New Beginning

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                “Harry how are things going for you?” Ron asked, “You are at your one year mark with you marriage to Snape.”

                “Thing are going. What else do you want me to say. I’m married to a man that doesn’t love me and I am stuck in this marriage for the rest of my life.” Harry responded to Ron. “I just wish that even if he didn’t love me he would at least give me one child so I could have the family I have always wanted.”

                “Harry, don’t you know about the clause in the contacted you signed when you were arranged to marry Snape?” Hermione asked. She couldn’t quite understand why he wasn’t aware that if he wasn’t in a happy loving marriage after a year he had the right to cancel the contract and find love on his own.

                “There was no clause in my contract Hermione. It was a straight forward contacted stating I was to marry Serverus and to stay marry to him until one of our deaths.” Harry tried to explain to her. He had wished to get a clause like that in his contract, but when he read it over it was not in there. He wanted to find any way he could to get out of this marriage as fast as he could.

                Hermione looked at him like he was crazy. She knew the clause was in his contracted because she had put it there herself. She wanted to make sure that everyone had a way out of a loveless marriage if the arranged marriage didn’t work for them. No one could change any contact without her prior approval. She wanted to consider this right now. She hated to see her best friend so unhappy when all he ever wanted was to find a person to love him and give him the family he always wanted.

                “Do you have your marriage contract here with you?” she asked him. “I wanted to look over it please and find out why you were not able to see the clause I put into every contract myself.”

                “I do let me get it for you.” he said to her while summoning the contract into the room. He didn’t have to worry about his husband see this as they didn’t even share rooms together. The only time he ever so Serverus was when he had to do his monthly duties and lie with his husband. They were to do this once a month in hope of having a child as per there contract. He knew that Serverus was taking something that make him sterile so he didn’t have to be tired down with a child.

                “Did you read the whole contract before you signed it?” she asked him while reading over the contract. She had finally found the clause she was talking about, but she wondered why he didn’t see it when he read the contract before signing.

                “Yes. It stated that I was to marry Serverus and to be with him once a month until a child was born of our union.” He told her.  “There was nothing in there about only having to be with them a year and if unhappy could cancel contract.”

                She handed him the contract to the page that showed the clause. There in normal writing was the clause to get out of the marriage. He wondered how he could have missed this when he was reading over it to make sure everything was correct. As he read the contract he noticed that it was there. He finally had a way out of this love less marriage. He could finally be free and find someone that will love him and let him have a child. He looked at Hermione and for the first time he saw a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

                “You have made me so happy Hermione. I can be free and find true love.” Harry said. “Though for this to work you know I can’t stay in England. No one here will be with me because of me just Harry Potter. They would only be with me to say they were married to the Boy-Who-Lived”

                “We understand and only want you to be happy. We know you can’t be happy here and we know we will always be able to come and see you.” They both said to their best friend. They hoped he will be able to go out in the world and find the one that can help Harry find his home once and for all. “No go and get this marriage canceled so you can finally move on.”

                “Thanks so much you guys. You are the best friends that I could possibly have.” He got up and hugged his friends. Right when he was going floo to the Minstery he saw Serverus standing in his door way. “Is there something I can do for you Mister Snape?”

                “You can tell me where you are going so happy.” He said to Harry. “I was under the impression that we would be spending the rest of the day together as it is our one year anniversary. Though today would be a good day to try for a baby again.”

                “I am going to make us both happy buy getting us out of this marriage that we don’t want to be in.” he stated knowing that he was just messing with him about the whole baby thing. He was only saying that because of Ron and Hermione were in the room. “I hope you find the one you know will make you happy.”

                He walked over to the floo to leave when Serverus grab him by the arm. He was not going to let his pet leave like this. He made sure that the system arranged them together so he could finally get his revenge on his father. Just to see his only son married to Serverus must have James rolling over in his grave. If only James understood that it wasn’t it wasn’t Lily he wanted, but it was James himself.

                “You think I’m going to just let you go now that I have you then you are stupider then I thought. You are not going anywhere. I am not sure how you found out about that clause, but it won’t matter once I’m done with you, you will have no other options.” Serverus said trying to pull him into the room. He knew that his friends would tell him about the clause today if he was unhappy so he had planned on finally giving Harry the baby he always wanted.

                Harry push him away while Ron and Hermione stunned him. “Harry go get this canceled we will try to keep him under until you are done.” They said to him. They were not going to let him be unhappy anymore.

                Harry finally made it to the Minstery of Magic. He went to the marriage department and was finally able to get out of his horrible marriage. He signed all the papers need to end the marriage and everything went back to whomever it belonged to before they were married. He also went to the International Department to get approval to move out of England. With the approval for him to move anywhere he would like he was finally free. On his way to the bank Harry had send a letter off to his friend to go ahead and let the spell go and get out of there before Serverus would wake up. By that time, he knew he would be out of England. He decided he was going to try his hand in America. Getting the goblins to transfer his vaults to the States was easy there were more than happy to help him with his move. He got all the paperwork needed to show that he had finished primary school so he could attend college while he was over there. He was going to make a new start in his life and he wanted to start it out with getting a degree in something he would enjoy. 

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