The Children of Sin 2.0

BY : Corvus-Aubrey
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The Children of Sin 2.0

Book One of the Chronicles of the Graveyard Shift Series

Written and Illustrated by Corvus Aubrey

Additional Illustrations by No One Currently

Edited and Proofread by No One Currently

Extremely Graphic Adult Content

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter Series, the Lucifer TV series, the Teen Wolf series, the Originals series or the Vampire Dairies Series. They belong to their respective creators and various publishers. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Inspired by Copyright Materials: Dexter (Live Action, TV Show), Penny Dreadful (TV Show), and Black Butler (Anime), and Frailty (Film)

Warnings: Slash (Homosexual Romance), Het (Heterosexual Romance), Future Graphic Sexual Content (Heterosexual Intercourse, Homosexual Intercourse, male and female masturbation, double penetration, threesomes and more, cum belly (filling the submissive partner’s belly so full of cum that it distends appearing pregnant), Bestiality (With Creatures of Human-Intelligence, Werewolves and Animagi), tentacles, tentacles sex, egg laying, eggs pregnancy, pregnant sex, oral sex, hand jobs, fisting, incest, fingering, rimming, toys (Magical Toys and Dildos) and kink), adult language (Sexual and Explicit), violence (Blood and Gore), scary thematic materials, mentions of child abuse, vampires, torture, minor character deaths, and changes to appearance, lineage, history and abilities. Non-Canon Events/Alternative Universe (AU), Out of Character (OOC), Original Characters (OC(s)), female pregnancy, teenage-pregnancy, Male Pregnancy (Mpreg), Incest Pregnancy, Bestiality Pregnancy, demons, angels, elves, blood magic, necromancy,  mythology, multiple-belief systems, revenge, Character bashing (James and Lily Potter, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, and Arthur Weasley), Minor Bashing (Redeemable –Sirius and Remus), infidelity, mates, some references to psychology and sociology, Foreign cultural references (Lightly researched), foreign translations, infidelity, new magical creatures/beings, new magical realms, politics, new types of magic, new potions, magical creature inheritances, magical inheritances, magical nobility, werewolf packs and werewolf subculture, Alpha/Omega/Beta dynamics, necromancy, new Schools, Fem-Slash, Dominant Female (Fleur), multiple-points-of-view, powerful  characters, Yōkai societies and cultures, a dark magical underworld, Elemental Manipulation, Alive Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore, Many Familiars, Shape Shifters, Alchemy, New Weapons, Nephilim, Cambion, Angels, Lucifer, Sacrifices, Hell, Alternative Dimensional Spaces, Assassins, Royalty, Martial Arts disciplines, New Fighting Styles and Clans, Shinigami-reinvented, Evil Dumbledore and Gray-Neutral Voldemort  

Genres: Mystery/Suspense/Drama/Horror/Romance/Adventure/Angst/Hurt & Comfort/Family

The Children of Sin, Book One of the Chronicles of Graveyard Shift Series written by Corvus Aubrey

Slash and Het. Threesomes and More. Incest. Beast.  Mpreg. AU. OOC. OC(s). He is expelled from Hogwarts during the summer of 1996, after losing his godfather, Sirius. His wand is snapped and he is abandoned at the Dursley’s doorstep. Hadrian sneaks into Gringotts to remove his monies only to discover that he was never a Potter at all. Hadrian or Samael Petrova-Bellerose escapes Britain and searches for answers to his identity and strange abilities. Years later, Stiles Stilinski’s adoptive father is killed, the State of California locate his living biological relatives. After the death of her adoptive parents, Elena Gilbert, a small town girl from Michigan, moves to Virginia, with her half-brother, Jeremy Gilbert, and her adoptive Aunt, Jena Sommers. Whispering Hollows, Virginia is fine sounding name for a small town girl like Elena. Elena hopes for an adventure in her new home. However, shortly after she arrives, a meteor flies across the night sky, unleashing a wondrous and terrible power within her. Elena Gilbert is just about to get the adventure she wanted, but will it be a dream or a nightmare?

Main Pairing: Damon Salvatore/Peter Hale/Tom M. Riddle/Silas/Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski/Harry Potter

Side Pairings: Stefan Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, Annabel Zhu/Jeremy Gilbert, Scott McCall/Isaac Lahey/Alison Argent, Isaiah McCall/Kira Yukimura, Remus Lupin/Galen Blake-Hibiscus (OMC), Lucius Malfoy/Draco Malfoy/Severus Snape/Blaise Zabini, Dean Thomas/Ginny Weasley, Ronald Weasley/Gabrielle Delacour, Viktor Krum/Theodore Nott/Hermione Granger, Alaric Saltzman/Caroline Forbes, Camden Lahey/Lydia Martin, Vernon Boyd/Erica Reyes, Danny Mahealani/Jackson Whittlemore, Sirius Black/James Potter/Harrison Potter

Notes: There are no Doppelgangers in this story, so Katherine Pierce does not look like Elena Gilbert. Katherine Piece looks similar to Odette Annable, while Elena Gilbert is played by Nina Dobrev. Silas looks similar to Theo Theodoridis and Amara looks similar to Irini Karra. For Samael Petrova-Bellerose, his base-look is similar to Emil Andersson, but he had different eyes. Please note, these are real people whose images I searched on Google and this story is completely fictitious. Now go look up these people on Google Images, especially Emil.

“Blah” – Talking / Blah – Thinking, Written Word and Memories / “Blah” – Parseltongue / “Blah” – Grim Tongue / “Blah” – Phoenix Tongue

Chapter One: Wayward Children

May 29, 2005

Richmond, Virginia

After touring the Magical World for the last nine years, I decided to settle down.

My name was Hadrian Potter and I was called the-Boy-who-Lived. Problem was Hadrian Potter did not exist. I discovered this after being kicked out of the British Magical world at the end of my would-be fifth year. However, the child of Lord James Potter and Lady Lily Potter nee Evans, Harrison Potter did exist. He was being raised in France by his paternal Grandmother as Jacques Atticus Blake. I was used by the Potter couple to circumvent the Prophecy, which haunted their son. No one knew that I wasn’t the so-called Potter heir, until Harrison’s godfather, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin decided to find a way out of the war. After discovering the truth, they faked their deaths – Sirius murder by his estranged cousin, Bellatrix, and Remus by suicide.

They negligently left this information with the Goblins, who reported it to their King. The Goblin King was disgusted by their deceptions and summoned me from Number 4 Privet Drive to the London Division of Gringotts. There I learned the horrific truth.

The Goblins assisted me in unwinding the many charms and spell-work placed on me by the Potter couple. Their spell work had hidden my true appearance and changed my magical identity. The Goblins had then discovered the many compulsion charms and potions, alongside magical blocks placed on me by Albus Dumbledore and his Order of Phoenix. These included a bloodline inheritance block and an intelligence limiter. They removed this as well.

A blood test named me Samael Petrova-Bellerose, the child of Lord Ramiel Petrova and Lady Rochelle Bellerose, born June 21, 1981. The Petrova Magical Bloodline was ancient, predating even Merlin, while the Bellerose Magical bloodline had begun in 1023 and was most notable as Spell Crafters and Wards Masters. The Goblin Nation, alongside many other Magical Creature factions, had sworn an alliance with the Bellerose Bloodline; which had been until now thought to have died out. The Goblins contacted the Vampires to smuggle me out of the country.

I lived in Venice, Italy for the summer and then was relocated to Susanoo School of Magic in an undisclosed area of Japan. I spent the next four years at the school. I spent every waking moment devouring knowledge. The classes were divided differently than at Hogwarts. Herbology, Potions and Astronomy were contained in one class, while Defense Magic and Offense Magic were separated. My general studies were Herbology/Potions/Astronomy, Runes/Glyphs/Charter Marks/Sigils, Alchemy/Chemistry/Physics, Defensive Magic/Wards, Offensive Magic/Dueling/Dueling Wards, and Charms/Enchanting. There was also Physical Survival Skills/Weapons/Martial Arts and History/Geography. I chose several electives including Light Necromancy, Summoning, Mind Magic, Spell Crafting, Anchoring Magic/Sentience Magic/Animation Magic, Animagus transformation and Illusionary Magic. The Animagus transformation, Mind Magic and Illusionary Magic only lasted a semester each.

The following year, after I graduated school, I applied to become a Runes Master, Spell Crafting Master and Wards Master. I submitted my International Scores to the International Educational Department of Higher Education. I was chosen by a highly sought after Adept, Steven Gregorian, to become his Apprentice on the condition that I travel the world while studying under him. I was agreeable and Steven and I hit it off splendidly. An Adept is a higher form of Mastery, and Steven was the youngest Adept in history at thirty-four years old. We became lovers for a short period of time, but parted as friends.

We traveled everywhere save Britain and France.  I learned not only Spell Crafting, Runes Mastery and Wards Mastery, but so much more. I stayed with Steven for my four year period and graduated as Runes Adept and Spell Crafting Adept. I also held Masteries in Wards and Onmyōdō (A Japanese form of Exorcism and Divining).

I have been living in Whispering Hollows, Virginia, in the United States for three months, when I received the letter. A distant relative of mine, seventeen-years-old Julian Ravenswood, who had been going by the name Stiles Stilinski, needed sanctuary. His adoptive father had recently died. I checked my family tree to find Julian and was surprised to realize he was just as Magical as I. I sent a reply in which I said I would take custody of him until he decided otherwise. I was picking him up from the airport in Richmond in a few hours. I pulled my beat up old baby-blue pick-up truck at a stop at the airport parking lot.

Stiles Stilinski didn’t know what to feel about using his birth name. He had been going by Stiles for a very long time, but his new guardian suggested that he use it, to start over and to begin anew. This was his chance to reinvent himself. So Julian it was.

Julian was particularly interested in meeting his twenty-four-year old distant cousin, Samael Petrova-Bellerose. He wondered if they shared similar ancestry with a name like Samael. Samael was both the Hebrew Angel of Death and in Christianity a Demon. Being that Julian was a quarter-Cambion, a quarter-Nephilim and half-Human, it seemed likely. Julian stepped off the airplane and was met by a number of families waiting for their loved ones. Just outside of the crowd was a stunning young man holding a sign, which read “Julian Ravenswood.” Julian hesitantly made his way over to the man. Julian desperately hoped that this wasn’t his cousin, because he was thinking of all the naughty things he could to the beautiful, long-blond haired, young man. Julian pushed his way through the crowd. “Hi, I am Julian.” He said offering his hand.

“Hey, Julian, I’m Sam.” The man introduced himself. Damn it, Julian thought.  “Come on,” the blond said turning, “let’s get your luggage”. Sam led the way to the conveyer belt and Julian caught his three bags. Sam grabbed hold of one, reaching for the second one, but Julian got to it first. Sam huffs a laugh and walked Julian outside to the parking lot. He led the younger male to a blue pick-up truck. “Don’t dismiss old Bethany, she’ll get us home.” Sam said patting the hood of the truck. Julian had a vaguely frightened look on his face as he looked over the old truck. “Don’t worry. I bought you a new jeep.” Sam said consolingly, “I just happen to have an emotional attachment to Bethany here.”

“Dude, you named your car Bethany?” Julian spit out before he could catch himself. Sam just laughed.

“Hop in. It’s a three hour drive to Whispering Hollows. I will tell you how I named it Bethany.” Sam said, “We also need to discuss some things about Whispering Hollows.” Sam said mysteriously. They loaded Julian’s belongings in back and rolled them in tarp in case it rained. Julian then seated himself in the passenger and Sam shut the driver door. Sam turned the keys in the ignition and pulled out of the airport parking lot. They sat is a comfortable silence until they reached the turn off from Richmond. “We’re taking the scenic route.” Sam said casually, “Anyway, Whispering Hollows isn’t your average town,” Sam said, waiting until Julian took a sip of water, “Just like you’re not entirely human.” Julian spat the water onto the windshield.

“Dude, you just had to say that when I took a sip!” Julian lamented, “So are you like me?” He asked.

Sam waved his hand over the windshield collecting the water into a hovering marble-sized ball before flicking out of the open window. “Not precisely,” Sam admitted as Julian stared at him mouth agape, “But I am going to be the closest thing to a Professor for you. I hope you will come to see me a mentor and as an Uncle.”

Oh great, Julian thought, I really don’t want to see such a hot guy as family. “Okay,” Julian said carefully, “How do you know what I am?”Sam smirked pointing at the glove box. Julian hesitantly opened, as if it were going to eat him, causing Sam no small amount of amusement. In the glove box was a folded piece of paper, about the size of a road map you’d find in a car. Unfolding it carefully, it revealed a detailed family tree.

“That was done using my blood. My earliest documented relatives are Silas and Amara Petrova, while Amara is deceased, murdered by Silas’s betrothed, Silas is very much alive. He is immortal and a Magus. However, unbeknownst to Qetsiyah, Amara’s murderer and the Magus who cursed Silas with immortality, Amara had birthed Silas’s child, my ancestor, Damocles Petrova. Damocles took his mother’s name and joined her family posing as his Uncle’s child, since Silas and Amara were not married. Silas was rendered impotent so that he would always be alone. Damocles fearing Qetsiyah’s wrath never contacted his father. I do not know if Silas is aware that his bloodline has continued.  That is neither here nor there. What is relevant is my mother’s bloodline, the Bellerose bloodline. My mother, Rochelle Bellerose, is the daughter of the Magus, Lord Nicodemus Bellerose and the Half-Blood Sorceress Jean-Marie Beauchne. Jean-Marie is the child of the Pureblood Sorcerer and Lord, Jean-Claude Beauchne, and the Mundane-born, Sorceress Gabriella Carbone. Her mundane sister, Josephine Carbone, married Harris Ravenswood producing Claudia Ravenswood. Claudia then produced a child with an Archangel. Giving birth to your father, Elias Ravenswood. Your mother, Savannah Aubrey, is the child of Lilith and the mortal, Lukas Aubrey. Your older sister Julia was their first child and you followed. Josephine is my Great-Aunt, making you my third cousin.”

“Mundane? Mundane-Born? Pureblood? Half-Blood?” Julian asked quizzically.

“Ah, yes sorry about that. A Mundane is species of humans born without magic. A pureblood is a species of humans whom are entirely magical, but due to localized inbreeding they’re occasionally producing Squibs. Squibs are magic-less children born to magical couples. Squibs usually marry into the mundane populace. A Mundane-born is a child born with magic due to a recessive magical gene passed on by their Squib ancestors. A Half-blood is a child born to a Pureblood and a Mundane-born. Anything over fifty percent pureblood, but less than one-hundred percent, is considered a New Blooded, Pureblood.” Sam said.

“So you’re a magician?” Julian asked ignorantly, causing Sam to choke.           

“No, I am an Adept Magus, among other things. A magician is a stage performer. There is a number of other power levels, but a Magus, Magi for plural and also known as Mage, is the second highest magic practitioner level. These levels, in order of weakest to most powerful, are a Squib, Magistrate, Mystic, Wiccan/Druid, Astrologist/Shaman/Medium, Hedge Witch/Hedge Wizard, Witch/Wizard, Master Wizard/Master Witch, Grand Wizard/Grand Witch, Warlock,  Master Warlock, Grand Warlock, Conjurer/Alchemist, Sorcerer/Sorceress, Master Sorcerer/Master Sorceress, Grand Sorcerer/Grand Sorceress, Enchanter/Enchantress, Master Enchanter/Master Enchantress, Grand Enchanter/Grand Enchantress, Magi and lastly an Arch Magi.” Sam answered.

“What are you besides a Magi?” Julian asked curiously.

“Well I am a Magi and sometimes certain groups of people call me an Earth Bound Spirit, which is something I am unfamiliar with. I am also cursed with perpetual youth and I am extremely hard to kill. That’s why I appear more like nineteen-years-old than twenty-four years old. I have earned the titles of Spell Crafting Adept and a Runes Adept. I also hold titles as a Wards Master and an Onmyōdō Master. An Onmyōdō practitioner is part spiritualist and part exorcist. An adept is the highest educational title one can receive, while a master is the second highest. Although, those titles don’t encompass all of my skills.” Sam admitted ruefully. “You could say I am a clobbered together hodge-podge skilled Magi.”

 “That’s pretty cool.” Julian admitted, “So, you will be teaching me to use my own gifts?”

“Yes. Now, about Whispering Hollows. The town is part-magical and part-mundane, only the Mundane have no clue as to what we are. It is required to wear this,” Sam said indicating the thin, black leather strap wound around his wrist multiple times and then snapped closed. The strap had a silver charm with a circle and a line bisecting it on it. “As a mean of identification for the police. We have a special division meant to deal with us. If we don’t wear it we are penalized. We also cannot show off our skills to the Mundane. It’s a law to protect us. Although we can break that law if we or someone we know is in mortal peril. The only way for a mundane to learn the truth is by accident, marriage or turning.”

“Turning?” Julian asked.

“We have several Vampire covens and two werewolf packs in Whispering Hollows. Your identification band is in the glove box.” Sam said. Julian pulled out a red leather band with the same charm.

“Why is mine red?” Julian asked

“You’re not a legal adult.” Sam said, “You’re seventeen not eighteen.”

“So what else lives in Whispering Hollows?” Julian asked eagerly. 

“Well, we have two vampire covens; the Devilwood coven and the Blackwell coven. We have three Wiccan Covens, which are the Greenwood coven, the Briarwood coven, and the Rosewood coven. Also there are four Shape Shifter Clans; the Sky Kin Clan  of hawks, the Sly Paw Clan  of foxes, the Sun Kin Clan of cougars, and the Naga Clan of snakes. The two Werewolf packs are the Hale pack and the Lockwood Pack. Finally for the Magical side we have two Fae Houses; the House of Rowan and the House of Ash. Beneath Whispering Hollow’s soil are three powerful Ley lines which form and Nexus point and attracts all sort of Magic creatures and practitioners.  For establishments we have one magical academy called Umbra Academia and two private boarding schools for the children of human retainers of the vampires and other magical covens. We have five, strictly magical, districts. Meanwhile, the mundane side of town has two elementary schools, two intermediate schools (10yrs - 12 years), two junior highs and two high schools. There are three college; Whispering Hollows Community College, Wilhelm University of the Arts, and Gates University. There are also the typical hospitals, town hall, police and fire departments, downtown, churches, public library and so on and so forth.”

“Sounds interesting. Why not enroll me in the Magical School?” Julian asked, honestly confused.

“That is because your abilities are inherited not taught. We can gage them all, before we will decide if any of them would be covered by courses at Umbra Academia.” Sam said.

“But isn’t magic inherited?” Julian pointed out.

“Maybe inherited was the wrong word. Magic is inherited, but the general abilities must be learned. For example, I had to learn to be a Spell crafter, but Elemental manipulation is inherited in my family. All of your abilities will be instinctual once we discover your gifts and triggers. We just need to refine them.”

“Hmm,” Julian hummed in thought.

It was raining. The windshield wipers whirred in the silence that had fallen over the occupants of the car. Elena glanced from the corner of her eye at her younger brother, Jeremy, snoring softly in the backseat. She yawned tiredly. Aunt Jena was focused on the road. The rental car they were in smelled of cigarette smoke. Elena blinked sleepily watching the rain pelt down on the unsuspecting plant life that bordered the road. Everything was so green. It was almost like a filmy haze was lifted from her jaded eyes, allowing her a second chance to look at the world with childlike wonder. Then again, she and her brother had been anything, but ordinary children. Jeremy wasn’t technically her brother, he was her half-brother. Her adoptive parents, Grayson Gilbert and Miranda Gilbert, had told both siblings the painful truth about their pasts.

The house was supposed to be abandoned. So when a fire broke out in the abandoned house no one was overly worried. That was until they heard children screaming. The fire was doused quickly and two strange children were pulled from the blackened carcass of the house like innocents rescued from the maw of a great beast. They learned that the fire was intentionally set. Four-year-old Jeremy had continuously repeated the same phrase over and over again in a near catatonic state, “Mother, please it’s hot. Let us out.” Five-year-old Elena had been in a coma from a deep cut to the back of the head. Using blood samples, taken after the fire at the hospital, the police had determined Jeremy’s mother’s identity – Rachel Storm – and that the siblings were half-siblings.

Rachel Storm was the daughter of wealthy British-French, couple, who lived in Paris, France. Their only child, Rachel, had run away from home at the age of eighteen to seek fame and fortune as an actress in the United States.

When the authorities finally caught up with Rachel she confessed her guilt.

Rachel had met Jeremy’s recently widowed, father, who went by the name Nicolai Thorne, and was a wealthy business man – in a bar in Chicago. Nicolai was in Chicago for work, while Rachel was looking for a gig. It was supposed to be a one-night stand, but Rachel found herself pregnant. She had tracked down Nicolai and told him of her sudden pregnancy. He promised to do right by her. He would take the child in and the young actress could continue with her life. Rachel had even met Nicolai’s daughter, Elena, who would be their child’s older sister.

However, shortly before Jeremy’s birth, Nicolai disappeared without a trace, leaving Elena in her care. It was four years after Jeremy’s birth that the pressure had become too much for her. She hadn’t wanted this. She had come to the United States for fame and fortune, not to scrape by paycheck to paycheck with two squalling and hungry children on her hands. So she drove to a small town south of Chicago, found an abandoned house and locked the two brats in the building, before lighting it on fire. She then went on with her life. She found a leading role in an opening show that showed promise and was working as a waitress at a fancy restaurant. Life was good again, until her son’s blood sample unearthed her connection to the two brats.

Jeremy had spent a year in the foster care system, while his older sister was struggling to survive the coma she had found herself in. Then the childless Gilbert couple from Saugatuck, Michigan, contacted Jeremy and Elena’s caseworker and asked to adopt them. Jeremy moved in immediately. Elena awoke several months later with no memories of her past, but her name. After intense physical therapy to regain strength in her atrophied muscles, she moved in with the Gilberts as well. Eight years later, the kind hearted couple lost their lives in a car crash. Elena and Jeremy’s guardianship was handed over to their maternal Aunt, Jena Sommers. They had stayed in Michigan for two years before it became too painful. It reminded them of their lives with their adoptive parents, who were now gone.

Jenna, an illustrator, was offered a job in Richmond, Virginia, a short distance from a lovely college town, called Whispering Hollows. In a flurry of activity, they had sold the house, the car, and the majority of their possessions leaving them with a suitcase full of clothes and several personal items – mementos from Miranda and Grayson Gilbert – and boarded a plane. This was their new beginning, their new start. As one chapter closed, another opened promising to be an adventure.        

The rain continued to fall. It had been some time since they had seen another car. A sign along the road indicated that the exit to Whispering Hollows was in another half-mile, on Sparrow Lane. Soon they turned down Sparrow Lane, a narrow road sheltered by towering trees. They entered the town limits, directly into a heart of the downtown. Jena and Elena gaped at the beautiful scene before them.

The downtown of Whispering Hollows was made from white stone buildings covered in flowering vines. The downtown offered a maze like shopping center, hidden under a series of covered walkways. There were private grottos with flowering roses, courtyard restaurants and even a dollhouse shop. The coral cobbled sidewalks sprouted wild flowers here and there. It was all very beautiful.

The rode through the downtown under the pouring rain. Elena watched the people of Whispering Hollows pass under umbrellas. When they stopped at a traffic light, Elena caught sight of a girl her age. She was very pretty with long, silky black hair, mocha-colored skin and warm golden-brown eyes. She was dressed in black pants, a dark gray fitted peacoat and was holding a red umbrella over her head. The girl looked directly at Elena. Maybe it was a trick of the light or her imagination, but she swore she saw the girl recoil from her, the girl’s eyes flashing golden. “Bonnie!” Someone called, a woman, perhaps Bonnie’s grandmother.

“Yes, Nana!” Bonnie called back, running up to her grandmother to help her with her bags as they crossed the street. Bonnie and her grandmother disappeared around the corner as the light turned green and Aunt Jena stepped on the gas pedal.

The car continued onwards, passing the rest of the down town and a small canyon with rapids, swollen by the heavy rains. Down a road called Whistle Lane. At 1709 Whistle Lane, Aunt Jena pulled up the driveway. It was an old well-kept three-story Victorian house painted a soft olive-green with white lattice work. There was a wild garden out front and a white picket fence around the house. A walkway lead up to the door. “Wow, Aunt Jena!” Elena exclaimed, startling her younger brother awake.

“Cool.” Jeremy said looking up at the house. They all climbed from the vehicle, fetching their luggage as they did. They ran through the rain and made it to the front door. Aunt Jena procured a key from her pocket and smiling unlocked the door as it swung open she said grinning, “Welcome to your new home.”

“She has the eyes of a moonlight dragon,” Bonnie said softly, almost hesitantly, as she turned the pages of an old and worn tome. A vicious looking dragon, drawn more closely to the Asian depiction of dragons than the European, stared up at her from the pages of the old book. The image was painstakingly colored with bright inks. The dragon was translucent, lightly shaded in blue, with silver markings that seemed to fade into the picture’s background. The background was a depiction of a sunset. However, the eyes of the dragon were the significant. The eyes were an emerald-green with gold and hazel specks decorating them, much like the strange girl’s eyes. “She will make great things happen, both very terrible and wondrous” Bonnie murmured as if in a trance.  

“Bonnie!” Sheila Bennett, her grandmother, called from the lower library. Bonnie snapped the book shut and quickly put the tome away.

“Yes, Nana?” Bonnie asked quickly.

“Please check on my healing salve in my potions laboratory.” Sheila asked her granddaughter.

“Okay, Nana.” The young witch said as she stood. Bonnie made her way down the steps from the second floor of the massive library. There were seven of them in the Rosewood Coven and while not as opulent as some other of the Covens’ homes, the Rosewood Coven were well off enough to afford Rose Cross, a sprawling mansion at the edge of Whispering Hollows.

Samael’s account manager in Gringotts, the Washington State division, had purchased the modest-size, two-story house in Whispering Hollows for him. It was built from natural white-stones found in a nearby wooded grove. Its roof was tiled with slate, instead of tar roofing. The entire house had cherry-wood flooring and white walls. The electricity and heating/cooling systems were installed later and so they weren’t in prime condition. The first floor housed a massive stone-brick kitchen and breakfast nook, a separate dining room with a small half-bathroom that could at first glance be mistaken for a cabinet door. The door was so narrow was painted to match the built-in shelves of the dining room. There was also a living room and a glassed-in porch off the living room. The Master bedroom was on the ground floor and had its own full bathroom. Up a narrow and creaky staircase were two more bedrooms, which shared a full bathroom. One of the second story bedrooms possessed its own balcony made of stone and wrought iron. Sam selected this bedroom as his own, making the ground floor bedroom into a library and study. The third bedroom was left a guest bedroom, although Sam doubted that he’d have use for it. That was until the letter about Julian arrived.

The house sat a bit off the road, Whistle Lane, and on the end of a Cul-de-sac, which was shared by three other houses. Behind a wooded hill, Sam’s house, the Shade Wood Property sat, shaded by massive chinaberry trees and green ash trees. It had a concrete path from the cement driveway to the door. Natural little-bluestem grasses covered the front yard with smaller indigenous trees and Virginia Rose bushes. It was very quaint. Sam had placed some basic warding stones to ward off poisonous bugs and snakes, large carnivorous animals and crotchety old women or scheming housewives.

Sam had filled the spare bedroom with a king-sized bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a desk with a chair and several bookshelves. The walls were covered in gold and green striped wallpaper. The bed had olive-green colored sheets and a plush emerald rug was placed under the bed. A closet was to the left hand-side of the door, next to the desk. It was cozy. “Well, this is your room.” Sam said, before pointing across the hall, “My bedroom is in there. I leave you to unpack.” Sam said.

One-hundred and thirty-six years he had lived a lie. Damon Salvatore saluted the photo of his so-called love of his life, Katherine Pierce, with his Vodka bottle. One-hundred and thirty-six years of trying to save his beautiful southern bell, a vampire who had turned him and his brother, Stefan. What a farce! The bitch, Katherine, had instructed her handmaiden, the witch Emily Bennett, to weave a compulsion spell so strong that it had defied even his transformation into a vampire.

The spell was meant to make him obsess over the gorgeous, Katherine Pierce and love her with an unearthly devotion. The spell was cast because of her vanity, after he’d snubbed her, instead taking particular interest in her servant, her manservant. It was considered a crime to be attracted to another man at the time and usually resulted in some awful ways. Personally, Damon would’ve preferred a lynching rather than to have loved a woman… no monster, who had controlled his desire simply for her vanity. For fuck sake, she’d loved Stefan whole heartedly. She’d loved no one, but Stefan, his younger brother. Why, the hell couldn’t she had just left him be? Fucking Katherine Pierce was an extremely shallow and vain vampire.

All it took for these lies to unravel was the accidental meeting between ten-years-old Bonnie Bennett and him. The young witch, who despite her protests, was far more powerful than her predecessor (Emily Bennett), had unbound the spell out of curiosity. She had saved him. Katherine, it turns out was not in the ruins of the old church basement in their hometown, as she had let Stefan and him believe. No, the woman was still traipsing about. She was living her afterlife as she wished, indulging in her carnal pleasures.

It had been five years since he had settled in Whispering Hollows, Virginia. He had joined the vampire coven, the Devilwood Coven, along with his brother. Although his true personality and natural sexual inclinations had been released from their bindings, Damon could not bring himself to love again. Only two things kept him from turning off his emotions – the charter in the Devilwood Coven, which forbid it, and his protective nature which Bonnie Bennett had gained. And all that was just the tip of the iceberg of lies and deceptions in his and his brother’s lives.

Their mother hadn’t died from cholera as they had been told by their father. She had been burned at the stake under his father’s misguided beliefs that she pregnant, with not his child, but with some sort of spawn of Satan. Records showed that their mother had some sort of deformity which she had hidden from their father. Stefan believed that their mother was some kind of Fae after they had learned of the varied species of Fae.

Journals stolen from the ancestors of their hometown, Mystic Falls, Virginia, showed gruesome detail after detail of their pursuits in killing off the what they called the abnormalities that had invaded their town. It was disgusting.   

Sam was dressed in dark-blue skinny jeans, a black fitted t-shirt and black socks, one of which has a hole in its toe, which he ignored. He had his long golden-blond hair tied back by a leather hair tie. Taking the narrow staircase down, two steps at a time, Julian slipped on his combat boots alongside Sam at the door. Sam grabbed both the house keys and car keys. He also grabbed his messenger bag on the way to the door and threw it over his shoulder.  Shade Wood place didn’t possess an indoor garage. The four houses at the end of the cul-de-sac shared a weathered, tall wooden shelter which fit eight cars. Taking out his car keys Sam unlocked the doors to Bethany. He and Julian got in and started the engine, driving down Whistle lane for downtown of Whispering Hollows.

Reaching the downtown, they stopped at a small coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, and Sam pulled his car into a parking space. They took the brick steps two at a time and pulled open the shop door, the gold lettering on the door shone in the morning sunlight. The coffee shop had mismatched small, circular tables and chairs, a small cart for trash, milks, hot water, creamer and sugar. There was a long table in front and a private garden patio around back. The whole atmosphere has an artistic yet rustic feel, not the posh arts scene, but the smaller and hidden artists – the underground. After waiting in line for several minutes after a career secretary ordered a large order of different coffees, Sam reached the counter and the perky shop assistant. Julian having decided on his order had already given it to his older cousin. “Good morning, what can I get you?”

“I’d like two cup of coffee, black, and two bagels with chive cream cheese.” Sam said.

“That will be nine dollars and fifty-three cents.” The shop assistant said, smiling charmingly as she pushed back her short cropped golden-blond hair behind her headband. Sam paid the woman, “Can I get a name to call when it’s ready?” The girl asked.

“Sam, my name is Sam.” Sam answered. Sam spoke with the shop assistant until another man put the coffee and food on the display case, “Well he’s your coffees and bagels.” The girl said. Sam smiled kindly before he called Julian over. Julian and he picked up their orders and headed to the private patio around back. They ate their bagels slowly, while sipping the swill called a beverage. Sam had got addicted to the high caffeine content in the coffee and drank it every morning – rain, shine or storm. After finishing Julian stepped just inside the door and put their plates and mugs in a cart for dishes, before returning the patio. Hoisting his bag from the chair Sam headed for a shadowed alcove in the patio with Julian following and slipped passed the Muggle repellent runes. The alcove turned out to be an archway into a side alley meant for the supernatural, similar to Diagon Alley, despite its further diversity. It was an alley, which connected to a larger alley. This larger alley defied all natural laws and was technically located in its own dimension pocket accessible through smaller allies in Whispering Hollows, Virginia, Bedrock, North Carolina, Grey Haven, Maryland and Atticus, Rhode Island. In the small, local alley there was a smaller branch of Gringotts, a messenger service of large predatory birds, several bookshops, an apothecary, a small jewel store, a blood bank and much, much more. Same sorted through the USA magical currency and entered the book store.   

The bookstore, which was named Lantern Books, was done in light woods and mismatched, warm-colored walls. There were many tall bookcases, filled to hold an untold amount of books. Sam quickly identified the Runic Magic section and headed towards it to pick up more supplementary rune languages. Julian meandered through the bookshelves checking things out. As Sam perused the bookcases, a young woman caught sight of him.

Chrysanthemum “Chrys” Delilah Hawks was pretty young woman of nineteen years, with waist-length dark auburn hair and with dark-brown undertones. She had stunning golden eyes and golden-brown skin. She was petite, slender and seemingly delicate. Just a little way down the aisle her older brother, twenty-years-old Kieran Hawks stood admiring the smaller male’s ass. Kieran had chin-length dark auburn hair with golden-copper highlights and dark-brown undertones. He also had stunning golden eyes with emerald-sapphire-hazel specks and golden-brown skin. He was tall and broad with wiry muscles. “See something you like, brother?” Chrys teased, Kieran shushed her, blushing fiercely.   

May 29 2005 – 1:32 pm

Krum Estates, Bulgaria

Hermione Jane Krum-Nott nee Granger was a beautiful woman, glowing with her pregnancy. Her waist-length golden-brown curls were held back in an ornate clip made of coral. She was dressed in a soft cotton salmon-pink dress, which showed off her swollen belly. She was six months along with her husband, Theodore Krum-Nott’s child. Her husband, Theodore Krum-Nott was also pregnant, two months along with their husband’s, Viktor Krum’s twins. Theodore had shoulder-length wavy, mahogany-colored hair and stunning sea-green eyes. Wearing a collared white, dress shirt and loose black slacks that displayed his little bump off, both mothers-to-be rested in the library reading.

Theo paused in his reading distracted by his wife’s sudden attention to her belly. Hermione caressed the life growing within her. Rising from his seat, Theo made his way over to her. He knelt before her and meeting her gorgeous golden-brown eyes with his sea-green, he stroked her belly. A deep and warm chuckled from behind them caught their attention. “I see that my two beautiful lovers are enjoying their growing bellies.” Viktor leaned across Hermione’s back and placed a hand on her belly and on Theo’s smaller belly. “It seems you both have a belly fixation…” Viktor teased, “Although I must say you both look ravishing like this. Once you’ve given birth, I can’t wait to take you again and again, until you’re both full and round with my seed, swelling with the life I put into you…” He continued to whisper dirty things in Hermione’s ears, causing her moan wantonly.

Theodore hiked up Hermione’s dress until her panties and belly was bare, his tongue latched onto her navel, licking and sucking at particular sensitive spot. She moaned again, her panties growing damp. Theo’s hand slipped into her pale pink panties and caressed the folds of her clitoris. She moaned again, sliding forward to feel more of those sinful fingers. Viktor slid around until he was behind Theo. He was still saying those dirty and crude things in breathy whispers.

He picked up his younger male lover, from the floor and settled him on his lap against his tented pants. Pulling Theo’s fingers from Hermione’s clitoris, Viktor used his own tie to bind Theo’s hand behind his back. Hermione gave a whimper of protest. Viktor pushed Theo’s nose into Hermione’s moist vagina. Theo’s tongue flickered out and he began flicking the inside of her pussy. Hermione’s eyes crossed in pleasure. Meanwhile, Viktor reached simultaneously for Theo’s moist pucker, now self-lubricating since his pregnancy and hard penis. Giving Theo’s manhood several long and rough strokes, Viktor slid his fingers into Theo’s anus. Theo bucked, pushing his face even deeper into Hermione. Soon they had begun a steady rhythm; Viktor’s fingers fucking Theo and Theo’s tongue fucking Hermione. Once, Viktor deemed Theo’s glistening pucker ready he lubricated himself and slowly, inch by impressive inch slid into Theo. They froze. Then Theo moaned and thrust his hips further down suggestively. Viktor turned his smaller lover onto his knees, and began slowly fucking him, pushing Theo into penetrating Hermione further and further. They all released at the same moment.            

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