Book 2: The Quint Wizard Tournament

BY : DamianTheSnowLeox
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Who Are You?




A man let out a soft groan ‘Why do I hurt so much?’ he heard someone talking… Who is that?


“My lord, I found this man outside the mansion.” Barty Crouch Jr. motioned his wand to the floating man next to him.


The frail figure in the chair looked at the tailed man curiously “I sense much power from this man, he may prove to be useful to us in the future.” he turned his head “Wormtail,”


The man named Wormtail, also known as Peter Pettigrew, shuffled forwards and bowed his head “Y-Yes my Lord?”


The figure pointed his finger at the floating man “Clean up his wounds and make him comfortable, I want to be informed when he awakens. Put him in one of the spare rooms.”  


Wormtail bowed “Yes m-my Lord. At once my L-Lord.” Wormtail waved his wand and the floating armored man turned to face him.


The room went silent when they all heard a soft hissing noise approaching. “Nagini tells me the old caretaker is right outside the door.” the fragile figure said. Wormtail quickly stands in the doorway and looks at the old man. The old man looks at them terrified with wide eyes. “Step aside Wormtail so I can give our guest a proper greeting.” Wormtail grinned the stepped aside. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” the small figure yelled as he pointed his wand at the old man. The old man dropped dead and his lifeless eyes stared upwards at nothing. “Crouch, clean that up will you.” Barty Crouch Jr. Nodded then flicked his wand and the dead body turned to ash then disappeared.


Wormtail then waved his own wand and led the floating man to the spare room. He made the body hover over the bed then flicked his wand and his armor was teleported to a nearby chair. He flicked his wand again and the man's underarmor disappeared, leaving him unclothed except for a cloth that covered his groin. Wormtail then lowered the body to the bed and started to tend the wounds. Wormtail was extremely impressed by the muscles and scars the man wore. He was also surprised by the almost identical look he had to that teen he met last year, he had a tail too if he remembered correctly. He shuddered when he remembered the look on the teens face; it was pure anger and terrified the Hell out of him! A soft moan brought him back and he looked down at the man. His face was scrunched up in a painful expression, like he was enduring something painful. Wormtail flicked his wand and brought over a wet cloth and dabbed at his forehead to cool the man off.


Barty Jr. Walked in and crossed his arms “How is our guest?”


Wormtail jolted then turned around “H-He’s doing fine. A-A bit overheated b-but that's about it.”


Barty Jr. Nodded then walked over and looked down at the scarred man “He looks like he's been through a lot of battles. A Warrior Wizard maybe? I've heard of those in the past but never seen one.”


Wormtail tilted his head “Warrior Wizard?”


Junior threaded his fingers through his hair “Yes, Warrior Wizards. Wizards who mainly rely on their brute strength to win their battles. Most of them are naturally resistant to most spells. It's a very hard thing to be so being a Warrior Wizard faded into legend.”


Wormtail looked back at the man and watched as his tail flicked in agitation. “I wonder why he has a tail. A curse maybe?”


Barty Jr. shrugged “Who knows?”


Wormtail then reached over to touch the soft looking appendage. The man's eyes suddenly snapped open when Wormtail’s hand was an inch away. Before the two of them could blink, the man had Wormtail by his throat up against a wall a couple feet in the air. “Don't-you-dare” the man snarled and glared viciously at Wormtail, his tail snapping side to side in anger.


Barty Crouch Jr. grinned then stood beside the man “Please forgive my associate, he can be an idiot sometimes.” he held out his hand “Pleasure to met you, I am Barty Crouch Junior.”


The man eyed Junior's hand then slowly slid the other man down the wall and to the floor. He let go of the other man's neck then turned to Barty. He glared at him and growled “Where am I.”


Junior wasn’t phased by the man's hostility and continued to smile “You are in our temporary base. I had found you outside in the grass unconscious and wounded.” he motioned to Wormtail “My associate helped clean up your wounds and tend to you.”


The man looked down then glared at Wormtail “So you thought it would be funny to strip me?!” he snarled and took a step towards Wormtail who squeaked in fear “Where the Hell is my armor?!” Wormtail only starred which caused a vein to pop on the man’s temple “Tell before I forfeit your life you worthless man!” he grabbed Wormtail’s collar and shook him. Wormtail finally got enough common sense to lift his hand and point to the chair behind the angry man. The scarred man glanced behind him and spotted the armor. He the turned back to Wormtail and growled then roughly let go of him “You better not have tampered with it!” he stalked over to his armor and clothing then started to inspect it.”


Junior glared at Wormtail who shrunk back then he walked towards the tailed man “I assure you sir, we do not wish to harm you or anger you. Ignore my friend. He is… well, an idiot.” he smirked “But a useful one at least.”


The other man smirked as well then started to pull on the bodysuit “Well keep him away from me, he smells something awful.” he pulled on his armor then tightened his red bandana that was around his forehead. He then turned to Barty Jr. and crossed his arms tightly, making his muscles bulge. “The name’s Bardock.”


Barty smiled again, happy that he finally got a name. “Pleasure to meet you Bardock.” he nodded curtly.


Bardock ‘hmphed’ then sniffed the air and looked out the window “What planet is this?” he stood in front of the window and curled his tail a round his waist “I remember a bright light…” his eyes widened “Freiza! That bastard!” he smashed his fist into the wall and broke through the wall easily. The wizards stared at him with wide eyes. Bardock punched his fist and growled “That son of a Galactic whore! When I find him he’s dead!” he looked down at his hands and clenched them tightly “But that vision… my son…” he  looked out the window and to the stars “Kakarrot, what has become of you?”


Barty walked up to Bardock “Who is this Freiza you speak of?”


Bardock turned around and narrowed his eyes “A ruthless tyrant who tried to kill me because I wanted to stop him from killing my people!” he turned his head away and snarled “And I failed them! They’re all dead!” his hair flickered to gold for a millisecond “Those fools!” he pushed Barty out of his way and he headed towards the door “Those idiots! They’re dead and I should be along with them!” he jumped down the stairs and to the front door and kicked it open, making the doors fly off. He continued to rant and rave in anger, reverting to the Saiyan tongue.


Barty looked at Wormtail “Did you see his eyes and hair? I could have swore his hair was gold and his eyes were blue for a second there.”


Wormtail nodded “I saw it too. W-What do you think it meant?”


Before Barty could answer, they both heard a roar from outside and the mansion shook. “What in Merlin’s Beard is that?!” yelled Barty as he ran to the door “Make sure nothing happens to our Lord!” he called back to Wormtail who nodded rapidly then scuttled off to Voldemort. When Junior got outside his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open; the man named Bardock was on his knees yelling  to the sky, his hair was golden and the air around his seemed to be twirling around him like a vortex. He held up a hand to try and shield his eyes from the bright light emanating from Bardock. “Bardock!” he called out “Bardock stop!” Bardock slowly got up then turned around and glared at Crouch Jr. Barty staggered backwards “B-Bardock! Please! I ask of you to stop this!”


Bardock looked down at his hands then smirked “So, the legend is true.” he murmured. The light slowly faded as his hair drained back to black. He looked  back to Barty and walked towards him “That was a first for me, I-” he stopped walking then staggered. His eyes shot wide open as his eyes glazed over white.


Barty rushed forwards “Bardock? Are you alright?” he looked at his eyes “A seer perhaps?” he said curiously.






Barock looks around in confusion “A vision? Where am I?” he then heard a loud and joyous laugh behind him. He turned around and saw his son standing next to his Prince, Vegeta. “Kakarrot? Prince Vegeta?” he noted their appearance “They look so young. And what’s with their cloths, where is their armor?”


Goku grinned at Vegeta then pulled on his arm. Vegeta raised an eyebrow then gruffed out “What is it Kakarrot?”


Goku chuckled then pulled Vegeta closer so they were chest to chest “I just want a kiss Geta!”


Vegeta pushed against his chest and blushed “Y-You didn’t have to say that outloud baka!”


Goku laughed then grabbed Vegeta’s chin, tilted his face upwards and kissed him. Bardock, needless to say, was a bit disturbed and confused. “My son and… Vegeta? What the Hell?” the vision faded to a stone covered area. “Where am I now?” he looked around and spotted his son again but this time on a stone floor leaning against a boulder “Kakarrot? Son?” His son looked like Hell itself with how haggard he looked and all the dirt on him. Goku looked at his hand with a small, weak smile and lifted it; it was dripping red "Look Vegeta... I'm finally bleeding... It's nice to actually feel something..." The vision faded and Bardock was now standing before a blue flamed stone goblet and watched as students put papers into the cup, each with a name written on them. The vision faded again and he was surrounded by tall hedges. He looked around curiously and spotted a cloaked being sitting in a cross-legged position floating over a small stone circle on the ground. The behind lifted his hood and and his gaze was behind Bardock.


“Hello Goku. I am your opponent for this portion of the tournament.” the cloaked figure said stoically as he took off his hood.


Bardock turned around and saw his son standing with his hands on his hips and a smirk on his lips “Wouldn’t have it any other way Piccolo. What do I have to do?”


The Namekian smirked “We will have a battle of wits and of skill.”


Goku walked forwards and punched his fist, grinning excitedly “Let the challenge begin then!”


When the vision faded again, Bardock stumbled forwards and gasped as he was brought out of his vision.


Barty put his hand on Bardock’s chest to steady him “What did you see?”


Bardock shook his head “I-I’m not completely sure. I saw my son and my Prince. And I saw a blue flame within a stone cup, papers were being thrown into it. I also saw my son and... I don’t know, I really don’t.”


Junior smirked ‘A seer for sure! Lord Voldemort will be pleased to hear this!’ “Let’s get you inside Bardock. My Lord will want to see you. He’s been awaiting news of your state and who you are.”


Bardock pushed Barty’s hand away “A Lord huh?” he didn’t have a good past with ‘Lord’s so he was a bit hesitant. “Hm, fine. Lead me to your ‘Lord’.”


Barty nodded then said “Follow me then,” he then started walking back into the house, waving  his wand and repairing the broken doors as he passes by them.


Bardock stared in awe as the doors mended themselves “What did you do?”


Junior looked at him funny “A repair spell? What else?”


Bardock scratched the back of his head “Spell?”


Barty Jr. stopped walking and turned to him “Do… Do you not know how to use spells?”


Bardock rubbed his chin “I don’t know of the spells you speak of, but i can do this.” he held up his index finger and a small golf ball sized orb appeared.


Barty raised an eyebrow “A light spell?”


Bardock laughed “Sort of.” he turned then chucked the ball as a distance tree. That tree and the surrounding 30 exploded as a crater was formed from the blast.


Barty staggered backwards and gasped “H-How…?” he stared at Bardock “Wh-What was that?”


Bardock grinned “I guess what you would call a ‘spell’.”


Barty then grinned “Oh that was excellent! Lord Voldemort will definitely be pleased!”


Bardock raised an eyebrow at his statement “Why do you say that?”


Barty Crouch put a hand over his heart “It is my hope as well as my Lords that you will join our cause.” he bowed a bit “I hope you consider it, your skill and power will benefit us and we will reward you well!”


Bardock’s tail twitched behind him excitedly when he heard the word ‘reward’. “A reward huh?” he crossed his arms “Alright, you’ve peaked my interest. Let’s get moving.” the two walked farther into the mansion and into a room that was atop some stairs.


When they got to the top of the stairs, Junior just walked right in then knelt before a chair that was turned away from them "I have returned my Lord, I bring the man you requested to see. He informs me his name is Bardock."

"Bardock? Hm, an interesting name."

Bardock growled a bit "What's your name then? All I've ever heard from these two is 'My Lord'."

A rough sound of laughing came from the chair "Come around Bardock, I wish too see your face."

Bardock crossed his arms and walked around the chair and stood in front of it. He looked down with a raised eyebrow at the small hooded figure sitting in it "So you're this Lord?"

The figure nodded "I am. My name is Lord Voldemort. It is a pleasure to meet you Bardock." A small sigh could be heard from Voldemort "I apologize that I am not in the most presentable form. But, I will become whole again very soon."

Bardock 'hmphed' and cracked his neck "So, what's this I hear about you wanting me to join your cause and a reward?"

Voldemort's hood nodded forwards "Yes, I would be honored to have a skilled fighter like you amongst our ranks." Bardock smirked pridefully at being called skilled "As your reward, you maybe have what you like. I sense much power from you and you have earned my respect."

Bardock scratched his chin "Whatever I like hm?" His tail waved behind him in thought "I'll have to get back to you on that part. For now," He grinned toothily "I'll accept your proposition to join you." He flexed his arms then cracked his neck again "So, what exactly are we going to do?"

Voldemort grinned under the hood "We are going to change the world, a new dawn is coming to fix this broken world and make it into a new Eden."

Bardock smirked "Sounds like a plan, boss."

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