you will be given. Playing with the future is a tricky thing, and I am under no illusion that my present actions are doing anything other than tampering with it. I have seen several possible outcomes, and it is my hope that my actions lead you towards the proper one rather than taking you further away. If there are things I fail to tell you then know that I act only with you in mind, fearing how my tampering may have already changed matters. More people’s happiness rests on this than you would believe.

It is imperative that you learn as much as you are able before taking this burden upon your shoulders, for any less effort would result in failure. If you have not yet been trained as a witch, then I beg that you would set this letter aside and come back to it in the future when you have learned more of what you are. If you are well into training, then read on, and I’m confident that one who is my own blood will comprehend the entire matter. From my visions I see that you are not as inclined towards divination as I. I hope that with time your opinion may alter, but if not then do not doubt I am proud of you regardless. Even should you fail at the task I am about to set, so long as you remain true to yourself and your family then I will never been ashamed or disappointed. I hope one day you will encounter my portrait and we may have a proper conversation.

If you are anything like me, you will be growing impatient, so I will get to the point. Visions and prophecy do not tell you exactly what is coming, or exactly how to get there. I hope you will not become so frustrated by my lack of answers for you that you give up, because if there is one thing I am sure of, it is of the importance of what I have seen.

I have had a recurring dream for the past three years, and though it has always been my motto not to interfere with the future, I have finally been convinced through my dreams of the necessity. I give you the actual dream in hopes you will make more sense of it than I have been able to, and you must understand that I have never trusted others with such knowledge of me in the past. Always be careful whom you reveal your dreams to, as in the right hands they can betray much about you.

In the dream I see a young girl who drinks something that, somehow, I know to be a polyjuice potion. She then turns into a kitten, of all the absurd things, and begins stalking the halls of Hogwarts. In the dungeons she encounters a small green garden snake, such as would never be considered a threat save by those who fear all snakes simply because they are snakes. The two circle each other, hissing at one another in their own way, and then the scene changes. It is now a forest, but all the trees are on fire. The kitten has now become a lion and the garden snake a cobra. They still circle, but then suddenly they turn away from one another and face the forest. It is strange, but almost as if they are protecting each other’s backs. The harder I look, the stranger the scene becomes, and I see flashes of chains binding them or limbs that for a moment look human. When I try to focus on those details though, they fade away. Some nights the chains seem to break, and the serpent and lion go separate ways. Those nights I see the fire consume them. Other nights they stay together and seem to consume the fire, although in waking hours it is extremely hard to explain how they manage that.

I have turned to every means I can manage to think of to explain this dream, but with limited success. I have tried your basic crystal ball and tea leaves as I’m sure you have learned, but also many ancient arts including scrying and the use of runes. I will admit to darker methods as well, but have no wish to explain them at present. What I know for certain is that it takes place in the future, and that the lion is you, my daughter. (Although I do hope it makes better sense to you than it did to me, my dear.) I know not who or what the snake is, but whatever happens will involve more than the two of you. I feel strongly that the forest is the magical world, but I really can’t explain that certainty.

There is one who you can turn to for assistance if and when you need it. The Malfoy line has always been closely tied with our own, and though I’m sure they will be just as arrogant in your time as they are now, I assure you they have hearts of gold if you can get through all the layers of ice. My work in divination has pointed to their being the best help for you in this. Regardless of their position or opinions, each heir of the Malfoy line takes an Unbreakable Vow, and part of the terms are to insure it gets passed on to the next generation. If you approach an heir to the Malfoy line and request aid as a “daughter of Leda,” then they are bound by the Vow to do everything in their power to grant it. I trust you not to abuse that Vow in any way that would make death a better option – I went to great lengths to convince them to do this for us, more than you would care to know of.

Now, for the other items I have set aside for your aid. I have placed charms on all the items I pass down to you in an attempt to ensure they do not get lost, but if they do then I sincerely apologize at my own failure and hope it will not affect your success.

There is a small gold key in the box. If you have ever seen keys to a Gringott’s vault, then you may recognize it for what it is. Tell them you wish admittance to your inheritance from Leda Atreus and that should be all required. There are spells on the vault’s contents to ensure any who enter are my blood. The gold is for your expenses, but the jewelry is family heirlooms that I wish for your use and nothing else. You may find certain pieces to be of magical assistance, but I will leave that to your own discovery.

Also in the vault I will be placing family records that may aid you in learning more of your family. I don’t anticipate it will directly help with your task, but I would wish you to know more about myself and our line, especially in matters that those without magic cannot truly appreciate.

With the gold key and this letter there should also be a pearl necklace with a single silver and emerald serpent charm. Yes, my dear, I have seen into the future far enough to see that you do not follow me into Slytherin, but that is not the only significance of the serpent. It will announce your identity to your allies, even when you are unaware of them, and as it happens I can be a sentimental fool at times and simply wish you to have my most treasured possession. That necklace is exactly it, and I was given it when I graduated from Hogwarts by my mother.

If you have already been trained, as you damn well better be if you have read this far along, then you will be aware of “light” and “dark” magic. Certain spells, potions, and other magical items can be “dark,” but do not make the mistake of believing them inherently evil. Many have made that error before, and in so doing have lost a good deal of the advantage they might have had otherwise. The sun must eventually set so that the moon might rise, and so too there is a time for both the “light” and the “dark” magic. It is intent, not method, which is of greatest import. I have seen witches and wizards harmed by light and dark alike, as I have also seen them aided by each.

The task I wish to give you is simple – follow your intuition. If you allow it, then it will guide you towards what must take place. You may notice some changes in yourself. I will not say that I have anything to do with those changes not having taken place before, but I will say that you should embrace rather than fight them.

My love will be with you, my dear, and I hope that you will (in time if not now), feel love for me as well.

Your “Mother,”

Leda Hermione Atreus

“Bloody hell,” she mumbled towards the end, ignoring her mother’s dislike of slang. “She wrote an awful lot of words to have left me with so many questions. And this complicates things. You remember the Malfoy’s I’ve told you about? It was their son that I was talking about before. This mentions them...”

“Yes,” said her mother. “That is what made me think it was time for you to have these things. I’m sure you have told me of them before, but I never made the connection before now.”

“I do rather like the idea of their Vow to help us,” Hermione said after reading parts of the letter aloud for her mother. “Though I don’t know about not abusing it – the Malfoy’s would deserve me making them do a great many things.”

“Hermione Jane Granger,” her mother said sharply. “I’m not entirely sure how you meant that, but I don’t believe I like hearing it regardless. I’m sure they are not as bad as all that.”

Hermione shook her head in disbelief. “That would depend on your definition of bad. If calling me ‘mudblood’ at every opportunity and constantly working towards the harm of my friends and I is good, then I suppose you are quite right.”

“Oh Hermione...” her mother said, trailing off and leaving her to her thoughts.

Hermione had stuck her wand in her pocket that morning and quickly accio’d pen and paper. This will be interesting, she thought as she set down to write a letter of her own.

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