This Physical Fascination (HG/SS/LM)

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This Physical Fascination Hermione Granger huffed in irritation at the paperwork in front of her. Ever since the Ministry had put her in charge of the Azkaban Labor Exchange program, her entire working life had become one nightmare after another. There was so much red tape involved with even getting someone out of Azkaban and into the program; it was like trying to run a marathon through a Scottish bog after a heavy rain. Then there was the problem of finding a suitable Muggle labor opportunity that would satisfy the Ministry’s requirements for hard labor and penance due society. Housing, supervision, prisoner mental health counseling and rehabilitation, it was all a joke. She honestly didn’t know what the Ministry hoped to achieve beyond sinking hundreds of thousands of galleons into a failing public service project.

She sighed again. It was just as well this whole thing would probably be scrapped after the current Minister’s end of term. Half the reason for his election had been built on his social services platform and the bettering of society blah blah blah. Ninety percent of the prisoners had broken parole and been sent back to Azkaban. Hermione supposed that the remaining ten percent were worth saving, if they could be brought back into the folds of society.

Kicking herself for being a sentimental bleeding heart, she grabbed the fistful of papers that needed addressing and stuffed them into her Muggle briefcase. The most irritating thing of all was the requirement to personally visit this work site to get the required signatures to keep the men out on probation and working. She could lose her job if it wasn’t filed by the deadline, which was the following Monday.

With a twist, she Disapparated and reappeared in a small grove of trees. Looking out across the hill overlooking a lovely green, Hermione saw the frame of a house going up. Habitat for Humanity had become quite the handy little operation, very well suited for public policy and Ministry social service relations. They didn’t have to get their hands dirty, but it made the politicians look good by putting prison labor to use. At least there was something to be had in the whole thing. A deserving family would have a home to live in when each project was finished.

Sauntering over to the worksite, she palmed her forehead, already sweating in the heat of the summer sun. It was an unusually hot day. Looking around, she saw the foreman yelling at some men working on the far side of the worksite. She greeted the man and dragged him away to sign the necessary papers and lecture him on the valuable nature of her time, as well as the consequences to everyone involved if he wasn’t able to keep up the required bookwork. After a thorough tongue lashing, he gave her an irritated glare and went back to berating the workers.

Hermione was curious how the two new recruits were faring. It had been five years since the fall of the Dark Lord and there was still a lot of rebuilding to be done. Most of the Death Eaters that had been rounded up had gotten ten years to life in Azkaban. The batch of recruits in front of her was the last of the lot deemed worthy enough to get a chance at freedom. Five years had been the minimum any of them could serve and an additional five on parole if they passed the program to become productive members of society. Extensive psychological testing had been done prior to their release.

Hermione adjusted her light silk blouse that was starting to stick to her arms and body, sweat trickling down her face as well as between her breasts and belly. Her attire of blouse and short skirt was only meant to wear to the office today and the big monthly board meeting. She was definitely not dressed for a construction site. A few wolf whistles shot her way caused her to blush furiously. Male attention had not been lacking during her time since the war, but with only one serious failed boyfriend behind her, Hermione didn’t have much time for male company. There were very few men she was attracted to, and even fewer who could live up to her own intellectual standards. Besides, she had always been a sucker for the bad boy type and was a bit nervous to pursue anything casual, so she kept her fantasies to a few dirty movies and wizarding magazines, plus a toy or two.

The wolf whistles were cut off sharply by the foreman, the men turning their attentions back to their work. The foreman glared at her again; obviously irritated she was still there.

Hermione turned to leave, but her attention was caught by the sight of two very muscular, very attractive male arses in jeans leaning over a cement mixer, pouring down a base or foundation of some sort several hundred feet from the rest of the crew. A trailer that must have doubled for the foreman’s office had been blocking her view. Curious, she moved a little closer, sidling up to the side of the makeshift building and peeking around it. She was careful to duck down a bit so the foreman didn’t see her. Looking behind her, she saw he had called a break for the other men and were heading toward a cooler on a truck further down the road. The man in charge of the other two she had been admiring offered them to take a break, but she heard a familiar voice saying they wanted to finish up.

Now alone, the two men stood up to maneuver the machine into a different position, and her breath caught in her throat. Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were both naked to the waist. They both sported tight fitting jeans and work boots with heavy leather gloves over their hands. Lucius’ long blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail that was sticking to his back. He looked a bit goofy with a red construction helmet on. Snape’s hair was the same length she remembered it, maybe a bit longer, also tied at the nape of his neck with a blue construction helmet on.

They were oblivious to anything around them except their work. Hermione felt her mouth go dry as she drank in the sight of their bodies. The work had definitely toned them up. Snape’s body was long and lean, every bit that she could see rippling under the sun and sweat. The sinewy muscles flexed with ease under the strain of the heavy work. Her breath caught in her chest when he bent down to pick up a tool from off of the ground. He had the finest arse she had ever seen. The long cut of his jaw, accentuated by his hook nosed profile and five o’clock shadow made her heart skip a beat. He was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. A puddle of dampness flooded her tiny knickers when he reached above his head to stretch and arch backwards, cracking his back in the process.

Lucius Malfoy was steadily working with a shovel. Broad shoulders flexed and sang of strength and virility. There was a proud but humble way he carried himself. The work had definitely taken him down a notch, that and prison, she supposed. He worked with Snape as a team. Malfoy had the body of a god, glistening with the same sweaty sheen as his work partner. The broad shoulders tapered down to a slim waist and toned core, the six pack abs bending like snakes trying to break free of their confines. A very pronounced, firm bulge accentuated the front of each man’s pants. Hermione almost came in her knickers at the sight of the two men laughing at something one or the other had said. Not having had any sex for three years was also really wearing on her nerves. ‘I’ve really got to get laid,’ Hermione groaned.

Slowly backing away to leave, she tripped over a low-lying beam hidden by brush and grass. Her small scream of surprise did not go unnoticed by the men she had so recently been admiring. A small thunder of booted feet ended a yard from where she had fallen. Squinting up against the sun, she was horrified to see Lucius and Snape both standing over her with a wide smirk on their faces. It didn’t help that they could see right up her skirt. Malfoy reached down, extending a hand while shooting a pointed look at his partner. Snape scowled, but reached down for her other hand. They helped her up simultaneously, holding on a bit too long before releasing her to straighten her disheveled clothing.

Lucius, always the gentleman, took her hand and raised it to his lips. “Miss Granger. What a pleasant surprise. How long has it been?” He ghosted his lips over her knuckles, eliciting a shiver from the flustered girl which did not go unnoticed by his sexy grey eyes.

Hermione took back her hand and nervously dusted herself off some more before answering. “Um, I think it’s been five years Mr. Malfoy. It’s good to see you and the Professor made it into the work program. That means you’ll both be out on parole and released by the end of the year.”

“Always the one to state the obvious, I see,” drawled the intimidating, devastating Potions master.

"Hello Professor, it’s nice to see you.” She instantly felt like a first year again in front of him. It always made her resent the fact that he could make her feel like a little girl, or a horny woman, at the drop of a hat.

Severus snorted his reply and turned an irritated look back to Lucius. “Shouldn’t we be getting back to work? I don’t need my day off taken away for consorting with the Gryffindor Golden Girl.”

Hermione felt her timidity melt away under his scathing comment and shot back at him in indignation. “You’re hardly in a position to be dishing out banal observations regarding my character, Professor.”

This simply made him snarl in her direction. “If we are seen talking to anyone not part of the work site, we get extended probation, which for us, means working on our one day off. I work too goddamn hard to let a little Ministry know-it-all spoil that for me. Good day, Miss Granger!” With that, he made to stalk off back to his work.

Hermione huffed again and bent to pick up her scattered papers. Lucius bent down to help her get the ones that were threatening to blow away. As she reached for the last one, his hand came down over hers at the same time. She looked up just as he did, and a brilliant, heart stopping smile graced his chiseled features. His hand stayed over hers as she picked it up and simply held the paper very still next to her. Looking up at the golden god, her heart lurched into her throat when his hand left hers to trail gently up her arm, up her shoulder and throat, to rest on her chin. He held her between a thumb and forefinger, gently rubbing the pad of his thumb over the tiny cleft in her chin.

“So beautiful,” he murmured, hypnotizing her with his dulcet tones.

Before she knew what was happening, he was leaning into her, pressing his smooth lips over her own, claiming a tiny piece of her. She responded by letting the papers fall to the ground once more, rooted to the spot. Assured of her response, he became a bit bolder, stepping in to press his body against hers, one hand running up the back of her sweat soaked blouse, the other burying itself in her frizzing hair that had come loose from its chignon. A low growl issued from his throat as his tongue quested over her lips, seeking entrance. Hermione gave a cry of arousal that was muffled by his searing kiss. He dove into the opening she presented, tangling with her in passionate haste. Her small frame was being slowly crushed against him, the bold starkness of his erection prominent against her belly.

A sort of lusty fog took over her brain. Of their own accord, her small hands wrapped themselves around his toned, tight waist. One cupped under his bum cheek, the other searching for a way into the tight fold of his jeans at the waistline. Not bothering to hide a lurid smirk, Lucius deftly unbuttoned his fly, allowing her access. The tip of his cock sprang free, moist with arousal and yearning.

A bark of condemnation brought them to their senses. “Are you fucking crazy? The foreman’s son will be returning soon! It’s almost time to terminate the day’s activities, and you two are buying me a one-way ticket back to that godforsaken hellhole! Put your fucking cock away and let her go, Lucius!”

The tall blond gazed at his companion in what could almost be construed as a mild, but deadly, manner. The two studied one another for a moment, like two alpha males staring one another down.

Finally, he let go of her and adjusted his fly, not at all embarrassed by his huge erection. “Severus is right. We cannot afford to get caught up in…. diversions, at the moment.” He looked regretful, his eyes raking over the mussed figure of their unexpected guest.

“Thank Merlin you’re listening to reason for a change,” Snape muttered, trying to drag his friend away from the witch that threatened their tenuous hold on the outside world.

“However,” this made Severus groan, “Miss Granger, if you are willing, I believe, as a Ministry official, you can escort us back to our living quarters when the day is through.” The senior Malfoy gave her a sly wink.

Hermione simply nodded dumbly, her pussy in complete control of her brain at that moment. “If you want to play the part of the slack-brained halfwit, I’m not going to sit around while you fuck the little swot out of her stuck up misery. I thought you had higher standards.”

The harsh whisper did not fall on deaf ears. Lucius sneered at Severus, finally allowing himself to be dragged back to work. He called back over his shoulder. “Meet us back here in an hour!” he called. Having not had a woman in his arms in over five years, he didn’t care if Broomhilda herself had come to fuck, as long as he could put a bag over her head. He desperately needed to let himself go in something other than his hand or a melon.

Severus continued to argue with him once they were safely beyond hearing distance. “You are not getting me involved with this. Do you understand me?”

Lucius shrugged dispassionately. “Your loss. You have to admit, she has filled out rather nicely. Her tits might not look like much, but when you get up close, she has those beautiful specimens all scrunched up in one of those control top bras. I could smell her, too. She is wetter than the rainforest in a monsoon. I guarantee she is ripe, aching for my Slytherin monster. If we play our cards right, we might be able to both have a turn.”

Severus squeezed his eyes shut tight. This was not what he needed to be hearing. All he wanted was to get the hell out of the sun and back into their tiny, air-conditioned flat with a pint and a good book. They only had six more months until they were free men, and he didn’t want to fuck that up with a dalliance with a Ministry official in charge of their case. It was just their luck the bane of his existence was the one to be in charge. It was also just his luck that she was one of the finest examples of female flesh he had ever set eyes on. Hermione was no longer the annoying child from his potions classroom. Her curves had filled out, hair had grown out and been tamed, and the way she was dressed was just begging to be thrown to the ground and fucked senseless right there. The fact that Lucius thought with his cock and almost got them into trouble was infuriating, if typical. That, and he had kissed the young woman, and Severus had not. Snape desperately tried to fool himself into believing he was not jealous of Malfoy.

Lucius chuckled, sending his dark friend a knowing glance.”You know you want her. Admit it. You’re dying to get your cock inside her, aren’t you?”

“Shut up Malfoy! My private life is none of your fucking business.” He tried his best to sneer, but grimaced instead as he reached down to adjust his newly aroused trouser snake.

“You don’t have a private life. None of us do. Hmmm, looks to me like you have a slight problem. Wouldn’t have anything to do with our sexy little Gryffindor, would it? Or are you just really happy to see me.”

Severus wanted to wipe that calculating grin off Malfoy’s face. He hated it when Lucius was right.

-- After a brief talk with the headman, Hermione met the two by their workspace and took the appropriate Port Key with. With each one grabbing onto it in turn, they popped off the work site and into a surprisingly cozy little flat. Lucius took a moment to explain it was part of a slightly larger complex that was the headquarters for the inmates working on the jobsite. They were free to wander the building, but not allowed out without an Auror and Ministry official, so they mostly stayed in the flat. It sure beat Azkaban. Hermione was mildly relieved to see a slender silver bracelet around the ankle of each man and a small rune tattooed just above the ankle bone. Neither man would be able to take her off the premises.

Of course she already knew all of this, but had never bothered to pay attention to the actual details of her charges in the past. A small wave of shame washed over her as she wondered what had happened to the grass roots Hermione of her school days gone by. With a start, she abhorrently realized she had turned into a good little Ministry lackey.

The instant they got back, Severus took off for the bathroom to shower. Hermione was still in a bit of a daze, now mildly kicking herself for being in this position. She should be at home, getting ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend, not lusting after criminals. Two very hot, very shaggable criminals. She shook her head, deciding to raid their fridge while they were occupied. A hungry houseguest wasn’t going to get very far with at least one sexy man that wanted her properly. Before she knew it, Hermione had out a nice array of dishes and began cooking a delicious meal for the three of them.

When Snape came out of the shower and dried himself off, he was amazed by the smell coming from the kitchen. It had been years since anyone had cooked for him. Lucius sure as hell didn’t know how.

Malfoy shoved passed him to take his turn in the shower. “Sure you don’t want to give her a go? She’s cooking up the works in our kitchen. It looks like at least one of us is in for a real treat. That would be, oh yes, me!”

Severus ignored the taunting, choosing instead to pretend not to be interested in either of them. The potions journal in his hands went unread as his mouth watered. Hermione was singing under her breath, some Muggle tune, from what he could gather. She wasn’t bad at it either. Maybe this little visit wouldn’t turn into such a nightmare after all. He had expected a bunch of nattering from her about the exploits of her stupid friends and Ministry job. All she’d done so far is made herself at home in their kitchen and was preparing a delicious smelling meal. It was possible he had underestimated her. If Lucius thought she was good, there might be a chance for him to….. No. He pushed the thought from his mind. He would not get sucked into this madness. Six more months. Six more months. Breathe in, breathe out. Now if only the raging hard-on would go away.

Dinner was a very pleasant affair. Lucius, always the perfect host, even in their humble surroundings, regaled Severus and Hermione of his exploits as a lad at Malfoy Manor, and some of the more interesting interactions between prisoners and guards at Azkaban. His cellmate had been a crazy old loon, and the sheer number of jokes Malfoy pulled on the poor man sent Hermione into hysterics. Even Severus could feel the corners of his lips beginning to curl up around the edges. Damn Malfoy for being so entertaining.

Hermione got on her Muggle cell phone and made a few phone calls in private. She surprised them both by announcing they had the entire weekend off, instead of just Saturday. A bright crimson lit her cheeks when Lucius approached her and kissed her soundly.

Severus stalked from the living room, determined to have nothing to do with his roommate’s little fling. He slammed the door behind him, leaning against the door and staring up at the ceiling. His bedroom was stark, nothing much in it except for a mess of books and parchment. He drew caricatures and read books to pass the time. And wanked off. That was all he did besides eat, sleep, work and listen to Lucius talk about himself. Six more months. Six more months. He was appreciative, though, of having an extra day off this weekend. Maybe Lucius would keep her interested for awhile. It would be nice to have two days off a week instead of one. Hmmm, and if there was a chance, there might be other benefits to the arrangement. No! Six more months, six more months….. He squeezed his eyes shut tight, willing away the tight boner in his pants.

Lucius was all over Hermione like ants on honey. In two seconds flat he had her on the wide sofa, her shirt off and working on her bra. The kisses came fast and furious, a man mad with a need to be so close to the first willing female in years to grace his presence. Snape’s loss. More pussy for Malfoy, if the git wanted to wallow in misery and self imposed monkhood.

Hermione was already giving him small cries of pleasure, which were driving him to greater heights of frenzy before they had even gotten started. Her bra on the floor, his lips greedily sucking on a luscious nipple when her breasts popped free. He was right. They were bigger than they had appeared. One hand kneaded her other breast, the other up her skirt and under the thong knickers. The bitch was fucking soaked.

A low groan rumbled through him and he thrust instinctively, aching to put it in. But, a Malfoy was, if nothing else, a gentleman, and he always pleasured his partner first. He nipped and licked his way down her torso, ignoring her heated attempts to drag him back up for more kisses. A few deft flicks and tugs brought the rest of her clothing off. A strangled cry met his ears when his lips hovered over her clit, the tip of his tongue tracing it so delicately. The aromatic ambrosia assaulted his nostrils, dripping down the fingers that were buried inside of her, coating the cheap fabric of the cushions beneath them. Settling in, he feasted on her feminine flesh, digging in as a starving man on an American Thanksgiving dinner. He was thanking Merlin, Circe, the Goddess and everything other deity under sun and sky for this succulent young witch in his clutches. A muffled oath of profanity broke loose from the woman underneath him as she came hard, bucking herself into his face. He ground down on her clit, suckling and letting it slide from his lips while she shamelessly humped the three fingers he held inside of her.

Severus tried to unsuccessfully swallow the lump in his throat. The moans and cries of the couple in the other room were driving him crazy. There was no way to shut out the noise. Even with his fingers in his ears, Hermione’s keening as she orgasmed cut through the thin sound barrier and practically made him cream in his pants like a fourth year. He refused to masturbate to the sound of Lucius and his little fuck friend. It was not going to happen. He hoped. Hope was fading fast.

The glazed lust in Hermione’s eyes said ‘Come Hither’. Lucius didn’t need any more encouragement. Divesting himself of his clothing, he fell on top of her and entered her in one smooth stroke. At last, he allowed himself to bask in her passionate kiss while he marveled at the tight sheath of her cunt. The witch had obviously not been with anyone in quite awhile. It pleased him when she gasped as he entered her. It was quite a stretch for most witches, the first time he fucked them. They didn’t call him the Slytherin Stallion for nothing.

His hips bucked forward, bottoming out just as he smacked against her labia. The sound of his heavy sack impacting her slick behind made them tighten with anticipation. He was going to have a tough time holding back while he brought her to orgasm. Hermione’s fingernails skritched lightly down his back, flowing over his taught muscles that worked beneath her palms, his love tool hammering into her with controlled, measured movements.

He experimented with his positioning, twisting his hips and varying the angle until a sharp hiss from her earned a reward of regular skin on skin slapping as he drove her closer and closer to their mutual peak. Her legs were hooked around his, making the positioning awkward. Barely slowing, he sank to his knees in front of the sofa and draped her legs over his broad shoulders. Locking his cloudy grey eyes with her honey brown, he crooned to her to play with herself while he drove home, pistoning in and out of her pussy like a drill sergeant.

Hermione self-consciously reached down and touched her clit, pinching it in just the right way. The pace picked up and he was hitting her sweet spot again, deep inside, filling her with his length over and over in succession. Losing her temerity, she twisted her nipple and pulled hard, making herself cry out and Lucius’ features to darken with fierce arousal. He was going to come very soon, and nothing was going to hold back the flood when he finally did. His cock seemed to expand within her, exquisitely tight within her moist folds as he thundered voraciously on his way to the top of the peak. He held her gaze, hypnotized by the siren witch under his cock. A harsh sob joined with his loud grunts. “Hermione,” he rasped, “come for me you gorgeous fucking witch! Come for me now!” His harsh command sounded ragged and thunderous.

The thick anticipation broke over her like a sonic boom. The snap of hips met hers with a sopping crack as she screamed his name and arched her back once more off the sofa, her legs crushing his neck. His entire body shook while raggedly gripping her thighs, harsh, unsteady breaths panting when the roar of his own climax hit him. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked through him, making the edges of his vision swim with a red hue as the blood rushed into his engorged organ to finish the job.

The little thing under him had collapsed, soaked and trembling with sweat, grinning from ear to ear. “Holy shit you’re a fantastic piece of ass!”

Not exactly what he was expecting from this little firecracker, but he would take a compliment when he could get one. “You’re not too shabby yourself little one,” he managed, pulling himself from her, leaning down to crush her in a soul searing kiss.

A part of him was still shaking deep inside. It had been so long since he had been with anyone, but no one had touched him the way this brief encounter had. She had already shown him kindness beyond looking at him as a quick lay. By securing an extra day off for them both, making dinner, having a pleasant, intelligent conversation and mind blowing sex, he knew there was so much more of this witch to offer a man than anyone else he had ever met. And she was bloody gorgeous when she came like that.

He pulled her up and took her into the shower, kissing and caressing her the entire way before shutting the door.

Severus opened his bedroom door upon hearing the bathroom door shut. He could hear the low voice of his friend and the successive giggles of the witch with him. A low burn of jealousy ate at his chest. He had never been the one to get the girl first. There was always someone better looking, more confident or with more to offer than he. Goddamn, life wasn’t fair, and wasn’t he the first to know it, but bloody hell, after listening to the two of them shag like demons, he couldn’t help but want a piece of the action.

Throwing himself down on the sofa, he realized the patch he was sitting on was wet. He put his fingers to his nose and could smell the aroma of her arousal staining his fingertips. Without thinking, his tongue darted out to capture her scent. He groaned, cursing softly at torturing himself with something he couldn’t have. It was too late to turn back now, his cock was too hard to ignore at this point.

Figuring they would be awhile in the shower, he released his erection from his trousers and slowly began to stroke the shaft. He imagined his friend and the girl and the sounds they had made. In his mind, from when he had been behind the bedroom door, he could imagine the way Lucius stroked her soft thighs, kissing the tender points under her ears, running his fingers through her silky hair. Her pussy would be divine, two hands on her magnificent breasts and Lucius’s hard cock driving home every inch of pure masculinity. The thought of his friend’s cock in the witch’s pussy drove him to stroke a little faster.

A part of him missed the early days of the war when they were forced to share themselves with one another. If a man had to be forced on him, it had always been him and Lucius to take one another. They hadn’t indulged for so very long. He had assumed the other man didn’t want that after those times were done as he never pursued Severus, only in friendship.

Snape didn’t hear the shower stop and the door open softly as he continued his fantasy, making soft grunts in his throat in reaction to his severe arousal. An amused and newly excited Lucius stood behind Hermione, both of them quietly observing his reclusive friend having a good wank on the couch they had so recently vacated.

Hermione looked behind her and up at her lover, giving him a sly look. Lucius nudged her in the back and whispered to her, “Go to him. Pleasure him. He needs it in the worst way, and he deserves it after all he’s been through.”

Hermione nodded, releasing her fingers from Lucius’ and dropping her towel as she made her way to the sofa. She knelt in front of her former professor, inching forward on her knees between his splayed legs. As her hand settled over the top of Snape’s, he came to with a start, sucking in a huge draught of air in stunned surprise. A snarled curse was hurled in her direction as he reached forward to shove her off, but a big hand stopped him.

Lucius had reached from behind him and spoke in a commanding tone. “You are far too wrapped up in yourself to ever enjoy anything. Hermione wants to please you. Let yourself have something good for once, you fool. If you are going to deny yourself a fantastic fuck and a blowjob, then you are beyond redemption.”

Severus continued to stare daggers at Hermione, but she cast him a shy smile, and his features softened just a bit around the edges. He released his grip on his cock and let his hands fall in defeat to his sides. Slumping back on the couch, he closed his eyes and sighed. “Fine, get on with it.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, but Lucius gave her an encouraging wink and waved his hand at her to continue. He stayed behind his friend, enjoying the peep show below him. The wanton little witch lowered her lips over the tip of the achingly hard cock, allowing her saliva and lips to thoroughly saturate the skin and surrounding shaft. Snape’s fists tightened in response and his hands came up sharply to hold either side of her head. Hermione began the slow cadence of an ages old tradition, pleasuring the phallus of a dominant male with oral succulence. She expertly plied her wares up and down over the length, relaxing the back of her throat to encompass him all the way. It didn’t take long for his breath to quicken, and he shook with surprise when his friend’s lips claimed his own, a male tongue sliding between his own with a passionate kiss that left no doubt as to his friend’s ability to desire him in the present.

Hermione allowed Severus to use her, thrusting up into her mouth while simultaneously pulling down on her head. Lucius lightly brushed his nipples whilst snogging him senseless and Hermione’s inarticulate noises of pleasure forced a stunning orgasm from the depths of his balls. He slapped his hips into her, spasming hard down her throat as he fed her all of his come and frustration that had been waiting to burst for so very long.

Finishing off the succulent cock of her professor, Hermione let the tip go with a pop and heard him growl. With a squeak, she was pulled into his lap and kissed into oblivion, his lips and tongue overwhelming her with a possessiveness that put Lucius to shame. Severus couldn’t believe the tidal wave of emotion that escaped his carefully constructed walls to keep out the world. It must have been all that damn Muggle hard labor making him go insane. His libido roared to life, had been sated, and was already stirring again. Even fresh from the shower, the witch was obviously wet and ready once more. He was going to be damned if she left tonight without his cock in her at least once. And maybe Lucius as well, as long as all bets were off.

Lucius came around the sofa and positioned Hermione’s knees on either side of his friend. He murmured for them to keep kissing, and he mounted her from behind, sliding his cock home again.

A deep seated cry yanked Severus into reality, and he realized Lucius was fucking Hermione right above him. His eyes were closed and he was very much enjoying the slower pace he was setting, having gone once already. Severus slid down underneath the girl, latching onto a lovely breast, fondling the other with a finger on her clitoris. Heaven on earth had just descended into his living room.

Lucius could feel Severus’ fingers running down the juicy folds of the delectable woman down around her opening, playing with his cock as it plunged in and out of her. The extra stimulation made him grunt with approval, the extra sensitive nerve endings screaming with exquisite agony as Snape tightened his fingers into an ‘O’ ring around Hermione’s entrance. Lucius could tell Severus was doing something to the girl because of the way she was writhing under his grasp, those maddening mewling sounds threatening to make him lose himself prematurely.

Hermione could only hold onto the back of the sofa for dear life with one man behind her, fucking her slowly, and one under, sucking on her breasts and flicking her clit at random intervals. Her hand buried itself in Severus’ hair, pulling on it viciously when he bit her nipple and pulled. He swore, renewing his efforts to make her come with his fingers on her pleasure center. The vocal witch raised the volume and pitch of her cries when Severus switched positions slightly under her.

Lucius could feel the tightening of her muscles around his swollen member, making him grit his teeth with the agony of holding back a second time. “Finish her!” He growled at his friend.

On cue, the little body snapped back into his grasp, her pussy clutching tightly, milking him into a fantastic orgasm that sent his vision black and red once more while he cried out with the effort from maintaining consciousness.

Severus pushed back on the pair, forcing Lucius to stumble backwards a few steps, almost losing his balance. With his come still inside the witch, dribbling down her thigh, the desperate raven haired desperado surprised them both when he didn’t even give her time to come down from her orgasm. His turgid cock drove home into the well fucked pussy, a roar of pleasure issuing forth as he destined to fuck Hermione into the sofa cushions.

The dazed girl never knew what hit her. One minute she was getting it from behind from the golden god of sex, the next minute the dark angel was thrusting madly into her over-excited hole, his rough hips and treasure trail dragging mercilessly over her engorged clit. Her hands attached themselves to his magnificent arse, newly manicured nails digging scar inducing claw marks into the flesh. Severus threw back his head, all of his energy channeled into the virgin tight pussy beneath him. The entire world was drowned out except for the scent of her natural musk, heady and seductive; overtaking his primal urge to mate with this curvy female who he dimly realized was begging him to fuck her harder and faster. He complied.

Lucius smirked at his ferocious roommate, thinking it was about fucking time the old man let loose and shagged his heart out. The man was far too uptight for his own good. Malfoy licked his finger and inserted the tip into Snape’s arsehole, and with a surprised jerk, made his best friend lose his load inside Hermione Granger.

With expected venom, Severus turned a murderous glare on Malfoy as he lashed out. “You prick! I was trying to make her come, and you ruined it!”

Lucius shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not stopping you.”

Severus sneered at his friend and withdrew from the panting girl, letting his fingers trail down her cheek. His voice became incredibly soft, the volume lowered for her benefit. “Would you like to come one more time, Miss Granger?”

Hermione looked up into his impossibly black eyes, seeing nothing but a sincere offer extended. Not wanting to offend, she gave him a breathy yes. His answering genuine smile was all she needed to know she had given him the answer he wanted to hear.

Lucius tried to approach again, but Snape held him off. “Fuck off Lucius. It’s my turn.” Knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere now that he had overstepped his bounds, he gave Hermione a saucy wink and disappeared into the kitchen.

Severus lifted Hermione from the couch and brought her into his bedroom. He shut the door, laying her gently on his bed. His eyes drank in the sight of her well-fucked body. Her skin glowed in the low light, a virtual dream woman humming from satiation under his body. There was no doubt that at any moment, he would wake up and she would be gone.

“Professor?” She broke, her eyes questioning.

For some reason, he found this extremely entertaining and he let a dark chuckle escape. “Miss Granger, I am no more your professor than you are my student. I think five years of prison has cured me of any preconceptions.”

“Then what shall I call you?”

“Sweet angel, you just call me Severus, just like everyone else. If you don’t mind, we can both be on a first name basis.” Her smile made his breath catch briefly, her eyes still shining with trust and a sad innocence that had seen too much, but wanted so desperately to believe in the good of the world. In him. In Lucius. She was a fool, but then again, so was he. She was here in his bed. They were all doomed to hell; he might as well take advantage of it. “Why did you come here?”

Her liquid, honey brown eyes studied him, wondering if he really wanted a response, or for that matter, if he even cared. “Why not?” She countered, confused.

“Indeed. You work at the Ministry overseeing our work release. Your duties bring you to our place of employment. The little Gryffindor know-it-all spies on us while we work, presumably admiring the view,” he smirked at her when she blushed, “and then come home with Lucius and gets shagged senseless by a couple of criminals on probation. Doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense, does it?” Severus quirked an eyebrow at her and she grinned.

“Life never did make much sense, did it, Severus? My life has been nothing but bureaucratic bullshit since the day I started working for wizarding government. I have made changes from behind the scenes, but I want a piece of the action. I figured it was time for me to take the bull by the horns and enjoy myself for a change.”

“So that’s all we are? A good hard fuck, and you’re on your way?” He backed away from her to a kneeling position, disgust written all over his face.

“How can you say that?” She shouted, sitting up on the bed. “I’m the one who got you out of Azkaban in the first place! I’m the reason you have a chance at life! The least you can do is show me a little respect!”

He spat back at her with all the grace of a mad camel. “I don’t want your pity fuck, Granger! Get your high and mighty twat out of here and never come back!”

Hermione’s eyes stung from the tears and humiliation at having been used by this animal that passed for human. She should have known the greasy git would never change. Charging past him off the bed, she leaped past his sneering visage as she stumbled into the hallway and the shocked form of Lucius Malfoy. He caught her in mid-flight, ushering her back into the bedroom and a question on his face for Snape.

“Sending our guest packing already, Severus? I thought we were just getting settled.”

Severus pulled on a pair of black sweats, running his palm over his greasy hair. “The stupid bint’s only here for a bit of fun and a pity fuck. I guarantee she’s going back to the Ministry on Monday and press charges after she’s had her fun. You can just imagine the fucking laugh she’ll get from outdoing the Syltherins. One last hurrah for the Queen of Hogwarts.”

Malfoy hugged the sobbing girl to his chest, a stone cold mask slipping into place. “How dare you insult our guest. I didn’t see you keeping your hands to yourself out in the living room. Seems to me, your cock was having a pretty good time, right before your twisted logic and fucked up sarcasm took over. If anyone is being used, it’s Hermione. You are a real asshole sometimes, you know that?”

“I don’t have to listen to you. Go fuck your Mudblood, see if I care. You were a hot piece of ass, Hermione, but don’t let it go to your head. See you in prison Lucius.” The door to the flat slammed, shaking the walls as Snape stormed out.

Lucius rolled his eyes at the drama queen for a man. He had a feeling Severus was a little touched in the head from being in prison, and the extended Cruciatus sessions from the Dark Lord. Passive aggressive was an understatement.

He led Hermione into his own bedroom and shut the door softly, laying her gently on his bed. Lucius simply lay with her, holding her in his arms while he contemplated how he could get her to stay. Man, it really pissed him off that the stupid git almost ruined his chance at a regular lay, and possibly a girlfriend. He was going to have to stake out his territory before this got out of hand. Piss on Snape. He never was good at sharing anyway.

“Hermione.” He tilted her chin to look up at him. The tears had all dried, leaving streaky trails on her cheeks. Lucius peppered gentle kisses down her face, trailing over her chin and onto her neck, lower to her collarbone and onto her breast. A soft sigh came under his sensitive touch, hands caressing and soothing away the stinging words from before. He made her forget the other man, rubbing small circles over her belly and thighs, kissing, nipping and licking down each arm and leg, around every area except the erogenous zones she craved him to touch.

Malfoy heard the door shut as Snape came back into the flat. There really wasn’t anywhere for him to go anyway. The corridors were short, and the game room and pool were limited in their activity. Plus, Severus didn’t like hanging around others, so he didn’t make use of the other rooms very much. The sound of the stereo flipped on. Lucius could tell Snape was standing outside his door, but he ignored his friend. Let him eat his heart out. No one treated his guests like shit, especially his lovers, and got a second chance at what Lucius had willingly shared the first time around. As far as he was concerned, the git had blown his chances. Severus could fuck off.

Hermione’s body broke out in goose bumps and she was chanting his name, begging him for more.“Lucius, please, I need you. Oh my god yes, right there- oh god! Unh! Yes! Lucius, make love to me, I want you inside me. I promise we’ll do more another time Oh god! Yes!”

He took the horny witch with great pleasure, sloshing through the remains of the majority of the evening’s lovemaking. A little mess never bothered him. If Hermione was having a good time, it meant he was doing his job as a proper lover. His satisfaction came in making sure his partner was satisfied. The feel of her legs wrapping around his powerful waist sent electric shocks down his legs and up his chest. Her cunt was a perfect fit for his length, and if it was possible, she felt even better the third time around. He wondered if she would let him try anal sometime.

Shelving the thought for another time, he gave in to her cries to let go and gave her everything he had. If she wanted it rough, he was going to give it to her. On a whim, he pulled her off the bed and shoved her against the wall, holding her up with his hands cupped under her perfect arse cheeks. “Hold on little witch. You’re in for a wild ride.”

Her eyes went wide and rolled back when his hips started snapping powerfully into her pussy, driving home every time through her slick, swollen folds.

“Scream for me Hermione, I want to hear your pleasure. Tell everyone how Lucius Malfoy is fucking that pretty little pussy of yours. Tell the world, baby. Let it out, that’s right, louder baby. Yesssssss……”

She was bouncing up and down on his dick, coming down as he thrust up, screaming in staccato bursts with each impact. Her sweet spot was being abused by the sheer force of their coupling, impossibly dredging the reserves of her passion to bloom into a mind blowing orgasm as she screamed, “Luciusssss!!!!”

“Holy shite you filthy little vixen yes come on my fat cock Oh god you sexy woman Holy fuck Ahhhhhh!” The come was ripped from him in violent bursts as he buried himself to the hilt around her fluttering cunt. He pulled down on her shoulders and up with his hips, not one more millimeter of flesh able to bury itself within her.

Their mouths came together in a frantic dance of completion, slowly relinquishing their hold on one another as he let her slide bonelessly to the floor, sitting down next to her. In an endearing moment, she rested her head on his chest and sighed contentedly.

His heart leaped at the gesture of trust, a pain blooming with fear at the thought she might not return.


“Yes, my dear?”

“Hmmmm.” She hummed, a breathy sound almost too low to hear. “Do you mind if I stay with you this weekend? There’s nothing home for me to go back to. I’d be much happier if I could stay and make love to you all weekend.”

A fierce joy stabbed through him when he heard the best thing she could have possibly told him at the moment.

“Yes ma Cherie’. I would be honored if you would stay with me and keep me company.” He scooped her up and lay her down in the bed, both of them ignoring the bodily fluids as they fell into an exhausted sleep.

Severus sat outside the door, slumping down into a heap of limbs. He had pushed her away and stormed out after unexpected emotion had threatened to overwhelm him, when he had carried her back into his room. It had scared him, and he had lashed out at her. Now, Lucius had claimed her, and she was lost to him. It was the story of his life. In the end, everything was lost to him, including the woman of his dreams, Hermione Granger.

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