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Well, my muse did it again. She wouldn't let me work on anything without getting this out. It hasn't been thorougly beta'd so excuse the typos. At least it is in time for Christmas. Enjoy:

“This is preposterous,” Severus Snape hissed, trying once again to move from the spot he’d been trapped in for over an hour.

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake, Severus,” McGonagall huffed. “Just kiss the girl and the mistletoe will release you.”

“She’s married!” Snape protested.

“So make it chaste,” McGonagall said curtly. “I will not hesitate to tell your next class why you couldn’t attend if you refuse.”

His face turned black. “You wouldn’t dare.”

McGonagall smirked. “Wouldn’t I?”

“Blast and bloody bother,” Snape spat, finally turning to the person he’d had his back to for an hour. “Mrs. Malfoy?”

Hermione smirked and presented her cheek. “Thought you’d never ask.”

He gave her a perfectly platonic peck on her cheek and bolted down the hall as Hermione and McGonagall chuckled.

“I haven’t seen him that flustered in years,” McGonagall mused.

“Let’s hope he doesn’t have a heart attack by the time we’re done,” Hermione muttered, her eyes darting along the hall looking for her husband.

“You’ll have a time convincing him,” McGonagall warned.

“We’ve all but written him a letter of invitation,” Draco said in irritation as he slunk from behind a nearby tapestry. “He’s either incredibly dense or hopeful and afraid it is too good to be true.”

McGonagall pursed her lips in thought. “I’d wager the second one. After all, how often do two former students you fell in love with get married and then invite you in?”

Draco shrugged. “I suppose you have a point. But we want him, Minerva.”

The old Headmistress patted his shoulder with a soft smile. “I know. And you’ll have him. I’ve never known you two not to get exactly what you want. My suggestion, next time, make sure he can’t get out of it chastely.” With that, she turned and glided off down the hall.

“That old woman is getting as bad as her predecessor,” Draco said with a scowl.

“Oh hush you,” Hermione said, smacking him softly in the gut. “She’s helping us. You could at least be appreciative of it.”

“Oh, I am,” he breathed, turning her to bring her into his hard chest. “Now I can have everything I want.” He kissed her gently. “And so can you.” Then he kissed her with so much passion she forgot where she was… until someone cleared their throat.

“It would behoove you both to get a move on. I did not humiliate myself just so you could fornicate in the bloody hall and miss your guest lecture.”

The couple blushed under the scrutiny of the Potion Master, who sneered and spun in a flurry of robes. They admired the way he seemed to float down the hall before shaking themselves out of it.

“Gods I want him,” Draco sighed.

“Me too,” Hermione said, barely managing to keep from swooning.

Draco hummed. “I’m glad we told each other.”

She nodded and smiled before trudging down the hall. She remembered that day well. It was their one year anniversary, October 25th, and they had both been withdrawn. She knew she loved Draco beyond a shadow of a doubt and she knew he loved her in return. They’d been practically inseparable ever since he’d sprung her from the Malfoy dungeons during the war. But during their eighth year, she’d fallen in love with someone else, too. Severus Snape.

He was still surly and more than bitter after the war but he devoted his time to helping her and Draco catch up on their potions education and even helped them start their own apothecary. They had married the next year and it had been wonderful but there was something missing. She wasn’t sure what it was until he’d dropped by the apothecary to help Draco with a brew he couldn’t get quite right. She realized that she’d fallen for him and it really bothered her.

It was on their anniversary that she noticed Draco acting the same way. She couldn’t take it anymore so she’d asked him point blank what was wrong with him. He’d turned the question around on her. They had answered at the same time. ‘I love Severus Snape.’ It was unexpected and a relief. They’d spent that night and another week solid talking about things they hadn’t had the courage to bring up before, like Draco being bisexual.

After a week of pouring their hearts out with little sleep, they concocted a plan. It would be senseless to pine after the man if he didn’t return their feelings. So they’d practically planted themselves in his lap, coming up with a project that was both necessary for their business and required his talents. After all, the only potion master who was able to brew wolfsbane should be the one to help them tweak it. He’d taken the bait and they’d turned up the heat, brushing up against him and noting his reactions. He seemed to have a soft spot for both of them.

Their first official move happened the first of December when they’d invited him over for drinks. It took some talent to spike the man’s drink without his knowledge. After all, he knew the smells of all possible potions. But a few slips of the hand, an odorless enhancement potion, and three fire whiskeys later, Snape was sufficiently drunk. He’d admitted he was bisexual, which was more than they could have hoped for. But just before he passed out, he’d admitted that they were both very attractive, which was like giving gold to a niffler. They were determined to have him after that.

Unfortunately, he’d been too drunk to remember what he’d said that night. It was like starting from square one, only now, he seemed even surlier and more distant. They’d promised each other they’d have him for Christmas, but that was only a week away. Landing this guest lecture was their only hope of meeting their goal.


“A success,” Snape said as the sixth years filed out of his class, chattering in excitement.

“Dunderheads, the lot of them,” Draco sniffed in disgust. “I’m pretty sure the girls didn’t hear a word I said.”

“Too busy swooning, I’d imagine,” Hermione said wryly.

“Go ahead,” Draco goaded. “Gloat. But I can assure you that the only thing those boys were paying attention to were the objects below your throat. Though I can’t blame them. Your breasts are fabulous.”

Hermione cut her eyes over to Snape, who was busying himself with tidying up the room. His cheeks gave him away though, tinged slightly pink. She smirked and winked at her husband.

“Then it’s a good thing you didn’t lecture shirtless,” she teased. “They would have been blinded by your lily white skin.”

“Hey,” Draco snapped. “My skin is flawless. I’d wager it would be my rippling muscles that would capture their attention.”

Hermione snickered as she watched Snape lower his head further and mumble to himself. She traced the very muscles Draco was bragging about. He had a right to be proud of them, tight and tone. He worked hard to keep them that way, too. And it seemed she wasn’t the only one who appreciated them, if the way Snape was glancing back every now and then was anything to go by.

Draco grinned like a Cheshire cat and cleared his throat. “We’re going to take a break, Severus. We’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Class starts in fifteen. Be here in ten,” Snape said gruffly. His voice was more hoarse than usual.

They held their laughter until the classroom door was closed. Draco pulled her close and nuzzled her neck.

“I think I should be the one caught next time, don’t you?” he purred, kissing her shoulder.

“Oh yes,” she giggled. “I’ll be hard pressed not to come just watching you.”

Draco hummed and took the potion they’d used to conjure Hermione’s mistletoe out of his pocket. They wandered further down the hall, making sure they were where students rarely lingered. They wanted the man but they didn’t want to embarrass him publicly.

“Should we charm it for the next stage?” she wondered aloud as he opened the cork.

Draco hummed and studied the potion. “If we don’t, I’m not sure we’ll ever get anywhere.”

He took out his wand and tapped the bottle once, muttering the incantation for the next stage of release. Snape would have to kiss him on the lips to be released. He just hoped they didn’t push him too far. Severus Snape could not be rushed or forced to do anything. It was a huge risk doing this.

“It’ll be fine,” Hermione said, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. “He needs the push.”

Draco sighed and levitated a drop of the potion to the ceiling. They were careful, steering clear of the little plant that grew in its place.

“I hope so,” Draco muttered. “This has got to be the most Gryffindorish plan I’ve ever come up with.”

Hermione giggled. “There is plenty of Slytherin in there, too. Trust me. Now go on. Tell the big bad teacher that you lost your wife.”

Draco smirked and gave her a peck on the lips before spinning around in search of the Potion Master. Hermione admired his form as he left. Her husband was one handsome man. She cleared her thoughts and ducked into an alcove where she had the best view of the mistletoe. They’d come up with the little plant because Snape wouldn’t question its presence. Enchanted mistletoe seemed to crop up on its own around the castle. They just… hurried it along.

“I swear, Severus,” Draco’s voice drifted down the hall. “She was here and then she wasn’t. Are you sure there aren’t any hidden chambers down here?”

“Draco, I can assure you there aren’t. I would know. I’ve only been teaching at this school since I was twenty, not to mention the seven years I spent here as a student. There are absolutely no secret places here.”

Draco frowned in a very convincing manor. If Hermione didn’t know any better, she would believe he was extremely concerned. Snape didn’t look so cool and aloof either. His eyes darted in every direction trying to catch a glimpse of her. She caught herself sighing and quickly snapped her mouth shut, eagerly watching for the exact moment when the men would hit the mistletoe.

“What in the bloody hell,” Snape bellowed, jerking and straining against the invisible wards the mistletoe had enacted.

Draco looked up, his jaw dropping in a very convincing shocked look. “Damn.”

Snape frowned and looked up, cursing like a sailor. “Blast and bloody bother! What kind of grudge does this fucking castle have against me this year?”

“Oh come now, Severus,” Draco chided. “It’s a castle, not a person.”

“You know very well that this castle is perfectly sentient,” Snape spat.

“Well, might as well get it over. We’ve got to find Hermione and then there is a class to attend to.”

Snape’s cheeks turned pink. “You don’t honestly expect me to kiss you.”

Draco smirked. “Fine. I’ll kiss you.”

Snape looked agog for a few moments before scowling fiercely and turning his cheek for better access. Draco held back a laugh and kissed the sour man on the cheek. It took him less than a second to try to bolt and as expected, he was held fast to his place.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Snape bellowed.

Hermione was hard pressed to keep from laughing. It was obvious the poor man was embarrassed that he had liked the kiss. She’d managed to see his eyes flutter when Draco pecked him on the cheek. The potion master wanted her husband. She just hoped he didn’t run away after this.

Draco managed to keep an inquisitive look on his face as he stared down the mistletoe. She was glad it wasn’t her this time. It was bad enough trying to pretend that she didn’t know what was happening last time. He was a much better actor than she was, and he proved it when he looked resigned as he stared soberly at the man he’d finally admitted he wanted.

“I don’t think it is satisfied.”

Snape looked like someone punched him in the gut. “What do you mean?”

“I think it wants more than a platonic kiss on the cheek.”

“Nonsense,” Snape said hoarsely. “Perhaps it just wants it the other way around.”

To prove his point, he roughly turned Draco’s face and kissed his cheek. Hermione felt her breath leave as both men’s eyes fluttered. It was such an innocent gesture but she felt fire flow through her. Was this what Draco had felt watching her? She had been a little worried that she would become jealous of Snape with her husband but right now, she just wanted to keep watching.

“There, see?” Draco asked, pointing to the mistletoe. “Nothing.”

Snape’s face drained of color. “This is ridiculous. How could it expect a married man to-“

“It’s okay,” Draco said softly. “She’ll understand.”

Snape looked sort of sick and disgusted with himself as he nodded, trying to look everywhere but Draco.

“Are you okay?” Draco asked, concern all over his face.

Snape nodded. “I just… I don’t want to cause problems.”

Draco smirked. “It’ll be fine. Hell, she might even want to see it replayed.”

“What?” Snape hissed.

“Severus, she’s not some prissy prude. She’s got a wild and adventurous side and if I know her, she’d think it was hot.”

Snape turned his head to hide the blush from Draco but Hermione could see it. His cheeks were fiery pink. She thought it adorable but she knew he was feeling vulnerable. But then Draco caught his chin and turned him around, brushing his hair bank out of his eyes. He lowered his lips and gently kissed the shocked Professor. Hermione shuddered and soaked her knickers. It was incredibly hot and she wanted nothing more than for Draco to rip Snape’s clothes off and devour him. But Snape pulled back too soon and looked up, seeing the mistletoe disappear. He wrenched himself out of Draco’s arms and dashed down the hall without another word.

“What do you think?” Draco asked softly, touching his lips in awe.

“Gods,” Hermione whispered as she came out from her hiding spot. “I’m going to need another pair of knickers.”

Draco hummed and pulled her into his arms, grinding his rock hard member into her stomach. “I have a little problem, too.”

She shivered and slid her hand between them to stroke him through his trousers. “I can help with that.”

“What a coincidence,” Draco purred picking her up to straddle him and walking back into her alcove. “Let’s help each other.”

Hermione’s head fell back against the stone as Draco moved her knickers aside and entered her in one swift thrust. She saw stars as he took her hard and fast. All she could do was hold on for dear life and try to keep her arms and legs around him as the pleasure climbed. He grunted as he came, swallowing her scream as he fell over the precipice with him.

“Shit,” he breathed once he gained his senses back. “We keep this up and we’ll never get anywhere.”

“I agree.”

Draco jerked backwards so badly he nearly dropped Hermione. “Severus!”

Snape was scowling blackly, arms crossed and tapping his foot. Ouch. He never got angry enough to tap his foot. Draco sheepishly lowered Hermione to the ground and helped her clean and straighten up. Snape wrinkled his nose.

“I see you found her.”

“Sorry,” Draco said, giving his wife a mischievous wink. “She thought it was hot.”

“What?” Snape hissed.

Draco raised an eyebrow. “The kiss, Severus. You didn’t think I’d keep it from her did you?”

Snape’s jaw dropped open in shock.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised,” Draco said. “I said she’d think it was hot.” He leered at Hermione, making her blush. “She did. Don’t we have a lecture to go to?”

Snape managed to snap his mouth shut with an audible click and spun around, stalking back toward the classroom.

“That was close,” Hermione whispered.

Draco hummed in thought. “Should have taken a little longer.”


He grinned at her. “You’re beautiful when you come.”


Hermione plopped down in a student desk and blew an errant curl out of her face. “Please tell me we weren’t that horrible in fifth year.”

“No,” Snape drawled, his eyes pinning her to the desk. “You were worse.”

Draco chuckled. “Well, the little blighters certainly keep you on your toes.”

“Just wait until you two have children,” Snape said sourly. “It’ll be the most inquisitive, obnoxious, devious little shit there ever was.”

Draco winked at Hermione. “We’d better get started then. I can’t wait to see this amazing child.”

Hermione barely had time to shift in her chair before Draco was on her, kissing her for all she was worth. She moaned into his mouth, itching to see what he’d come up with.

“Please refrain from devouring each other in my classroom,” Snape said tightly. “I just cleaned.”

Draco chuckled and pulled Hermione up from her seat. “Unlike your students, Severus, we clean up after ourselves… as you saw earlier.”

A shadow passed over the Professor’s face that Hermione couldn’t read. She wondered if he was thinking about the compromising position he’d caught them in. Was it a good thought or a bad one? Draco seemed to think good because he pulled her around and turned her to face the scowling man, bringing her back flush with his chest.

“Come now Severus, don’t you want to witness the making of this miraculous child that you’ll be corralling… er… teaching?”

Snape sneered. “Stop messing about. It’s lunch time.”

“Exactly,” Draco purred, bringing a hand down to Hermione’s stomach and rubbing soothing circles on it. “This is the perfect time to let off a little steam. Nothing like a good show to take the mind off of the troubles of the day.” He brought his hands higher to caress the undersides of her breasts through her blouse.

Snape snorted and turned to leave. “Always the prankster.”

“Actually,” Draco said, his tone serious. “I was offering for real.”

Snape stopped in his tracks, his head turned to the side but not facing them. “What?” he whispered.

“I told you she wasn’t a prude, Severus. She’s actually very much an exhibitionist. And I know in the past you have been an enthusiastic voyeur. So I’m offering you a show, both of you.”

“Why?” Snape asked, his voice shaking.

“Why not?” Draco asked softly, still lightly caressing under her breasts.

“No,” Snape growled a little stronger. “Why me?”

“Why not you?” Draco countered.

“I’m your Professor,” Snape said, spinning to face them. “I’m twenty years your senior.”

“And,” Draco drawled.

“And it is lecherous,” Snape hissed.

Draco sniffed and brought his hands up to cup Hermione’s breasts, kneading them softly. She sank into him, unable to keep the soft moan from escaping. She was always putty in Draco’s arms and the way Snape was trying not to look at her was almost too much.

“Does she look like a child to you?” Draco asked softly, bending down to nip at her ear. “Do I look like a child? Do either one of us look the least bit caring of your age, status, or any other think you could possibly come up with?

Snape’s gaze wavered before his eyes went hard. “This is some sort of joke.”

Draco sniffed and suddenly ripped Hermione’s blouse open, exposing the see-through black lace bra she’d picked out for this occasion. “Does this look like I’m joking?”

Snape was dumbfounded and unable to look away. Hermione couldn’t help but preen. She’d never considered herself beautiful but it was hard not to feel sexy the way she was being looked at. Draco chuckled in her ear and yanked the rest of her blouse off.

“They are gorgeous, aren’t they?” Draco said softly, trying not to break Snape out of his trance. “Can’t you just imagine fucking them, your cock sliding back and forth and coating them?”

Hermione shuddered at the filthy suggestions coming from her husband. She noticed that he subtly flicked his wand to lock the door. She might be an exhibitionist, but she was selective. She had her prudish reputation to keep after all. But then he ground his cock into the cleft of her arse and she forgot what she was thinking.

“She’s got beautiful nipples,” Draco continued, moving his hands around to the clasp in the front of her bra. “Would I show them to you if I was joking?”

She shivered as he undid the clasp in one swift movement and freed her breasts. Snape gasped, despite the stoic look he was trying to pull off. She swore she heard a strangled groan when Draco reached up to pinch and pull at her nipples.

“So rosy,” Draco breathed. “But play with them a bit, and they get cherry red. See?”

“This is madness,” Snape whispered.

“Sit down and enjoy it,” Draco said softly. “Consider it an early Christmas present.”

“I can’t,” Snape said weakly. “You’re my students.”

“We’re your partners,” Draco corrected. “And you’ve taught us enough. It’s time to pay up.”

Snape’s face hardened. “You want to pay with sex!”

“No,” Draco said gently, trying to work around Snape’s obvious hesitance. “We want to pay with pleasure. Sit down and take out your cock and enjoy it.”

“I don’t understand,” Snape growled.

“You don’t have to,” Draco said lightly. “Some things need no understanding or explanation. Some things you just go with. Now sit!”

Snape scowled but actually did as he was told, which shocked Hermione to the core. Snape looked none too pleased as he lowered himself gracefully into his chair but she didn’t have time to think about it. She was being pushed towards the desk.

“I’m going to fuck these pretty tits,” Draco hissed. “And you’ll have the best seat in the house.”

Hermione was spun so fast she almost fell over with dizziness before being gently pushed back onto Snape’s desk. Papers slid off in every direction as Draco pushed her further up until her head was dangling off the edge. It was uncomfortable, but her breasts where thrust high in the air and she could see the effect she was having on Snape, even if the view was upside down. He looked to be in pain, shifting slightly in the chair.

“Now, that will never do,” Draco said, tsking and drawing his wand again.

There was suddenly a small ledge under her head. It gave enough support so that her neck wouldn’t ache but her back was still bowed. Then she had to fight back a chuckle when he undid the buttons on Snape’s trousers and parted the man’s robes with one flick of his wand.

Snape started to protest but Draco cut him off. “Ah, ah, ah. We’re not going to do this if you’re just going to sit there. Take that cock out and stroke it. I know you want to.”

“This is preposterous.”

“Blue balls are preposterous,” Draco said. “Especially when there is plenty of stimulation.”

“I am not some teenager!” Snape growled.

“No,” Draco said darkly. “You’re just a bloody coward.”

“What?” Snape hissed.

“You heard me,” Draco said. “There is a gorgeous half-naked woman splayed out before you and you aren’t brave enough to take advantage of it.”

“She’s married!”

“And I’m her husband!” Draco snapped. “How much more permission could you get?”

Snape’s jaw worked for a minute or two as his face heated up. But he slowly moved his hands to his fly and took out his hardening cock. Hermione gasped. It was magnificent, thicker than Draco’s but not quite as long. It would be perfect.

“That’s better,” Draco rasped, licking his lips at the sight. “We can continue now.”

Draco reached for his fly, taking out his rock hard member. It was already weeping in excitement. Hermione cut her eyes to see her husband straddling her, careful to keep his weight off of the rest of her body. He knew her limits and he was very careful to walk the thin line between more than enough and too much. But his shirt tails were obscuring the view. She blind reached up and yanked his shirt up, ripping at the tails to get them out of his way.

Draco quickly slapped her thigh. “No,” he growled. “If you want something, you’ll ask for it.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered. “I’m sorry, Sir. Can you please take off the shirt?”

Draco smirked. “Much better. But you have to earn it.”

Hermione trembled a bit as he leaned forward and suck his cock in her face. She craned her neck to reach it, licking the tip and tasting his essence. He purposefully placed it too far back to get her lips around and she wondered if Snape was enjoying it. But she couldn’t lick and look at the same time. Draco smirked and looked up, shuddering a bit.

“That’s enough,” Draco ordered, pulling back and unbuttoning his shirt.

Hermione laid back down and studied Snape. His hand was just out of sight but she could see the movement of his arm. His face was zeroed in on Draco’s chest as he slowly bared it. She couldn’t blame him. She did love her husband’s chest.

“Now,” Draco breathed, gaining her attention as he tossed his shirt. “Let’s make sure you’re nice and wet.”

He scooted back and lowered his face to her breasts, laving the valley between them with his tongue. She couldn’t help but moan at the feeling of his rough tongue, his mouth straying every now and then to nibble at her nipples while his hands squeezed and kneaded her breasts.

“Mmm,” Draco purred, licking one last time. “Perfect.”

Hermione gasped as he sat up and locked eyes with Snape. It was intense and erotic. Draco shifted forward, tilting his hips and leaning over her until his cock lined up between her breasts.

“Damn, but this is difficult,” Draco growled, trying to balance his weight on one arm and hold her breasts around his cock with the other hand. “I need an extra hand.”

Hermione started to reach up but was stayed by his hand. “No, love. Your hands will be quite occupied playing with my balls. But there is another set of hands here… Severus?”

Snape made an odd choking noise. “You said-“

“I know,” Draco said. “But if watching is good, participating is even better.”

“There is a big difference between watching and participating,” Snape growled.

“And I’m past the point of caring,” Draco said. “Scoot forward and grab her tits, damn it. I’m so hard it hurts.”

“But-“ Snape started.

“Please?” Hermione asked quietly. It was a risk but she had to take it. “I don’t mind.”


“I’m not minding either,” Draco said, sliding his cock through her saliva slicked breasts.

Snape swallowed and raised a tentative hand. Draco was too impatient for that. He grabbed the hand and pressed it firmly into her breast, manipulating Snape’s fingers to both hold pressure and stimulate the nipple.

“There,” Draco growled, pushing her other breast up to meet it. “Fuck that feels amazing, so soft.”

Hermione moaned at the dual sensations of Draco’s cock sliding on her chest and his and Snape’s hands squeezing and pinching her nipples. Snape’s long fingers proved good for more than chopping and shredding. They were able to tweak her nipple while somehow massaging the rest of her breast.  She made sure to reach around and tug on Draco’s bollocks, just the way he liked. Her other hand gently massaged his perineum. Draco’s breathing grew labored and shallow, his eyes half-lidded with pleasure. Normally he could last much longer but it was too much for him. She stuck her pinky into his tight hole and he came with a loud groan and a litany of curses.

Draco barely held his weight off of her, his forehead against her shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. “Damn, Hermione. I can never last when you finger my arse.”

Hermione chuckled and looked up at Snape. He looked tense and uncomfortable and she realized that his hand was still on her breasts, trapped by Draco’s chest against hers. Had he come?

“Fuck, I’m being rude,” Draco huffed, raising himself up.

Hermione shuddered as his seed dripped down her chest and pooled in her clavicle, running over her shoulders and into her hair. But she was bereft when Snape quickly snatched his hand back.

“Not so fast,” Draco said before Severus could get up. “This isn’t over until everyone finishes.”

He flicked his wand, quickly drying Hermione’s chest before helping her sit up and turn around to face Snape, legs dangling just inches from his knees. From this angle, she could tell that Snape was turned on. His face was more flush than usual, hand still gripped a cock that was now almost purple with arousal. She wanted to be the hand that gripped him but she could tell he was on the verge of bolting. It was one thing, her flat on her back, another to add a hand, and yet another entirely to meet two sets of eyes. But those black orbs managed to make their way up to meet hers, lust carefully restrained.

“Good thing you’re wearing a skirt,” Draco said, smirking into her shoulder as he straddled her. “Scoot forward to the edge and lean into me.”

Hermione did as she was told, yelping when he ripped the crotch of her knickers. They were made for it, a special spell that controlled when and where and how they could be ripped. But his roughness had taken her by surprise and she wet herself with anticipation.

“There,” Draco hissed. “Can you smell her?”

Snape swallowed hard and nodded, squeezing the head of his cock roughly.

“She’s even more beautiful when she comes. Watch. Hermione, play with yourself.”

Hermione frowned but quickly gasped when she felt the bottle of mistletoe juice being uncorked behind her. That sneaky bastard. He wasn’t going to let Snape leave without kissing them… or more. Had he had a chance to charm it to the next stage? She jerked when Draco pinched her thigh, a warning. She needed to keep Snape’s eyes on her. So she slid her hand down her leg and back up, hitching her skirt higher to give him a good view of her clean shaven pussy. Draco had suggested it for just this reason. He said it was easier to see her flushed lips and that he wanted her completely exposed for this. That thought made her core clench and a new flood of wetness escaped her, dripping down onto the desk. Merlin. She hadn’t even touched herself yet.

She watched Snape lick his lips at the sight of her drenched core. Spurned on, she started gently rubbing over her lips, teasing herself. But she was already too turned on, too worked up. It was torture to try to go slow like Draco liked, so she started gently massaging her clit, gasping and moaning loudly as the sensations pooled in her stomach. She was already climbing, spinning out of control. Snape’s eyes locked to her pussy as she started mindlessly writhing around, shoving the fingers on her other hand into her channel. Draco’s hand on her abdomen was the only thing keeping her grounded. Her eyes fell shut as she was lost to the pleasure but flew open when her hand was stilled.

“Not so fast,” Draco said. “We said a show. He should see it all.”

“What?” she asked weakly, trying to grind against something, anything to keep from losing that feeling.

“This is my cock,” Draco announced.

Hermione barely had the presence of mind to look up and see that it was indeed her favorite toy, an exact replica of Draco’s cock.

“It’ is charmed to look and feel exactly like me,” Draco continued. “But sometimes, it isn’t enough. That’s why there is this.”

Hermione gasped as he squeezed the head of the cock and gave it a slight twist. It morphed in his hand, becoming larger around, almost too large for her.

“Sometimes she needs more.”

Hermione cried out in shock when he leaned down and roughly stuffed the head of the enlarged dildo in her cunt. He allowed her a few seconds to get used to it before sliding it in slowly, back and forth, shoving it further in an inch at a time. When it was fully seated, he smirked.

“Let’s see if we can make her pass out. Grab it.”

“What?” Snape whispered.

“My hands are going to be occupied so we’ll once again need yours. I’m sure you know how this works. Push, pull, whirl, experiment.”

“This is wrong,” Snape whispered.

“Doesn’t feel wrong,” Draco countered, reaching up to knead her breasts. “Play with your clit, love, and let the Professor bring you over the edge.”

Hermione did as she was told, trembling in anticipation. Snape looked extremely uncomfortable but the lust won him over. He reached his hand out, wrapping it around the scant inch left, careful not to touch her. She wanted him to though, so badly. But he pulled the toy out and Draco clamped his fingers down on her nipples and she cried out in pleasure. Her head spun as the men worked her over. She couldn’t even think to touch herself, too far gone to concentrate on anything but holding on to Draco for dear life and bucking her hips for any bit of contact she could get from Snape.

“You’ll have to play with her clit, Severus. She’s too far gone to do any good.”


“Don’t you want to?”

There was no answer. Hermione screamed as the dildo was suddenly slammed into her before being whirled around, reaching places that she didn’t think possible. And then there was a finger… oh, two. They were gently pinching and plucking her clit. She came without warning, barely able to hear Draco ordering Severus not to stop. She couldn’t breathe as she came, her body plummeting only to be brought over again. It was too much. Light sparked behind her eyes as she reached the next peak and then there was darkness.


Hermione felt a jolt and sat up gasping for air.

“Welcome back, sweetheart,” Draco said cheerfully from behind her. “So nice of you to join us.”

“Sorry,” she breathed.

“On the contrary,” Draco said with a grin. “I quite like it when you hit your threshold.”

“Sadist,” she said affectionately.

“Says the masochist,” Draco teased. “Now, our friend was somewhat derailed by helping you along.”

Hermione frowned and turned to see a stunned Snape, cock only semi-hard and laying in his lap. His eyes held deep concern and he looked to be on the very edge of bolting. She gave him her best reassuring smile.

“I’m sorry Severus. When he said over the edge, he should have specified that it meant the edge of consciousness.”

Snape looked horrified. “You do this often?”

“Not really,” Hermione said. “It’s more of a… special occasion kind of thing.”

“What?” Snape whispered.

Hermione smothered her smirk, turning it into a soft smile. “I don’t think your ears are broken.”

“But I’m-“

“Special,” Draco said. “Do you honestly think we put on a dog and pony show for everyone?”

Snape frowned. “I should hope not.”

“But it looks like we didn’t perform very well,” Draco said with a frown as he peered at Snape’s crotch.

“It was fine,” Snape said in a strangled voice.

“The fainting was too much,” Draco said apologetically.

Snape cleared his throat and tried to move to cover himself. “I have to get to lunch.”

Draco watched intently as Snape struggled to get out of his chair, cursing when his arse wouldn’t move. Hermione had to admire Draco’s cleverness. Since the mistletoe had formed when Snape was seated, he wouldn’t be moving anywhere until the terms were fulfilled.

“What the fuck did you two do to my chair?” Snape hissed.

“Nothing,” Draco said lightly, shifting and pretending to fall back, his eyes darting across the ceiling. “Merlin’s left nut.”

Snape stopped struggling and followed Draco’s eyes, cursing soundly as he finally spied the mistletoe. “What in the bloody hell is it doing growing in classrooms. Dumbledore never let it do that.”

Draco shrugged. “Maybe old McGonagall’s feeling a bit festive this year.”

“I shall have a word with her,” Snape growled.

“Like that?” Draco asked, his eyes alight with amusement as Snape’s cock bounced back and forth as he struggled to move.

Snape turned redder and he hissed under his breath. “No.”

“Let me help,” Hermione said, sliding off the desk.

She was fully aware of her near nudity and she was sure Snape was too, if his widening eyes had anything to do with it. She placed a knee in between his legs, close enough to brush up against his re-hardening member if he shifted just right.

“You… your… but-“

“Oh, just shush Severus and let the girl free you from the big bad mistletoe,” Draco said condescendingly.

Snape gasped as Hermione leaned forward, her breasts grazing his chest. Then she kissed him softly, noting the taste of him. His lips were thinner than Draco’s, firmer, but very smooth. She didn’t want to give too much away so she pulled back and looked up, arching her breasts closer to him. As expected, the mistletoe stayed put.

“Well, what did you expect after our last interaction?” Draco asked, barely able to keep from laughing.

She shrugged and kissed Snape again, harder this time, more passionate. Her knee slid forward, brushing against his member. It was starting to leak on her knee. She didn’t want to leave him like that so she motioned for Draco to join them. She made sure to gesture with her hand behind her back so the Professor would be none the wiser. Draco’s hand slid down her back, gently spreading her cheeks and further down, running his fingers through her folds before wrapping around Snape’s length.

Snape gasped loudly and she took the advantage to slide her tongue in his mouth. He was so shocked he almost clamped down on it but recovered quickly, giving as good as he got. Their tongues battled for dominance, his finally winning out. Draco’s hand moved faster, brushing against her sensitive nether lips. Snape went rigid underneath her, his body seeming to tighten like a bowstring before he groaned loudly, losing all pretenses of trying to keep himself in check.

Hermione shivered as his seed splashed her thighs. They’d done it. Sort of. They’d made him lose control. He was kissing her languidly now, no doubt riding on his high. Draco was still stroking him gently, milking the last drops of his orgasm from him. She was pushed backwards gently, meeting Snape’s eyes. He looked conflicted and she hated that.

“Thank you,” Snape said hoarsely. “But I think we’re done here.”

Knowing he couldn’t be pushed any further, Draco and Hermione quickly backed off, cleaning and righting themselves with a few flicks of their wands. Draco grabbed Hermione’s hand and ushered her to the door. Before he unlocked it, he looked back to see Snape standing up, looking as impeccable as ever.

“It doesn’t have to end there,” Draco said softly.

Snape sighed. “It does. Go on. Enjoy what’s left of lunch.”

They headed out, shutting the door with heavy hearts.

“That was amazing,” Draco said, sighing sadly.

“He still doesn’t want us,” Hermione muttered.

“I’m not so sure,” Draco said. “But I’ll give him one thing. He’s got more morals than I ever gave him credit for.”

Hermione sniffed in aggravation. “And for the first time in my life, I hate it.”


“Still nothing?” McGonagall asked the sour couple as they had drinks with the Headmistress at the Leaky Cauldron.

“Not a blasted word,” Draco said morosely, staring down his fire whiskey, daring it to talk back.

“Did he seem disgusted with himself?” McGonagall asked politely.

“On the contrary,” Hermione said as she studied her elf-made wine. “He looked to enjoy himself. But then he just looked resigned, like he knew it would never go any further.”

“Will it?” McGonagall asked sharply.

“If he’d let it,” Draco growled. “A taste wasn’t nearly enough… for either of us.”

“Perhaps he felt that he would be intruding on your marriage,” McGonagall suggested.

Draco snorted. “If he’d stay in the same spot for more than two minutes, we would tell him that we’ve already discussed it… at length.”

“Ad nauseam,” Hermione added.

“Perhaps you weren’t ready to marry if you are already looking for another to join,” McGonagall said softly.

“Or perhaps we’re not your average married couple and we actually know exactly what we want,” Draco snapped.

McGonagall smirked. “That’s more like it.”

“What?” Hermione asked.

“Well,” McGonagall said. “Since when do you two sit back and wait for what you want to just walk into your hands?”

“Since we wanted Severus Snape,” Draco said glumly.

McGonagall’s eyes twinkled. “And when has he ever done anything anyone ever wanted without a fight?”

“Never,” Hermione said, feeling a bit foolish.

“The way I see it,” McGonagall continued. “He’s had time to think it over, lick his wounds so to speak. It’s Christmas Eve. There are no students at the castle tonight.”

“We’d need permission to enter the school grounds,” Hermione said.

“Done. Seven-thirty.”

With that, their old Headmistress patted both their hands and walked out.

“We just got played,” Draco said in awe.

“Not caring,” Hermione said.

“Nope,” Draco agreed.


“He won’t appreciate this at all,” Hermione breathed as the levitated the mistletoe potion to the ceiling of Snape’s bedroom, just above the bed.

“He’s not being released until he hears us out,” Draco said firmly. “And unless he can give us a damn good reason for not wanting us, we’re not leaving either. Now we wait.”

They didn’t have long to wait either. Severus entered his rooms in a flurry, growling to himself as he sat down on the bed to remove his shoes.

“Blasted harpies, nothing better to do than gossip and try to fuck with my non-existent love life.”

“Doesn’t have to be non-existent,” Draco popped off, stepping out of the shadows.

Snape had his wand out and a curse on the tip of his tongue but it wavered when he realized who they were. “Get out.”

“No,” Draco said. “We aren’t leaving until you give us a good explanation.”

“You had your bit of fun,” Snape said darkly, putting his wand on this table. “I understand that you wanted a bit of punch in your sex lives and I can’t say that I’m sorry that I got to be it. But you two are married.”

“Thank you,” Draco drawled. “For that studious observation. Here’s one more for you. We’re well aware that you are attracted to both of us, bisexual that you are.”

“How did you know that?” Snape hissed.

“You said so yourself,” Draco said, barging on. “Probably too drunk to remember. Moving forward, has it occurred to you that Hermione and I might have discussed the fact that we are both attracted to you in turn?”

“How?” Snape whispered.

“You aren’t the only bisexual running around the wizarding world,” he said, leering at the Potion Master. “And we both happened to realize what was missing from our marriage at the same time.”

“And what was that?” Snape asked sourly.

“You,” Hermione whispered. “You were missing. We want you… for as long as you’ll have us.”

“There are no triads in the wizarding world,” Snape hissed.

“Says you,” Draco said. “Potter seems quite happy with Ginny… and Remus.”

“The werewolf?” Snape asked in shock.

“He was devastated after Tonks died,” Hermione said sadly. “Raising Teddy was killing him. And Harry and Ginny stepped in… and things… went from there. We talked to them a lot, discussed pit falls and jealousy issues. We’ve done our homework, Severus.”

“Surprise,” Snape said dryly. “But they aren’t public.”

“Because they don’t want to be,” Hermione said.

“But if you did,” Draco added.

“No!” Snape said quickly. “Gods no. The Prophet would tear you both to pieces.”

“Like we’d care,” Hermione said with a sneer.

“Actually,” Draco said, smirking. “I think she just wants another piece of Skeeter.”

“I don’t care,” Hermione insisted. “We discussed this.”

“I know,” Draco said, chuckling a bit. “But I’m dying to see that wretch in a glass jar.”

Snape laughed, actually laughed but frowned when he tried to get up. He looked up and huffed. “Honestly?”

Draco shrugged and moved the plant with his wand. “Sorry, didn’t expect you to sit so soon.”

Snape narrowed his eyes but there was admiration glowing in them. “It was you two.”

“Who else?” Draco asked.

Snape shook his head and sighed. “You are sure? Both of you?”

“Absolutely,” Draco and Hermione said at the same time.

Snape’s eyes glittered. “Then strip, both of you, and get on the fucking bed. You’ll pay for teasing me last week.”

Giddy, the couple ripped their clothes off and leapt onto the bed. Snape wasted no time pouncing on them, kissing Draco greedily while his hands roamed Hermione’s breasts. Then he switched, devouring Hermione’s mouth while his hand slid around Draco’s hardening length. Then he pulled back and practically dragged Draco on top of Hermione, motioning for them to kiss as well. It was all very strange… and more arousing than anything they’d ever expected.

“Fuck her,” Snape hissed, drawing a finger down Draco’s spine. “And I’ll fuck you.”

Hermione gasped as she heard Snape whisper a spell to prepare Draco’s arse. Her husband moaned and reached down to finger her entrance. He didn’t even need to check. She was more than ready to go at Snape’s dominance. It had been fun to try and coax him out of his shell, but this full on Snape assault was something they’d both dreamt of.

Draco slid his cock into her, groaning at her warmth. “Fuck, Mione. Tighter every time.”

“Stay still,” Snape warned Draco, smacking his arse when he thrust again.

Hermione almost came when she saw Snape slicking his cock with lube. When had he rid himself of all his clothes? He was beautiful, alabaster skin, lean and muscular with black hair and scars scattered about. His body spoke of a warrior and his face… he looked ready to do battle. He slid into Draco with utmost care. Her husband moaned uncontrollably as Snape brushed over his prostate.

Snape laughed. “We’re just getting started. Now, fuck her.”

Hermione wasn’t sure which way was up anymore. Draco thrust into her with everything he had, only to be yanked back by Snape, who wrenched a feral growl from him with each movement. It was like she and Draco were just puppets, being maneuvered around by the master. Then those spindly fingers reached around Draco and pinched her clit, sending her over. He thrust roughly into Draco, whose whole body locked up in a silent scream as he pumped his wife full of seed. Snape thrust again and arched his back, growling as he came. He was just a beautiful as Draco, a mix of pain and pleasure on his face. After a few moments of riding out their pleasure, they all collapsed in a heap on the bed.

“Gods,” Draco whispered, shuddering at the feeling of Snape sliding out of his body.

Snape chuckled. “No, just me.”

“Close enough,” Hermione whispered.

“You’re certain you want to continue,” Snape said, worry evident in his voice.

Draco snorted and wandlessly summoned the mistletoe juice, showing it to Snape. “Don’t make me use this whole bottle.”

Snape smirked. “You’d think I would have recognized it when I was brewing it for you. Christmas present for a couple in need, my arse.”

Draco and Hermione chuckled, Snape joining in. Happy Christmas, indeed.

AN: And a Happy Christmas to everyone out there. May your season be joyful and your ceiling be crowded with mistletoe. Drop me a line and let me know what you thought. Until the next one... love you guys!

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