Book 1: Aliens and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Introductions - An Old Friend





“Come on Kakarrot! Is that the best you got?!” Vegeta snarled when Goku over-extended a punch, leaving Vegeta an opening to punch his gut.


“ACK! Sorry Geta!” Goku floated away a couple feet then scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly “I was just… a little distracted I guess.”


Vegeta crossed his arms, tilted his head to the right then raised an eyebrow “Distracted by what?” he flashed his teeth in his signature Vegeta smirk “I can't picture someone like you using your brain. Well, if you had a brain.”


Goku pouted “Heeeey! That's mean!” he then laughed “I guess I shouldn't expect anything else but an insult from you Geta!”


Vegeta snorted then moved into a fighting stance in the grass “Well I don't really care any more. Are we going to continue or are you going to keep blabbing?”


Goku opened his mouth to answer but a thundering rumble from his gut answered for him. Goku grinned then tapped his stomach with both hands “Does that answer your question?”


Vegeta lowered his stance then crossed.his arms again and scowled at Goku. “You and that damn stomach of yours!” Vegeta opened his mouth again to continue ridiculing Goku but then his own stomach growled. Vegeta’s left eye twitched at his body's betrayal then without another word, he took to the sky towards his house.


“Vegeta! Wait up!” Goku blasted off after him, grinning and giggling to himself.




Bulma leaned in close to the circuit board she was fixing; Trunks had gotten upset at his computer game and threw the keyboard across the room. She gave her work one last look, leaned back in her chair and sighed. Raising a 14 year-old half saiyan was a huge job in itself, but she found that the laughs and smiles that Trunks gave were worth the trouble. A sudden loud explosion made the house shudder followed by loud laughing. Bulma gripped the bridge of her nose and groaned softly. Maybe she spoke too soon. She stood up then shoved her hands in her pant pockets as she walked out of her lab.




Bulma raised an eyebrow then followed the sound of the yelling Prince of all Saiyans, also known as her husband Vegeta. She rounded the corner and saw Vegeta standing near the kitchen in his usual crossed arm stance. “Well? What was so important that you drew me from my work?” to emphasize her annoyance, she put both of her hands on her hips. She spotted Goku walking towards them and she smiled “Hey Goku! How've yah been?”


Goku grinned “Great! Me and Geta-”


“Stop calling me that!” Vegeta snarled then turned his head away in annoyance.


“Uh... Aaaaanyway…” Goku scratched the back of his head “Do you think I could have some food? You know how much training gets me hungry!”


Goku’s stomach rumbled in agreement and Bulma giggled “Of course Goku! I was thinking about whipping something up soon anyway.” She glanced at Vegeta who was still not looking at anyone “I'm guessing you're hungry too?”


A low rumble emanated from Vegeta’s stomach and his cheeks dusted lightly with pink “Of course I am!” he snapped to regain at least some of his pride.


Bulma stifled a laugh then said “Go check on Trunks then, I'll call you guys when dinner's ready.” She walked into the kitchen then turned to Goku “Oh, by the way Goku. Goten is here and I'm guessing by the sound of the explosions, they are both in the backyard training.” Goku nodded his thanks for the information then followed Vegeta to the backyard.


Bulma walked into the kitchen then booted up some helper bots. With 4 saiyan mouths to feed, she's going to need all the help she can get!






‘Breath in… Breath out…’ Gohan opened his eyes and stared at Piccolo who was in a defensive stance in front of him. He had asked Piccolo to retrain him after Videl -and much to his displeasure, Vegeta after he had pointed out his lack of training in a very vulgar manner that was purely Vegeta- noticed how soft he was getting. He had let himself grow soft after his marriage to Videl and after Pan's birth. With the possibility of a threat coming to Earth getting more probable with every Villain the Z Fighters encountered, he couldn't stand not being able to properly protect his family and friends.


“Don't let your emotions control you Gohan,” Piccolo rumbled “Focus on the fight.” To prove his point, Piccolo sped forwards and dealt a solid punch to Gohan’s jaw.


Gohan flew back a couple feet then whipped at the blood that dribbled out of his mouth. He looked at the blood then grinned at Piccolo “Sorry Pic, you're right.” he charged forwards and threw a punch at Piccolo’s head.


Piccolo caught Gohan’s fist then raised an eye ridge “Of course I am right.” Gohan swore he saw a glint of humor in Piccolo’s eyes before another fist few at him.


They exchanged blows for about an hour and a half before Piccolo called for a break and sat down on the grass in his usual lotus style. “You're getting better,”


Gohan grinned but then frowned “But…?” Gohan knew Piccolo didn't compliment him without a follow up critique.


“Your technique still needs work and you're holding back too much.”


Gohan eyed Piccolo in surprise; he didn't think that Piccolo would pick up on the fact he was indeed holding back. Truth be told, he didn't want to seriously injure his oldest friend. He was afraid of his saiyan side rearing it's ugly head and make him lose control of his Ki. He sighed “Yeah yeah… I understand.” He laid back and folded his hands behind his head then stared up at the orange and pink sky. Piccolo looked at Gohan out of the corner of his eye, took a long drink from the bottle of water he had brought with him to the training area, then closed his eyes and began to meditate. Gohan heard the gulping noises then smacked his lips as he realized his own thirst. “Hey Pic, mind if I have some of that? I drank all of mine earlier.” He saw a nod from Piccolo then grinned as he took the water bottle and drank greedily. “Mmnn... Much better!” he laid back down on his back again and stared up at the still darkening sky, it had turned a nice shade of purple and pink now. They saat in silence for a couple minutes before Gohan suddenly shot up as a familiar, very strong Ki came into existence. He looked at Piccolo and grinned “You feel that?”


Piccolo smiled softly “Yeah, I did. Come on, let's go.” They then both flew off towards Bulma’s house, in pursuit of a Ki that could only mean one thing:


An old friend had come to visit!






Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, and Bulma were finishing up eating their dinner when both Goku and Vegeta stood up and looked at each other. Goku had a huge grin plastered on his face whilst Vegeta had his own barely concealed, excited smirk on his lips. Goten and Trunks looked at each other then at their Fathers. “Dad?” Trunks tilted his head “Who's Ki is that? It's enormous!”


Goten was practically vibrating in his chair “Yeah Dad! Who is that? They feel really strong! Is it a bad guy?”


Goku chuckled “You’ll see!” He motioned for both boys to follow him as he walked out the front door, Vegeta and Bulma following close behind.


Bulma leaned towards Vegeta and whispered “Is it Luc? I thought he said he wasn't coming back for a couple more years.”


Vegeta shrugged “Maybe he was getting lonely and missed us mortals.” he smirked.


As Gohan, Piccolo and a few other Z Fighters landed in the yard, a small fire was sitting there, waiting. The fire then slowly moved upwards through the air, and soon an 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide circle of fire was drawn into the air. The fire pulsed once then a swirling vortex of orange, red and black filled the fire circle. Trunks and Goten stared at the swirling fire vortex in awe and fear. Vegeta glanced down at his son and Goten then snorted at the fear scent they were giving off. Suddenly a black clawed, red skinned hand reached through the fire vortex and gripped the left side if the opening. Another hand then placed itself on opposite side of the vortex. Slowly, a tall red skinned figure emerged head first through the vortex. Once the figure was completely out, the vortex disappeared.


“Luc! Welcome back!” Goku piped up and went up to greet the red demon.


The figure known as Luc looked down at Goku, then a grin split onto it's face. “Goku, it's good to see you my friend.” The figures voice was a smooth bass deep voice.


Trunks and Goten stepped out from behind Vegeta and stared up in awe at the demonic looking figure. Luc, as Goku called it, stood at a monstrous 7’5”, towering over everyone including Piccolo. His skin was blood red with solid black markings and symbols inked all over his body. Luc had wild black hair that went down to his upper back and sprouting from above his temples were two powerful looking horns that curved back over his head towards the back of his head, then curved back up again. The tips of the horns were adorned with gold and a few of the horn ridges were encircled with golden bands. He wasn't wearing a shirt to Trunks’ distaste, but he noted that the lack of shirt showed off Luc’s large muscles that rivaled those on his Father and Goku, lack of shirt also showed off his tribal-like black markings that adorned his front, back, and arms. When Luc had turned to talk to Goku, Trunks noticed that there was a large detailed black feather wing design on his back. The odd skirt-like clothing he wore on his lower half made Trunks tilt his head; its style was similar to what he's seen on ancient royalty. It was a black material with black and white tassels or rope cascading down from under a gold and jewel adorned belt. Trunks looked up at Luc’s face again and saw a flicker of pearly white fangs as the demon laughed at something Goku said. Trunks stared at Luc’s eyes and couldn't help but shudder at the pure gold irises surrounded by black.


“Oh Luc! Meet my son, Goten!”


Goten was brought out of his trance when he heard his father call his name “Wha?” Goten watched with wide eyes as the demon he has been staring at knelt down before him.


Luc smiled softly “Do not be afraid little one. It is a pleasure to meet another son of Goku.” he ruffled Goten hair then stood to greet Gohan and Piccolo.


Goten stared after Luc then looked at his Father “Dad? How do you know that… um… d-demon?” Goten stuttered nervously.


Goku grinned at the opportunity to tell the tale, but Vegeta groaned “Here we go again…” Vegeta has heard Kakarrot tell this story about 8 times now and each time he told it, Kakarrot got at least ONE detail wrong.


Goku tilted his head at Vegeta in confusion then shrugged. “Well son,” he knelt down next to Goten “Luc here is the Ruler of Hell and is in charge of all demons and of everything that goes on in Hell!”


Said Ruler of Hell shook his head chuckling softly “Goku, I prefer if you introduced me using my full name.”


Goku laughed and scratched the scar on the back of his head “Yeah I guess that makes sense.” he looked back to his son “Luc’s full name is Lucifer Morningstar! I came up with the nickname when we first meet in Hell.”


“WAIT! YOU WENT TO HELL!?” Goten and Chi-Chi shrieked in unison.


Goku held out his hands “Wait wait! I was only there becaume King Yama said there was people causing trouble in Hell and he needed someone to help Pikkon!”


Lucifer raised an eyebrow and put both hands on his hips “I believe that Pikkon was supposed to do it alone but you underestimated his power and followed him to Hell.”


Goku let out a short laugh “Yeah that sounds about right,”






All the Villains that were causing trouble in Hell were locked away in the devilish cell. Goku stood next to Pikkon and said “Well, I was wrong about one thing! You didn’t need help!”


Pikkon turned to Goku and smiled “No, but thanks.”


Goku grinned back and watched as Pikkon flew away. Goku was about to take off himself when Hell suddenly started to shake and rumble. “What the!?” Goku wobbled atop the cliff he was standing on and stared at a large spiked mountain -the same one where Cell and the others were spiked onto- as it started to split down the middle. A loud thunderous roar made Goku cover his ears as fire exploded from the cracks and the spiked mountain split open. He watched in awe, and slight fear, as an enormous red clawed hand reached out from the split mountain and then a huge demonic form crawled out from its depths. Goku looked down when he noticed a lot of movement from the ground; all the demons and ogres of Hell were either rushing towards the mountain or cowering in fear and backing away from it.




One of the larger ogres walked forwards and kneeled then shouted up “Hail King Lucifer! Please forgive us for waking you! Some of the new comers were trying to take over Hell and get out!”


Lucifer glared down at the ogre then snarled “And you let this happen?” he then let out a huge roar “YOU INCOMPETENT FOOLS!” The force of the roar knocked most of the demons and ogres, who were in range, back a couple yards. “I GO TO REST FOR ONE-THOUSAND YEARS AND THIS IS WHAT I COME BACK TOO?! A BUNCH OF SNIVELING POOR EXCUSES FOR DEMONS AND OGRES! I SHOULD KILL YOU ALL MYSELF!” The ogres and demons cried out in fear but silenced quickly when Lucifer held up one clawed hand. “No, I will not do that.” the ogres and demons let out a sigh of relief, then widened their eyes as the ground started to rumble “But…” The ground around Lucifer burst into flame “If I ever find out you were slacking again…” the ground around Lucifer caved in and cracked under the pressure of the power being exerted “I WILL KILL YOU ALL PERSONALLY AND MAKE SURE YOU SUFFER MY WRATH!” At the last word, Lucifer swiped his hand at a nearby mountain formation and it exploded into rubble.


Goku twitched from his spot on the cliff. He was NOT expecting to see something like this today, or ever for that matter! He watched at the one the demons and ogres called Lucifer pinch the bridge of his nose and start walking forwards. As Lucifer walked, Goku noticed that he was slowly shrinking down. By the time he got 7 yards away from his original location, Lucifer had shrunk down from his giant 6 story tall form to a respectable but still huge 9’0”. Goku shook himself to get rid of the shock then jumped down in front of Lucifer. “Hi!”


Lucifer halted in his walking then looked up and down at the strange soul who obviously had no sense of danger. Lucifer raised an eyebrow then rumbled “What is your name soul? From the look of you, you are not someone who should be a resident of Hell.”


Goku held out his hand and grinned widely “ Goku! I’m a friend of Bubbles, Gregory and King Kai!”


Lucifer looked down at Goku’s offered hand then shook it; he was amused by this strange soul. “Lucifer Morningstar, the King of Hell.”


Goku let out a small laugh “Yeah, so I’ve heard! You caused quite the commotion with you coming out!” Lucifer cocked his head at Goku then burst out a roar of laughter that made Goku look at Lucifer in confusion “Did I say something funny?”


Lucifer whipped an imaginary tear from his eye and grinned “You know what? I like you Soul Goku.” He put his arm around Goku’s shoulder “Come! I shall have a feast for my return to consciousness and you will be my guest!”


Goku’s smile widened at the mention of a feast, a feast meant more food than he could eat! “Sounds great!” Goku grinned up at Lucifer shoulder and followed The King of Hell to his home.




“So Luc,” Goku said through a mouth full of food. “I thought a demon named Dabura was King of Hell. Is that right or did I get something wrong?”


Lucifer’s servants stared at Soul Goku’s blatant disrespect; How dare he call their King Lucifer a simple name like Luc! One of Lucifer’s servants stepped forwards to call Goku out on this but stopped when he heard his King start chuckling. “Well Soul Goku, Dabura is the King of Demons. He over looks and tries to keep all demons in line. Even a powerful being like myself need a right-hand man to keep things in order. I tend to go to sleep for a few millennia, give or take a few centuries, so it’s nice to have a powerful demon to look over things whilst I rest.”


“Wait,” Goku put down the meat he was tearing at “Mill-enia? How long is that?”


“A thousand years.” Lucifer picked up his goblet and took a sip of the liquid that was inside.


“A THOUSAND!?” Goku yelled in surprise. He rubbed his head “Jezz… That’s a long time for a nap!”


Lucifer chuckled “And a very pleasant nap it was till I was rudely awoken by the commotion that was going on.” he used his other hand to trace the lip of his goblet “I shall have to write up a suitable punishment for those foolish deadmen. Anyone who tries to overtake Hell is certainly a stupid individual indeed.”


Goku nodded vigorously “All those guys were people I’ve fought too!”


Lucifer looked at Goku curiously “Oh? Is that so? Did you meet your end fighting one of those fools?”


Goku sheepishly nodded and scratched the back of his head “Yeah… the green insect-like guy. His name is Cell.”


Lucifer snapped his fingers and a file appeared his his claws labeled in red CELL - VILLIAN. “Cell… Cell… Hm, he is an interesting creature. Born from the DNA of multiple mortals and then consumed more mortals when he was released into the world, thus morphing his Genetics into something he calls the “perfect” being. Very interesting.” he shuffled through the papers in the file “Ah yes, here it is; Casualties.” he pulled the page closer to his face then glaced at Goku “You blew yourself up and destroyed King Kai’s planet, as well as killing King Kai and the two other beings that were living there?”


Goku laughed nervously “It wasn’t my brightest move I admit.”


Lucifer snickered “At least you admit your fault in this.” he shuffled through the papers again then looked at Cause of Death for Cell “Gohan?” he looked at Goku “Your son yes?”


Goku puffed out his chest a bit a smiled proudly “Yes! I couldn’t be prouder! I knew he had it in him!”


Lucifer looked back down at the papers “Not bad for an eleven year old half-breed. I might offer him a job here in Hell when he dies.” Lucifer stated thoughtfully.


Goku tilted his head at Lucifer “Hm, maybe you could ask him!”


Lucifer looked at Goku “I doubt a young boy would be overly fond of a demon, who is the King of Hell, to pop out of nowhere and offer him a job.”


Goku slumped in his chair “Yeah I guess you’re right.” he shoved another mouthful of food into his mouth while he thought. When he gulped down the last of the food on his plate he stopped and said “Well, I have a feeling that I will be brought back to life sooner or later. Maybe when I go back I could invite you to my house? I could have Chi-Chi make all of us dinner!”


Lucifer blinked at Goku for a second then snapped his fingers and held a file with the name GOKU - HERO on the front. He opened it and looked at the first page for a minute to read its contents. He raised his eyebrows then looked at Goku “Hn, You’ve made yourself quite the Hero haven’t you Soul Goku.” Goku blushed and laughed softly he looked back down and shuffled through the papers “You’ve been brought back before using… Dragon Balls? Hm, I haven’t seen those used in a while.” he read down farther “So this Chi-Chi that you speak of is your wife? She seems like a very strong woman, a shame you had to leave her in that condition.”


Goku scrunched his brow “Condition? Is she sick?”


Lucifer looked at Goku then back at the paper ‘I have a feeling he doesn’t know of the life that is growing within his own wife, I think I will withhold this knowledge for now’ Lucifer thought to himself while Goku continued to stare at the King of Hell in confusion. “No no, she is not sick. Her heart will heal from the heartbreak of your death. I can see that you were well loved in the mortal world, by friends and family alike.”


Goku blushed deeper “Oh, thanks Luc.” Lucifer stared at Goku for a few seconds and that made Goku shuffle in his seat uncomfortably “What?”


“Why do you call me that?”


“Huh?” Goku looked at Lucifer dumbly “You mean call you Luc?”


The King of Hell nodded “I heard you call me that a few times now, it is a name that I have not heard anyone else call me. So why do you call me that?”


Goku let out a breath of relief; he thought he was in deep trouble for a second there! “Well, I thought that we were friends now so I thought I would give you a nickname! I thought it was pretty clever; Luc is short for Lucifer, just take out the i-f-e-r.”


Lucifer blinked at Goku then leaned back in his throne “A friend hm?” He picked up his goblet and looked into it then took a sip. When he set it back down he looked at Goku “What does being a friend entail? I’ve had servants, slaves, warriors, but I’ve never met someone who wanted to be a friend with the King of Hell.”


Goku gapped at Lucifer then stood up with a huge smile on his face “Well then Luc, I will have to teach you what being a friend means then!”


Lucifer stood up and smirked at Goku “A soul teaching an immortal being how to be something. This is going to be interesting.”


~End Flashback~



Goten, Trunks, and most of the Z Fighters stared at Goku then to the King of Hell then back to Goku. “Gee Dad! You like to make friends with everyone you meet don’t you?”


Bulma laughed “His greatest power!”


“And weakness,” Gruffed Vegeta, but he said it with less venom than usual. He remembered that if it wasn’t for Kakarrot, he would not be standing here beside his wife and child, he would most likely be in Hell getting tortured for all eternity.


Goku scratched the back of his head and laughed “Yeah I guess you’re right Geta. But I can’t help that I like to see the good in all people!”


Bulma shook her head and smiled “It’s alright Goku! If you weren’t as good as you are now, I wouldn’t have met my hunk of a husband~” she leaned over and kisses Vegeta on the cheek, who in turn turned a soft shade of pink.


Mooooom!” Trunks groaned in protest to his mother kissing his Prince father. Even though it was just a kiss on the cheek, seeing his father blush was too weird for him.

Lucifer chuckled at the scene before him and placed a hand on Goku’s shoulder “As much as i’d love to stand outside in the sun all day talking,” a few of the Z Fighters chuckled at that “I would like to talk to you, Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo inside. Your family are welcome to be present of course.” Goku nodded then led Lucifer inside. Everyone else followed suit and the ones who weren’t family, or their names weren’t called, left the yard to go back to their lives.

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