The Greatest Mystery

BY : LadyLaran
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Death Note nor do I make any money from this tale.

Author’s Note:  Something that’s been nibbling at my brain for the past month or more.  I’ve gotten hooked on crossovers and at night, trying to relax for bed, the wombat kennel gave birth to this baby wombat and it looks to keep growing on me.  All I can tell you is that I will be twisting this into an Alternate Universe because, while some characters did annoy me, I can see that there are things that could be done differently.  Ah, the joys of fan fiction.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  I do not own Death Note or Harry Potter and do not earn any money from the creation of this story.  All I can lay claim to is the plot that the wombat kennel spawned.

Chapter One:  Whammy’s House for..Wizards?

Whammy’s House was intended for extremely talented children and over the years, Whammy had seen quite a few varieties of talent come through the doors of his home.  However, it was a rather big surprise when the inventor was approached by a gentleman claiming that one of his prodigies held a talent that was considered fictional by most standards.

Magic.  Whammy’s House was educating a young witch.

Having read the reports of odd happenings surrounding the child, it made sense now that he thought on it.  He accepted the facts after being shown magic by this representative of the wizarding world and was very much upset when the offer was given to remove the child from his home.  The elderly male was very fond of the children that he sheltered and educated, viewing each of them as his family.

The wizard, one Amos Diggory, was pleasantly surprised by this muggle’s insistence that the girl remain in her home over the holidays.  He was even more surprised by the fact the man had refused to allow the girl access to the scholarship fund and had paid for the girl’s tuition and supplies himself.  

The surprise grew even further when the founder of the home told Diggory that any orphaned child found to have magic could be brought to him for testing.  If the child met the standards for admittance into Whammy’s, the little one would have a home there.  If the child did not, Mr. Whammy had a lot of contacts to ensure a safe and loving residence for the child in question.  All the older man asked was that his home was not spoken of in the wizarding world and that any and all magical protection be provided now that he would be housing at least one member of that world within his house.

Given the fact that the wizarding world had very few resources for orphaned children, the Ministry for Magic was quick to agree.  A contract was written up and signed and shortly after that, the best specialists in crafting wards were brought in to protect the house and the property owned by Mr. Whammy.

Years slowly passed and over time, a few more children with magic and intelligence were brought into the house.  Each student, magical and non-magical, were taught of the wizarding world and sworn to secrecy.  As each child would grow to either succeed L or assist L in the capacity they had been trained in, the knowledge would follow them to their graves and Mr. Whammy had no reason to believe that they would betray the home and system that brought them up.  The contacts in both societies were beneficial to L and the network that Whammy’s House supported.

The two worlds never seemed to cross as far as cases went until something started happening across the globe that had people taking notice.  Criminals in non-magical prisons were dying, and the authorities were calling for someone to put a stop to it.

The case troubled Whammy as he knew L was looking into accepting it if he was offered it by ICPO.  Something about it didn’t feel right to the older man, and he was worried about his charge.

A soft voice pulled the man out of his thoughts, turning his attention to Chrissy, a twelve year old witch under his care.

“Yes Chrissy?”

The girl seemed to straighten up, almost as if she was gaining in confidence now that she had  his attention.

“Is L planning on taking this ‘Kira’ case?”

“I believe that is his intention if the ICPO offers it to him.”

She chewed on her lip for a moment, and Whammy waited to see what was on the child’s mind.

“Sir, I think this may have magical origins, possibly even Dark Magic.  If that’s the case, L will need someone to help him with it.”

That thought hadn’t crossed his mind, and he berated himself for just now considering that this could be a magical issue.

“Who do you think would be best to assist him with this?”

Chrissy looked at him with a serious expression on her little face.

“I know of one, sir, who has experience in dark magic and how to fight it.  The problem is that it’ll be difficult to reach him if L should decide to ask him for his help.”

“I think we can arrange it.  Who shall we be inquiring after for assistance?”

She drew in a deep breath.  From the look on her face, it was obvious she held this individual in high respect.

“Lord Harrison James Potter-Black.  Given his popularity in the wizarding world, it may be difficult to get an owl through to him.  If that happens, I believe the best way to reach him would be either through the Ministry or one of his friends.  I‘d be happy to write the names down for you so you can send an owl.”

Whammy nodded, noting the name mentally so he could tell L about this when he saw him in a few moments.

“Thank you, Chrissy.  Go join the others now.”

She gave him a bright smile and hurried off, leaving the elderly man alone with his thoughts.  He stood there for a few short moments before heading to find his charge.  The girl was right.  This case reeked of supernatural, and someone with that type of knowledge would be beneficial.

L looked up when his retainer came into the room.  There was a look around him that said the man had an epiphany on something, which meant it was something that would be of  use to something L was working on.

“What is it, Mr. Whammy?”

He sank into a chair, looking at his ward.

“Something one of the students told me.  L, I think we need to bring in a consultant if  you take on the Kira case.”

Dark eyes narrowed thoughtfully as he pondered the other’s words.

“What type of consultant?”

“Someone from the magical world.  I’ve been given a name to write to in hopes of getting his interest.”

The detective listened as the older man explained what he had been told and then nodded, agreeing with the suggestion.

“I suggest we use one of the owls to find him then,” the younger one said.  “I’ve received word that the ICPO should be contacting me any day now in regards to the case and having this individual on the case with me will be beneficial.”

“I’ll send an owl immediately.  If it returns, I’ll get the names from Chrissy to try to reach Lord Potter-Black as quickly as possible.”

L nodded, giving a small smile reserved for his father figure.  He was glad to have Watari at his side, especially for things like this.

“Thank you, Watari.”

The inventor gave a small smile of his own and began typing up the letter.  He knew the world that this wizard came from used archaic ways of writing, but he was more comfortable with using the technology at hand.

A short while later, the document was finished, proofed by L, and then printed out.  Watari had it in an envelope, addressing the outside with the proper name of Harrison James Potter-Black before entrusting it to an owl.

“This method of mail delivery always amazes me,” he said to one of the children that was visiting the own enclave with him.

“It does take getting used to, Mr. Whammy, but it can be faster than regular post.  I rather like it honestly.”

He chuckled at the boy, who had just finished his first year at Hogwarts.

“Truth be told, I do too.  Now, I believe you’ve got lessons soon.  You’d best be off before your instructor finds you playing hooky.”

The child laughed and scrambled away to make it to his class, leaving Whammy alone in the enclave.  He watched the owl fly away, hoping that this gentleman he’d written to could help L with this case.  Truth be told, he had a horrible feeling about this case and wanted to ensure that L, the son of his heart, would come through this without any harm.

Author’s End Note - And the saga begins!  I hope everyone enjoyed it; please let me know if you have.  Also, if you want to be a part of my mailing list, please check for the link on my profile.  I have a yahoo group that is great for those wanting to see the updates I submit.  Thank you for reading!


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