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Chapter 32


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After two days straight of those visions, and the pain that came with them, for once, Harry was tired so he didn't want to get out of bed at the Abbey. Even after an excess of coffee, he just couldn't seem to get himself motivated to do much of anything, like he was drained in some way from them. Tom, of course, had noticed, looking concerned. He had even mentioned it, saying that if he wanted to get some rest, to go ahead. On Harry's end, that offer was tempting but he didn't do it. There was too much that needed to be done that day for him to take it off and just rest. The weekend was coming and, as he was mostly caught up with what he had when it came to his school work, so he was making it his goal to get some extra sleep then. It was almost a certainty that he would still be needing it if things continued on the way they were, something that was apt to happen.


With a weary sigh, trying to focus, he looked over the sheet of parchment that Tom had handed him with a list of things that needed to be done. Looking it over, his belief that a day off just to rest wasn't going to happen was correct. There were only two things on here that dealt directly with him but they were both big. First one to take care of was that Bellatrix was being brought out of her coma that day. Most of the others, such as her husband, had already been brought out but the damage to Bella had been more severe than the others. As, from what his records said, her mental stability wasn't the best before going to prison, he behooved one of them to be with her when it happened. Tom was going to be in an important meeting at the time so that left him to do it.

After that, in the afternoon, he had a longish meeting with Lucius Malfoy that he had to attend with Tom. Looking at that, his brow furrowed then he asked, as he sipped at his coffee, “What's this meeting with Lucius about? It is about the forms I need to fill out?”


Lowering the parchment he was looking at, Tom sighed then nodded, “Yes, we need to get them filled out as fast as we can. He also has secured a short list of solicitors that might fit the bill for what we want and need. It would be in our best interests to secure one of them as quickly as we can so that everything is in place when it happens.”

Nodding, Harry thought about that as he ran his hand through his hair, frowning slightly, “Won't it raise suspicions if we have one ready right at the moment? I mean, this should be an at the last minute thing since it's not something we'll know about right now.”


With a nod, Tom replied, “That is very true. I think we have an excuse though. Your estate should be enough of a reason for you to retain one.”


Catching on quickly, Harry nodded, “Very true! And a damned good idea. With all I have going on, managing all that needs to be turned over to someone else for handling.”

“Yes, that was my thought. It will also, if it works out right, give him an excuse to come and go at Hogwarts. That will only aid in everything, giving you a contact about some things that won't look odd.” Tom explained, sipping at his own steaming mug of coffee.


While sipping at his own, Harry thought that over though did nod, seeing the wisdom in it. Pondering that, he asked, tone distracted, “Couldn't we, just in case, say we were going for emancipation anyway? I mean, Fudge already knows, like everyone else, what the Dursley's are like. I don't think it would look odd that I would want out of there. Especially since I have Nick to stay with and am taking steps to keep control of my estate. And, to assist that, it would give Dumbledore something else to focus on if it comes out. He will, of course, hear about it. He always does, you know.”


Leaning back in his chair, looking at Harry, Tom thought that over. There were, of course, down sides to it. It could be seen as far too convenient if the Dursley's house went up, especially if someone was suspicious about Harry's leanings. On the other hand, though, Harry was right and it would seem like something he would do now that he was taking charge of so many things, changing quite a bit. It could also be a way that, if Lucius' footsteps in it were detected, that it could be explained, at least to an extent. Fudge trusted Lucius and if Harry went to him about it, explaining what he wanted to do and asked for someone to help since Dumbledore would likely try to involve himself, Lucius would be the prime candidate for doing so, even with the history between them.


Tapping his fingers on the table, he finally nodded. “That might be something that could work. It would be a... tricky dance. There are the normal pitfalls in dealing with it and the history with the Malfoy's, of course. I don't see why it can't be worked around though. Even if the first tentative footsteps are taken in that direction by the time we do burn the house, it won't look odd in that aspect. After all, you are seen as a target by my side. That wouldn't look odd to many. It would also feed into what Dumbledore wants done, reinforcing what he keeps preaching. Though it's doubtful most will listen to him anymore. If we go about it correctly, it won't look to be anything other than what went on at the Quidditch cup; an attack by a small faction of rogue Death Eaters.”


Nodding, taking that in, Harry replied, “That's workable. After all, despite you calling them off, many wouldn't think twice about going after me if the opportunity presented itself. Even just for symbolic reasons.”


“There is that, yes. I will make it clear after it happens that I don't condone such things without orders. Those that will accompany us will be a chosen handful that won't talk about such things.” Stopping, he thought that over. He had thought about the team that would make up the group that went and had an idea for a few of them. One was a being he wasn't sure that Harry would approve of. “How would you feel about Snape coming along for the burning of the Dursley's?” If his partner was adverse to the Potions Master he wouldn't talk him into it. On the other hand, though, if Harry would allow it, he was going to make sure that Severus, and the others, knew the truth of what Harry went through at the hands of his 'loving' relatives.


Looking over at Tom, brow slightly furrowed, Harry thought that over then shrugged, “I'm not against it. It's not like he'll know it's me leading things. He will just know it's Evan doing so, nothing more. Is there a reason why you want him to go along?”


“Proof of what you say is all.” Seeing his lover's puzzled look, he added, “I have ways of ensuring that everyone along knows what the Dursley's did to you, without being too detailed. I want Snape to know.”

Nodding, thinking that over, Harry then shrugged after a few moments. “I have no issue with it. He's not going to change his attitude, no matter what he sees. He's hell bent on hating me because of my father and nothing you give in the way of proof is going to change that.”


Lips quirking, Tom nodded, “Yes, Severus is rather set in his ways once he fixates on something. And it's doubtful that he will ever get over your father but I want to show him proof. This is a way to do that.” Stopping there, he hopped back to the original topic then said, “Just so we're clear, today is going to be the one that Lucius learns of your big secret. He's going to have to know so we can deal with this.”


With an internal sigh, Harry nodded. “I understand.”


“The look on his face when he finds out should be most amusing,” Tom mused while he took another sip of his coffee.


Choking on the mouthful he had, Harry laughed Then, grinning from ear to ear he said, “Oh, that'll be priceless!”

“The small amusing moments do make this worthwhile,” Tom added, smirk quite evident.


Later that morning, Harry walked into the infirmary. After a quick consult with the Healer, he learned that Bella was starting to come out of her medically induced coma. As it had to be done slowly so as not to cause shock, it would be several hours before she was fully awake and aware after the process started. From what was explained to him, she was about 3/4ths out of it by now so it would be about another hour before he would be able to talk to her. He was pleased with that.

Nodding to the Healer, he walked over then sat down by Narcissa, who was fussing with her sister's bed clothing in an effort to be kept busy. “How is she doing?” He asked softly.


Giving a respectful nod of her head, she said, “Slowly coming around, my lord. She's mumbling a bit as well as talking here and there, though it makes no sense.”


“That's a good sign,” Harry told her with a nod and small smile. “While we wait, can we cover what you've found for me in your research?”


Pleased to have something to do while she waited, not liking not being able to do anything for her sister and just having to sit around, she quickly pulled her books out. Snagging the parchments she had taken notes on, she slid over closer to the being she was told to call Lord Raidodamort then began to go over what she found. Going over everything, point by point, she backed it all up by sections she had found in the books, showing him the passages.


Brow furrowed as he listened, Harry was putting together what she was finding with what they already knew, feeling the hair stand up on the back of his neck as he did. This could be big, really big, if it were true and showed that Dumbledore had something huge planned. His thought that, perhaps, this was something that was intending to throw them together once more was probably dead on the galleon as well. It was, if her research was correct, a chunk of very dark magic that could implant false visions of some kind. From what she found, it came about because of seers trying to discredit each other with false predictions. To most, it would seem like the real thing and could be made to mimic them perfectly but they would later turn out to be false, thus discrediting the one making the predictions. The red haze, though, from what she was showing him, came from his shields. Because his were so powerful, the spell had to basically pound its way through them, thus giving it an odd coloring. It now made sense and he knew what to look for from this point on. Looking back, it was more powerful than things he had experienced in the past but that would make some form of sense if you took into account that Voldemort had a body back, something Dumbledore was well aware of.

Settling back in the chair, he took all the books and notes from her with a soft thanks. “You did very well with that. Perhaps, if the need arises again, you would be willing to do more research if we have it?”

Smiling at the young lord, the Malfoy matriarch nodded, “I would, my lord. Such things are enjoyable and help to pass the time. Besides, it makes you feel useful.”


“I'll pass that along to Lord Voldemort and see what we can find for you to do. There are several things that we need to have looked up that might be suited for you. I'll see what he says,” Harry told her with a smile. Already, Harry was thinking of some things that could help them and take the pressure off them having to do it themselves. On top of that, there was a niggling of something else that he wanted to know about. He wasn't sure if it would come to fruition but he was curious. He would have to run it by Tom though to see what he thought.


Just as he was going to launch in and start some small talk with the blond woman, Bellatrix opened her eyes. Grabbing his notes, Harry summoned the Healer over to check the woman.


Ignoring everything around her, Narcissa leaned over and smiled down at her sister, reaching out to take her hand. “Hello, Bella,” she said softly, a smile on her face as she did. For years, she had known Bella was slightly off balanced. It seemed that the inter-marriages of the Blacks had affected her sister worse than it had the rest of them. That didn't means she didn't love her though and miss her tremendously while she was gone. The only thing she could hope for was that her time in Azkaban wouldn't have made that any worse than it had been.


Gazing up at her sister, Bella blinked, confused. She remembered the dream of getting out of Azkaban, of her Lord rescuing her, but she assumed that's all it was, a dream. Glancing around, she could see a brightly lit room that was nothing like the prison. Gaze shifting to a youngish man with dirty blond hair seated by her bedside, she barked out, “Who are you? Where is Lord Voldemort?”


Giving her sister's hand a squeeze, Narcissa hushed her softly, “This is Lord Raidodamort, Bella. Our Lord's consort. Lord Voldemort is busy elsewhere right now.”


Nodding to the woman as the Healer made her way over to check her, Harry told the confused woman, “You are safe here, Bellatrix. This is in the place that is Lord Voldemort's headquarters. He'll come and see you when he's done with a couple meetings.” From what Tom had told him, Bella, on a good day, was completely nuts but should be watched because one never knew when she would go off on you, especially if you weren't known to her. That wasn't a foot he wanted to start out on with her.


Struggling to sit up, Bella finally made it with the help of her sister, looking around again, eyes wide. “It wasn’t a dream then! Our Lord did rescue us!” With a cackle that would do any of the Muggle Halloween witches proud, she clapped her hands together, eyes taking on a psychotic sheen to them. “They doubted! So many did! It's true though! He wasn't gone and came for us!”


Patting her sister's hand gently, trying to calm her, Narcissa murmured soothing words as the Healer checked the woman over. Bella had always been excitable, especially when it came to their cause. It wouldn't do for her to go off on Lord Raidodamort though. That part was going to have to be explained to her before she did something foolish. Glancing at the young lord, she nodded then told him, softly, “Can you give us some time? I'll explain what is going on while the Healer takes care of her then it might be better for you to come back. This can be somewhat disorienting as I'm sure you know.”


Putting his notes away, Harry nodded and smiled to the woman. Most of what he needed could be garnered from what the Healer had down from when she was finished. Beyond that, he could talk to the woman later when Tom was around. The feeling he was getting was that Bella was going to take handling with very special gloves for anything to get through to her. Perhaps Narcissa could take care of part of it but it might be better for Tom to be around for the rest. He didn't want to have to hex the woman if he could at all help it. Patting Narcissa on the shoulder, he told her, “I'll go attend to some other things and come back later.” Standing up, he gave a nod and smile to Bella then said, “Bellatrix, we'll talk later.” Seeing her nod but shoot him a wary look, he went to go find something else to do.


Settled in the study that afternoon with Tom, the two of them were going over notes on Bella. As Narcissa had suggested, he had given them plenty of time then waited for a break in the meetings to grab Tom. That had turned out to be fortuitous as, from what the Healer said, Bella was slightly more out of it about things than the others had been because of mental issues that had been there before her incarceration. It had taken her sister quite some time to explain things to the woman and even then she hadn't believed some of it. It wasn't until Tom had shown up in his serpentine transformation then talked to her for her to believe it. Though she was still eying Harry warily, she had been respectful after that, giving up all the information he had asked for. Tom said afterwards that it would probably take a show of his loyalty and power for Bella to come around. Though he could understand that, Harry wasn't looking forward to doing so.

They talked softly while waiting for Lucius. As Tom wasn't sure how much paperwork was involved in all this, he had made this the last meeting of the day, assuming that if it was ministry normal for such things it would take well beyond what was normally their end of the day to finish it. It wasn't something that Harry was looking forward to but the look on the elder Malfoy's face when he realized who he had been dealing with all this time would be something that was worth it. The shock alone to the man was apt to be humorous.


As was normal with Lucius, right on time there was a knock on the study door. Settling back, Tom called for him to come in. When the blond stepped into the room and went through his normal greeting for his lord, Tom motioned for him to take a seat in front of his desk.


Once seated and smoothing down his robes, Lucius began to pull things out of a small satchel he carried and placing them on the chair beside him.


Watching one of his most loyal followers, Tom leaned back in his chair then asked, “I take it you were able to accomplish everything I asked of you, Lucius?”


Once everything was out of the bag, Lucius leaned back and nodded. “Of course, my lord. I have about four candidates for solicitors that should work for what you need and all the forms that Potter will have to fill out.”


“Let's talk about the solicitors first. Do you have the dossiers on them?” Tom asked, waiting.


Grabbing those, he slid them across the desk to Voldemort. “Those are the four that I think would work best. I do believe, though, for the purposes you need them for the one called Aristotle Piper would be your best bet. He fits all the qualifications you want and is known to be a circumspect being with private leanings towards our goals. He keeps them from the public, of course, and well buried but he does lean that way.”


Looking through the packets of papers he was handed briefly, he then passed them to Harry to peruse while he dealt with the other part of what was coming. “There may be duties to do with Potters estate as well for them. They won't have an issue with that, will they? I assume not since such thing is standard in our world.”


“No, there should be no issue. All of those I handed you information on deal with old pureblood estates as a course of business for others. Potter's won't be a problem either. These are just ones that have had dealings when it comes to child custody matters, including emancipations. They are also well connected to the Ministry itself and Fudge. That should only aid in what you need.”


Understanding, Tom nodded then told him, “We'll go over these after the meeting, alone, and see which one best fits our needs then have you set up a meeting when we decide.”

“Of course, my lord. Potter will, of course, have to sign papers to hire them and they will want to meet him personally. I doubt that is a problem for you.” Lucius said, looking between the two.


Lip-less mouth turning up in a smirk, Tom nodded then assured him, “That is, of course, no issue, Lucius.” Glancing at Harry, who he saw had put the papers aside, he then placed an extra layer of wards around the office to be safe. Looking intently at the older Malfoy he told him, voice firm, “What you are about to see is not to leave this office, understood? It is a secret that very few know and I wish it to stay that way for now. Am I clear on that, Lucius?” Though he didn't come right out with a threat, he knew that Lucius would get the implied one so he didn't feel the need to make that clear to him.


Stiffening and straightening up, Lucius gave a firm nod then said, voice steady and clear, “Nothing will be said or shared by me, my lord, you can be assured of that.” He was well aware from past dealings with Voldemort what the threat that hadn't been said meant and took it to heart, not wanting to anger the man.


Nodding, Tom then asked, “You are capable of filling out the forms yourself? Or do you need the help of one of the solicitors to do so?”


“Having looked through them, I am more than capable of filling things out. Though Potter will be needed to do so,” Lucius told him with a nod, now very curious about that cryptic threat and what it meant.


Waving a dismissive hand, Tom kept watch on Lucius, red eyes twinkling a bit, before telling him, “As I said, that won't be an issue, Lucius.” Shifting in his chair, crossing his legs, eyes locked on the blond, he said, almost distractedly, “Evan, I believe it's time to let Lucius in on your little secret, don't you?”


Unable to help himself, Harry grinned then said, “Yes, I do believe it is.” Eyes locked on Draco's father, he held up his hand that the glamour ring was on then removed it, revealing who he really was, unable to stop from grinning bigger at the look of shock that crossed the normally neutral face of Lucius.


Sitting there, Lucius gripped the arms of the chair with both hands, mouth hanging open in a way he normally would never allow, unable to believe what he saw. Then, as the vision sunk in, all the things he knew about Evan Harris tried to meld with the image of Harry Potter and made his brain all but shut down. First and foremost, the duel he had witnessed between the two played out again and he was stunned by it. That was Potter? A boy his son's age had held his own in a duel with the Dark Lord himself? Then there was the kiss on Samhain and Voldemort's announcement that Harris was his consort. That was all Potter. Swallowing, eyes still overly wide as his brain processed this revelation, he gaze slid to his lord, taking in the obviously amused look on the serpentine features. “Evan Harris is Harry Potter?” He all but whispered, wanting confirmation that he hadn't finally gone around the twist.


“Indeed,” Tom said, highly amused by Lucius' reaction. “And you now understand why this needs to be kept quiet until such time as I choose to reveal it.”

Nodding woodenly, Lucius couldn't help but shift his gaze back to Potter, still wanting visual confirmation that, indeed, he wasn't seeing things. After several moments of stunned silence, he asked, “How? How is he...” Trailing off, his gaze once more shifted back to Voldemort.


“That won't be explained, Lucius. Just be assured that it is him and move on. Now, can we get on with filling things out?” Arching a non-existent brow, he waited.


Swallowing thickly, Lucius nodded then pulled himself together. Grabbing the forms, he shuffled them together then scooted closer to the desk. Glancing between the two, eyes still overly wide at the shock, he said, voice quivering slightly, “I think it's best for Mr. Potter to fill these out himself so it's in his handwriting, other than things his solicitor will have to take care of. I don't think it would do for anything to be in my handwriting, lest someone recognizes it.”


After a nod to Tom, Harry slid around to the other side of the desk so that he was sitting by Lucius. Taking up a quill, he said, “Let me fill out the most basic information first then we'll get into what I'm going to need help with or how to word it right. Then we'll work from there.”

Nodding, trying to focus, Lucius said, “That will work. The first page should just be the basic information. After that, I think we need to be careful how things are worded.” After a glance at Voldemort, he slid closer to the young man to keep an eye out on what he was doing while his mind raced all over the place.


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